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  1. You find the modlets for boulders and other stuff in my collection https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection btw i removed the overdamage boulders had
  2. If i understand the plans right arround end of the year (If you mean beta 1) A18 short before So far i understand/see it A17.3 (mainly RWG improvements) March-june A18 Experimental near christmas A18 Stable if possible Christmas Last A18 February-March Then a few betas Would mean somewhere arround summer next year 1.0 (hopefully followed by many free and not free DLC´s)
  3. done, xml is in the worlds folder near the savegames
  4. Q2 guns are usable in lategame if you dont play death is death. I would use them if i plan to do something very dangerous i risk to loose my stuff Besides that.... trash is trash
  5. Hmm only for the case and because guppy speaks about the topic of vehicles: I love Maphopping.Specially since the small maps in A17 Means starting on one seed and then take my stuff with me to the next seed. Sadly this is currently nearly impossible Because of this my wish 1a: If possible change the way vehicles are saved into a own file for all vehicles of a player. So that there is a Character savegamefile and next to it a Charactersvehicle savegame file. 1b: Allow to add 600+ Slot inventorys to vehicles. or the ability to apply Crates to a truck 2: Or do it completly on your
  6. https://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/shiv.html Dict translation = * Blade * sharp or pointed item In german you would say "improvised Knive" You want my Bank data or do you prefer to send me a suitcase filled with an awful lot of money ?
  7. Non english speaker mostly have no clue what a shiv is
  8. Why is the damn max inventory of vehicles capped at 90 Slots. Makes playing nomad a pain in the ass and makes it impossible (not enjoyable) to play as maphopper (transfer character and vehicle to the next seed)
  9. Is it legal to be a geologist in the netherlands ? I mean take the wrong 5 Rocks away and the dam has a hole. And we here near cologne finaly get a nice coast
  10. @ mm From Bug reports because discussions are there not wished https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?110709-Alpha-17-2-Experimental-B27-bug-reporting-thread&p=951297&viewfull=1#post951297 You want really no feedback on bugs like the "any" bug reported in B20 https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?109536-Alpha-17-2-Experimental-B20-bug-reporting-thread&p=947810&viewfull=1#post947810 which will, if the Devs are not aware of it, result in the need to write the whole rwgmixer.xml again from scratch ? (at least the Prefabs part) Reporting it and ask
  11. You forgot a important part of the row Rock, Paper, Scissors, Knitting Needles, Volcano, Spock, Royal deluxe, wrench, mine
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