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  1. My current package tracking From Cologne to Krefeld (50km) back to cologne (50km) and from there to me (10km) rofl
  2. There are simply borders most modders cant cross. So i hope we get at least decent NPC´s (inclusive voices) and some more trigger for quests and buffs (like break block x, manipulate lootabundance) and not to forget the ability to make a huge storeroom for a vehicle, 90 Slots is simply not enough for some kinds of mods But i dont hope for all until gold, i hope for DLC´s. And i dont mean "M16 DLC 3.95€"
  3. Usiing bikes instead of wandering hundrets of kilometers and encumber that they have no water in that area. Maybe your suggestion to read more would have helped them really
  4. since the smaller maps of A17 i wish the ability to make a 600+ Slots storage Truck. For maphopping (Move with vehicle and character to new seed)
  5. A17 will get one more patch what will be mostly about RWG - - - Updated - - - Together with traders shooting you if you steal from them
  6. Post 6 of 50 000 Any release date ? XD
  7. Royal Deluxe

    Car Respawning

    You find the modlets for boulders and other stuff in my collection https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection btw i removed the overdamage boulders had
  8. its easy adjustable in the modlet, or by using the option modlets (replace the 2 day modlet with the 1 day one) There is a 1 day restock file
  9. If i understand the plans right arround end of the year (If you mean beta 1) A18 short before So far i understand/see it A17.3 (mainly RWG improvements) March-june A18 Experimental near christmas A18 Stable if possible Christmas Last A18 February-March Then a few betas Would mean somewhere arround summer next year 1.0 (hopefully followed by many free and not free DLC´s)
  10. Hmm, ok i guess i can change this text if it is mistakable
  11. i wish a option for multiplayer * No Death is death * Death is Death optional decision per player (but with the option that a gamemmaster can force a player into death is Death (as example offensive pvp player on a PVEVEVP Server)) * Death is Death Serverwide. Singleplayer Death is Death is completly nonsense in m opinion. For what, people who play death is death will delete the savegame. And the ones who dont play honestly Death is death will backup their savegames anyway. The worst is that the try to prevent that only ends in a situation a bug kills the game (looking towards fallout 4, grrrrr)
  12. done, xml is in the worlds folder near the savegames
  13. Q2 guns are usable in lategame if you dont play death is death. I would use them if i plan to do something very dangerous i risk to loose my stuff Besides that.... trash is trash
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