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  1. @madmole Do you have an idea for when you'll start the A20 Dev Diary?
  2. Huh thanks, I'll definetly have to check these out. Kind of odd they aren't in Navezgane, hopefully in the future they do get placed in there.
  3. I remember seeing that in A19 they added the house from "Nightmare on Elm Street" but for the life of me I couldn't find that anywhere in the Navezgane map. Which begs the question, are there POI's that have not yet been placed into Navezgane's generation?
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see the final product.
  5. How difficult would it be for the boats to bob within the water, or have particles/ripple effects while moving?
  6. Hey, I've been seeing quite a bit of vehicle mods, but I haven't seen one that takes the model of the sedan, and turns it into a fully-functional vehicle, with the vehicle physics and all. It'd be nice to see something like this worked on, especially since it would fit the game well. Hell, it'd be cool to get the Army truck, buses, and service trucks turned into vehicles too. Thanks to anyone in advance!
  7. Ah man, I wanted to at least see the new nurse before A20. Oh well, hopefully we'll start getting more screenshots of it though!
  8. Hey @faatal, any news on a new experimental?
  9. Arma Rex

    Pille's Prefabs

    Hey Pille, any chance of getting some A19 prefabs? Love your work man, and I think with the new decorations added you could make some really nice looking stuff!
  10. Are we gonna get an A19 update?
  11. Finally! I've been waiting so long for something like this to come out. Thank you for your contribution!
  12. Same thing has happened to me, what I'd suggest as a work around is lighting one pipe bomb that isn't in a stack. I believe this bug was added in the 19.1 updates so far.
  13. Can you update this to 19.1 b8? It only seems to work with 19 stable. Excellent mod though! Edit: It seems after trial and error I got it to work on 19.1. Strange, but nevertheless it works.
  14. I HIGHLY doubt they're scrapping the Tier 3 robot. I mean, what would they replace it with? Not to mention all of the programmer's weeks/months of work down the toilet. They needed to start somewhere for follower code, and this is the start.
  15. Can we at least know if 7 days 2 will take place in Navezgane or a new location?
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