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  1. Could we get a before/after screenshot of the camera angle now? Since last stream would have been the time to showcase this feature
  2. The eyes should be changed to something more blood-shot, as you would get from too much smoke around you.
  3. Most likely perception build. Assault is going to be fully-automatic. Wonder how they'll handle that, maybe take designs from Brazilian scrap submachine guns.
  4. What's the status on getting a stream? Surely there has to be enough content to present currently.
  5. I like how people are already trying to critique A20 even though we've had a very low amount of information on the update.
  6. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you enjoy time with your families if you are with them. Cheers to a better year coming forth!
  7. New Primitive Shotgun: https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/status/1339780416711045120?s=19
  8. I would assume so. Maybe some tactical headgear?
  9. I am assuming they're redoing all of the old models, such as the SMG, shotgun, and the marksman rifle.
  10. Memory, space used up, redundancy, etc. I'm sure that they were wanting to cut back on biomes that don't have any real distinguishing features. It was pretty similar to the desert, minus all of the trees. I do miss it and the forest though. I'm sorry, did they say they weren't fixing any bugs? Bugs are ALWAYS their priority, right next to optimizations. I'm pretty sure that they said part of A20 is going to be a polish and quality of life update similar to A18. If you have bugs, don't report them here. Report them in the bug reporting thread, with a detailed post. Also, don't act as a spokesperson for people who may or may not have quit the game because of bugs. If they did, well, they should have realized that this game is in Alpha and it will have bugs.
  11. It is tomorrow. Also, it sounds like there are a couple guest appearances as well.
  12. Alpha 20 Stream with Richard Huenink and Lathan Meadows will be going live on Wednesday, November 25th at 8:30 PM CST.
  13. New modular semi truck bed. A couple things to notice in this picture: 1. The sedan in the background has a much more clear and vibrant color. Must be the new tinting technology. 2. There appears to be a computer desk beside the sedan, not sure if it's just a new art asset for Mo Power or it may be just the same shelf art that we already have. It does seem to have a laptop on it. 3. All the way on the left side, you can just barely see a sliver of what looks to be a shipping container, in different blue and green. I would assume they would go on the trailer bed. That's all I could make out of the photo.
  14. Forums are kinda dead, anything new to talk about @madmole @faatal?
  15. @madmole Are we getting a stream this Wednesday?
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