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    I am the leader of SMS (Something More Serious)

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    To host the best and most reliable gaming servers in north America, that will be safe for all players, young and old.
    We want all players to have fun, and enjoy their experience whilst building alliances communities, and friendships together under one name.

    What We Do

    We Protect our players from cheaters, griefers, and base raiding in our exclusive PVE (Player Verus Environment) Game Servers.
    We encourage creativity and imagination in a fresh new setting.
    We search for people across the country with unique skills and natural talents to help us grow and become Something More Serious......
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  1. This server is now on a Brand New Higher Performance Host System.
  2. This server is now on a Brand New Higher Performance Host System.
  3. This server is now on a Brand New Higher Performance Host System.
  4. Question. Would it be possible to have King Gen create a plain map? No cities, towns etc. Just Roads. similar to what i have in the map jpeg. I have started creating races for my gaming group. super fast 4x4s and the best i could get was this map. This is the basic idea race to a arena prizes for 1-4 and for 3 check points. this video is my second test.
  5. Question for Devs... Is it possible to have the death animation an option? I mean it looks fine but in some instances it can get you killed. You die many seconds of agony lol. you come back frozen wiping your forehead, and i had it happen many times now, a zombie is in area and he gets a free meal. by the time i regain control i am already stunned and almost defenceless. I miss the days when it wasn't in game.
  6. Oh my lol. *Grabs popcorn* I remember once i had to remove the strippers for a player. I instead had him rent a server, and we customised it for him and his family. My vote is they should stay and the OP. should just mod them out or find someone willing to do it for him. ($$$)
  7. I have a player i am hosting a server for and he is getting this error message. I have been looking for a fix or possible cause in the forums and on nexus. we are using these 2 mods. Bdub's Vehicles (A19) The Wasteland (A19) The only other note i can make is the host is running linux debian 10 and we use the Botman server manager. Thank you for any help you can provide and IF i need to get more details just list them, you will need to specify Host or Player files. Here is the screen shot he sent me.
  8. There's that word again SOON lol. it means between now and the end of time. that is a trademark of the Fun Pimps. Not sure how far back the original post is but it was explained with lawyer precision lmao.
  9. 0.o OMG!!! I already changed all my systems to it and my phone 0.o I wasn;t on the band wagon i was being dragged behind it.
  10. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ I have multiple game servers running. fairly quite right now. but it is safe and peaceful and helpful for all players. discord is listed and has the most up to date info.
  11. Hearing the new patch is NOT even close to content lock or being considered for a release yet. (means i may be right x mas launch for A20) I am feeling salty BUT SO WHAT!!! using this area as it was intended. to me it means another $920 possible spent just waiting and being prepared for A20. (four more months is my guess) a while back they were aiming for summer late summer. seriously we are now treading to over 1 year per major patch, this is so insane the possible 18 month release from here on out is really possible. A16.4 all over again and continuously. and yeah i am doing this every single year don't give a dam and i am venting and will do so because i been supporting the game for ages now. All the stuff i ever posted before.... yada yada yada bleh bleh bleh!!! @%$#!!! There i feel better.
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