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    I am the leader of SMS (Something More Serious)

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    To host the best and most reliable gaming servers in north America, that will be safe for all players, young and old.
    We want all players to have fun, and enjoy their experience whilst building alliances communities, and friendships together under one name.

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    We Protect our players from cheaters, griefers, and base raiding in our exclusive PVE (Player Verus Environment) Game Servers.
    We encourage creativity and imagination in a fresh new setting.
    We search for people across the country with unique skills and natural talents to help us grow and become Something More Serious......
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  1. 0.o OMG!!! I already changed all my systems to it and my phone 0.o I wasn;t on the band wagon i was being dragged behind it.
  2. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ I have multiple game servers running. fairly quite right now. but it is safe and peaceful and helpful for all players. discord is listed and has the most up to date info.
  3. Hearing the new patch is NOT even close to content lock or being considered for a release yet. (means i may be right x mas launch for A20) I am feeling salty BUT SO WHAT!!! using this area as it was intended. to me it means another $920 possible spent just waiting and being prepared for A20. (four more months is my guess) a while back they were aiming for summer late summer. seriously we are now treading to over 1 year per major patch, this is so insane the possible 18 month release from here on out is really possible. A16.4 all over again and continuously. and yeah i am doing this every single year don't give a dam and i am venting and will do so because i been supporting the game for ages now. All the stuff i ever posted before.... yada yada yada bleh bleh bleh!!! @%$#!!! There i feel better.
  4. SMS Run Of The Mill PVE IP: Port: 26960 Server Features: This is a long term server. No wipes till A20 hits. No mods allowed so don't ask. Botman Server Manager. King Gen Map. Full Vanilla Server. Mostly Default Settings. No Bag Drop. 8k player Shared range. 30 days loot Respawn Huge cities and towns. SMS Standard Rules: No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u
  5. New server online. This one is Short term. This means every 2 weeks it wipes. so don't play here IF you want a long term play server. This is meant for new players and to introduce them to SMS. SMS Ridges PVE 1000% XP/Loot IP: Port: 27920 Botman Server Manager. Lam Crafting queue 136 backpack Riles-SeatingPlus + Speed Mod Lam's 136 slot backpack This is a short term server, it will wipe every 14 days. We have other Long Term servers join our discord for info. No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. steam://connect/ https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/
  6. Well this is awesome. Great work guys. I am already testing on multiple new game servers for my group. Good Bye nitrogen, Hello King Gen. I love that i was able to get a completely empty map for some ideas i have. Events for my group are about to get really interesting lol. Now to find a couple builders. I am a complete nutcase for sure lol. I love killing players in the most heartless ways possible. Of course i am fair about it, zombies only, no buildings or anything allows me to up the ante for zombie counts.
  7. I need help to figure out how i can create a map that has NO pois or anything on it. or at least a very small amount of buildings. This is not a server that will be used for normal play, but rather an event server i want to create so i can host group events with as little buildings tress or anything in it to maximize the possible FPS for everyone. I plan on using nitrogen map creator tool but i still want to have the smallest map possible and the least amount of anything on it. Nitrogen will be used to have a flat map and we will build our race track and an arena we can use to host events for players. I need ideas on how i can do this, possible mods maybe or ways i can edit xmls to get the effect i want. also how can i have a map smaller then 4k? is that possible? so far i am unable to get anything smaller then 4k always looks like 4k is generated. 2k map would be best for this purpose hell 1k would be the best i could ask for. but how can i get this done? I have some time yet as this event is planned within the next 2 weeks as a lot of experimenting and testing,building must be done first. Thank you to those that can offer help in advance.
  8. A Something More Serious Question about vehicles. 😛 soz i had to lol. Being the noob that i am and always will be. Is it possible or planned to have cars differ in speed in anyway shape or form? I know there are mods for this. BUT i am a noob lol i am asking if there is a way to make it easier for server owners to increase speed of cars beyond what is possible atm. I know there is concerns of lag and falling through the world or the jitter bugs as i have seen this in the past. However, If you have the right hardware, Network speed and player side is also good enough to match the host, you can get some pretty insane speed going with out issues. Will it be possible to have cars adjustable server side knowing the risk of possible issues? I mean i wanna go from driving miss daisy to Fast and Furious off a mountain just to see how far i can jump before i die, packing 3 other screaming players along with me as i drive us to our deaths. I just wanna be able to edit this like i do for weapon damage in xmls. I dream of one day again having a race for my gaming group. Something like we did back in alpha 13. but to have real speed and skill needed to win.
  9. Gamesparks!!!!!!!!! OH NO MY COMPUTER IS GONNA BLOW UP AHHHHHHHH!!!!! *hides under a rock*
  10. I am sure Sylen will be along soon. he is very experienced with this. I can also help as well as i host 7 servers for 7 days to die. i use windows 2019 standard. IF you still need help feel free to join my discord and i will personally help you as much as possible. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ links are on teh website.
  11. My bad i had the wrong IP on this server. was from our older slower system this new one is much better and didn;t notice the IP was the old one RIP.
  12. that would be a nightmare lol. Blood moons would last 6 real hours and waiting for one for a full week 0,o, and if everyone logs out the server one unlucky person has to do it for everyone else lol.
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