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    I am the leader of SMS (Something More Serious)

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    To host the best and most reliable gaming servers in north America, that will be safe for all players, young and old.
    We want all players to have fun, and enjoy their experience whilst building alliances communities, and friendships together under one name.

    What We Do

    We Protect our players from cheaters, griefers, and base raiding in our exclusive PVE (Player Verus Environment) Game Servers.
    We encourage creativity and imagination in a fresh new setting.
    We search for people across the country with unique skills and natural talents to help us grow and become Something More Serious......
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  1. Here is a new /lobby we just finished building for new players. it is built over the highway and crossroads. The 4x4s are faster then normal just hold left shift for a speed boost. The Highways are fully patched and have ramps to get on and off. Here is a preview of the map.
  2. SMS Flatlands PVE IP: Port: 27920 Botman Server Manager. SUPER FLAT MAP!!!! No water on map, well is provided. All Forrest biome. Vanilla Game Play, with extra zombies , Nitrogen map. No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. Join Our Discord https://discord.gg/BmDRPeePXf SMS Flatlands PVE steam://connect/
  3. SMS Noobination Apocalypse PVE IP: Port: 26910 Server Rules: No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. and you can build anywhere you want. Except gun stores, tool,food,book,pill stores etc etc those are off limits Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Server Features: Better Homes and Worlds - Complete Collection Highway for players to travel on. 28 slot crafting queue and 30 slot output window Lam's 136 slot backpack 30 K stacks Custom Nitro Generated Map Powerful BB Bat Riles-SeatingPlus HUGE C
  4. SMS Easy 500% PVE (Now with 50% More Zombies) Ip: Port: 26930 steam://connect/ Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Server Features: More zombies 28 slot crafting queue and 30 slot output window Lam's 136 slot backpack 30 K stacks Custom Nitro Generated Map Powerful BB Bat Riles-SeatingPlus HUGE Cities. faster 4x4 and motor bike Botman Server manager SMS Website www.somethingmoreserious.com Discord https://discord.gg/BmDRPeePXf
  5. Here is a thought. maybe try not messing with windows so much on installs. even on 10 year old hardware i can run 7 days to die just fine. install windows. update. install games. and play. it is possible you are causing your own issue with all the tweaking and turning off built in features of windows. Another thing to check is your cooling. you may be overheating during game play. 7 days to die turns my computer into a space heater. I suggest monitoring your temps during a horde or while in a city. I actually open my side panel when i pla
  6. Hello, I am about to fire up a server with your car and wasteland mods. I got the server running BUT now how do i install the mod on my 7 days to die game? i looked for an hour but found no mention of how to install client side. i am doing things manually i don;t use the mod installer whatever program it is. also are your mods listed there for easy install? Working on explaining how my players can get into the server. Sorry if you posted somewhere, just i am not familiar with this type of mod and how it is installed player side. Th
  7. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config look for the spawning.xml it is a server side value edit so no need for players to have to download a mod etc. there is a lot to go through many lines but here you can lower the amount of zeds. edit and copy paste in and restart the server. Gamestages is another way but requires a lot of editing.
  8. @madmole The biggest flaw in 7 days to die.... IS THERE IS NO PRETZELS!!!!!!!! Blasphemy.
  9. Just tried your awesome mod for the first time. Very well done. I never thought i would see this level of modding in 7DTD. Best i have seen yet.
  10. Bahhhh!!!!! Humbuggggg!!!!! TO ALL!!!!
  11. I am pleased to present to you. 7 days to Die the cruising game. Driving to Bingo in my Warpony. Please Don't kill me.
  12. I have a small problem. As my group grows and i gain more and more players. I am finding that there is not enough cities or towns for everyone. What can i do to increase the amount of cities and loot-able places for my players? I only use 8K maps and i have a maximum of 30 players. hardware will not be an issue i have very decent hardware specs from renting from a data center. The maps are large but there is maybe only 5-8 cities and towns total there is nothing at the edges of the map. no one goes there and it is just a huge amount of wasted sp
  13. This is the first time as leader of SMS. i have to report the death of a former Admin. https://steamcommunity.com/id/-zambies/ Steam Community :: zambies king of the dead He is no longer with us. In Honor of his service to SMS and all it's players. I want all of you to know he was a good admin and he helped me build what SMS is today. Each of us has a role in this group. This is why i fight so hard to keep us online month to month. i lasted almost 6 years but i need help now. May you rest in peace my old Friend.
  14. @madmole this is the best explanation i ever heard so far, yes you really have shown you listen to your fans and loyal players. I may not have been here since the start but i can say the game 7 days to die has actually changed my life in a number of ways. It gave me a community which i now host for everyday 365, 24/7 for the past 5 years. My community taught me to listen and never give up. I failed so many times made so many mistakes and i learned from each one. After 5 years I have matured in alot of way thanks to this game. I consider myself a good leader with many things to learn
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