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    I am the leader of SMS (Something More Serious)

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    To host the best and most reliable gaming servers in north America, that will be safe for all players, young and old.
    We want all players to have fun, and enjoy their experience whilst building alliances communities, and friendships together under one name.

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    We Protect our players from cheaters, griefers, and base raiding in our exclusive PVE (Player Verus Environment) Game Servers.
    We encourage creativity and imagination in a fresh new setting.
    We search for people across the country with unique skills and natural talents to help us grow and become Something More Serious......
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  1. We have wiped this server and sit is now running the new A20.1 Experimental
  2. Just eat Pretzels. Shut Up and wait another 10 years like the rest of us. I got 1000's of hours in game i am 10's of thousands invested in hosting from my first day back in Nov. 2014. In 7 years i learned you can post it but not gonna happen anytime soon. TFP creates the game we play it. Nice and Simple. This is for the OP. That's my Nickle.
  3. This server has been wiped Jan. 7 2022. New map new server side mods. Botman Server Manager is Online
  4. The new maps feel so empty. I have tried RWG and i have tried the new generation tool built in. Is it possible to affect how large cities and towns are and how many? I am aware in the tool there is an option for that. but it is not enough i am not interested in realism as this is a game. I just want to be able to have 3-5 times more cities and towns, with a 10K map. With multiple 20 player servers, cities and towns don't last very long and i have been forced to have 7 day loot respawn and in some cases 3 days. I know 8 players is the max supported, 20 players seems to be the sweet spot for my group having a couple hundred zombies always running around. I know there used to be a way with RWG but i haven't needed to try it manually within the Xml files. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I have added faster vehicles, this effects everything now including the pedal bike.
  6. I have added faster vehicles, it now extends to everything including the pedal bike.
  7. This server has been wiped on December 25th 2021.
  8. This server has been changed to support SMS Easy 500% as a over flow server. Brand new map and all mods are exactly the same as SMS Easy 500% PVE. ( listed in this forum)
  9. I have reduced the difficulty of this server to Medium by player request. It is on a new map and was wiped on December 28th 2021.
  10. no idea what server you logged into. We run 6 servers for 7 days to die. maybe double check the server you logged into.
  11. This server has been ultra busy and has had another map corruption issue. i was forced to wipe it again 12 16 2021. This server has been updated to patch Alpha 20 Experimental b231, No wipe was done and we continue on as is. There has been new mods added to this server. posted above
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