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Early alpha 17 streaming event


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During the big A17 Streaming Event, Madmole will be hanging out with PokketNinja during her stream to answer questions and chat with fans. Have you been missing interacting with the Angry Rodent? Do you crave details on art design, lighting, textures, and plans for where we go next? Make sure to check out Pokket's channel to scratch all your Madmole itches.


Friday November 16: Q&A with Madmole 8-9pm CST


Here is Pokket’s discord where Madmole will be taking questions: https://discord.gg/xhmZZKw




During the big A17 Streaming Event, Prime, who is lead developer on the new quest system and the electricity system, will be streaming and will be willing to chat about quests and other features of 7 Days to Die. Kinyajuu will also be there-- as well as a few other surprise guests from the development team. Be sure to check out Prime's channel during the weekend for some "prime" source information about the game you won't get anywhere else!

Details on times will come once the actual event dates are known.




Twigg, Wretched Dollie, and Kumquat from the QA Team will be doing a special stream event during the weekend where they will talk about their experience testing and talk about the changes in A17. These guys know the ins and outs of A17 and are expert players of 7 Days to Die. If you are looking for information and good gameplay be sure to tune in here!


Friday: From Release until the wee hours

Saturday - Sunday: Off and on throughout. Check the link often!


Testers will monitor this discord channel to take questions: https://discord.gg/X47ZQqK

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I'm loving some of the stuff in the release notes. My top three:

1. No longer auto reload for weapons-so many times I wanted to switch to a backup weapon but was stuck in the reload animation.

2. POI editor

3. Zombie corpse stuff (seriously check out the "added" section, IMO they addressed all the "immersion breaking" aspects everyone was debating)

Bonus: Blood moon does 360 check for best spawn directions and randomly picks one.

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Brazil had just one and he didn't stream it but post a video today


I watched on pokket's stream but many of my friends don't understand a word in English, wish we had more people.


EDIT: To correct it, saw today that he actually streamed it but was using a new platform in place of twitch.

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A really special thank you to the QA testers - Twigg, Dollie & Kumquat.


They made it really fun to watch the a17 preview, answered all my questions (even the silly typo filled one) and generally made it very hard for me to leave to go do my chores this weekend!


Huge hugs to all of you. :)

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Stream event was too long, give it to them 24hrs before, public release.

3 days is too long a tease, twitch viewers dropped off hard after the first 12 hrs.

And also seeing all their friends playing multiplayer that didn't qualify as per the criteria, and other streamers streaming it that were not on the list, and many putting clickbait 'a17 hype' etc in their titles whilst streaming a16.4 was very irking.


A17 looks great.

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