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  1. I just wanted to ping the community here - but I think I know the answer. After digging around, it looks like the game likely isn't supporting multiple GPU setups. That said, googling around a bit I am finding some people doing it. My question, is anyone doing Crossfire and having any luck with it working and providing performance improvements (even if they aren't spectacular)? I am running into some performance limitations with my RX 480 and may have the opportunity to get it going in a Crossfire setup - just not sure if it is worth the effort or not.
  2. I feel like it makes more sense... I find a lot more than just stone tools, not sure what you are doing different. They do pop up from time to time, and from a realism stand point it is goofy. i.e. - why would the hardware store have a shipping crate with a stone tool in it :D
  3. So, I am trying to decipher what is happening... are we getting a experimental release soon? Or just release notes...? I am confused.
  4. Letter to Developers: Please, I beg you to reconsquider releasing A17e sooner, rather than later. I really want to get kraken on building a new base with all the cool new features! I was just squidding when I said I wouldn't love you anymore if you didn't release the... alpha soon. Insquidentally, I do appreciate the updates posted here about your progress. Thanks! Concerned Citizen
  5. I’ve got a phobia of over-engineered buildings. It’s a complex complex complex. KRAKEN!!
  6. Looks like there is activity on the Steam side of things... are we getting close? https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/?branch=testing_trunk KRAKEN!!!
  7. Not in October??!! Good lord... you guys are trying my patience. This better be the version to end all version, over a year.
  8. Arm chair developers are the best... Anyways, it would be really inefficient if they attempted to 100% overhaul the AI system before the world mechanics were completed. That isn't to say they can't fix or develop smaller parts of the AI as they go (and they have been), but wide spread changes to the AI aren't a good route to go, yet. As the game changes in large ways, the AI system would need to follow that and could result in much redevelopment each iteration. As it stands, they seem to have a basic AI system that can adapt mostly (just because it isn't ultra complicated) to the changes
  9. Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar… You can’t tell me that’s just a coincidence! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!
  10. That is what I meant, I am very happy to test out the experimental version... When is A17e coming out, to clarify! Please soon! Release the kraken!
  11. Where is A17... are we looking at days, weeks? I am dying to play 7D2D again, it has been a while, but I really want to wait to start a game. When we play, we usually invest weeks of playtime into a game - I don't want to have to restart if the patch drops next week. But, if it is going to be another month - I might do it.
  12. I was thinking the same thing... it is the experimental after all, we accept bugs at this point.
  13. So long... where is it...? Anyways, thanks for the teaser and what not. I was just thinking - is anyone considering any sort of visible damage to the zombies (like blood marks) where you are connecting? It would help immersion a fair bit. I was just thinking when Roland was striking with that ax how much some marks on the Z's would help... Anyways, carry on... release the kraken... all that stuff...
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