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  1. Everything is possible but also requires engineering effort which at this point we would rather put into gold features like bandits
  2. The annual Steam Awards nominations are underway, and we have high hopes you will vote for 7 Days on the “Labor of Love” award. 7 Days has been on steam for nearly 6 years and through 18 alphas getting better with each release. We are likely the longest in development early access title you can find out there. We’re very grateful for all the continued support the 7 Days community around the world has given TFP. Please click the `Labor of Love 2019`. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251570/7_Days_to_Die/
  3. Folks, we posted an official statement you can read here: https://7daystodie.com/console-news/
  4. The Fun Pimps are happy to announce our officially licensed merchandise now available through AMAZON! After so many requests from you all about our official gear, we’re so excited to finally make it happen! We’re kicking it off by debuting our black short sleeve tees with our official logo and will be pimping out much more official merchandise to come in the near future, stay tuned and check out our shirts! We would also like to hear your ideas on the different types of merchandise you would like to see from, “The Fun pimps” so please let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to give us your positive feedback on the shirts in the amazon review section! Amazon Store Page
  5. Well at least you had a happy ending and we congratulate you on your perseverance.
  6. One of the most amazing things about 7 Days to Die is the stories that are told by the players. They're like war stories, with a real sense of the emotions felt at the moment they happened. They're often told like they really did happen; they're meaningful events and memories in the lives of real people. We want to share those stories - your stories - with new players as part of our marketing campaign, so that they know what they're getting into. So, what story would YOU tell about your experiences in 7 Days to Die? If you had three or four paragraphs to describe something that happened to you (or you and your friends) in the game, what would you say? It can be about anything as long as it actually happened to you in the game, and it's a moment that you'll never forget. Please only real survivor stories off topic posts will be removed. Here's an example taken from the review written by Angela Meadon for The Dirge Magazine, last year: “The first time I survived long enough to make it into a village I thought I was hot ♥♥♥♥. I had looted and scrounged enough of the bare necessities to survive, I’d cobbled together a crossbow from wood and fibers. Hell! I even wove a pair of pants out of grass. Then a horde happened. They tore down the house I was hiding in to try and get to me. I had to chop a hole in the roof with my stone axe and climb out the opposite side. This game makes stories happen, and that’s why it stands out in my head. It ignites my imagination and makes me jump at the slightest noise. I look both ways before I crawl out of the tunnel I’ve mined into the bedrock for shelter. I’m ♥♥♥♥ing terrified to chop down trees but I need the wood to cook and build.”
  7. If you’re looking for a high quality 7DTD dedicated server to rent look no further than these quality providers: ~DO NOT ADVERTISE NON RECOMMENDED PROVIDERS IN THIS THREAD, POSTS WILL BE DELETED!~
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