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  1. i think that almost everyone here that states of playing only vanilla make a couple of tweaks in the xml to adjust to their playstyle i litterally only change 4 numbers and i consider that playing vanilla, it's like drinking coffee in a ceramic cup or in styrofoam, the drink is the same, but change the flavour with a mod instead of coffee you drink a cappuccino
  2. speaking for myself (2400ish hours on steam, a couple other hundreds offline) i played mods only on the end of A16 and only a little just for trying something new i simply find vanilla fun enough for me, just make a couple tweaks on the xml (can't stand to have to wait till morning to return a quest or to grab another ) and i could lost myself for hours on end maybe when we get a final version i eventually skip to mod, but for now vanilla didn't annoy me
  3. try use some signs instead of frames exit -> iron -> etc.
  4. i was talking about shotgun turrets and smg turrets, paladylan was talking about late game defences, not junk turrets
  5. like i posted before if the turrets are pointing at their back they didn't set them off it's really an aspect of the game that requires you to adapt while you progress on the game: at first you can use simple defense like spikes and barbed wire, later on you had to change your tactics and move on to more advanced defences sistem, like electric fences and dart traps or turrets
  6. turrets are effective on demolishers, they had to aim at their back to not activate them i'm using them in my base with 0 problems, combined with electric fences and dart traps make a more than effective defence
  7. in an ideal world they should take responsibily for their action and explain to you why you cannot get an update but this is the real world, where noone is responsible for nothing, is always someone fault
  8. it happens also in the crack a book tower, in the bathroom with the trap floor, 4° or 5° floor
  9. you should ask in the console forum, this is a thread about a19 but long story short (for what i know and remember) TFP sold the right for a console port to Telltale, Telltale stopped updating and then went titty up, TFP after a legal fight win the rights backs(or buy back, don't remember), maybe after gold TFP could think of porting to console (emphasis on maybe) updates were all responsibility of Telltale, not TFP
  10. that way you can't plan properly your progression and for a new player would be too confusing
  11. that and The girl with all the gifts, and maybe another but didn't recall the title i read too much cr ap to remember
  12. i read a couple of books where the z apocalyps is brought by fungus maybe TFP is using athlete's foot
  13. nope, there many books where the zombies are just infected, in some they can even be cured and return human
  14. there is a book that give you the possibilities to mine silver, gold and diamondswhen you mine
  15. there is plenty of books where zombies could die of bleeding all the fuss on zombie lore here on this forum always made me laugh a little, i read, watch, play, eat and breathe zombies since a whas a kid, too many moon ago sometimes they are dead, sometimes they are alive, sometimes they can die a change again when they die sometimes the only thing stopping them is a trauma to the head, sometimes they can bleed or die from massive trauma sometimes they can only walk, sometimes they run, sometimes there are different kind of zombies in the same book (movie, game or other media) sometimes they are dumb, sometimes they have a collective mind, sometimes there are some leader that command the grunt the only thing that all of them have in common is the name, but saying that zombies HAD to have some characteristic is nonsense romero made an excellent movie, but even him reinvented the zed for his purpose, why TFP can't do the same?
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