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  1. sinks are the primary source for acid, but seems rare in A20 or maybe i'm just unlucky
  2. every 10 quests completed (no matter what trader gave you the quest) you get a new tier of quests and a special quest to another trader till tier 5
  3. this poll miss an option for those who build only one base like me
  4. i do a fresh install and start a new game every time that a new stable version pop out, but i had the same problem of OP using Nitrogen every time i start playing i have single digit fps, but typing "pois" in console solve the problem
  5. are you using Nitrogen? if it's that the case try typing "pois" in the console
  6. have you made a fresh install or you kept updating since the first experimental?
  7. i was talking about shotgun turrets and smg turrets, paladylan was talking about late game defences, not junk turrets
  8. like i posted before if the turrets are pointing at their back they didn't set them off it's really an aspect of the game that requires you to adapt while you progress on the game: at first you can use simple defense like spikes and barbed wire, later on you had to change your tactics and move on to more advanced defences sistem, like electric fences and dart traps or turrets
  9. turrets are effective on demolishers, they had to aim at their back to not activate them i'm using them in my base with 0 problems, combined with electric fences and dart traps make a more than effective defence
  10. in an ideal world they should take responsibily for their action and explain to you why you cannot get an update but this is the real world, where noone is responsible for nothing, is always someone fault
  11. you should ask in the console forum, this is a thread about a19 but long story short (for what i know and remember) TFP sold the right for a console port to Telltale, Telltale stopped updating and then went titty up, TFP after a legal fight win the rights backs(or buy back, don't remember), maybe after gold TFP could think of porting to console (emphasis on maybe) updates were all responsibility of Telltale, not TFP
  12. for now i like the option to see the first or latest post of a discussion just hovering over it maybe could be a little faster to disappear when you move your cursor though
  13. even light armor slow you down, only padded(?) armor didn't
  14. i usually do the buried supply quest the first 2 or 3 night
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