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  1. some of the tips wre outdated even for A17
  2. this poll miss an option for those who build only one base like me
  3. i do a fresh install and start a new game every time that a new stable version pop out, but i had the same problem of OP using Nitrogen every time i start playing i have single digit fps, but typing "pois" in console solve the problem
  4. are you using Nitrogen? if it's that the case try typing "pois" in the console
  5. nope, dart traps shooting each other didn't cause damage
  6. https://7daystodie.com/a19-official-release-notes/ here you can find loot progression from GS
  7. the penalty shows up in the gamestage, every death subtract 2 from yours GS and your loot quality drop
  8. they are in the survival mode, i think they are call wedge tip and frame wedge
  9. have you made a fresh install or you kept updating since the first experimental?
  10. same thing snowdog said when he saw the new stripper
  11. i just glanced at the xmls and i missed that, your're right
  12. i just check the xmls gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus 21(level)+36(days)=57*1.2=68 that should be your GS i just had a glance to them so i can have read wrong, but the difficulty bonus should be fixed at 1.2
  13. it's not tied to the number of days since last death every death subtract 2 from the number of days, so if you are on day 10 and you have died twice the total number of days is 6, no matter when the deaths are occurred
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