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  1. they are in the survival mode, i think they are call wedge tip and frame wedge
  2. have you made a fresh install or you kept updating since the first experimental?
  3. same thing snowdog said when he saw the new stripper
  4. i just glanced at the xmls and i missed that, your're right
  5. i just check the xmls gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus 21(level)+36(days)=57*1.2=68 that should be your GS i just had a glance to them so i can have read wrong, but the difficulty bonus should be fixed at 1.2
  6. it's not tied to the number of days since last death every death subtract 2 from the number of days, so if you are on day 10 and you have died twice the total number of days is 6, no matter when the deaths are occurred
  7. machicolations are your best friends in this situation
  8. the difficulty you choose isn't relevant anymore to calculate the GS according to the release note for A19
  9. isn't easier to generate new characters and give yourselves some exp and gear to match the old ones?
  10. house_old_spanish_01 that's the name of that prefabs and this is the position in Nav <decoration type="model" name="house_old_spanish_01" position="-16,82,-1235" rotation="1" />
  11. the server is at day 141 but the horde is based on your gamestage if your GS is low and the max alive zombie is set to 32 or 64 is normal that your horde last only till midnight
  12. i think that almost everyone here that states of playing only vanilla make a couple of tweaks in the xml to adjust to their playstyle i litterally only change 4 numbers and i consider that playing vanilla, it's like drinking coffee in a ceramic cup or in styrofoam, the drink is the same, but change the flavour with a mod instead of coffee you drink a cappuccino
  13. speaking for myself (2400ish hours on steam, a couple other hundreds offline) i played mods only on the end of A16 and only a little just for trying something new i simply find vanilla fun enough for me, just make a couple tweaks on the xml (can't stand to have to wait till morning to return a quest or to grab another ) and i could lost myself for hours on end maybe when we get a final version i eventually skip to mod, but for now vanilla didn't annoy me
  14. try use some signs instead of frames exit -> iron -> etc.
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