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  1. Honestly I like the upgrade path change, I don't like that blocks go *poof* when they hit zero durability for certain upgrades. For example I always thought of the steel block to be cement with steel plating, so I would want that block to downgrade to cement. I don't think cement should downgrade to cobble though as I picture upgrading to cement to be replacing the previous block without the tediousness of physically removing it yourself. Realism is nice, but there are some things in the real world I hate doing and would love a more streamlined process. Waiting for cement to dry? No thanks. Gameplay trumps realism IMO anyday with once exception, most animations. Gun reloading should be realistic, no more three shell loading shotguns and *poof* fully loaded animations I do like the reinforced concrete texture better than the cement texture and hope they pick that one over the other when deciding which textures to keep. Basically, I think there is a way to streamline upgrading blocks without ruining people's experience over it i.e. : wood->cobblestone->concrete->steel coated concrete (steel block). In reverse: Steel coated concrete->reinforced concrete->*poof*: cobblestone->*poof*: wood->*poof*.
  2. To me it looks like the burnt dog had just pounced on someone and the poor guy grabbed the dog by the left front leg to escape (almost looks like a hand print) and it's flesh just slipped off like a sock and the dog got its meal. With that in mind I don't think the model looks off, kind of reminds me of the movie "We Were Soldiers" where the one guy got napalmed and his legs became a goopy mess.
  3. Anyone find a lootable Fir tree in Navezgane? It was a fir tree next to Trader Jen at 560 61 480 . All it gave me was 7 feathers. Thought it was weird and took a snapshot of the tree with the loot icon, but the "loot container" dialogue is absent in the photo for some reason, so I won't include it.
  4. Is there an option to turn the chat off except for posts that cost points? Or is there a way to give everyone enough points for just one post? TBH I've never used Twitch and have only ever watched Twitch streams after they are posted to YouTube, so I'm not sure how it all works or if what I suggested would cost money...or work at all. Twitch streams just seem waaay too busy and it takes a bit of skill to manage. The really good streamers I've watched have mastered the art of being able to respond to the chat, play their game, and stay entertaining without a ton of dead space/time--all at the same time. I think I just need to curb my expectations for these streams.
  5. I was a little disappointed with the last Q&A section of the stream. 1. TFP staff couldn't keep up with legitimate questions coming from Twitch. 2. They didn't clearly say where they read some of the questions, but it seemed like forum questions weren't considered. Equally frustrating when the forum was expressively prohibited from asking "off topic" questions, but Twitch was pretty much a $#$% show. 3. The art guys were there and it was an awesome opportunity to pick their brains, but very few questions were being directed towards them. I felt bad they were just sitting there not being a part of the stream. I really liked their presentations though. That part was good. 4. It seemed like Rick completely forgot what was covered on the last stream, so much of it was just repeated information. Prime tried to stay on topic, but Twitch is just not a good platform for Q&A. If the main point of these streams is to just generate hype and show off the art/mechanics/new stuff coming in A19, then I suppose it's doing the job. It would be nice if the Q&A portion got a little more love. I thought there were some excellent, relevant questions in the forum that got zero attention. There aren't that many of them. Could a dev go through and provide answers?
  6. I liked the head tracking concept, BUT...did anyone find it a little weird that they all head track like there's a rope attached to their forehead and your character? It was too...samey? I still like it, but I think it needs a little work. I think they even mentioned it in the stream with the "Thriller" dance sequence. Keeping a little head bob, or randomize/delay the head tracking a bit so they aren't ALL synced together.
  7. You can if you include the cargo pockets added to clothing. I never get pack mule, I strategically use my steroids or stay close to home (which is also strategically located).
  8. Random question: Is snow accumulation back in? I don't know when it disappeared (A15?), but I hope it makes it back in. Was it removed because it was too taxing on the system? Was one of those little things that was just awesome, loved how it muffled your footsteps and covered everything. If not for A19, are there plans to put it back in for later release iterations?
  9. Do you hold shift (sprint) while you drive? THAT is a complete waste of gas. I don't know what the rate is, but it feels like triple the gas consumption. The speed boost you get from holding shift is definitely not worth it. I drive without holding shift, you can nearly fly from one end of Navezgane to the other and back on a single gyro tank. Additionally, you can let off the gas and then hold shift to coast down hills (just like with the bike, wouldn't recommend this with the gyro though 🙂). I do wish that vehicles could gain (more) speed when you coast on downhills. Right now it more or less maintains speed, or even ever so slightly starts to slow down. Anyone notice that you can still drive forward (albeit VERY slowly) on an empty tank?
  10. That hair on Darlene looks WAAAY different than what's on the earlier upgraded models that were shown. It's Fuzzy! I love it. Did they all get this little realism boost?
  11. If there are mods to increase the speed of vehicles, has there been some work done to speed up the generation of terrain ahead of the player? Or were the vehicles slowed down and the mods bring the speed back to where it used to be? Just about the only thing with the game right now that really bugs me is distant objects/terrain being drawn super late because I'm driving too fast.
  12. I'm hoping this is what he means by crafting is useful and relevant again. If you want the weapon earlier, perk into it to unlock the schematic (or find one) and then build it.
  13. I was sooooo ready to guess this from your hint too...then MadMole ruined it and gave the riddle away in the next post... got anymore riddles?
  14. This. It must be related to the level of detail "sphere" that follows you around. It's really noticeable in the giro.
  15. I imagine that there are more than a few people out there (there has to be) that either: A: Don't know this game exists, and won't know it exists until past Gold. B: Are waiting until the game gets out of development. At that point TFP can market the game at full price, and pending those sales, will have the necessary funds to start their next project AND have a small dedicated staff to continue to support this game. If the game does well (I don't know how it couldn't, it's pretty unique) they'll be obligated to continue support. Support could be as simple as maintaining a "mod corner" and putting their stamp of approval on mods done by the community. This won't cost players any money or TFP time and effort and the players get access to unlimited expansions. As long as there is a modding community out there as passionate about this game as there is now, I see a steady stream of new content long after TFP has moved on. The dedicated TFP staff could just fix any major bugs that come up and push minor patches.
  16. I meant the basic AI that was there a few Alphas ago (17? they talked and walked, but nothing else was hooked up). More than anything I was maybe possibly definitely trying to steer the conversation somewhere else. 😁 I'll continue to patiently wait. Got anymore "Everdeen-esque" clues for awesome features we may not be aware of for A19? I forget a lot more goes on under the hood. More than I admit I'm willing to learn right now. I'll stick to my xml editing for now. Definitely don't want a walking auto turret. Wouldn't surprise me if the first iteration of bandits that makes it to the game is melee and non firearm weapons with projectiles that have travel time.
  17. I just want bandits in A19, even if I have to spawn them in...with functioning hit boxes. The AI can come later. I'll manage.
  18. Hey I just tested this and can confirm, bleeding kills with barb-wire mod installed do not give XP. (I'll put this in the bug report section)
  19. On the topic of weapons...I hope the burst mod got a little bit of love in A19. It is wonky IMO. The burst just stops the gun from shooting more than three rounds while holding down fire. If I tap fire, it'll still shoot just one round. About the only useful thing they do is up the damage at the cost of a mod slot. At the least, the fire rate needs to be increased when installed so that all three rounds are sent per click. Even with all the fire rate perks and stuff maxed out, it's still too slow between rounds and doesn't feel right. The other two work as intended IMO.
  20. I thought someone had brought this up before. I'm just hoping it gets revisited in future Alphas. I also just threw into a list two additional SMGs that popped into my head. I really don't care what they are. I just think it's a wasted opportunity to just leave the SMG hanging with the pistol crowd.
  21. shhhhh, I'm trying to get more weapons added. 😉
  22. Love the 3 tier concept for weapons, hate that the SMG is just kinda thrown in with the pistols: Are there any plans to add an SMG tier to keep with the three tier theme? At least at later Alphas, I'm just ready to play with this one. Current: 9mm->.44 revolver->Desert "Vulture" (.44)/SMG (9mm) ??Skorpion??->SMG->??tommygun??, I know its no where near close to a .45, but could have it shoot .44 mag. I kind of assumed that the SMG was the low tier machine gun, but then you added two more machine guns and made the AK the low tier (the gall 😁).
  23. I discovered a random dumpster in Navezgane in one of the military camps with a white river flag out front that had little fly sprites flying around it and you could hear them buzzing. However, none of the other dumpsters in the game have this effect. This was a pleasant discovery and I hope whatever makes this dumpster unique gets applied to the others in the game. Little details like this are super important for enhancing the atmospherics of this game. Are there plans to incorporate similar nuances into A19? I really miss the frog noises you heard when near water.
  24. I think there are better options for a water threat than putting fish and reptiles that don't exist in Arizona in the water (I get people can imagine their RWG game is somewhere else). There are already marinas and docks. You would just need to add a couple zombie models with life jackets on (to bad UMA is gone...). Have them spawn near the water and bam!, no immersion breaking creatures for the realism police to criticize and no awkward swimming normal zombies. Once water is fixed and the water POIs can reliably spawn in RWG the floating zombies would make sense in those worlds too, or maybe swimming zombies will not be that bad to look at. Sometimes I forget this game is still in Alpha and I (like a lot of people) think that any new feature that is added is done so in it's final version.
  25. True, but I would treat vending machines as a way to get hard to find food/health items early game and don't pay much attention to them later. I think this would be a tier 1 quest and the player is still a low level when they accept this quest. Many of the vending machines are located in zombie infested POIs, and could be difficult to restock if they aren't being stealthy or risk getting caught in a bad situation getting an infection early sucks. Bottom-line, I don't think locating them causes an imbalance.
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