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  1. Question....In A18 we could use PREGEN01, 02, 03 Are the new PREGEN maps 04, 05, 06?? Coughs * Airport POI * Coughs
  2. Are 16k maps available? Coughs * Airport POI * Coughs
  3. Are the floating and sinking POIs fixed in this upcoming iteration of the game? Is this an RWG problem or just a planned feature? Coughs * Airport POI * Coughs I will never try Gods loophole...that's not a state of mind...but fact....just sayin
  4. When do those faster updates start? Asking for a friend?
  5. Try SATISFACTORY..coming to STEAM this month...its addictive!!
  6. Please shorten your acceptance speech......congrats!!
  7. We cant post pictures anymore...WTF....says im not authorized...BS
  8. Still having issues getting to the forums...both in Chrome and IE ….whats the deal!!
  9. Shelves are empty now and in the future!
  10. For a game that is supposed to take place in the future...funny how everyone has reverted back to washing dishes by hand. And really you guys are excited for throw pillows.. throw pillows...you have been quaratined way too long... Cough *Airport POI * Cough
  11. Approximately when its done!! Their words..not mine
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