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  1. Its only been 8 years...but im being watched by a doctor.
  2. Yeah I know all that but its annoying to see the flashing red all the time....just seems that food decreases ALOT faster than normal....seems like you are binge eating constantly. Kinda annoying. As for temp...in the snow biome and I have a puffer jacket, overalls, cloth hood with the insulation mod, bandana and a hood ands assorted armor and im cold all the time....Temp has been whacked for several iterations and never seems to get much love......Game has gone backwards over the last few alphas....Same brokenm systems being reworked again and again............sigh.......endless circle it seems Coughs* Airport POI * Coughs
  3. Will weather and temp be fixed in A20. You can be layered up to the max and still be cold...as well as hot in the desert naked. Also will food be adjusted....feels like my guy is eating for a family of 12 and still hungry all the time. Coughs * Airport POI * Coughs
  4. 1. Fishing..dig dirt...have a tiny chance to find a worm..simple...or kill a zombie and have maggots in their loot bag..either one would work. But with that you need some sort of water based threat. 2. Working electric..maybe a wind turbine 3. Water...boats 4. Ability to turn off underground mining and increase zombie count 5. Airport Poi 6. Working elevator system..winch or motor 7. A real firemans helmet in game.
  5. Actually its been 2 years and if you go through each money level, only ONE maybe Two of each list has actually been implemented in game. And Unity 5 has not been the performance enhancer it was supposed to be. The minibike will be the test, because in fly mode on a high end rig, the game cannot load terrain fast enough. Keeping fingers crossed but not holding my breath.
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