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  1. To do it justice would be a huge amount of work. Custom zombies, weapons, armour, loot, POI's etc. I could see it becoming a thing after the game is finished but still.... I would love to play it though
  2. They are still in the game, got a pair in a zombie loot bag in my last game. Have not checked the loot lists to see where else they drop though.
  3. The closest we have currently would be the player ragdoll when knocked down by a vehicle or sledgehammer etc. You may be able to work with that in some way.
  4. Try force the download by logging out of Steam then back in, you could also try verifying files. I assume it is showing A18.1 (b9) in the top right corner in game currently.
  5. No problems at all. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Personally the easiest option would be to keep parts for the recipes but make the non firearm parts craftable, either in the forge or workbench etc. This allows some parity with vanilla and allows you to make the parts with whatever recipe you feel is suitable eg iron tool part = 10 forged iron or equivalent iron & clay from the forge etc.
  6. Changing the weapon and tool crafting recipes is very simple eg you could remove the parts entirely and just use iron/steel ingots etc or you could make the parts craftable etc. The perks you could look at several ways to approach that, you could use quests to unlock them or similar, you could increase starting points awarded from the starter quest etc. If you need help doing this I am happy to assist.
  7. You could mod it right now to whatever you find fun, why wait for a change to vanilla that may or may not happen?
  8. And this is why no one should accept strange drinks from crazy German potters
  9. Unknown. I would suggest adding a crafting recipe for them in the mean time so your friend can make those repairs.
  10. Been a while but 1000 may be the max possible in the UI (999 by memory, not sure on this tho). Is this one of those times when you absolutely, positively can only have one mortar and pestle? I usually had a bunch and just load them up.
  11. It's in entityclasses.xml, look for LootDropProb, change the value's for the zombies from "0.02" & ".03" to whatever you like, "1.00" in your case.
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