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  1. BetterBooks is just fantastic Xyth, in game documentation is sorely needed. Well done.
  2. Xyth's response to the invisible textures (from a previous query): "Most invisible type issues are due to running out of video ram. Lower texture size and retry."
  3. Very impressive stuff guys I look forward to trying it out. Well done Starvation Team!
  4. Haha yeah I was just laughing at that myself
  5. Bug - the large shelves (bookshelf or the other similar looking one) are able to be upgraded (accidentally) to reinforced wood blocks. I have not checked the xml but I assume they are inheriting this property from the wood frame master block.
  6. Utilise the favourites option, only real way to reduce the menu lag.
  7. Loot only item. - - - Updated - - - By memory bacon and eggs gives no wellness boost (or very minimal), only the complex recipes give wellness and the amounts given are significantly less than vanilla.
  8. Using the favourites feature is the only way around station lag etc. I just click favourites every time I am moving stuff around etc.
  9. Hi Jax, Just having a quick look prior to playing this next week on Guppy's server. Nice work on the mod Removed the error I thought I found did not look closely enough lol expected the blacksmith station to be a workbench type station not a forge type station
  10. 1. StompyNZ's API mod for servers allows POI's to be manually spawned in, other similar programs allow the same I believe, maybe check out his mod in General Mods and ask in his thread if you have any issues or need help. 2. Yes it is possible, I know GuppyCur did it on his server for us during experimental. May just be a case of copying the player data to the new game folder or similar. Best I can do in answering these, I don't manage a server so can't personally assist sorry.
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