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  1. And this is why no one should accept strange drinks from crazy German potters
  2. I certainly recommend using a modlet format over a direct xml edit. No idea on what Jaxx has his numbers increased to either but you could always edit his modlet for more/less etc. The direct xml edit was primarily for illustration purposes
  3. Haha if you want to test it be my guest My only requirement is that it works and I have plenty of zombies
  4. That would work, I assume its mainly to try accommodate the games minimum requirements (but at this point who knows...) The game days is based upon this xml comment <!-- JOEL: change "respawndelay" to world days, change "maxcount" to entities per area --> but I cannot recall when that comment was added so it may be done or is yet to be done.
  5. For a quick and dirty xml edit to spawning.xml that's a grand total of changing 10 maxcount entries for the biome spawns.... From this: <biome name="pine_forest"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="4" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="14" time="Any" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="21" time="Any" entitygroup="FriendlyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> </biome>
  6. BetterBooks is just fantastic Xyth, in game documentation is sorely needed. Well done.
  7. Xyth's response to the invisible textures (from a previous query): "Most invisible type issues are due to running out of video ram. Lower texture size and retry."
  8. Very impressive stuff guys I look forward to trying it out. Well done Starvation Team!
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