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  1. Looking forward to mowing down zeds with these. Really nice work Dust!
  2. I can smell the bacon and eggs already. Cheers!
  3. Beautiful little mod. Thank you for uploading it.
  4. Yep, I'll take lovers over murderers any day.
  5. I'll check for the updates thanks.
  6. Thanks for the Zombie packs Guppy
  7. I've wanted something like this, ever since the sleepers were introduced. Thank you so very much.
  8. Zed pummeling, smashing and bashing fun! Been waiting for this one thanks for the update
  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jax.
  10. Very interesting thank you.
  11. Good work on this! As a long time whining player of this very unique game, Alpha 18 is the best Alpha I've played since 16.4. And I lived in that Alpha version. The optimization in Alpha 18 is very evident, the inclusion of the spear (brilliant) makes ghosting a poi very doable and enjoyable now. The beautiful textures of the new icons. And the artwork in general is really nice and detailed. Great work all round. I rarely enter a poi that I don't find enjoyable. The shotgun messiah factory, is a dream run. The more gnarly, twisting, boobie-trapped large crumbling deathtrap-factories, the better : ) The decision to mostly take the zeds out of the rafters and closets was a good one guys. Horror is ineffective if it it served to you like cake. I think you need to utilize sound more to scratch at the subconscious of the player. In fact, some sounds in general need a little work, but I'm confident you guys have known that for a while. I mean, you only have so much time to prioritize right? Very enjoyable experience. Some of it does need tweaking, but I'm sure you guys are going to do this right; and give us great things in the future also. I wish all the team, from the coders to the artists and the very important relentless testers the very best for the new year. Thanks for listening Joel. Thanks! Schwanz9000
  12. Good luck with the renovation Subquake. We hope to see you when you can get back into your stride.
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