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    True Survival

    I can safely say the best times I have had (with a large margin)with 7 days is in A15 with True Survival. Never played the A16 version of TS though, but I'm extremely curious about this version and very happy to see it's been resumed work on (Since I really really -really- hate the path A17 and A18 has taken) I don't really want to spoil the entire surprise by reading the full list of whats been changed, but have some parts I would love to have answered :) *Seeing how much work was done with prefabs back then to remove lightsources, I assume the same is done now to get rid of most/all the damn dungeonstyle POI's with lootrooms? *Will zombies be lootable again? I modded that quickly in A18.2 and that small change alone made the game feel so much better. *Can the MC/Car/Gyroparts be crafted? Or do we have to find the parts in the world and assemble? (modded this in A18 and it was great fun to not get a car on week 2 :) ) Actually, Might as well ask, how the schematics are handled now? Do we magically learn to craft new things by putting points in a skilltree, or do we have to find the recipies in the world to learn? (for the more advanced things)
  2. Yes. I miss it a lot. it was a neat task to clean out after the hordenight a few minutes and salvage loot and bodies for bones. Someone said it was possible to have corpses 'downgrade' to the old grey corpseblock instead of despawning, But I have not managed to figure out how
  3. I tried with nailgun and stoneaxe, but I was unaware of that allowed_upgrade_item. That's probably it! Gonna apply that example code from page one to change all of those when I get back home Many many thanks for helping with my numerous mishaps. I just can't seem to get the hang of xpath's logic
  4. Now I'm back with even more weird problems -.- I'm trying to add a item that can be used to repair the different oven/stoves found to a working one based from Valmod. The repairitem is added in and can be found in lootlists, but when I try to update an oven it just shows the 'missing item' error (correct one though) even when I have the item on me. This is what I have appended in blocks.xml under <append xpath="/blocks"> <block name="workstationOven"> <property name="DescriptionKey" value="workstationOvenDesc"/> <property name="Class" value="Campfire" /> <property name="CustomIcon" value="cntWallOven" /> <property name="Place" value="TowardsPlacerInverted" /> <property name="Stacknumber" value="1" /> <property name="Material" value="Mwood_weak" /> <property name="Texture" value="346,345,341,345,262,345" /> <property name="LootList" value="130" /> <drop event="Destroy" name="resourceScrapIron" count="5,10" /> <drop event="Fall" name="woodDebris" count="1" prob="1.0" stick_chance=".75" /> <property name="HeatMapStrength" value="1"/> <property name="HeatMapTime" value="1200"/> <property name="HeatMapFrequency" value="25"/> <property name="Group" value="Food/Cooking,Decor" /> <property name="ActiveRadiusEffects" value="+heatSource(3)"/> <property class="Workstation"> <property name="Modules" value="tools,output,input"/> <property name="CraftingAreaRecipes" value="campfire" /> </property> </block> </append> <append xpath="blocks/block[@name='cntWallOven']"> <property class="UpgradeBlock"> <property name="ToBlock" value="workstationOven"/> <property name="Item" value="ElectricalRepairKit"/> <property name="ItemCount" value="1"/> <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="5"/> </property> <property name="CustomUpgradeSound" value="place_block_metal" /> </append> <append xpath="blocks/block[@name='cntStoveOldVer1Closed']"> <property class="UpgradeBlock"> <property name="ToBlock" value="workstationOven"/> <property name="Item" value="ElectricalRepairKit"/> <property name="ItemCount" value="1"/> <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="5"/> </property> <property name="CustomUpgradeSound" value="place_block_metal" /> </append> And this is the item appended in items.xml <append xpath="/items"> <item name="ElectricalRepairKit"> <property name="HoldType" value="45" /> <property name="Meshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/sackPrefab.prefab" /> <property name="DropMeshfile" value="#Other/Items?Misc/sack_droppedPrefab.prefab" /> <property name="Material" value="MresourceScrapIron" /> <property name="Weight" value="1" /> <property name="Stacknumber" value="25" /> <!-- STK resource --> <property name="EconomicValue" value="10" /> <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="10" /> <property name="Group" value="Resources" /> <property name="RepairTime" value=".5" /> <property name="RepairAmount" value="20" /> <property name="CraftingIngredientTime" value=".2" /> <property name="CustomIcon" value="resourceRepairKit" /> </item> </append> I tried to change the item to just need resourceScrapIron, and then it worked flawlessly and used one scrapiron, but not with the ElectricalRepairKit. All the items are loaded and looks correct in the configdump xmls
  5. Nevermind, seems to have been asked already!
  6. -Holo-

    True Survival

    Hnnnnnnngh. This sounds so amazing it's ... amazing! nitrogen for the map, and removal of the POI POS Lighted paths \o/
  7. Yeah. The current system is... weird to say the least. And backwards. We need more items to craft a thing the better we get at crafting it?, Shouldn't it be the other way around? What parts are needed for a steel pickaxe? the handle, some leather to wrap the handle, and a pickaxehead. Maybe a few nails to lock the head. Good thing we invented duct tape in the 60's (?) so we could make basic splints! I can't imagine how many broken legs in the past had to heal wrong due to lack of duct tape to make a splint xD
  8. As long as they don't touch the "honk-honk" of the minibike
  9. It would be nice of some clever modder could find a way to make the recipies apply to more then a single workstation somehow. like "crafting area" ="campfire,oven" required tools "cookingpot or beaker" or something in those lines to reduce crafting clutter
  10. I think the "hit a wall and all the sleepers in the building wake up and path to you" concerns often miss that in say A15, if you did that you'd end up with a bunch of zombies from the house coming out, aswell as a bunch of zombies from the vicinity closing in on you. I'm playing a A15 game, with high (I think) zombie density and there's easily gathering up over 40 zombies on a streetbrawl like that. Which could get dangerous quite fast early game. Then of course those houses are regular normal houses with normal loot and not like most current lootpinata POI's with tons of loot at the end of the level, sorry, end of the POI Meaning there could be little to none useable loot gathered from that if luck was out on a coffee break, Another day of no water unless the next house happened to have a cooking pot in it's loot. Combining that with the relative scarce brass supply, one would not go gun blazing in until fairly 'lategame'. Conserving ammo was a nice thing to have to consider.
  11. Yeah, it's quite silly low amount of zombies out. Was driving though a city in A18.1 in the middle of the night, checked the console and there was 2 zombies loaded. I modded it up to x8 (or 10?) amount of z' spawning in cities, and x3 spawning in the forest, was much more fun and lively (even though thats probably since the game loads every spawn on the first day), there were around 40 zombies at any given time in a city street, at day. Looting a POI could get dangerous fast if they got wind of you. (also had a mod to increase sight and hearing of the zombies alot)
  12. 1. I'm still 99% sure there were decoys in A17 who had 1 HP. 2. I'd like to point out that when the zombies bursted out of the nearby houses, it made for a struggle to survive the fast growing horde of zombies. (Atleast early on, but now we are armed to the teeth from day 2) And that the POI's were for the most part a normal house, not a loot-villa filled with secrets and loots.
  13. Isn't that also a problem if it's the trader that provides the endgame content? :/
  14. But better textures shouldn't have to come at the expense of lesser zombies :/ (and should only cost Vram, not gpu performance) And buildings in A15 was not empty. We're playing it on and off right now and zombies indoors hear us fighting on the streets and shredding their way out to join the combat. It's glorious, Where did the demands for better textures and fluff come from? I can't really recall much complaints about how it looked back at A14/15
  15. I'm almost certain there was some sleepers with 1 hp, that was just there as decoy and could not move, but I can be mistaken, played so very little A17 since it had removed too many of the systems I liked from earlier. And yes. That is what I and my friends also would like, to have one in ten be a real zombie, and maybe one in ten of the closet having a zombie in it.
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