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  1. Should work, but Google Chrome is giving me a warning message too for the download, cause it is no https, hmm, i should start hosting the files elsewhere. Until now it was never a problem. Download itself should work if you proceed anyway. The map itself is downloaded as you connect to the server, but the prefabs arent (afaik), which is sad.
  2. Sure i want the updated one 😊 Moved the terrain down a bit, too, the underground part of the prison is not that high as you have said 👌
  3. Followed basically this tutorial 😉 Additional help is found here .
  4. Another Update: -Fixed misplaced prefabs (some prefab sizes changed in between A18 and A19) -other added stuff (prefabs, road placement,etc) -built a prefab for the harbor section (picture below), maybe i will add some othe "ledge" to the harbor with a container dock. Map+ Prefabs: http://7d2d.eu/Small_Island_A19B180_Sept20.zip
  5. I guess thats only possible for the prefab files 🤔 The map file is pushed by the server, sadly the prefab files are not.
  6. Updated for A19: Download: A19 b180 Version 1 (376 MB) - 23.08.2020 Copy the world folder inter your worlds directory and the prefabs into the prefabs folder. There may be errors - im happy if you find some! 🤯 @Puschpa removed the custom prefabs that made problems, thanks for pointing this out ! @bumbleclotz also removed this prefab and inserted other stuff there. @Genosis Yeah the Asylum is still there, but maybe it is not ready for A19 - got still the old one 🙈 @all: Thanks for the kind words and feedback.
  7. @Blake_ I noticed the error messages like this one... ... do happen if you run the command visitmap (to load all chunks of the map) too, even the player is not really there, maybe this information can help @faatal too? Did you do a testing with a new map running visitmap command before and making a comparison ? I guess it will not help for all performance problems, but maybe it helps a bit 🙂 If you have an 8k map you would type in "visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096" and then wait until finished and would then start the map.
  8. Since i did get no answer to that until now: @faatal oder @madmole or any other developer can answer this ?
  9. So in a multiplayer world everyone is spawning at the same place ? Or how is spawning handled there ? Would be nice to know if it could rotate. Like if you do a PVP server and have 8 different spawnpoints you want the first 8 players on a different spot each.
  10. How do you do this masking exactly ? Wondering to know if i could make maps much faster then manually tweaking literally everything. Removing the roads in the water would be pretty easy manually by editing the splat3.png afterwards. Edit: Ah i see a mask.png, that should it be :-)
  11. That is the place V14 ready for download, only changes: -bridge stability -Laz Man prison prefab added
  12. Very nice :-) I guess i will be not the only one testing it then ^^ Or should i delay the download link then ? How deep is the prefab now ? can i lower the terrain a bit again or do you need the 40 levels down ? I told you so But the suggestion of Pille was also a nice try. Will keep that in mind.
  13. Yeah those are the same type, i just reinforced them (thank Pille for his amazing prefab editor), will be in the next update. Those are modified vanilla ones, which tend to have the same issue. Thanks for finding this bug. The SI debug view in the world editor did not show any problems with stability.
  14. Had these 1 or 2 trees with my dam prefab too. If you place it 1 or 2 units higher, they might be gone. If thats the case i have to lower the underground that might be sticking through and then generate trees, but try first the solution at the bottom here. This happens even with copyairblocks=true. You could try to delete the dtm_processed.raw too, all 3 processed files will be generated again at map start. And additionally delete your savegame in %appdata. Might be your character has old data. But you have to teleport then back again to this position.
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