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  1. How do you do this masking exactly ? Wondering to know if i could make maps much faster then manually tweaking literally everything. Removing the roads in the water would be pretty easy manually by editing the splat3.png afterwards. Edit: Ah i see a mask.png, that should it be :-)
  2. Oh i didnt know this Tool existed too, i did it manually all the time and explained it in Red Eagles Tutorial in the link above. Nice ! Question: Do you know what the blue texture is for in the splat files ? I saw it used in navezgane maps especially at the side of rivers/lakes, sometimes near roads in the desert places. I did suspect something like a smoothing variant to make shores looking better, cause it is used in prefabs too (if you check the processed splats).
  3. small spelling error: its wasteland Is there an option to create without burnt forest and wasteland ? Or maybe make a ticker box to choose the biomes you want, and deselecting the ones you dont want ? Maybe even with an amount setting for each biome ?
  4. Did someone call Dr. Weir(d) ? The actors name is "Sam Neill" If you have a layout or fan fiction how TWD map is based i might give it a try ^^
  5. Oh noes! Take your time, i will reserve the spot, maybe putting another prefab there until you are ready
  6. What issues can be expected ? I did not see any problems yet. Do you have a link ?
  7. Did correct that for you ;-) You dont really need step 1 if its a small or not very detailed prefab. But i always do imposter and distant mesh too, cause they are visible at different ranges, distant mesh for further away and imposter for the distance in between the distant mesh and when POI is rendered fully. @◙ExeBT always do backups - i do it with several versions of my map and prefabs. But had no problems with the ingame editor so far, except it tries to enlarge the collision box most of the time. But with Pilles Tool i correct this ^^
  8. Looks nice, but the concrete floor is a bit to "clean", maybe its just the concrete texture itself looking like that. You could put some rubbish around, but that might only help a bit. Maybe terrain textures like asphalt, gravel or even sand ? Otherwise it looks nice :-)
  9. Yeah, the street ending nowhere at Northeast of the map, i reserved plenty of space there. If that does not fit i will make space anywhere else modding the TGA ^^ Do you have a sweet spot in your mind ?
  10. Slaan made a very good video about that - i hope that is the one you watched, helped me tremendously. Setting up Sleeper Volumes is something i need to proceed into too
  11. Thanks @Pille for this very nice tool. It helps a ton fixing problems of the actual ingame editor. While the editor ingame is nice to play with, i had most problems with changing much blocks to another one, or manipulating the density values. And the ingame editor tends to replace the boundaries larger when you change something. All of that can be corrected with your tool very nicely. Thank you !
  12. If its too big, then it will get complicated to do distance mesh, like explained here: . I had to split my dam into 2 parts, maybe my system isnt beefy enough ^^
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