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    Thanks, this will be hilarious for hoard night.
  2. Excellent work on these new textures Mumpfy!
  3. Looking forward to mowing down zeds with these. Really nice work Dust!
  4. I'll check for the updates thanks.
  5. Thanks for the Zombie packs Guppy
  6. I've wanted something like this, ever since the sleepers were introduced. Thank you so very much.
  7. Good luck with the renovation Subquake. We hope to see you when you can get back into your stride.
  8. Thanks for the updates guys. Very tough mod in single player, but I'm having fun with it despite the grazed knees...
  9. This is really cool. Thank you for the release and update Very diligent modder and Team. Below are just some thoughts on my experience with the mod thus far. While playing last night, on day one at about noon, a tombstone appeared about 50 blocks ahead of us and a screamer emerged from it and ran straight for me... It's been a long time since this game scared me like that. And it's only day one. In my opinion this is good. I've become too comfortable in my own play-style. The witch will keep me eyeful of my errant complacency. I'm glad the spear can be crafted on the fly. "Darkness Falls" has the right mouse set to power attack with the spear, while still maintaining hold on it. Something like a charged power-trust. The left is the usual attack. Would it be possible to implement that in Ravenhearst, albeit, coding a hotkey through a Harmony dll that when pressed, will allow the spear to be thrown like in vanilla? Both worlds = more fun? Silly question? The personal crafting table was a shock to the system, but it became the norm after a short while. I put these things everywhere. And I hate using trash-bags so thanks for that. When I went to make frames and found out that they needed nails, I first cried blood and then applauded you guys for again routing me from my foxhole. Besides, nails are common enough on default loot settings anyway. The extra bodies and dead animals really give a sense of unease without any zeds around. Early day one is not just quiet, there is an eerie absence of life. It just gnawed at me the whole time. So when the witch appeared, I was not prepared. I believe we need more of this uncertainty and chaos to stress the player. Really enjoying this so far. And to the person who made the POI that's kind of a ruinous ranger lookout, with a stairs leading up on the inside, I found your trap. Thanks. EDIT: I have just started a new world and ahead of me was a gravestone among the trees. And of course I had to approach it... I thought they spawned based on heat. Anyways, good spooky stuff
  10. Thank you so much for these awesome fun additions bdubyah.
  11. This sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for your hard work on this psouza4 and for taking the time to release it to us. This game, screams, give me fishing!
  12. I also agree that the yelling is out of order. I can understand the enthusiasm and loyalty, and I don't think it's mean spirited, but, no one needs that in a place where we come to take shelter and forget about the hassle of life. Just relax. Please. Subquake, love the detail on the food, and the oxygen bar is really cool. My mind is reeling just thinking on all these changes. If modders are the blood of 7 days, ( and they are ) you have got to be it's thundering heart. This is not a mod, in my opinion... it's art. Take it easy Subquake. No one want's you to burn up during the creation of this, or after. Just do your thing. We'll be here when you are ready to touch down.
  13. I understand the reasons. Best of luck Subquake.
  14. Give me complexity, and I will gift you tears of joy. Subquake, will you be releasing a version outside of the mod launcher, for SDX 0.7.3? Personally, I like to compile my own list of SDX mods and I don't use the Mod launcher.
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