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  1. Darnit, cant seem to get it to work anyways I did some renaming on somethings to make more sense in the files, now all looks like this *In recipies.xml <insertBefore xpath="/recipes/recipe[@name='resourceRockSmallBundle']" > <recipe name="parts44Magnum_frame" count="1" tooltip="ttScrapMetalBrass" always_unlocked="true" tags="salvageScrap"> <wildcard_forge_category /> </recipe> </insertBefore> *In items.xml <set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHandgunT2Magnum44']/property[@name='Material']/@value">M44MagnumParts</set> <item name="parts44Magnum_frame"> <property name="Extends" value="gunMGT1AK47Parts"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="parts44Magnum_frame"/> </item> *In materials.xml <material id="M44MagnumParts"> <property name="damage_category" value="metal" /> <property name="surface_category" value="metal" /> <property name="forge_category" value="parts44Magnum_frame"/> <property name="Experience" value="6" /> </material> Everythings seems to be at the right place, looking at the files in ConfigDumps, but the whole scrap options is gone on the magnum with these changes -.-
  2. As the title says, anyone have insight on how to control/change what a thing scraps into? I have experimented a bit with the 44magnum gun and changed it's material into a new material i added with a small modlet. (truncated a bit, edits go in and showsup as intended in configsDump folder) items.xml <set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHandgunT2Magnum44']/property[@name='Material']/@value">M44MagnumParts</set> materials.xml <append xpath="/materials"> <material id="M44MagnumParts"> <property name="damage_category" value="metal" /> <property name="surface_category" value="metal" /> <property name="forge_category" value="parts44Magnum"/> <property name="Experience" value="6" /> </material> </append> items.xml <append xpath="/items"> <item name="parts44Magnum"> <property name="Extends" value="gunMGT1AK47Parts"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="parts44Magnum"/> </item> </append> All it does is remove the scrap option on the gun, but I can't figure out why As far as I (think) figured out, the pistol item scraps into what the material it's using with the material tag, and the material inturn uses forge_category to determine what item it scraps into. (?) Changing the magnum material to something else already in the game, it works fine, like motorparts och shotgunparts but not as soon as it supposed to use a custom material to scrap into. Been butting my head against this for so long now i'm starting to think it's hardcoded in somehow -.-
  3. Is there any updated guide how to add music/sounds to the game? I followed these two threads in the past (around the end of A18, beginnning A19 i think and got it to work, but not anylonger) I tried to follow the steps but it yields only silence even with the music file I used for a test modlet back then, so I'm sure the problem is exacly how to deal with unity and creating the unity3d file /
  4. The code is lifted right out my own modlet, so should read <configs> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='AITarget-4' and @data='class=EntityPlayer,0,0,EntityNPC,0,0']/@data">class=EntityPlayer,10,30,EntityNPC,0,0</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='AIPathCostScale']/@value">0.0,0.1</set> </configs> in entityclasses.xml I can't really take any credit for this, It's something I found somewhere duing A17, and been using it since then.
  5. I can't really take any credit for this, It's something I found somewhere duing A17, and been using it since then.
  6. Yes. They're running straight for the player regardless if it's spikes or crap in the way, Haven't seen them running around buildings to find the door either. If they can't reach us during a bloodmoon for example they get pissy and hit blocks and spikes and whatnot on the ground.
  7. It's quite possible since it generally happens 'mid-lategame' when bases starts to become advanced, (in all games it happens in) I'm fairly sure atleast 7days uses all threads available, albeit not much, most of my threads are at 20-30% on both client and the server (both ryzen 12 thread systems) with two threads being used more at around 50-60% Wish they'd had some sort to check for issues like this, it's so annoying to have 30 fps, when not a single part of the system is used more then 50%
  8. I do have the pagefile disabled, Will keep an extra eye on further issues.
  9. Is the client running windows on a SSD disk? the server's world gets loaded to the client on first connect, and stored under appdata/roaming/7 days to die folder, I'm guessing it's from there the client loads in worlddata, so hitching is probably a issue there, not on the server (I could be 100% wrong, but I guess the world and all config's are sent to the client for a reason) in the good old times before A17 the server sent the chunks as they generated on the server so having the save on a fast storage was good to avoid hiccups.
  10. I'm not 100% sure the game is able to use free memory, atleast not the client. I had it crash with an 'out of memory' error the day before yesterday, and there was roughly 10Gb free system memory at the time. (32Gb system) The error said something about "unable to allocate more then 4gb of memory" (not sure bout wording, writing from memory) While the client regulary uses up 7-8Gb of memory, I suspect not all parts of it can address the memory it needs.
  11. I have checked those and they're untouched, yet still regardless of gamestage she calls in just 3-4 zombies
  12. When I had 2Mbit upload two years ago, I could host for just a single friend outside the network since A16, Having more started to lag when opening containers and such.
  13. I'd like to add a bit of what I believe is Unity flakiness too, I have seen this on many (all?) sandbox unity games, (and to lesser extent UE games) across several platforms and over many years. Regardless of how good of a system it seems the engine itself chokes on something. (complexity?) I have a logitech keyboard with the display, that MSI afterburner is displaying all kinds of info in realtime for me, CPU usage per core, temps, Mem usage, Vram usage, GPU usage and temp, disk usage. Everything useful And even if no part of the system is even close to max, the game dips and runs at 30-50 fps in some cases. (Dishong tower especially nasty for this) No videosettings changes affect the framerate with more then a few fps, so it really has to be something funky going on behind the curtains in the engine.
  14. The Dumb AI is quite doable in a small xml mod I believe these two rown in an entityclasses.xml mod should do the trick for all Z's (not sure where I found the edits, been using them since A17 and cranked up the zombieamount. <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='AITarget-4' and @data='class=EntityPlayer,0,0,EntityNPC,0,0']/@data">class=EntityPlayer,10,30,EntityNPC,0,0</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='AIPathCostScale']/@value">0.0,0.1</set> Bulletproof Zombies only killable with headshots I think has a DMT mod for it, Darkness falls has that as an option for exactly that in the DMT settingfile atleast. Wish we could get the town biome back, then it would be a breeze (Maybe someone can make a DMT mod for this?), I upped the spawns and respawn time in wasteland biome to madness, and we found a city in wasteland, and it was like old days hubcity. Almost felt like a 7day horde every night before we had to bail
  15. Their implementation of the .bak file is awful. If for example like it's done for me a bunch of times in A19, Character suddenly behaves oddly, can't interact/slow interact and reconnect to server. Then the game loads the game with the corrupt player file, and has already overwritten the .bak file with the currupt data as soon as player is spawned. If one does not immidiatly understand it's a playerfile thats been wrecked and restarts, (like it needs to do for many bugs) the character is screwed Having the game make a bak file and a bk2 file (or something) and alternating on writing them on startup, it would be a nonissue since it writes the backupfile on player start.
  16. Playing on own dedicated server and this happens -alot-. I am now a fleet admiral commanding 16 Bikes, 12 Minibikes, 17 Gyrocopters, 2 Motorcycles and 7 4x4's I only crafted one of each. Seems like the game keeps an array of each vehicle and what it was carrying when the vehiclemanager saved. (Which is double annoying since the game's backup on players are awful)
  17. Isn't the map sortof preloaded in the client's ram (too) now? I mean just starting a 16K map uses up a ton more ram on the client then a 8K map. (atleast did on A18, friends with 16Gb of ram ran out of memory just connecting to a 16K testworld on my server)
  18. I see! Thanks! Also, I think I found a bug in laborer class quests, Part 2 Needed to have 100 flagstone blocks and place 50 (and other parts I already had collected) I only had cobblestone to craft 52 blocks, and placed 50 of them when the quest passed for some reason.
  19. There is not words to explain how happy I was yesterday when we finally tested the A19.1 version and I found a tier 11 piece of junk shovel. And repairing it later lowered it's tier. More tiers. learn by doing on many things. repairing lowers tier. A better progression.xml Hadn't played Darkness falls since the end of A17, so had forgotten just how much greatness it brought back. Poking around and checking all harmony mods, I get very curious about a few things in particular the scoutsmod does this mean that the regular scouts is indeed bugged as of A19.1 and not calling in correct numbers? And to get rid of healthbars, is it just to move out Harmony-NoSleeperHealthBar from the harmony folder on the dedicated server? Since to much is done to restore older systems, the decision to not have lootable zombies, is that from a performance standpoint or just don't like it? Also a general question about how schematics/loot are intended to be. Are they supposed to be rare or did we get really really superlucky finding a forge schematic on day 1 and a chem station schematic on day2? (and a bunch of more schematics) from regular house looting? (no crackabook or so) We're set at 100% loot abundance in serverconfig.
  20. Unfortunatly that didn't seem to do anything with the helmet light
  21. I wouldn't have cared, but I found a mod to fix so the nights get pitch black again Gonna check that tomorrow!
  22. This is something I have been bashing my head on too. Best I can guess is that prob does not have anything at all to do with percentage, but is some sort of weighted chance of it do drop. For some reason, removing the leading 0 and just have .5 did change how often things dropped when I mucked about with this. Would be nice if a dev could give a definite answer on this, it seems noone knows just exactly how it calculates loot.
  23. Yeah, no luck, regardless of what values i tried it didn't change Kinda disappointed when Madmole actually took a pass on the poor electric lights for A18 (?) and still the spotlights are much worse then a simple flashlight. (and completely useless with how bright nights are by default too >. > luckily that was moddable atleast)
  24. It's taking a bit longer then expected. Working on a whole bleeping lots of different small mods at the same time 😛 But. I think I have gotten the basics down and it's working now for tools. Needs to try to come up with books for armor/guns/meleeweapons now -.-
  25. ...Dude. That fixed it! Been bashing my head on and off on that for a week now trying to figure out. Many thanks!
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