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  1. Should work, but Google Chrome is giving me a warning message too for the download, cause it is no https, hmm, i should start hosting the files elsewhere. Until now it was never a problem. Download itself should work if you proceed anyway. The map itself is downloaded as you connect to the server, but the prefabs arent (afaik), which is sad.
  2. Sure i want the updated one 😊 Moved the terrain down a bit, too, the underground part of the prison is not that high as you have said 👌
  3. Followed basically this tutorial 😉 Additional help is found here .
  4. Another Update: -Fixed misplaced prefabs (some prefab sizes changed in between A18 and A19) -other added stuff (prefabs, road placement,etc) -built a prefab for the harbor section (picture below), maybe i will add some othe "ledge" to the harbor with a container dock. Map+ Prefabs: http://7d2d.eu/Small_Island_A19B180_Sept20.zip
  5. I guess thats only possible for the prefab files 🤔 The map file is pushed by the server, sadly the prefab files are not.
  6. Updated for A19: Download: A19 b180 Version 1 (376 MB) - 23.08.2020 Copy the world folder inter your worlds directory and the prefabs into the prefabs folder. There may be errors - im happy if you find some! 🤯 @Puschpa removed the custom prefabs that made problems, thanks for pointing this out ! @bumbleclotz also removed this prefab and inserted other stuff there. @Genosis Yeah the Asylum is still there, but maybe it is not ready for A19 - got still the old one 🙈 @all: Thanks for the kind words and feedback.
  7. @Blake_ I noticed the error messages like this one... ... do happen if you run the command visitmap (to load all chunks of the map) too, even the player is not really there, maybe this information can help @faatal too? Did you do a testing with a new map running visitmap command before and making a comparison ? I guess it will not help for all performance problems, but maybe it helps a bit 🙂 If you have an 8k map you would type in "visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096" and then wait until finished and would then start the map.
  8. Since i did get no answer to that until now: @faatal oder @madmole or any other developer can answer this ?
  9. So in a multiplayer world everyone is spawning at the same place ? Or how is spawning handled there ? Would be nice to know if it could rotate. Like if you do a PVP server and have 8 different spawnpoints you want the first 8 players on a different spot each.
  10. How do you do this masking exactly ? Wondering to know if i could make maps much faster then manually tweaking literally everything. Removing the roads in the water would be pretty easy manually by editing the splat3.png afterwards. Edit: Ah i see a mask.png, that should it be :-)
  11. That is the place V14 ready for download, only changes: -bridge stability -Laz Man prison prefab added
  12. Very nice :-) I guess i will be not the only one testing it then ^^ Or should i delay the download link then ? How deep is the prefab now ? can i lower the terrain a bit again or do you need the 40 levels down ? I told you so But the suggestion of Pille was also a nice try. Will keep that in mind.
  13. Yeah those are the same type, i just reinforced them (thank Pille for his amazing prefab editor), will be in the next update. Those are modified vanilla ones, which tend to have the same issue. Thanks for finding this bug. The SI debug view in the world editor did not show any problems with stability.
  14. Had these 1 or 2 trees with my dam prefab too. If you place it 1 or 2 units higher, they might be gone. If thats the case i have to lower the underground that might be sticking through and then generate trees, but try first the solution at the bottom here. This happens even with copyairblocks=true. You could try to delete the dtm_processed.raw too, all 3 processed files will be generated again at map start. And additionally delete your savegame in %appdata. Might be your character has old data. But you have to teleport then back again to this position.
  15. Is in the prison.xml this entry ? <property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="False" /> or is it set to true ? You should set it to false, cause you dont want extra trees. For problem 2: Ah, you have to save then exit the game, delete the 2 splat_processed.tga and start again. all will be fine The spalt_processed.tga will be calculated again as a mixture of the splat.png and the prefab list and will dictate the underground then. Thats the reason you dont see the asphalt. Its not a bug, but the feature with A18.
  16. Oh i didnt know this Tool existed too, i did it manually all the time and explained it in Red Eagles Tutorial in the link above. Nice ! Question: Do you know what the blue texture is for in the splat files ? I saw it used in navezgane maps especially at the side of rivers/lakes, sometimes near roads in the desert places. I did suspect something like a smoothing variant to make shores looking better, cause it is used in prefabs too (if you check the processed splats).
  17. small spelling error: its wasteland Is there an option to create without burnt forest and wasteland ? Or maybe make a ticker box to choose the biomes you want, and deselecting the ones you dont want ? Maybe even with an amount setting for each biome ?
  18. Did someone call Dr. Weir(d) ? The actors name is "Sam Neill" If you have a layout or fan fiction how TWD map is based i might give it a try ^^
  19. Another additional info: I kept seeing weird shader bugs like i posted in bug reports sometime ago, if you are doing a custom map i would advise to make the maximum altitude 150 or lower, otherwise you will see things like this: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?131113-A18-b155-EXP-bug-reporting-thread&p=1047948&viewfull=1#post1047948 With lower levels you will not see this (much less). - - - Updated - - - Spawning in the ingame world editor (which i would prefer doing stuff like placing prefabs and so on) you will see no real difference. For real playtesting you might want to go your preferred way. The ingame world editor has another advantage: You will see the prefabs with green outlines in the map even if you did not visit that area yet. Makes hopping around on some places in the map much easier.
  20. Now your splat image should look like this, it has an RGB value and a transparency layer. Time to export again, this time you will choose 8b RGBA file type, cause we have a transparency now. Close Gimp, it will say it has unsaved changes but we exported the file already, so no worries. With this splat3.png you can proceed as you know it. A18 will generate 2 more files then you are used to in A17: splat3_processed.tga and splat4_processed.tga. These files are created as you start the game and are based at the prefabs positions and the splatmap. If you are doing changes you can delete this 2, they will be generated again (much like the dtm_processed.raw). Additional: If you are making changes and working on your map again and again dont forget to delete following files after making changes and before starting 7D2D again, to get no old world showing in the new generated map: - always your savegame in %appdata ! - if you are doing changes to the basic TGA then delete the dtm.raw and dtm_processed.raw and the both splatx_processed.tga - if you only doing changes to your road layout then you only need to delete both splatx_processed.tga In my case (my mapping procedure) it means the following: I do changes to the road layout (splat3.png) and to the terrain (dtm.tga). So i delete these files before i start to see the changes: - The savegame in %appdata - both the dtm.raw and the dtm_processed.raw (both will be generated again with the dtm.tga) - both of the splatx_processed.tga After first starting of the map i do a smoothworldall (swa) command, after thats finished i close the game, delete all of the above files again except the dtm.raw ! ( All other stuff will be regenerated ) Starting again will give me now the correct files and no visual bugs like terrain/buldings that are not anymore there. I will usually start the World Editor ingame, to place prefabs or jump around to take a look at the changes.
  21. Addition to the very nice tutorial by Red Eagle LXIX: Since A18 the world generation differs a bit from now, pretty much all is the same, the one thing that differs is the splat3.png. Working as before (in A17) gives you a map with an ugly brown ground texture and the cliffs show no stone texture at all. Looking at the new files in the delivered maps shows the splat3.png has now a transparent layer. If you are doing map creation at low cost and have no photoshop i can give you some advice how to convert the splat3.png: First: Backup your file(s)! ( It is always a good idea to have backups in case something bad happens) Download Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) from here:https://www.gimp.org/ It is free and well known Open the splat3.png in Gimp, immediatly export it to the same file format, but choosing an 8bit RGB type (I did painting in paint.net, and that program does not save in RGB) After thet, close the file (or Gimp) and reopen it. Now you should see RGB values in the channel, but we also need a transparency layer. Add a layer like in the next 2 screenshots.
  22. A new version is ready: Added: -more streets and villages (1029 prefabs right now, thats about the same or more the the pregen maps) -adjusted terrain altitude to get no weird graphical issues if your altitude is over 150 m -some tweaks to the roads and road layout [video=youtube_share;mVNY77iV2z8] Webmap After playing the A18 for quite some time i did recognize that traders are pretty valuable now - for buying stuff and also for selling, so you could melt the Dukes for brass. Currently there are 10 traders in the map, should be 5 or 6 more. Does anyone now if traders have a maximum range looking for quest buildings ? That would be another factor to get more traders in and place them strategically.
  23. Oh noes! Take your time, i will reserve the spot, maybe putting another prefab there until you are ready
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