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What is in the crates we bring back to the traders?


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Whenever you do a Fetch quest or a Buried Treasure quest we always bring back a crate that the trader is wanting bad enough to send us out for.  I'm wondering what could be in those crates.  I thought just supplies like food, medicine, ammo, and the like but in Buried Treasure quests we keep that stuff while just giving them the crate.  My guess is that the satchels we loot from Fetch quests contain intel on the Duke and his operation.  Maybe it contains names and locations of some of the top officers in his organization or key locations that need to be hit to disrupt his business.  The Buried Supplies may contain high priced loot that was obtained from these attacks.  Possibly the heads of these top officers or even crates of dukes as bribes for the right people.  What do you think we are risking our lives for when going out and doing these quests?

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Well its drugs of course, just look at the personalities of the traders.

Rekt, needs his fix constantly in a bad mood same as the other one I can't remember the name of.

Jen, constantly happy.

Hugh, indifferent to the whole apocalypse.

Joel, I suspect he is the one sending out the supplies and if there is no pay you have to dig it back up 

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