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  1. No mods, just a standard vanilla default option game. Although I guess it could be called multi player because my son can join if he wants, friends only 8 players or something like that. I think you guys are right, a tree and a bird nest somehow mixed together. It acted like a nest when I searched it. If it ever happens again I will chop the tree to see what I end up seeing or gain in my inventory.
  2. Stumbled across this recently, first time in 62 days of living in wasteland. Had no idea these were out there. Only had a few feathers in it. And still no crucible have I managed to find lol
  3. Not a miner or a builder, just trying to survive in the wasteland without a death. I do think I will start packing my smg now though, starting to see a lot of zombies with those yellow eyes and they move pretty quick 🙂 1st pic is base from a distance, 2nd pic is some of my crops growing, and 3rd pic is on the roof. Nothing fancy as you can tell.
  4. Yes easy to repair, and I also don't run out of stamina so fast either. Early on I found I could mine much faster with a stone ax vs an iron pickaxe. I suppose I should check again now and see. And yeah the easy to repair is nice. I know right? I've carried it for so long I can't give it up now. Plus it makes a nice loud boom when it goes off 🙂
  5. Day 41, saw this thing on the roof. A radiated zombie I take it? Shot it with an arrow from a distance to see what happens, man that thing took off running right at me! So I decided to do the same, run like hell! That thing would not forget about me, I managed to go down 3 floors without breaking a leg, out on the street, stopped and looked back and out it came running like a mofo right at me, boy was that thing mad! Ran back to my base, forgot to energize the power line to freeze it, but manage to get a lucky shot I think at it's head with a blunderbus, 2nd pic. I was expecting the line to freeze it, and it ran right through at me! I panic shot and for once in a gazillion years hit something like that with the blunderbus, usually those don't end well lol. 3rd pic is a close up, just some type of regular radiated zombie? (not a feral) If ferals come as radiated I shudder to think what those are like. Day 42 horde is next! No crucible found yet. But I do have a rifle and smg with scopes.
  6. Nope it's default settings no mods. Maybe it was before the horde started, not sure about that, plus I never actually saw it but thought I heard it. Just checked level 21 Amen to that! Sadly no book
  7. Thank you for the tips! A lot of that I have already figured out on my own so far, just finished day 28 horde recently. And yes, the birds can be brutal once you are wounded. If I get hurt enough to draw bird attention I start taking pain killers and red tea ASAP! And you stumble across a bear or dog running from birds have fun with that! My animal tracker does not work in wasteland. I'll get the message an animal is near but nothing shows up if I turn 360 degrees. If I cross a boundary into say the woods it works just fine. So yeah meat is very hard to come by, I have to stumble across snakes. I have a good garden now, 10 of corn, pumpkin, mushrooms, red flowers, blue berries and have those recipes unlocked. Thank god I found some corn growing in the wasteland,! Just need to go egg hunting a lot. Rocks are your friend! The padded armor works extremely well allowing you to spot a bear before it spots you, crouch and throw rocks to cause it to run the other way, hopefully towards a z lol. Just found a double barrel shotgun, so have that and a pistol, woohoo! Electric fence and iron spikes around the base, all I really need now is to find a crucible somewhere. It's possible to find ore laying on the ground but is extremely rare, I mark them when I run across them. The mines I can survive running full speed past them, as in being chased by a bear lol. But of course any vultures in the area start dive bombing me. I did not know about the spears and dogs, I will try that out. Going off road is all about a balance. You have to watch the ground so you don't stumble on a mine, and yet keep your head up in case of dogs or bears. Still alive no deaths, horde day 35 is next!
  8. Maybe that's why, I'll check my level next time I'm in. Just cleared day 28 recently (have not had much time to play sadly), and I heard one screamer and one spider during horde night but that's it. I expect next horde night to be tougher though. Unless you find the recipe for that, it seems to cost way too many skill points. The pumpkin stuff seems pretty good, and the meat and potatoes meal I think. (no egg needed)
  9. Yeah that's an option which I had already considered and keep in mind for the future. Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Wait, there are people here who don't eat the pet food? Do you guys drink your glass of water with a pinky raised? 😀 How do you manage eating food without napkins or silverware, that's gross.
  11. So I have given myself a challenge of surviving the wasteland up past day 49, without dying once. Basically on start of game I do all the quick quests, and then once those are done ran around until I found the wasteland, then found a city and built my base on top of a building. Current status is that I've survived day 21 horde. It's been a fun ride so far! I've got a forge, workbench, cement mixer and just built a chemistry station. Food is a real concern, not much meat roams around, the animal spotting thing doesn't work. I keep meaning to try it out briefly in a non wasteland zone just to see if it works there. I did see a few wolves early on which helped meat-wise, but I think that was only the first week. Since then the occasional snake helps. I did manage to find some plants growing and finally have about 7 corn plants growing, once I hit 10 I will start harvesting for cornmeal, which is needed for a LOT of recipes. So it's possible to find garden plants growing in a wasteland city to get you started on seeds. Thank god more loot, I kept myself alive by looting food when my cupboards bare but it was close early on. No quests available, that starting trader is a gazillion miles away lol. So like mentioned, I've survived 21 days now, just using bow and arrow on horde nights (with iron arrows). The only gun I have is a pistol which I found in a toiled on like day 18. 2 shotgun messiah places looted fully lol, no real guns. Oh yeah I have a blunderbuss as well for the close encounters with dogs. Just have to take the extra second and aim it carefully, which you know can be really tough in the heat of the moment! Zombie wise, I saw a feral the night of like day 3 wander by my base at night, I just let him walk right on by lol. Saw another while looting a hotel that I engaged out of necessity but ran because not much firepower on hand, and evaded thank god. But not much else, no screamers, spider zombies, cops, wights on horde nights. During the day have seen plenty of dogs now and then, and several times have seen 3 zombie bears at once. Thank god rocks can be thrown and divert their attention. By the way padded armor is definitely the way to go, you take more damage but a lot of times I see them before they sense me. I guess I'm just a little surprised it hasn't been tougher so far. I have no doubts it will get tougher zombie wise as I get through more hordes. But has anyone else experienced this? Just using default settings for my challenge. I'm not complaining, just curious what others have run into. I don't loot at night, I'm either crafting stuff, resupplying or even mining iron or clay from beneath the building I'm in.
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