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  1. I have a quick question for you fine folks. I'm wanting to get rid of the sound the supply drop plane makes but I'm not quite sure of the best way to go about it where I won't break something. I thought about just deleting that part in the xml sound files or just commenting it out with the <!---> marks but I didn't know if this would cause an issue with in the code or not. I didn't want the supply drop event to trigger and if it couldn't find that section then cause an error code to pop up. Would this cause an error or could someone tell me a more efficient way of removing the sound of the plane? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So you looked in two containers, didn't find anything good and decided it wasn't worth playing this alpha anymore? Sounds like you should probably just get rid of the game then because there is nothing the devs could possibly do to satisfy you.
  3. Are there any plans in the future to have holiday events? I know right now during development that it isn't in the cards but eventually I think it would be awesome. Like stuff that can only be gotten during these events, maybe skins for armor, weapons, and tools. Maybe even different skins for the zombies during the events. The holiday events in Ark are something I really look forward to and think they would be great in this game as well.
  4. I think an even more hardcore version would be Insane-Nightmare difficulty, 64 zombie hordes, blood moon every night, 50% night time, with 10 minute days. Having 5 minutes of day time then 5 min of horde night would be crazy lol. Eventually you wouldn't be able to kill the zombies fast enough before the next set would spawn.
  5. So one of the small pleasures I get from the game is breaking doors to get the brass door knob from them. I remember playing back in the day when this wasn't possible and thinking that it only made sense that we could. Now that we can I love doing it and will never miss a door when clearing out a POI. One problem I'm running in to is when I don't reduce a door of all it's reinforcements before destroying it I am not rewarded with that precious and shiny brass doorknob. I have max ranks in Miner 69er and am using a quality 6 Steel Axe with a Fireman's Head modded on it so it is really easy to take a door down multiple levels with one hit. I've taken to having to use my pick or to craft a stone axe to break it down a few levels first but would love it if it was changed to give you a doorknob no matter the stage it was broken. I'm not sure if there is a reason why this can't be done, I'm the farthest thing from a coder so not sure of the logistics of what I'm asking but would love to hear your opinions on this small change.
  6. This is the sole reason I won't play on any official server for any game like this. 7 Days, Ark, Fallout 76, any of those types of game I will gladly pay to rent my own server just for the pleasure of not having to deal with other players trying to troll me at every turn.
  7. I've wondered about this. Say I have 4 people on the server and have the horde nights set to 64. Is that supposed to be 64 per person or 64 total? If per person will it only spawn in the 90, if that's the MaxSpawnedZombies?
  8. I've been wondering this too. I want to use some of the lights but they only say "CREATIVE: Requires no power and can be turned on/off when designing prefabs." I'm not sure what that means since I've never designed a prefab. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on how they work.
  9. I find it weird that we can't upgrade bars from Iron to Steel, I'm not sure if we can upgrade from wood to iron or not since I never make wooden bars. I kind of just assumed we could so I used all Iron Bars in my horde setup since I was planning on upgrading to steel later when I could make a lot more. I finally reached that point and realized that I can't upgrade them so I'm going to have to replace them one at a time. Anyone know if this just an oversight and the ability to upgrade them was just forgotten or if this was done on purpose?
  10. 1. Looting a lot of ammo early game can be a problem but after awhile we get the vast majority of our ammo from crafting it. Lead, coal, nitrate, and brass are so plentiful in the worlds that it is so easy to craft tons of ammo quickly. I would love to see all those resources reduced and possibly restricted to different biomes where they can be found. 2. This is a great idea. The parts seem mostly pointless right now, especially when you have a quality 6 of something you use. It would be great to need shotgun parts to repair my quality 6 auto shotgun that I'm using. 3. I would like to see loot changed up so you can only find certain loot in certain containers or in certain buildings. Want a gun early in the game? Go hit up a gun store and hope they have what you are looking for. Need medicine? A hospital would be a great place to look. Houses can still have the things that you are looking for, medicine cabinets and gun safes, but they need to be a little more rare and have the chance to be empty due to already being looted by another scavenger. 4. Yeah this is like I was talking about in 3.
  11. I think it would be really cool if you could find the bases of other survivors in the world. Basically they would be another type of POI they would be heavily fortified and have traps to keep out intruders but there would be better chances at better loot. I would think these POIs would be best set to only spawn outside of towns on the gravel roads so they wouldn't interfere with towns. The walls would be stronger and much harder to break in to due to the survivor having put down a land claim block. There would be turrets, blade traps, spikes, electric fences and all of that stuff set up to make it more difficult to navigate. Once the NPC update has been added in there could also be other survivors that would need to be dealt with as well.
  12. I had a female zombie, the one that looks like Lois from Family Guy, walk up to my 4x4, pick it up and juggle it a few times before throwing it back down lol.
  13. I think it would depend heavily on the storyline the devs up with. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Doom all have amazing storylines that can be drawn from. Currently there really is just the zombies, the traders, and a mysterious enemy that we know nothing about.
  14. I'm having a problem where my vehicle keeps resetting the inventory. I like keeping certain things in my vehicle that I may need while out and about: auger, chainsaw, gas, money, and things like that. I'll put different things in my 4x4 and it will randomly revert to a previous version of itself. Then randomly a few days later it will update to where it should have been. If I empty the vehicle out and pick it up a new one will spawn that is updated to the current version. We will also have random vehicles spawning at buildings we've looted in the past. We'll log on and will have a waypoint for a vehicle a few towns over that we haven't visited in 100+ days. We've been having this problem for several alpha builds now and I'm just curious if there is any way to stop it from happening. I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to start picking up the vehicle before I log out every day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. We are on day 150 and have did 99.9% of the play through just in the forest. The only reason we've had to leave is to travel less than 50 blocks in to the desert to get sand and oil shale. With being able to get sand from stone and gas from breaking down vehicles I would say it would be easy enough just to live in the forest. I would love for other reasons to go in to the different biomes. There is currently no reason to go to the snow, wasteland, or burnt areas of the map and that sucks.
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