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  1. The container won't respawn. The only thing that respawns is the loot in the container.
  2. Today is the 6 year anniversary of 7 Days To Die being released on Steam. This has been a great journey. Congratulations on the Devs for 6 great years. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take us from here.
  3. What game have you played where the devs responded to every concern the players had? If the devs did that then there wouldn't be any time to actually develop the game. A lot of the concerns people post are just complaining that the game isn't exactly how they want it to be or are just repeating things that the devs have already said won't ever be added or changed. You buy in to Early Access with the knowledge that the game is still in development and that it will be changing. I paid around $10 for the game back in the day and have almost 1100 hours played. I have gotten far more worth out of this game than any other game that I've played. If you aren't willing to play a game that is in Early Access because it might change and might not end up where you want it to then you should wait until it is finished with development and released.
  4. I use Shotguns and Baseball Bats. Not sure why anyone would use Shotguns and Pistols together lol.
  5. I would much rather see the devs design the game how they want to than completely change it by giving in to every demand from the players. It's great for the devs to listen to the players, and I wholeheartedly believe that they do, but they should never make a change that they are against just because some players want something changed. I feel that players feedback should be more towards balance issues and not gaming changing aspects. Players should definitely discuss game changing ideas because maybe we will come up with an idea that never crossed the devs minds. Just don't expect because you ask for it that the devs will implement it. Also if the devs come out and say that an idea isn't going to happen, *cough* LBD *cough* it will be a good idea to stop bringing it up in every single post. As much money, time and other priceless elements the players have put in the game the devs have devoted so much more. As much as the players love this game it is the devs' baby.
  6. Don't forget that you need parts to be able to craft a baseball bat but you can make a fully functional 4x4 from just random parts you scavenge lol. Weapon and tool crafting has gone thru so many different iterations so far though. They could be planning to change it up completely again. No telling what the devs have in store for us in the future.
  7. I have zero points in farming but I still have a farm that provides all the crops my group ever needs. I don't have any points in looting and yet I still have all Q5 or 6 items plus a ton in storage just in case I want to try using them one day. I have no points in heavy armor and yet I still have a full set of Q6 fully modded out that provides enough defense that I fight the blood moons on the streets. Lumbering and mining are still viable and very easy even if you don't have any points in them. The resources are so plentiful currently that there really isn't much of a reason to put points in, I still do but it would be easy to do it without. Why do you assume that it is impossible to do something unless you have 5/5 points spent in a skill? You can easily play this game without spending a single point and be just fine.
  8. I had a few questions about the mechanics behind zombie spawns and was hoping someone would be able to help me. 1. How far away from the player do zombies spawn, min and max distance? I know sleeper zombies are different so I'm referring mostly to the wandering zombies, both singles and hordes, and the blood moon zombies. 2. Is this distance a sphere or a cylinder? If it was a sphere you could just pillar up until you were high enough that the zombies wouldn't have any place to spawn. A cylinder would mean that no matter how high you went they could still spawn. 3. Do zombies spawn on player made blocks and, if so, do they spawn on just full blocks or all blocks?
  9. So if you asked your friend to help out a little bit he would quit playing? Sounds like someone you probably don't want to be playing with anyway. But I digress. You also have the option to not put any points in to cooking or farming. Being able to collect the cooking recipes makes Master Chef completely useless after a time. Everyone on my server can cook every dish but none of us have any points in Master Chef. With farming all you have to do it make a bigger farm. Instead of getting three per harvest you would only get one but all you have to do is put out more plots to make up for that reduction. Making those changes will open up all those points for doing things you want to do more.
  10. Sjustus548


    I find brass to be the easiest of the metals to get now. It's everywhere these days lol.
  11. I'm the same way when replaying a game. I started my latest map planning to go with a completely different build. I went Int and was going to go Stun Batons and Junk Turrets. That lasted a while until I bought a respec potion and went right back to my shotguns and mining lol. I did branch out and get two perks in Agility that I never got before, Parkour and the one that increases swing speed. That's about as far as I've made it for a different playstyle this time lol.
  12. Whenever I see someone claim that "everyone is dissatisfied with X" they usually do a poll and are proven that they are actually in the minority. I'm not dissatisfied by the way the current weapon skills are set up. I prefer the current skill system to the way it used to be where you just had to spam stuff until you got high enough skills to do what you actually wanted to. Limiting LBD to just weapons feels like it would be very odd. You have to learn how to use guns but don't have to learn to use tools or how to craft things? The character will grow organically, unless they are doing something other than killing, then they will grow by putting points in to skills to get better. It would be a very odd way to progress your character.
  13. 1. You aren't "forced" to do anything. I have 10/10 in Agility and don't use any of the Agility weapons. I chose to go down the Agi line because I wanted Parkour and Flurry of Blows. Sometimes I use the M60 but don't have a single point in Fortitude. I choose to use it because it is sometimes easier to use than my baseball bat or shotgun against large swarms of zombies. 2. Those points in Fortitude aren't wasted because they give you access to Living of the Land which you wanted. How is that considered wasting points? If you put points in the actual machine guns or knuckles skill and then don't use it, that would be wasting points. No one is forcing you to put points in anything. If you want to go mining then put points in to Strength. If you don't want to use the Strength based weapons then put points in to the tree that gives you access to the skills you want to use. The increases that the main stats gives you are just a bonus. They don't lock you in to any specific playstyle. Play how you want to. Not how you imagine someone else is trying to force you to play.
  14. This annoys me so much. Especially when they let you go in some but not all of them.
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