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  1. As a side dish? I remember back in the day, the toilet pistol was often touted as a shout-out to The Godfather. I like to remind folks, because I am a joyless prick, that the gun in that book/movie was never IN the toilet, but taped to the back of the tank. It should make the sound of ripping duct tape when looted.
  2. Let the drone handle trader turn-ins. I would even be happy if it just belonged to the trader and only followed me while on a job. Take the found loot, return with my rewards. The back and forth trips are the least entertaining part of the game for me.
  3. I appreciate the feedback. I have never had any wonkiness with the Launcher. I really love the My Mods function, but from conversations with other players I can report that it sometimes goes unnoticed or misunderstood. I would love to see it become a more prominent feature, perhaps with a dumbed-down instruction set. This could make it more accessible to casual modders and other non-weirdos. I get that this may not be worth your time with Steam Workshop on the horizon, but I sincerely hope that this tool will persist beyond that and continue to grow. Thank you both for your dedication to this game and the community.
  4. Tools without repair function do list power attack damage...
  5. I run the ModLauncher through Steam so I can use Steam overlay in-game. This allows me to hit links in the game lobby and take Steam screenshots. In your Library, bottom left corner, click Add a Game, click Add a non-Steam game, when the list pops up choose 7D2DLauncher.exe. This should add the Launcher to your Steam library where you will start it like any other game. Been doing this for years(A16?); it is easy to do and it works fine. If a smarter person knows a reason not to do this I would like to hear it.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2283814543
  7. It's all good man. I restart all the time anyway. I will check out your new situation when I get done with my current thing. Thanks for your response.
  8. Where is the server? Been there for over a week, Level 100ish, nice base built. Today it's nowhere to be found. I see you now have a Medieval server running. Should I assume that these things are connected and that my previous work is gone? I hope not. That would be disappointing.
  9. Nice Mod Just got started last night. I really like what you have done with your mod. Lots of little touches without trying to reinvent the wheel. Well done. I usually solo. I prefer to build alone, near the other humans but not WITH them. I am not chatty but I'm friendly, open to trade and such. I could make an effective scavenger for a small group provided I could maintain full autonomy. I get told what to do enough when my wife gets home:apathy: I am older, semi-retired. I play most days and some evenings/late night. USA - Eastern Time IGN - NoMan
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