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  1. I usually take a rank or two of Treasure Hunter early on. The treasure hunt quests disappear from the lists eventually but early game you can unearth quite a bit of them and they respawn their contents like anything else. I can mark the locations of all of them and keep coming back to them way after I respec out of the perk. It's not useless it just loses its usefulness fairly early.
  2. No guarantees on it I'm afraid.
  3. It's still a survival game. You engage with the environment as much as you engage with zombies. You have food, water and other basic needs and can build shelters. Still qualifies in my opinion. Most survival games I've played have some sort of character progressions system.
  4. I'm fairly sure the laws for things like this say you don't need Applebee's permission to write a song about Applebee's. Now if you name your band Applebee's and open a restaurant named after your band you're probably in legal trouble. Also gonna leave this here:
  5. No idea. Somewhere around 40 from my experience but everyone's mileage is a bit dfferent. Ok, 49. Thanks @BFT2020
  6. You can put points into the perks that will unlock the recipes through the Int trees. Advanced Engineering but you need level 5 to unlock the crucible. For steel tools you need to find or buy the recipe.
  7. You guys should try Escape From Tarkov. There if you eject a magazine the wrong way it drops on the ground.
  8. Not a big deal to me. Don't watch Twitch or streamers but I can understand why they get previews of releases. It's an industry and the industry works a certain way now.
  9. Technically, we do have zombie cyborgs. They have bombs implanted in their chests.
  10. Sounds reasonable. We already have construction worker zombies and cop zombies.
  11. Woah, how dare you guess the gender of fun! The PC Police will be there shortly. Also on a sidenote I just looked up the etymology of the word "pimp". Not sure how we went from old German pimpf, literally "little fart" or "young boy" to "guy who manages prostitutes".
  12. A little more variety in strip clubs would be nice. More pillowfights, more chalkboards, more pompoms, etc. Just minor things really but I think it would help spice things up. The buffet could use some work too. Overall I give the POI 7.5/10 tassels. On a more serious note 7D2D is in Alpha so it's not officially rated by the ESRB but we all know it's going to get that M for Mature. Steam even warns that it "May Contain Content Inappropriate for Children".
  13. That's a hippopotamus rifle. Most dangerous creature on the African Savanna there is.
  14. We need to make it even more complicated. We need a found ammo type and a self-manufactured ammo type that each have their own failure rates. then we need to program the game to simulate getting powder blow-back in your face. Also, I'll give a cookie to anyone who can post the formula for the area of a circle without googling it first.
  15. If you really want a hard game then disallow the use of repair kits. Basically means you have to ditch everything and find or craft a new one when it breaks.
  16. I probably am way on one side of the chart. I blame my ex-wife and the greyhound pup she swore she'd help walk. I lost 50 lbs the first year with that dog.
  17. True story, I had a blackbear cub run out into the road on me a few months ago. I hit my brakes and when he started gaining on me I paced him til he ran off into the brush. 32mph. Also, the typical human is overweight and out of shape but yeah internet says 3mph walking speed. I think that's a poor estimate but I do a lot of hiking.
  18. Sorry, meant to respond to this earlier. You're right, not sure what I was thinking. I gotta stop sniffing sharpies at work.
  19. How much would you like to owe me? I didn't make a long post because the idea I was trying to impart to you was simple. Your post read like you didn't really understand how this game works and that you didn't adjust your look sensitivity in the options. You know you can do that, right? As for Apex Legends and wanting your characters in 7DTD to move like they do in a game where the player characters have parkour level skills, my advice stands. This is a game with a leveling and point system so if you want parkour level skills invest in Agility and the Parkour skill. Also look into the ways to reduce your movement penalty since that literally increases your movement ability. Also, everyone's guestimates of real life movement speeds are a little off. Usain Bolt, generally considered the fastest man currently can sprint at 26mph. A blackbear can sprint around 30 mph and a politician can backtrack at 150mph. Normal walking speed is 4-7mph.
  20. Movement is fine. Invest some points in Agility. I can jump to the top of most buildings with parkour maxed and if I'm carrying enough dukes I can basically fall a hundred feet with no issues at all.
  21. Pimp Points? Man, even working the streets is getting to be a hard business.
  22. It's not Steam. You can close the Steam program out once it launches the game.
  23. Trying to please everyone is a good way to learn that everyone is bat@%$# crazy.
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