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  1. When I get home from work I am going to get some more numbers to see if we can reverse engineer this😅😂 With 3 mods 140.4 Weapon damage Made a quick spreadsheet with the character sheet dmg , I do have have 4/5 points in Archery and 8/10 Agility Steel bolts: 63 Dmg Iron bolts: 59 dmg Stone bolts: 50 dmg could also not tell you why the mods alter the item tooltip dmg, but not the chracter sheet dmg
  2. How do you find the damage range of quality 6 weapons? I could find the max armor ranges in the XML's but I didn't find anything about the dmg range for compound crossbows or desert vultures, or any Q6 weapon for that matter, just curious because I want to be able to easily tell if something is well rolled or not. like yeah I can generally tell from knowledge and experience what's a high and a low roll, but I don't know what is the highest possible roll or the lowest possible one I have a Q5 compound crossbow with 117.5 Dmg..which seems like a super high roll
  3. Thanks, I wonder if this is also affected by the 255+ lootstage bug that they are working on fixing, I would assume so
  4. on the topic of boots, what are my best bets for looting high performance running shoes? shoe containers? clothing stores?
  5. 34 plots of potatoes and 34 mushroom spores on a wall. steak and potaoes for days but if you have less than 60 plots I think you should just rotate crops so you can make a particular set of food with each harvest. If you try to grow a bit of everything it can easily fail. but if you cycle specific larger quantities of seeds and plan out your harvest it theoretically makes your chances of successful harvest much higher
  6. nothing a few timed charges won't legitimately take care of
  7. speaking of solar panels, I understand that they increased the price of almost everything the trader sells by 50% In alpha 19 you could get 6 quality 6 Solar cells and the solar bank for around 97,000 dukes with Cigar+max better barter+ Magnum with Magnumenforcer 4+Sugar butts+ Grandpas Awesome sauce+ Pumpkin cheescake In alpha 20 the full solar setup now cost 145,500 dukes this is WITH Maximum investment in to the barter reduction system. Solar cells were already the most expensive thing in the game, did they really ALSO need to be increased by 50% price that all the other trader items got? seems like a kick in a teeth to solar panels, but at the same time using 7.5 stacks of dukes as oppose to 5 to get full quality 6 solar isn't that much of an issue when you are in the late game and swimming in a quarter million dukes If solar panels stay the same price, It won't really bother me to much, but I also think this is one of the only things that should not have been made more expensive than it already was. I wonder how much more appealing solar power would be to players if the price was reduced while still being the most expensive item
  8. Farming is fine the way it is. I was hesitant about it at first but it's fine
  9. I have to agree with this, you never find AP/HP ammo atm and I assume it is because the A20 loot system needs more polish/tweaking. We just need to give them time and constructive feedback and they will get it to a better state.
  10. Bless you, and thank you for all the work and effort you put in. not every video game community has Dev's that communicate as much on the forums as you guys do, and I think alot of people in the community really appreciate that. TFP is awesome ❤️
  11. Glad you are giving loot rooms a boost. its really a bit of letdown to open the final chest in most Pois and get 100s of bullets but no weapons or armor I wonder if any of this has anything to do with the lootstage being over 255? or if it is a product of the new loot system just requiring polish?
  12. half of the ones in the tier 2 though disappear after looting once, and would require a trader quest for a full reset. and your solution seems more reasonable. they could add more crack a book boxes though in the final loot room and maybe tweak crack a book boxes to give schematic/book bundles? I would hate to be that guy on the forums who gets hated for making TFP nerf the lower tier book stores that have gone untouched for so long. I would be okay if the numbers were rebalanced. where the tier 2/3/4 got slight nerfs and the tier 5 got a SIGNIFICANT buff
  13. Well we've had lots feedback about people saying the tier 5 crack a book skyscraper is unrewarding, but we haven't seen any data on it. so I went into all the Main book store Pois in Alpha 20 and counted how many lootable containers there were that could contain books/schematics But @Laz Man as you can see, a tier 5 Poi crack a book HQ has half as many lootable book containers compared to a tier 3 POI and even less than the tier 2 and less than a small store that's part of a strip building. I think the Tier 5 Poi definitely needs a bit of a buff as it is very underwhelming compared to similar Pois for the amount of effort required. It shouldn't be crazy or anything but I think it should be equal to or more than the tier 3. The alpha 19 version may have been super OP, but the alpha 20 iteration has been incredibly over-nerfed
  14. is there anyway we could craft boxes of ammo with ammo we have in storage? I understand that you can craft these with materials and resources, but I want to also be able to stack/condense looted ammo into smaller more organized piles could we please get recipes added to the game that would allow us to do so?
  15. oh all the Poi's I don't see anymore in alpha 20 are all in the level editor AAA_store_book_LG_01 Police_Station1 Fire_station_02 Prison_01 I look at the police station and the book store and I can see the SI issues will all these Pois eventually appear again in RWG? they seem pulled for now unless anyone has generated a world with these poi's in them.
  16. Brass is FAR more common in alpha 20, so I haven't found the need to
  17. not to mention you could get over 9000 paper from the printing press on the up floor I just wanted to use the over 9000 meme, so it's slightly exaggerated, but you would easily get over 5k Paper or in other words, a stupid amount of paper that you will probably never use. also in earlier alphas (18 I think) there use to be a building that looked like a Library, it had 2 floors and it had tonnes of book shelves on each, not sure if it ever had crack a book sign on it but I haven't seen it anymore. would you happen to know what POI I am talking about, and if it is still in the game or if it was redone and changed? it would be strange to be if they just straight up deleted/removed poi's from the game. It makes more sense to me that they would redesign/reimagine/rennovate older Pois. for example I can no longer find the fire stations with 2 gun safes and 2 vending machines in them
  18. will there every be a way to ask for a set new quests at the trader? even if only once per day, or for some token fee, or maybe some kind of special token you find from couriers satchels in Pois? or maybe the solution is to offer bigger quest list for each tier once you have fully unlocked all the tiers? (even if you could only complete 5 max per tier on any given day) I often find I get alot of the same Pois every 2 or 3 days despite the fact that there are so many Pois in the city, and at my main trader all my current tier 2-3 quest send me to the outskirts/rural areas and not into the city as much where there are some tier 2-3 pois. And there are just certain Pois traders will never give me despite the fact that they are questable. questing is definitely much better overall in A20, but I think there needs to be a better balance of quest offerings from traders, sometimes you will get 4 restore powers+1 other and that feels bad because you can only do 1 restore power a day.
  19. I understand that's the way the game will be. But shouldn't it also be possible through nothing but sheer time and determination that you eventually get almost everything(you want).
  20. so the specific schematics can't come from the trader, what about the respective mods? are there any you can't find at a trader that you would think you should be able to?
  21. Speaking of rng, a little digging reveals that certain schematics won't simply appear at all in the trader inventory. These schematics are entirely gated by loot rng. I always viewed the trader as a semi reliable way to combat rng. The devs are aware of this and are changing some things in 20.1, they are also looking at trader inventories
  22. I think some of those things on the list are quite reasonable..the sham and the tier 3 weapon schematics but the other ones..not up to me but I don't see why some of us those couldn't appear on the trader much farther into the game or after a certain lootstage
  23. it would most certainly explain why I am not finding these things at level 120 in the wasteland/snow biomes, with 5/5 lucky looter my lootstage is so high that I completely cut off my ability to get alot of these items This obviously isn't intentional but players shouldn't be punished for playing super efficiently or trying to min/max the game, you should be able to get everything in the game regardless of playstyle. Just an observation, and I am sure everyone agrees. It is just a matter of finding things in the game that still need tuning and tweaking. It is an early release game afterall. A20 loot is still very new, And I am sure it will be changed and altered and tweaked many times between now, Alpha 21 and going into gold. That said ,I am really enjoying Alpha 20 overall and I will continue to grind and play out late game, providing feedback and reporting any bugs I find.
  24. definitely an unintended oversight. It is something that isn't an ESSENTIAL lategame item, but it can only be found in early to mid game, and can't be found in the lategame when you will most likely make use of/need it. It would make more sense if I could find it in the wasteland or the snow biome where my lootstage is over 300+ but I can't and I am level 120. It doesn't make sense considering how many irradiated zombies I encounter that an item that helps deal with them just doesn't drop Could we get QA or someone from TFP to pass some kind of feedback on? as stated above, definitely seems like an unintended oversight that should be addressed.
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