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  1. "Killing" and "Stealing" is A-OK but I draw the line at eating Pet food or boiling toilet water.... lmao
  2. Thanks all for the input so far but perhaps I am not explaining it well. I am aware of the repair requirement and its set up so that the last post (of two) can be repaired. When the zombies pour in and get caught in the fence; it works for awhile but then stops. The last fence post has this little blue electric graphic around the head and I am unable to repair it (yes I have electrical parts). After the night is over I can repair it and it will be at 95/200 for example. So the fence stops working before the last fence post HP reaches 0. I will grab some screen shots next time it fails and post them as its likely I am missing something important.
  3. Quick question. Is there an overload function on the Electric Fence? Config: generator > switch > relay > fence post 1 then fence post 2. On horde nights the fence stops working at some point. In the morning the fence is damaged but not destroyed and can be repaired.
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