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  1. If you don't want to bother with screamers, one suggestion is to build a shaft down to near bedrock. Mine a straight shot out a couple of hundred meters from your home base and hollow out a space. Place multiple forges (mixers/chem Stations) and run them as required. Screamers will be attracted to the chunk activity but will never see you at home base, and will de-spawn eventually. Never noticed any digging above the forges. In SP I generally run 4; two for cement, one brass/lead, and one iron/steel. Once the massive need for cement is over you can split iron/steel and or brass/lead up as required.
  2. Thanks all. I am fine to leave the thread here. I was hoping that those players who perfer different Zombie AI (bash everything vs bloodmoon sense vs structural engineers, etc.) chime in with their proposals. At this point I have to assume no one has better ideas than TFPs.
  3. In several threads several posters have indicated they like Zombie AI horde pathing; the old way, the new way, or some other way. Many call using the zombie AI horde pathing against them cheese, many call putting endless resources between players and horde zombies cheese, and some even call not have a horde base cheese. Regardless, here is your chance to outdo TFPs, discuss the AI horde pathing options, and detail the zombie AI horde pathing you want to see!
  4. Screamer loops can be annoying but to partially address the situation examine how you use the tools and how/where you are mining. The Auger and Chainsaw generate more "heat" starting and re-starting. Counterintuitively, holding down the trigger and moving the tool around the vein generates less "heat" and works better. It will depend on the fuel capacity mod (if any) but a player should be able to top off the fuel and know the fuel capacity when a screamer should appear (experiment). (IIRC with the large tank mod, a screamer should be triggered with about 100 fuel left. I don't mine near home with an auger. I just find a node and drill straight down to the larger deposit and get what resources I can before the screamer appears. Or if I miss calculate and don't want to bother, I just slant drill to the surface hop in/on my vehicle of choice and move to a new deposit some chunks away. Note: even small material collapses generate "heat" as well.
  5. Relatively new player here, but I find enough inspiration from vids and forums to rarely, if ever, play the same build, use the same POIs, or build the same horde base. I find I am only limited by my imagination and my situation. Sure the tools and mechanics change (often for balance) but that's part of the charm of the game, IMHO. What worked in Ann does not necessarily work in Ann+1. There is no script, no one true path, and no one way to play. There is big old sandbox out there.... and most players like to explore and play in it.
  6. Maybe, but you can play however you want. Many players spec weapon skills first; many spec survival skills first, and many spec around what they loot. For myself its rare to spec a weapon past the first point before 25-40 skill points. What I think is lame is the suggestion that there is only one way to play...
  7. I do not believe the intent of the proposed change was to hide in the trader. The intent was to have access to the trader 24/7 as well as some other suggestions.
  8. Meh All Traders Open All Night really does is simplify some arbitrary time management skills and game balance decisions TFPs built into the game, making playing ostensibly easier. All the OPs suggestions are great however none of them need the trader open at night other than to get or turn in a quest, a matter of convenience. Closed on Horde day may work however that's a bit of a give away if you are playing random hordes no notification. I am sure there is a way around that hurdle but not everyone plays to scheduled 7 day hordes. There is no good reason not to do it, but then again there is no good game play or game mechanic reason to do it. (Obviously, there are mods for it)
  9. Same here I assumed it was reported as it seems to be on the list, as Items 348 and 353. I am all for helping out and have reported a bug already (not an easy process). This has been widely discussed. If TFPs need reports from players to track this issue down at this point, they should directly ask.
  10. Do you have active but unfinished quests? You will not get new quest choices unless active quests are completed or cancelled.
  11. The Fun Pimps have a big problem in that they are tied to the kickstarter campaign and there is no overarching end game to keep players interested. When I think of it the game transitions a bit like an abridged Maslow's hierarchy of Needs. Early Game is about survival; establishing physiological security via a food supply and shelter. With the loot linked to Game Stage TFP try to draw out the early game. A lot of veteran players find starting over tedious at best. The "tutorial" definitely should be on a switch or a way to autocomplete (give me my four skill points and point me to the trader) Mid game is about increasing safety through collecting of resources, increasing safety (through skills and looting), and supporting and expanding physiological security. This is the hard core grinding phase. The only reason we are grinding and mining is to build a bigger base. Take that part out and all we do is loot and explore and gather enough to repair and maintain. Late game is about achievement (builds, raids, storage, exploration, etc) and confidence in a players own abilities in the game (loot at night, increase zombie speeds, increase zombie amounts, play harder biomes, etc.) at this point all a player needs is to acquire enough resources to maintain the status quo. End game (self actualization) is ... missing. It exists for the content creators through videos and streaming but not for the player base in general. Thus the appeal of the Darkness Falls overhaul (and others) as it has an actual end point. Players can beat the game. There is enough variety in the vanilla game and mods to keep a lot of players cycling through the first three levels including myself. But there is a class of players that have other (and often better) games to scratch the first three needs individually. In this case the tower defence, crafting, combat, RPG goals spread the game thin. Obviously many like the breadth of the game but many also call it out for its thinness. Random Thoughts There was another discussion with a proposal to adjust the "quest rewards" to include skill benefits. Like +1 Parkour for example, or if you already have it some arbitrary buff or maybe you could pick a recipe. Something not overpowering but could assist in character development. I would almost create a new skill currency (abilities) and put some QOL abilities as "rewards". Like "Grandfathers Farm" you remember your grandfathers farm and can harvest 2 corn (without "living off the land") or "Coffee @%$#" you're sick getting the office coffee order but you can manage to pour hot water over some grounds and can make coffee (without Master Chef perk) or "High School Sports" Not as good as Al Bundy but you can do the Fossberry flop (+1 extra meter to no fall damage) I would like to see true bartering introduced with the traders rather than quest/reward loops (and keep some store items (maybe for secret stash). Want this crucible? Do me 4X Tier 4 clears. Want this bike chassis? I need 4X Blunderbusses and a pistol. Want this recipe? I need 40 rounds of 9mm. All balanced of course and using TFP bathroom humour. Not of that these really addressees the end game but it may add some depth to the journey,
  12. "Killing" and "Stealing" is A-OK but I draw the line at eating Pet food or boiling toilet water.... lmao
  13. Thanks all for the input so far but perhaps I am not explaining it well. I am aware of the repair requirement and its set up so that the last post (of two) can be repaired. When the zombies pour in and get caught in the fence; it works for awhile but then stops. The last fence post has this little blue electric graphic around the head and I am unable to repair it (yes I have electrical parts). After the night is over I can repair it and it will be at 95/200 for example. So the fence stops working before the last fence post HP reaches 0. I will grab some screen shots next time it fails and post them as its likely I am missing something important.
  14. Quick question. Is there an overload function on the Electric Fence? Config: generator > switch > relay > fence post 1 then fence post 2. On horde nights the fence stops working at some point. In the morning the fence is damaged but not destroyed and can be repaired.
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