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  1. Apparently, the forum ate my original response. Certainly in the context you provide above, I appreciate it could be the same old same old collection quest. Maybe I was not clear, but I was suggesting longer more complex multi-stage "quests" for a particular reward. Think of the starter quest were each stage is a set of "quests" (e.g. 3 X Tier 3s) or a large amount of resources, or a small amount of hard to get resources. As old school boring as they become they would be a change from kill zombies at POI or kill zombies and bring me widget at POI. I honestly thought the Twitch Integration features would be used to leverage dynamic events into the game, to support advanced questing and random events above and beyond wandering hordes. Perhaps a "go here and defend the survivors" style.
  2. I have often thought that barter would be a better way, choose the reward beforehand and have a multi stage trader quest line tailored to it. Want that T6 steel Axe? Then do 4 T4 Clears and a fetch, bring me 6000 iron, 30 aloe seeds, 2 wheels, and kill 100 zombies along the way kind of task. Obviously it would need to be balanced properly, much like current quests need to be.
  3. I would have them be ingredients in higher end electrical/electronic items; craftable Solar Cells, drones, sledge or junk turrets, etc. Then again I prefer that the electrical tiers were flipped. 1 Solar > 2 Batteries > 3 Gen Set. Solar with restricted low power output is only good for one or two items or trickle charging batteries. To run massive trap factories you need gen sets and fuel, that sound more end game to me. Maybe use gold and silver in a Mod for the bicycle; An E-Rover Mod that provides an electrical boost (speed boost/stamina reduction) to the bicycle.
  4. I kind of like this idea
  5. Sure, it could be looked at as an "odd" and different mechanic. IMHO, crafting cobble or concrete to upgrade blocks is close enough to crafting an iron hatch to upgrade a hatch. The mechanic of "upgrade materials need to be available in inventory" covers it sufficiently for me, YMMV.
  6. FWIW, it is the same mechanic as block upgrades...
  7. Yes, maybe that's it. What I poorly explained was: place crafted wood hatch in correct orientation, upgrade wood hatch to iron hatch with crafted iron hatch in inventory, and then upgrade iron hatch to steel hatch with crafted steel hatch in inventory. ("upgrade through iron to steel.") CONFIRMED. Yes its a few extra steps (and basic resources) but it beats the hell out of misplacing and then removing a steel hatch, YMMV.
  8. Say what? I did state "upgrade through iron to steel." I certainly recall getting the "no steel hatch icon" in bottom right when upgrading an iron hatch. Will have to confirm I guess.
  9. Sometimes the hatches just don't behave as you expect. It's easy to get onto the face of a wrong block. FWIW to mitigate that; I start with a cheap wooden hatch and ensure its placed correctly, and then upgrade through iron to steel.
  10. The toilet pistol is nod to the God Father movies. I do not find the RNG based toilet pistol or knife throws off early game if you are lucky enough to find one. By your own admission; these exploits ruin, make the game easy, make the game not fun. As a player we have agency, we have the choice to engage in exploits or not, we have the choice to use traders or not. Player agency is key in any game but we as players also have to take responsibly for our own actions; that may hinder our game enjoyment.
  11. AFAIK, Subquake has not distributed an A21 compatible version of UL. Are you playing A21? If so the version mismatch may be the source of your problems.
  12. In one of my earlier drafts I had the Advanced Water Filter creating Mineral Water (without coal, and the plants). I eventually thought that was less useful as one of the biggest player complaints is mass producing glue for duct tape. Maybe better water make more glue? Love your POIs. How big is the filter in this one 😉
  13. I use any mod that I have lying around (if it fits) as it will increase the block damage. If you are min/maxing Ergo Grip and Iron Breaker (not sure it works for more iron while disassembling), and the others don't matter as long as they are filled. By the time a player has a Tier 2 tool, repair kits are trivial, so the Structural brace is not required but will fill a slot.
  14. I like that idea! In general I like to assume all water is contaminated and should be filtered for particulates (and parasites) as well as being treated (filtration and boiling/chemicals) for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Arguably its may be busy work and may not enhance the game experience of many. But to simplify and expand the water system; Tier 1 - Introduce a Rain Barrell workstation (with a craftable Gravity Water Filter); that collects up to 4 jars of murky water at 50% of the collection rate of the vanilla dew collector. The Rain Barrell unlocks at Workstation Level 3 and the Gravity Water filter at Medical Level 3. Tier 2 - Would be the vanilla Dew Collector workstation (with a craftable Water Filter); that collects up to 3 jars of murky water at the rate of the vanilla Dew Collector. The Dew Collector workstation unlocks at Workstation Level 10 and the Water filter at Medical Level 10. This workstation could also employ tools; a Bottle Rack (Workstation Level 5) to increase storage to 6 jars and an Activated Charcoal Filter (Medical Level 15) to produce clean instead of murky water. Tier 3 - Would introduce a Potable Water Station (with a craftable Water Filter); that collects up to 6 jars of clean water at 125% of the collection rate of the vanilla dew collector. The Potable Water Station unlocks at Workstation Level 25 and the Activated Charcoal Filter (Medical Level 15). This workstation could also employ tools; a Bottle Rack to increase storage to 9 jars, a Solar Still that increases the collection rate by 15%, and an Activated Charcoal Filter (Medical Level 15) to produce clean instead of murky water.
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