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  1. I do kind of wish there was more diversity in ammunition and gun types in the game but I also don't think it would add much other than more junk in my storage bins and even more struggle in finding a gun to match the ammunition you come across.
  2. Mountain lion, cougar, catamount. Poor things have had quite the identity crisis over the years.
  3. I can confirm that's a Dobson fly. The larval stage is called a hellgrammite. Bass and trout love them as bait.
  4. I always thought the recipe was funny. That's some real Army chow and it's not that bad. You want awful try the nutraloaf stuff.
  5. Hah, I wonder if the filter tip makes that not child abuse.
  6. What we really need is a set of recipes that substitutes super corn for corn. Super cornmeal, super cornbread, super corn on the cob, super pumpkin bread, super pies, super fish tacos, super chili dogs and super tuna gravy on toast. All with increased food values reflecting the difference between corn and super corn.
  7. Zoe Salon. Never seem to walk out of there without 4 or 5 acids.
  8. Crates, boxes, supply drops, chests. Pretty much anywhere you'd go hunting weapons will have weapons parts in the mix.
  9. I'll take boats too. Boats float on the water, helicopters fly by throwing themselves away from the ground.
  10. I never saw a reason to use HP ammo. Useless against armored targets and unneeded vs the soft ones.
  11. Listen, I live in Appalachia so I can't throw a rock without hitting a church. One of them even handles snakes. That doesn't mean a game can't have a little more balance.
  12. After playing with random generated maps for a weekend and exploring everyone I rolled I've come to the conclusion that certain POIs are weighted too heavily. For instance churches. Every town I come across seems to have multiple. I also have a map with 3 Shamway factories all in a 4x4 block city. I have yet to find a city without one yet it took me three cities to find a single bookstore.
  13. Potatoes. Always go with potatoes. Just make sure to have a few lemon trees.
  14. Me too. The last time I went to a restaurant I asked for a table close to the kitchen. They put me in the alley. I tell ya, I get no respect. One time I checked into a hotel and asked for the same treatment they'd give their mothers. They locked me up in the basement.
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