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  1. I'll take boats too. Boats float on the water, helicopters fly by throwing themselves away from the ground.
  2. I never saw a reason to use HP ammo. Useless against armored targets and unneeded vs the soft ones.
  3. Listen, I live in Appalachia so I can't throw a rock without hitting a church. One of them even handles snakes. That doesn't mean a game can't have a little more balance.
  4. After playing with random generated maps for a weekend and exploring everyone I rolled I've come to the conclusion that certain POIs are weighted too heavily. For instance churches. Every town I come across seems to have multiple. I also have a map with 3 Shamway factories all in a 4x4 block city. I have yet to find a city without one yet it took me three cities to find a single bookstore.
  5. Potatoes. Always go with potatoes. Just make sure to have a few lemon trees.
  6. Me too. The last time I went to a restaurant I asked for a table close to the kitchen. They put me in the alley. I tell ya, I get no respect. One time I checked into a hotel and asked for the same treatment they'd give their mothers. They locked me up in the basement.
  7. One in my chosen melee weapon, one in my chosen armor style, one in Iron Gut and the other in Master Chef. Usually by then I already have a few other points to spend so I usually dump a point in Iron Gut and LotL.
  8. Not an intentional troll by the game but the first time I took a gyrocopter up I managed to accidentally jump out in mid-air. Fortunately I survived that with 10 hp. Then the gyrocopter landed on me and killed me. I think I laughed for a solid 5 minutes.
  9. @friendlyx3 I didn't even get shown that result. One of the many reasons why FB is a crapshoot no matter what.
  10. Sometimes it helps to view things in another's perspective but I'll take a pass on discussing anyone else's issues. 😝
  11. Are you referring to the Public Facebook group? I don't see where it's managed by TFP anywhere. It appears to have been started by SaltyZombies server group.
  12. How difficult should the LCB be to craft and how does that affect new players and games? When exactly should they be able to claim land? I think they're fine as is. You can only have one. If you want to discourage other players in a MP game then when they move theirs, go and put one down and claim their abandoned stuff.
  13. I don't think I'm 100% up on the game lore for the zombies but I've always wondered how so many people became zombies if all it takes is honey and the occasional antibiotic. To me the zombies combined with the AI kind of gives the impression that the virus is an alien hive mind/colony sort of creature.
  14. I've only seen it snow once or twice in the last 200 hrs or so and it didn't do it at all until a friend joined my game. No rain unless its on the biome border with the snow biome too. I've wondered if something is up myself.
  15. Woah, lets not go calling people gun nuts. I am a rifle enthusiast, sportsman and hunter. Besides, I've never seen a rifle bear any kind of fruit or seed at all.
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