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  1. My preferred choices as well. The flaming shaft mod is so annoying after awhile.
  2. I seem to find them more at lower gamestages. Once the gamestage gets higher they seem to very rarely appear anymore. When I do happen to find them it is usually from zombie drops.
  3. There are some funny things with the players knowledge when you think about the points system. For example, if you perk in to Int heavily. You can craft forges, work benches, chemistry stations, you can make a working 4x4 from spare parts you find laying around but you are unable to make a better than quality 1 stone axe. I imagine a quality 1 stone axe to be nothing more than shoving a pointy rock on to a stick and calling it good. So the idea that you have the expertise to build such intricate things but that's the best you can do for an axe is funny to me lol.
  4. My wife and I have been playing on that map since 19.0 came out and are on around day 167. We've been working on building a base and were getting close to finishing it but couldn't before the end of our sub for the server. I'm hoping I can get the map working again so we can continue working on it. Reverting back to 19.0 still generates the same map that the current build generates as well sadly. I guess that version of the map is forever lost.
  5. I started a map in 19.0 on a dedicated server and played it until recently. I would occasionally create the map on my pc and then move the map data over to my computer to test a few things out. After the 19.2 release the map no longer generates the same. The map generates but when I put in my map data the world is messed up. For example the streets are covered in grass and there is a mountain in the middle of my hometown lol. If I set my game back to 19.0 would this cause the map to generate like it used to or is that version of the map forever gone?
  6. I've always wondered why the explosives and molotovs are labeled as ammo. Are they planning to put in something like a grenade launcher that uses them or possibly something like a dart trap but that shoots out whatever is put in whenever trigger? Could also just be a left over from previous alphas as well. Just something I've been wondering about.
  7. Happens with me too. I've got to the point where I try to remember to destroy the claim block before every horde night and put another one down whenever it's done. After awhile that sound just gets annoying lol.
  8. If you want to play a game that follows your views exactly I would suggest designing your own.
  9. I see a lot of posts like this, "I feel forced to do something in the game I don't want to. Please make it so I don't do this thing that is totally voluntary." I don't understand why you can't just decide not to put points in to something you don't want to. I'm glad you are at least asking how to mod something out instead of just expecting the devs to change the game so kudos to you for that.
  10. You could spam power attacks at a group of zombies until your stamina was empty and then still be able to use sprint to escape the situation. I could see it possibly being added to the last point of Cardio but it feels like it would be too overpowered of a perk. Needing to weigh out whether you should press the attack and use the rest of your stamina so you can't escape vs choosing to escape and rebuild stamina before continuing to attack is a necessary thing to have in my opinion.
  11. If you want settlers and raiders your best bet would be to use a mod to put them in because it will be awhile before they get officially added.
  12. From my quick testing it doesn't increase the damage. The Atom Junkies candy didn't increase the damage either. I really wish it did improve the damage though, would just make sense.
  13. I don't mind the sound when it is from the trader's protected area. When I'm using a claim block during horde night and my turrets are hitting blocks it drives me nuts lol.
  14. I hate that sound so much during horde nights. It's so freaking annoying.
  15. I'm not sure what stage of the game or what weapon you are using currently. I still seem to get a fair amount of knockdowns with the knuckles I'm using. I put the weighted head mod on a pair of steel knuckles and was knocking one down with every hit to the head. Only time I wasn't knocking one down was when I hit the body or arms.
  16. Howdy. Glad to see you've came back to the game. First off you should play the game on whatever difficulty settings you want to. No one will look down on you for playing on just walking or even if you turn horde nights off completely. The only time you will catch slack is if you are complaining that the game is too easy while playing on the easiest difficulty. Then people may just tell you to turn the difficulty up for more of a challenge. Other than that play however easy or hard you want to, that's why TFP put in all the different difficulty options. As for frequency of updates, they are releasing updates at a more frequent rate it seems but most updates won't require a map restart if you choose not to. Keeping a map thru patches can cause some issues, some people who kept their maps from 19.0 to 19.1 had some issues with electric fences causing errors for example. Even if you have issues the people of the forums are usually awesome at helping you find possible solutions for any issues you might come across. We have a great community here and we are glad you have decided to join us.
  17. I tried hiding from the zombies during the night but I think they might have found me.
  18. You're really not going to like it when they add the critical damage system to the vehicles as well lol. Really the injury system isn't that bad if you are wearing armor since armor greatly reduces your chance of getting one. Personally I like the system. I would like to see it expanded and for the chance of infection to be much higher.
  19. I know gamestage is what determines how difficult the horde nights will be but there are times where the difficulty seems to vary for some unknown reason. For example, we will have a difficult horde night with several demolishers and radiated cops showing up but then the next one will only have regular cops and maybe one demolisher. We didn't die so our days alive, zombie kills, and level have all gone up so I would assume a higher gamestage would make for a harder horde night. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the gamestage has a range of horde night difficulties that it can draw from. So sometimes it can go on the more difficult side and sometimes on the easier. Not sure but would love to get some of your opinions and knowledge on this.
  20. You're on day 1 so I'm not quite sure how far you could have progressed in the stealth tree or if you've managed to get any of the perk magazines to help with being able to stealth. Those will greatly help with your ability to keep out of sight of the zombies. Here are a few suggestions if you are planning on doing some mining and don't want to be bothered by the scouts. Make sure you are crouching while you are mining. This will cause you to generate less noise so the zombies won't be able to find you as easily. I'm not sure you prefer to mine but if it's under a POI then you can have a 1 block wide tunnel leading to your area. Put a few wooden spikes in that tunnel so any zombies trying to find you will get skewered. There are plenty of videos out currently that explain in detail how the heat map system works and why you are spawning the scouts. Hopefully after seeing how the system works you will be able to better manage the scouts. Also I can't imagine why this frustrates you but digging down 30 blocks, or was it 20 blocks kind of got confused, with a stone axe is perfectly fine.
  21. I believe there is a problem with putting the junk turrets on partial blocks like the plates. Since the plates count as that whole block space the turrets don't like sitting on them and have a chance to sink through the ground. If you can't see the turret icon floating on your screen, not the compass but the icon that shows where you put it, that means it is greater than 20 blocks away from you. You may need to dig down to the bottom of the world to get them back or contact the admin of the server to see if they can help you.
  22. Yeah getting xp every time you sell something is why buying and selling the same item over and over again works great. As long as you have dukes you can get that sweet xp. With how easy brass is to get I don't see a need to smelt down dukes. Once you get a few of the perk magazines and scavenging perk maxed you get so much brass you won't know what to do with it anymore. Might as well turn the dukes in to xp at that point. I need to start using the solar cell/battery bank combo. I always just stick with gas generators for all my electricity needs. By the time I get set up enough to use the solar cells I always have so much gas that it doesn't feel necessary anymore.
  23. Thanks for the info. Glad to see I didn't just dream that up lol. I wonder what the mechanics are behind whether they buy or not and in what price range they are willing to buy something. Also what frequency it checks to see if something was bought or not. Going to have to do some testing to find out I guess. To the Bat Cave... I mean... Zombie Cave!
  24. I usually play two player coop, unless two others join but since they don't play as much they drag the gamestage down making things easier, or single player. On the two player server we have a horde base at the top of the parking garage. On the solo game I usually don't even bother with a horde base anymore. Just run and gun in the streets is my preferred way to deal with the horde. No need to build keep building a new horde base between every horde. With how plentiful the resources are it's really easy to get enough resources to craft a ton of ammo or you can go old school and just melee the whole night. Combined with not having to repair anything or need to upgrade anything to concrete or steel it frees up a lot of time for other things. I usually just pick a small town as my "Horde Town" and every horde night I just spend running the streets or thru houses just kiting the zombies along. With a few of the key perks the zombies are just so easy to deal with or escape from, it's especially fun when you get to higher gamestages and start using the cops and demolishers to take out other zombies for you lol. I highly recommend you give it a try. Makes having a horde base seem so boring compared to it.
  25. I keep seeing these in the trader and wonder about their use. Are they just for players to sell to other players? I really like the idea of them but have only played on servers where we share things amongst each other so have never had the need to really look in to them. I remember reading that if you put items in them there is a chance that they will be sold, to represent npcs coming by and buying things, but can't remember where I read that. Not sure if this was real, something I dreamt, or possibly a mod. Anyone have any experience with using them and can shed some light on their use and functionality?
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