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  1. @Gouki Thanks for the tests I'm currently a bit busy to check my mods, if they're still working for A19 or not. I'm sure, at least some have to get a fix. No ETA from me, but it's planned to get them ported to A19.
  2. A19 (b154): https://www.mediafire.com/file/dzc3yrh99blm6uy/Assembly-CSharp.dll
  3. @open6l: Not locked. Just a leftover from the other mod. No requirements to unlock the recipe, since you can only find it via loottable This was intended, because I wanted it to make it hard to get. I'll publish a version without the leftover.
  4. A18.4 (b4): https://www.mediafire.com/file/14echrkzt6wxr7z/Assembly-CSharp.dll
  5. Sorry for the long time no updates: Private things A18.4 (b3): https://www.mediafire.com/file/xwmihzx26jw6udw/Assembly-CSharp.dll
  6. All seems fine here. Hmmm.
  7. You're very welcome, buddy Glad you liked the option and yeah: It does make it feel more scary than having a sunny bright warming daytime most of the day. I have to admit: I never played with it that much. I created it just for shenanigans, to be honest
  8. Night turns into a green hell, if you're in a city or forest - for example That's for the tweaked spawning to brutal. Saw someone playing around, but no running and oneshot kills. But even there, the mod managed to kill this person twice in one night.
  9. Added: SPILL FULL JARS Changed: SACK COAL Reason: Small typo prevented the single piece of coal to get the new value. Sacks themselves were now affected .
  10. If you have an old version of the mod, simply download the updated one. Did that fix a while ago, because they weren't cleaning once a day 2 weeks, to be exact: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?129728-Claymore-s-Modlets&p=1079405&viewfull=1#post1079405 Easy to miss
  11. Ok, this time no fix needed, because those icons work
  12. 18.3 update... They they really removed a jaildoor and renamed another. I gave it a custom icon now. Redownload is once again a thing
  13. Jesus Christ. Must have been drunk publishing my 1st mods. Fixed and again thanks for finding it . Also a simply redownload is necessary. But you have to get the recipe from creative and read it again, because the unlock was for the schematic before and not for the recipe. I'm really sorry that happened
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