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  1. huannan5300


    Download file updated A18-A19.2
  2. That sounds great. I hope I can add your Mod to my Mod. I would appreciate it if you agree,thank you
  3. Yes, the compass's image pointing address is changed to local reading
  4. I want to participate in testing and promotion.

  5. Network problem, compass image not loaded
  6. 非常期待A19 https://space.bilibili.com/32873498 Follow 42000 broadcasts of 630w I played for the first time in 2016 and have been loving it ever since. https://space.bilibili.com/32873498
  7. At present, there are IP attacks from foreign countries, including Russia, the United States, Japan, Canada, etc
  8. Please tell me how TFP is set. Can you explain in detail that our server has been hit to crash and has been crashing. Help, thank you
  9. His attack mode can ignore the defense of the server itself. At present, only the official can solve the attack mode against the server
  10. If it can be prevented, it will not be so serious. The form of his attack does not need to enter the server
  11. I changed the connection mode of assembly-csharp.dll to allow only one IP connection in 5 seconds. When attacked, it can last for 10 minutes, but in fact, it is useless
  12. I've tried all kinds of methods, it's useless, so I come to you for help
  13. When EAC is enabled, it is not only my server that is attacked, but also the server of the whole Chinese players, including those without mod. When EAC is opened, the output log is the same as mine
  14. Staff, come in and have a look. It's a fatal mistake Hello, I'm a Chinese player. In our servers in China, a very terrible thing happened, which led to a 50% reduction in the number of servers killed in seven days in China. This situation lasted for about a month. The reason is that someone used the vulnerability of seven days to attack the server, resulting in the server dropping off the line. This is the difference between the attack form and the traditional attack. Check the firewall No DDoS attacks were found. He did it for the seven day kill gameA way to attack! I hope you ca
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