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  1. Loot, trader or ore extractor
  2. @frinetik you have to pick up cardboard pallets now by holding E on them and through radial menu pick up, same way many other containers can be picked up
  3. @Tigolex for bug reports please use my bug report submit form http://ul.subquake.com/bug
  4. Cardboard box crafting was indeed removed, however those who followed along on the mod updates and took their time to read patch notes (https://www.patreon.com/posts/47406586), then you should know that: Some blocks can be picked up using new pickup system: Munitions Box, Wall candles, Shooting range targets, Pew segments, Coffins, TVs, Gun and Equipment racks, Wall clocks, Radiators, Bird Bath Planter, Mannequins, Clothes Racks, Shelves, Stools, Speaker, Book Shelves and Piles, Posters, Bathroom Signs, Cold Beer Sign, Beverage Cooler, Potted Plants, Trash Cans, Trash Bags, Purses, Bags, Fridg
  5. Undead Legacy Roadmap released: https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Roadmap 2021.02.18 - 2.2.84 Stable update is ready: - Updated Red Mesa POI - Fixed sniper rifles being inaccurate (wide open reticle) while aiming - Fixed unlocked Door in Red Mesa where it should be locked - Fixed overlapping invisible UI elements in Perk Info screen over the toolbelt (SMiThaYe) - Fixed toolbelt not showing after disabling auto hide if it's hidden already - Fixed typo in perkAnimalTracker Localization - Possible fix for rare occurrence of disappearing ore and oil extractors - Possible fix fo
  6. 2021.02.15 - 2.2.83 Stable is out! - Changed car and truck repair kit recipes to not need an additional spark plug - Salvage tool research now affects crafted battery quality - Higher quality car engine and battery crafting requires more resources - Most melee items will have better stamina performance with higher tiers - Increased power attack stamina cost for most melee items to balance out gained damage - Fixed Sexual Tyrannosaurus not being triggered by most rebalanced melee items
  7. More and stronger enemies are planned, including world bosses as well as storyline based bosses to give a more insight as to why the whole sci-fi aspect of the mod, but I can't get into specifics as to when that will happen, since now I'm still focusing on fleshing out the core features of the mod. For example, loot overhaul as well as a nutrition overhaul is still much needed things I want to do before even starting to think about what kind of monstrosities I want to add in the mod. Everything you see in the mod is very much work in progress and anything can be subject to change b
  8. awesome work on the mod dude loving it!

  9. @pakrninja Server files are included in the archive, it needs the following folders: - 7DaysToDieServer_Data - Mods
  10. Yes, sometimes mod launcher is finicky and you need to pre-sync multiple times before it installs the update correctly
  11. Stable update 2.2.81 is finally ready! You can read more about all the changes in the patch notes on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/47406586
  12. Either a quest would reset it to the new variant, going to an unexplored chunk of the map or yes a reset. Otherwise you'll see whatever you see now, without changes.
  13. Currently it doesn't matter, could be on the roof of a building... they will be reworked later, but as of now, it doesn't matter...
  14. Scrap dukes for brass, make ore extractors that mine zinc and copper ore, that can be turned into brass. As for polymers, blinds and many other blocks give them, can't remember from top of my head. 2.2.65 is latest stable version, the UI will tell if an update for stable is available in the main menu under the mods logo. 2.2.74 is experimental branch and will go to stable sometime next week, I hope.
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