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  1. People wanted a mining cart, so I'm gonna be giving you one with next update: It's not a mining cart like well in Minecraft, requiring construction of rails, but I think this is for the better
  2. @nahuelfara https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Manual_Installation_Guide
  3. Thanks and weights for them aren't finalized. Yes.
  4. Multistory elevators in action
  5. Scrap schematics, each gives 50
  6. You didn't copy over all the undead legacy files correctly, here's a written tutorial on how to do a manual installation of the mod: https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Manual_Installation_Guide Copper isn't very common, however you don't need a lot of it to progress, you probably seen trader selling it before, just didn't know what the heck is what he is selling at the time. Anyway, point is, later I will add a lot of disassemble-able junk, that will yield various components, like scrap wires, microchips, computer chips, transistors, resistors and so forth and some of them will be made out of copper.
  7. That is what I wanted to hear, thanks! The problem has been resolved! Get an Artisans station going, build a land claim block, then you can move around your stations by picking them up just like in vanilla.
  8. I'm gonna need more than than "not working", be more specific, what is not working? you can't launch the mod? you can't join the server, you can't load the save? what? Remember, it requires A19.2b4 (not experimental A19.3b3), and EAC must be off. Also, that's not a legitimate source of Undead Legacy: https://7daystodiemods.com/subquakes-undead-legacy/ That website is running ads and spews out warnings about me using ad blocker, I don't have any ads on my website and will not have ads on it ever, I don't endorse third party websites, that without my consent added the mod to their listing and try to make money out of that, the only legitimate source of the mod is through this forum original post or my website: https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Download
  9. Yup, loot overhaul is coming and is among top of my to do lists. Most of it works pretty much like in vanilla with some additional items thrown in the mix, but I myself hate the new tiered loot system the way it's currently implemented in vanilla, thus a major overhaul to it will be inevitable, hopefully sooner than later.
  10. If you are on the latest version of the mod, set it to disabled, exit the save, then reload or rejoin server
  11. @frinetik the version kickz was checking out was an older version, where destroying the station gave it back, but that was changed with POIs having a chance to spawn some of them custom workstations in a working conditions, it had to be changed, otherwise you could have smashed them and take them to your base.
  12. The last harvestable stage requires crop plots for them not to disappear, I will later edit the first seedling stage so that you can't plop them anywhere (forgot to do that) Yes, within a land claim block area, but you need an artisans station to craft the land claim block, the first tier carpenters table is cheap to make, don't get too fussy about it. And this is not Ravenhearst, don't expect me to do things you see in other mods, because I have no intensions for players to carry around workstations in their backpack, it defeats their purpose. 😛
  13. It's currently not in the mod, but there are plans, can't say when or how, but locking slots is planned.
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