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  1. Item price is at the bottom of the central item info screen Both are weight
  2. Undead Legacy is not a modpack/pack of modlets, it's an overhaul mod. Everything in the mod was specifically made for the mod itself. The tiny flag icon on the right side of the map is for removing quick waypoint
  3. That's a feature of Undead Legacy (default setting), you can adjust it in Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Undead Legacy
  4. you craft them at the Workbench
  5. Just put the ingot mold in the slot dedicated for mold tool in the furnace crafting list screen
  6. More UI customization options are planned, with next update, for example, you will be able to hide/autohide food, health and water bars as well, so that, for example, when you are topped off, you would only see the stamina bar. More improvements will be made as to I as well am interested myself to minimize the HUD as much as possible to get myself immersed in the world and see info only when it's needed.
  7. Have never seen anyone have that error, if you installed the mod correctly, no errors should show up. If you need more help in regards to this issue, join my Undead Legacy discord and ask there, maybe someone else can help with that.
  8. Right clicking with the hammers initiates repair process, just like in vanilla The Stone Axe no longer has that repair/upgrade feature, instead it has a power attack. Wood Hammer is the substitute for early game repair/upgrade.
  9. @newbie need either a wood hammer or a claw hammer
  10. the prefabs that come with UndeadLegacy are all vanilla changed ones, you do not have to do anything with them. Because of this, since there are no new uniquely named prefabs, the mod works just fine with KingGen or any other map generator and even Navezgane and all the 3 vanilla pregens Generate a new map with KingGen with standard vanilla list, you don't have to do anything to it to get a map for UndeadLegacy.
  11. @Akrux Will be improved It's a known exploit, that stuff in queue don't weigh anything, will be fixed at some point Action skill leveling will be improved (so that you don't lose xp when using a skill book, for example, and when you level up, so that it works just like player xp would) There's a nutrition update planned, that will completely change how food works, introducing many new stats as well as adding wellness system and food will be much scarcer and harder to grow crops Wrenching stuff gives too much resources, I'm aware and that'll be improved over time I have plans to limit what you can lockpick without points in lockpicking (How it works in fallout) Clubs and other weapons without variety need more love, I'm aware, I can do only so much by myself at any given moment in time Vanilla issue, can't really do anything about that Yup, it's too cheap, and a bunch of other items need price tweaks, disassembly station is work in progress, more stuff will be added to it over time More plastic in junk loot is planned to be added in form of random household items as well as 9. answer with disassembly st. Yep, item quality research is planned to be replaced with a brand new item quality upgrade mechanic, where you spend resources with a chance of upping the quality tier of an item and many complex crafting recipes will be removed (for example, most firearms), all crafted items will start as the lowest tier when crafted and will need to be upgraded one tier at a time at the item upgrade station - that's the plan at least. More things planned are mentioned in my roadmap: http://ul.subquake.com/roadmap Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
  12. ulmResourceRebarSteel doesn't work as upgrade item, because it's not defined in Allowed_upgrade_items for meleeToolRepairT1ClawHammer and meleeToolRepairT3Nailgun, need to append it to the list if you want it to work
  13. I haven't messed around in changing any way the vehicles collide with blocks, nor I haven't done any testing and comparing how different vehicles (vanilla vs modded vs each other) behave when colliding with blocks), that's something I'll be exploring at a later date, because I want to increase vehicle damage to entities in general and then I'll look deeper in how they behave when colliding with blocks
  14. Good suggestion, but implementation of such interaction would be challenging, worth to think about it, thanks for your input!
  15. Don't like the mod, don't play it, no one is forced to play Undead Legacy
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