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  1. This looks quite cool
  2. Problem is, they changed how custom assets are loaded into memory, before it was on demand - as you equip an item/block, the game checked the bundle and fetched the file, if the bundle and asset was small, you barely noticed it. Now however assets are all loaded into memory as you load up the save file or join a server, even though you might not even see the bulk of the custom assets within a play session. They did that because if an asset bundle was heavy (50mb+), the game basically froze until the bundle was loaded into memory upon equipping said item/block. It's a quick fix, but it didn't really solve the problem with RAM usage for bigger mods like DF.
  3. @Gamer_62 pretty much what others have said. Reason for this release was to test some critical bugs, that may result in corrupted character file, corrupted chunks etc. It's because the core features are messing around with the games primary C# code, it's not some simple XML edits that were done here. Besides 2.0 experimental release doesn't have any custom weapons, resource items, changes to perks/skills, no custom blocks, none of that (only a handful of 10 or so items for testing). It's primary to test how good my programming skills are in changing major aspects of the game - how vehicle fuel systems work, how ammo works, how crafting works and how encumbrance changes to inventory work, etc. Those are all under the hood things, that you wouldn't normally see or appreciate as a regular player, but if something breaks and you have to reinstall the whole game, wipe configuration data in windows registry or simply delete save files, you wouldn't like it no single bit. As for pandemic stuff with covid, i'm jobless and people on patreon are the only income for me right now and I'm grateful for their support, some of those people have been supporting me through thick and thing over 2 years, sorry if that makes you feel salty, that they got the chance to test it a bit earlier than others.
  4. At the moment I'm using vanilla silencer sounds for those guns, that can have one, for meaty guns I assigned some of the rifle silencer sounds.
  5. Yep, at the moment the core of the mod, which is pretty bare bones version of it, is currently being tested in early access mostly by my supporters, that have been following through my struggles over the years on working on the next version of this mod. It's no were close in terms of content, that I once had with it during A16.4, but that's because I've been focusing on improving the quality of life aspect of the mod instead of trying to update all the items it had. But before everyone starts grabbing their pitchforks - I will be bringing most of the stuff the mod had back in A18/A19, but it will take time. Before that happens I want to make sure that all the underlying C# code is working as intended and no major game breaking bugs occur during early access testing. This week I'm busy with IRL stuff, next week will be polishing and preparing it for release. Content will be added and re-added over time. Skill overhaul (one i worked during A17) is pushed back till A19.
  6. Worked out ins and outs on adding basic 4 wheel vehicles
  7. more teasers:
  8. well the beauty of modlets nowadays with 7 days is that you will be able to create modlets on top of undead legacy to do things like that, but they will have to be created specifically for the mod, since I'm pretty sure that majority of modlets won't work with my mod due to some core changes of basic things in the game.
  9. @mr.devolver no sooner than 2 weeks from now, early access privileges atm are reserved for my backers, who have been supporting me for a long time, some 2+ years, I think that's only fair that they get to experience the buggy early release first, before everyone else. @Phredd that's nice!
  10. Yeah, I really wish TFP would make it a bit easier to mod block textures
  11. Currently the mod is being tested in early-access mode by select group of people, who have been supporting the mods development for 2+ years now and meanwhile when that's going on, here's something, that you will most likely never see in any other 7 days to die mod: Summary: I can make it so that recipes require tools as part of the recipe and as the ingredient, the recipe consumes the durability of the tool. In vanilla 7 Days to Die it's not possible, it would count the tool as 1 ingredient and consume it once.
  12. Steam name: Subquake (https://steamcommunity.com/id/SubquakeLV/) Hours played: 4159 Started on Alpha: 11 Discord name: Subquake#9636 Native language: Latvian & English Programmer & website designer by trade, started development of Undead Legacy mod in A14, released it in A16 and actively developing it through A17 & A18. Currently mod's experimental version is in testing phase. Have extensive knowledge how the ingame user interface is coded and how to change or improve it. Always glad to help other community modders with answering questions and helping with advice about XUi, SDX, DMT, Harmony, XML and C# questions.
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