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  1. If you cared to read the description of the morning star, it states: "A deadly improvement over a regular mace featuring spiked weighted head instead of a typical blunt head. Will cause bleeding." Hope that clears things up
  2. Talked about weapon jamming as well, that's something that could be done, a % based chance for weapons to break and set durability to 0 when, lets say, for example, after weapons durability goes below a certain threshold like 25%. Different model guns could have different chance to jam/break.
  3. @kexes I'm actually working on expanding item quality levels to 90 levels, split into 9 tiers, each having 10 levels allocated going from H to S quality, however quality degradation will not be a thing of Undead Legacy, I already discussed this with my patrons a few days ago actually. What is planned however is to have gun type specific repair kits, so that, for example, to repair any SMG, you would need an SMG repair kit, that's made by using an SMG gun part, similar story would apply to rifles, pistols etc. And to get those parts, well, salvaging a weapon would give only 1 gun pa
  4. When it comes to vehicles, engine or battery quality has absolutely no difference. The quality is only useful when using Engines or Batteries in Generator or Battery banks for electricity
  5. 2021.05.02 - 2.3.34 Stable Hotfix ready! - Padded armor now is repaired with Cloth Fragments - Fixed Sedan vehicles having inaccurately assigned carry weight - Fixed not being able to sell Titanium Spear
  6. 2021.05.01 - 2.3.33 Stable ready! - Increased Rex Blade research cost - Fixed Rex Blade recipe not scaling ingredient cost with higher quality levels - Fixed wrong category assigned to Scrap Pickaxe Schematic, Scrap Shovel Schematic - Fixed wrong category assigned to Valkyrie Drill Schematic, Jackhammer Schematic - Fixed typos in Russian localization where new lines should start - Fixed inaccurate weight assigned to Lead Ore - Fixed consuming Honey (Pl. Bottle) giving Empty Glass Jars
  7. No, that's the whole point of inventory management. Use vehicles to carry more.
  8. if it's with a red console, then only way is through brute force
  9. Speaking of updates, there might be one more stable update before I get on with the next experimental phase.
  10. You cannot get certain trader only things like vehicles - helicopters, dump truck, as well as solar panels, solar cells just to name a few and I have plans to later have even deeper dependency on traders in the future for the mod
  11. it will either downgrade to insecure box or if it's already insecure, it will drop a bag with the contents in the bag it doesn't at the moment, you can place them wherever you want, even on a top of the roof of a building
  12. Vehicles have a cargo limit that takes into account player weight as well as the vehicles trunk, if the combined weight is higher than it can carry, it will not move Cannot downgrade the version, server needs to be updated. Older versions of the mod are not supported. And if there was something that made you crash in 2.2.85, I no longer care because there's a much newer version of the mod on stable branch and any bugs related to old versions aren't supported (most likely they are fixed by now). You could have googled that information, it's irrelevant to Undead Legacy, this migh
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