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  1. @CamouflageUK it should be ok to read them from the inventory Undead Legacy 2.4.27 Stable is out for A19.6 (b8)! Patch notes: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54324980 Download: http://ul.subquake.com/download
  2. Most if not all gas stations have them, some are full, some are empty
  3. @cammel very strange, because if I copy the link in the browser URL bar, it works @CamouflageUK that's not normal, make sure BEFORE installing the mod you have A19.5 (b60) version of the game, the mod will not work with any other version.
  4. Undead Legacy 2.4.26 Stable is out for A19.5 (b60)! Patch notes: - Updated English localization for Pistol Pete book series - Rebalanced Leather, Iron and Steel knuckle stamina use - Rebalanced Rusty and Iron Cleaver stamina use - Rebalanced Stone Pick, Shovel and Axe stamina use - Rebalanced Scrap, Iron, Steel and Titanium machete damage values - Fixed not being able to pick up Snowman - Fixed Scrap Glass to be scrapped into sand - Fixed modArmorTripleStoragePocket mislabeled as Armor Double Pocket Mod - Fixed item info panel sometimes showing inaccurate repair material for armor - Fixed item info panel description background rendering too tall for items with cosmetic slot, but no mod slots Incremental patch available: http://ul.subquake.com/dl?v=2.4.19-2.4.26 Incremental patch tutorial for mod launcher users: http://ul.subquake.com/mod-launcher-incremental-updates
  5. @cammel thanks for noticing, it's picking up the repair item of your equipped armor and showing that instead, will be fixed in next update
  6. @YourUndeadFriend I don't know, not the author of those lists and I don't use Compo Pack. @Izuku Midoriya what cammel said, this is an intentional change in the mod, because getting water through vanilla method of using lakes is just too easy, makes it trivial and pointless when it comes to surviving.
  7. Undead Legacy 2.4.25 goes Stable! There's a lot of patch notes, so as usual, the full list of changes since 2.3.34 and up until 2.4.25 can be found on my patreon: https://patreon.com/posts/53563852
  8. Undead Legacy 2.4.24 Experimental is ready! Stable release possibly this weekend or next week. Patch notes: - Restructured recipes.xml completely - Changed Deployable vehicle group to Science instead of Miscellaneous - Changed Bookshelves to have a higher chance to spawn Old Books - Changed Traders to have a higher chance to sell more varied ranged weapons - Changed weight of 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo - Changed economic value for Frying Pan, Saw Blade, Morning Star and Brinx's Fury - Changed Frying Pan and Brinx's Fury to be sellable to trader - Changed 6x1 loot containers to 4x2 - Changed Junk Turret and Sledge Turret, Pressure Plate, Motion Sensor, Generator Bank, Nailgun recipes - Changed Metal Letters, Blade Trap, Cement Mixer, Battery Bank, Speaker, Electric Fence Post recipes - Changed Vault Door, Powered Vault Door, Powered Hatch recipes - Changed Rolling Garage Door, Steel Garage Door, Iron Garage Door, Stun Baton recipes - Updated Grandpas Learning Elixir, Pumpkin Cheesecake recipes to give back empty jars - Updated Grandpas Learning Elixir, Shepards Pie, Fish Gravy Toast recipes to give back empty cans - Updated Chili Dog, Gumbo Stew, Spaghetti, Sham Chowder, Fish Tacos, recipes to give back empty cans - Updated localization for storage pocket mod descriptions to be more accurate to the mod - Updated localization for backpack mods to be more accurate - Increased Log Table weight - Reduced steel cost of crafting Steel Knuckles - Removed the need for Stun Baton Parts - Slightly reduced chance to find wrenches - Bellows Schematic can now be researched - Fixed Bellows recipe not requiring a schematic - Fixed traders selling in secret stash too high quality mining helmets - Fixed Lead Battery repair exploit (repairing battery restored it to full charge) - Fixed vanilla Motorcycle incorrect player seating and leg positions - Fixed not being able to refuel vehicles through radial menu - Fixed Party window entry showing empty background section Full list of changes/patch notes of 2.4 can be found here https://www.patreon.com/posts/51828952
  9. Undead Legacy 2.4.23 Experimental Hotfix is ready! Patch notes: - Fixed missing suffix for some gun fire rate stat - Fixed Ski Goggles agility stat missing icon - Fixed picked up car tires material not being rubber - Fixed item comparison being inaccurate (bug from 2.4.22) Full list of changes/patch notes of 2.4 can be found here https://www.patreon.com/posts/51828952
  10. Undead Legacy 2.4.22 Experimental is ready! Patch notes: - Added new twitch commands: #fuel, #hercules, #dead_weight, #total_recall - Added ability to scroll inventory or storage with controller right analog stick - Added missing English localization for several animal and zombie names - Removed ability to craft Rex Blade or Brinx's Fury - Rebalanced all zombie HP - Updated Korean and Russian localization - Updated twitch supplies for weapons, tools and ammo to have new items as well - Changed 6x2 loot containers to 4x3 - Changed and optimized loot groups - Changed starter gear to ignore loot abundance setting - Fixed Bone Shiv secondary attack speed being too fast - Fixed rare occasion for traders sell very low quality solar cells - Fixed short loot time when looting ambulance or service trucks compared to other vehicles - Fixed missing weight definition for suitcases - Fixed not being able to lockpick with a controller (no bound equivalent to space bar) - Fixed equipment items not comparing to already equipped items like in vanilla Full list of changes/patch notes of 2.4 can be found here https://www.patreon.com/posts/51828952 @Canute and @Blxckdreadful That's out of my control on how GitLab handles downloads. I added a mirror download link for 2.4.22 update through my site from a different host for the time being.
  11. Man, idk how you dug it up, but that's my old youtube legacy URL that I had 10+ years ago I'd prefer people to refer me by my current handle https://www.youtube.com/subquake As for your suggestions: - that was intentionally removed for gameplay balance - no - check my roadmap: http://ul.subquake.com/roadmap - not sure I understand what you ask. And regarding suggestions/requests in general, I have already my hands full with suggestions from my patrons and I prioritize those always first. And they are the ones you should be thanking, without them it would not have all the cool assets it has and will have in the future.
  12. Undead Legacy 2.4.21 Experimental is ready! Patch notes: - Added requirement for schematics to craft Minibike, Motorcycle, Car and Truck repair kits - Added requirement for a schematic to craft Advanced Repair Kit - Added ability to pick up grave stones - Added recipe to fill bucket from plastic bottles - Added ability to harvest Military Fiber with Wasteland Treasures book series Completed from repairable military trucks - Increased Animal Harvesting, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance action skill gain by 100% - Increased Lockpicking action skill gain by 40% - Increased Assassin, Missions, Pain Resistance action skill gain by 25% - Increased Trading action skill gain by 20% - Increased Sneaking action skill gain by 10% - Updated Chinese localization (thanks to zberone) - Updated Russian localization (thanks to Kelthuzer) - Updated Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie, Corn Bread, Corn On The Cob, Boiled Egg recipes to give back empty jars - Updated Hobo Stew, Meat Stew, Gumbo Stew, Spaghetti, Sham Chowder, Vegetable Stew recipes to give back empty jars - Changed Firewood Carry Weight from .25 to .1 - Changed Stone Powder craft time from Large Stones from 5 to 2 seconds - Removed ability to craft decoCarWheelFlat - Removed ability to craft decoCarTireSmallFlat, decoCarTireFlat, decoCarTirePile, decoCarTireStack - You can now pick up decoCarTireSmallFlat, decoCarTireFlat, decoCarTirePile, decoCarTireStack - Fixed Ore Extractor missing chance to give Saltpeter Ore - Fixed deployable vehicles showing additional inaccurate stat Full list of changes/patch notes of 2.4 can be found here https://www.patreon.com/posts/51828952
  13. @Cere Eventually yes, but before that happens, it will most likely be so that you first will start to see them as enemies at some point in the future in the wasteland. I'll work on that during a20, but for now it's a teaser decoration of what's to come and what to expect in the future
  14. @chiefoforc did you connect the battery bank to the door with the wire tool, inserted the battery and then turned the battery bank on?
  15. Undead Legacy 2.4.20 Experimental Hotfix is ready! Patch notes: - Updated Russian and Korean localizations - Replaced Bone Shiv to Pocket Knife in twitch loot - Fixed power source item properties incorrectly reading power output values based on quality constraints Full list of changes/patch notes of 2.4 can be found here https://www.patreon.com/posts/51828952
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