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  1. Its discontinued for the time being as I have no time to spare for this project.
  2. But do you have ZMXuiCPBBM?
  3. You have to install the BBM correctly. They are dependent on each other, you only delete the one above the one you want to use. Please read the instructions carefully and try again.
  4. Here’s to hoping they never add skeletons for anything but inanimate art assets. Skeletons have no muscles and a moving skeleton would then imply magic which wouldn’t fit the games setting.
  5. Then they either fixed it themselves or it is running an earlier alpha version Z2 has more of less been discontinued. I'm making no promises or plans for its future. It should be looked at as a cancelled project for the time being.
  6. No, there will be no more optimizations / compatibility patches made by my hand at this time. I am far too busy, my time is precious and better spent on other projects. That doesn't mean that it can't happen at some point in the future but if it happens it will be in the distant future and I'd say it is more likely to not happen.
  7. The latest update eliminated the need for the 10 slot belt optional as I updated it for the new belt. But with 10.5 they added some changes to the party window and that is what is causing the issue. I haven’t found time to spend on this to do a fix as I’m quite busy.
  8. It has not been updated for 19.5. Sadly this has been placed on the back burner and there is no update planned for the foreseeable future. I am simply to busy to invest time in this project for the time being.
  9. So true, also this would be a great incentive for TFP to add a "jiggly bone" to this one. I for one totally see that gas mask being detached/torn on one side and it flopping in and out of the zombies face as he moves around
  10. I'll take a look when I can. This was more a proof of concept than an actual mod I was planning on maintaining.
  11. // ALL SMX modlets updated to work with 19.5 Both NexusMods and GitHub are now updated with the new versions. Try the updated version...
  12. I don't want to give a timeframe yet. I've not even started working on it at this time due to time constraints.
  13. Hi, I do not understand French but I’m fairly certain this is the answer you are looking for. It has not been updated for 19.5 yet and it will likely not be for a few days still.
  14. Hi, There was no change between 19.3 an 19.4 in regards to the areas SMX touch so there were no need for an update at that time. For 19.5 there will likely be a need. I've not taken a look at the experimental update myself yet but I can say that there will not be an update until it goes stable and that it is unlikely that a modded version of the Twitch integration will be part of it. In regards to A20 the jury is still out, I don't want to give a definitive yes or no to SMX coming to A20 or not at this time.
  15. …VALHEIM! You haven’t played it have you?
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