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  1. That’s a “thing” that happens on multiplayer. Not really a bug or anything, just the way it is. My guess it happens since the menu no longer pause the game on multiplayer. I will look into some tricks to “solve” it.
  2. I will consider the numbers but other than that the toolbelt design is kinda final.
  3. Do you have the mods installed locally on the clients too? The mods with a Harmony folder have to be installed on both server and client. Could be a Linux thing though, really not sure.
  4. There isn't a TFS yet, it is coming as I want the forge to be vanilla and rather add an optional TFS.
  5. Was this a forge you had prior to installing SMXui or a new one you set up after? I made a small boo-boo when releasing the modlet, I forgot to cut the third forge slot into a separate modlet. I blame me being exhausted at the time 😛 This could be the issue if the forge was existing. Try making a new forge and see if the issue persists.
  6. Do you have any other mods going that add new ores or forge materials? What were you smelting / crafting at the time?
  7. If you are getting the white background that means that SMXlib is either not updated or installed correctly. The reason why the background is not colored is because the game cannot find it's color reference which was updated with the release of SMXui. So SMXui asks for color X and the style reference returns with "huh?" since it cannot find what the mod is asking for. All the colors are set in SMXlib. Try deleting it completely then installing the new version. Not all windows have been converted yet, the perks window for one. The inventory is converted and if you get the default inventory after installing SMXui then it is likely you are using another mod that interferes.
  8. Answered on Nexus. Please avoid asking on several platforms, as it can become confusing.
  9. It is being worked on, when A20 hit I was smack in the middle of a redesign of the whole SMXui modlet, so it no longer looks like the SMXui you are used to. This makes it take more time than if I just updated the version that existed. I did not expect stable to come so quickly after experimental so I decided to stick with the redesigned version. It's coming ... soon'ish.
  10. SMXhud, SMXlib and SMXmenu yes. But not SMXui.
  11. The important thing is you got it working
  12. Strange. SMXlib is updated to latest version? Have you tried reinstalling the modlets? What are you running on? Windows, Mac, Linux? Resolution? Any setting changes in the game scale wise?
  13. Are you running anything else that might interfere? What does your mod folder look like?
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