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  1. You just do it how you like, afaik there is no “one way” for how it should be done. If you want to make a single thread for all your modlets you do that and if you want a thread for each modlet you do that. Up to you and no one else...unless Madmole comes flexing, then you better listen. 😝
  2. Just got home from work and all SMX modlets have now been confirmed to work with A19.2B4.
  3. I am currently at the start of my work rotation so I cannot help with this question until I get back home. Remind me sometime after October 23.
  4. You also need to have the modlets installed locally, at the very least SMXlib.
  5. 20 tool belts? Well, that’s not part of SMX so either you are running another modlet to display that or you made the edit yourself. In either way the game does not support that and the extra tool belts they “allow” now is designed to work in prefab mode, so even if you technically can display them they will not be functional.
  6. Just updated the links to NexusMods in the OP which I forgot to do when I did the latest update. Sorry about that.
  7. Are you running any other mods together with the SMX modlets? Do you have ZMXuiCPBBMxxl installed? If so, remove that one as it reduces the UI scale. Also, you can make your own in game screen shots by pressing F9 in the game, it then makes a new folder in the 7dtd folder called screenshots and you can just pull those into the forum to paste them here.
  8. The same as in the vanilla UI? If so then you need to install SMXui if you want the complete SMX experience.
  9. Ok, so that's what you meant. Well, I can see from the picture you are playing on a laptop so that might be part of the issue as it has a smaller screen and all. Most elements in SMX are larger than in vanilla. If you are also playing with the BBMxxl then the interface is shrunk further to make room for the enlarged backpack.
  10. I am not sure I understand what you mean. Suggestion noted. That said, the tool belt being transparent was a bit of the point earlier but the modlet have changed quite a bit since then. I will keep it in mind in the next dev cycle.
  11. I'd argue my SMXhud is more unique than this one 😛
  12. A new version is in the works. The coding part is finished but some testing remains. It’s just been put on hold while working on SMX updates. The icon size for the buffs and then collection sections have been increased and it is coded in such a way that it is easily interchangeable by setting a controls node in windows.xml. I expect to get it out in a few days.
  13. If you play on a server the mods needs to be installed on the server in addition to the client.
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