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  1. Hi, sounds like you only removed the start bracket of the comment and not the end one.
  2. I’m glad you like it, this is exactly the kind of use case that I pictured when putting it together as I’ve noticed requests from people with hearing loss over the years. Since you’ve made mods yourself I advice you to have a look in the xmls and adjust it to fit your needs, from there you can adjust the range settings.
  3. A small update, it is being worked on but due to some core changes I’ve decided to hold SMXhud and SMXmenu back for a bit until I can get the base SMXui ready also.
  4. ZQLaNavObjectsZombie ZQLaNavObjectsZombie is a Proof of Concept modlet that adds zombies the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. This is just to show it can be done and how to do it, maybe someone can build upon this and make it into something more useful. As for a use case for this modlet, I guess it can be useful for people with hearing impairments that cannot hear the zombies, they will now get a visual indication that a zombie is between 10-50m away from them. Other than that I do not recommend anyone using it unless they want to ruin the zombie horror part of the game. Zombies will show up on the compass, map and on the on-screen sprite system. Fully customizable in regards to functional ranges and other functions. Supports off-screen display. Trails along the edge of the screen to show a zombie that is not on screen. Comes with a custom Zombie icon that is more fitting to this than the vanilla. XML only, no DMT magic required. DOWNLOAD
  5. Uploaded Z2 A19.0.Release1 to github. Release Notes - Z2: Interaction Prompt now has colored states. (Locked, unlocked, empty etc.) Added hyperlink functionality to buff frames. (New A19 feature.) Added several options for the compass bar style. With or without directional labels with both online and offline locations. Defaults to online without labels. This can be changed in windows.xml. Removed scale settings in xui.xml. The game now has built in scaling in the video settings. UI Size. Release Notes - Z2TB10 Some minor adjustments to positioning. Release Notes - Z2THB No longer needs a DMT patch to work. Enable/disable by installing/removing. Please do some testing on it and tell me in a post here how it works. I am particularly interested in the party frames as I have not tested those properly.
  6. Disclaimer: I noticed that Wookie also created a modlet for this purpose. There is a difference in how these modlets work. My modlet kills the window in the UI that these sprites operate on effectively killing ALL the sprites in one swoop. Wookie's modlet kills the individual sprites and as such gives you the option to enable some of the sprites manually should you wish to do so. If you want to play with some of the functions then my modlet will not allow you to do that and you should then use Wookie's modlet instead and then adapt if to fit your purpose.
  7. It's alive! Screenshot from the DMT version of the upcoming SMXhudHarmony modlet. Expect it and its little brother SMXhud to drop sometime tomorrow. SMXhud - Will be as you know it. SMXhudHarmony - Will require you to use the DMT tool to patch the engine and injects new features to the engine. Like the ability to separate the ammo counter(lower right corner), true food and water label values on the food and water bars (lower left corner), colorable names in chat (not shown) and movable tooltipline (not shown- the line that shows above the toolbelt at times) to mention some of the features for SMXhudHarmony. SMXuiHarmony will have even more features to further enhance the UI when we get to that point.
  8. ZQLxNavObjects ZQLxNavObjects is a Quality of Life modlet that disables the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. Intended for those that find such features immersion breaking and to gamey...or simply doesn't like it. For the record, I like it. It only removes the on-screen icons, the map and compass icons will still work as normal, so you will find that spear or that quest. Does not remove the treasure ring. DOWNLOAD
  9. I think you've misunderstood the 10 slot toolbelt. It is simply a design support, you will still need to install a 10 slot toolbelt mod that actually creates a 10 slot toolbelt, if not it will not work. As stated in the OP: "Please do note that Z2 itself does not currently come with a 10 slot tool belt DMT patch." You will need to install a 10 slot toolbelt DMT patch for it to work properly, I do not provide that.
  10. It is fully supported, iirc there were no UI change between 18.3 and 18.4 so I saw no real benefit to update the mod other than to change the version number.
  11. Just install it on the server and it should be good to go.
  12. Adding a screen effect to the buff would take care of that I guess.
  13. That would be sphereii, that made the mod launcher. Thanks for the donation, much appreciated
  14. I think there is a link in my other modlets thread but do not feel like you have to donate to me, but if you do it comes appreciated
  15. Z2 is coded to avoid most conflicts as there is only so much that can be done to the HUD that could potentially break the game. The missing compass line asset is one such thing. The way Z2 works is that it just takes over the HUD by forcing the xui.xml file to be setup in a certain way with the affected windows. My guess is you are experiencing the same error that he did and that the game cannot find the compass asset. Try following this link and see if you can see the image... https://i.imgur.com/ktagIqe.png You can also opt to download the image file, put it into a folder under the mod folder for instance Textures and then change line 24 in windows.xml to fit. So that would make the hierarchy \Mods\Z2\Textures\filename.png and the texture value on line 24 would have to be @modfolder:Textures\filename.png Hope that helps...
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