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  1. Hello All, First off I'd like to say Thank you to Stasis78, Mayic and hernanxx. Without thier prior work and permission, this wouldn't have been put together. Next, Thank you to all the modders here on the forums. The information/examples you've provided is greatly appreciated and helped me get this playable in A18.4. Extra special thanks to Linda, babygrl, Chris, Gator, Tru, Bluntz, David, Mistress Metal and Nomad for the initial help with everything to do with the farming mods and testing over the past few months. What I am posting here is a proof-of-concept version of farming based on/using prior work with a few new items, that I'm calling, Farm Life Expanded. It combines Stasis's FarmLifeMod2, Mayics Farming Mod and hernanxx's UnnecessarybutBeautiful mods into one. This started out months ago as just a farming modlet for our server. When asked if I could add recipes for UbB, I decided to just join that into the modlet after getting permission to use the mod. I know Demmers is working on a version of this as well, and this is in no way any kind of attempt to take anything away from what he is doing. I had started on this before I knew about his project. Information on Farm Life V3 can be found on the forums here and on NexusMods here. Also, I'm not claiming to be a modder, and I've been hesitant on posting about this knowing a good portion is others work. With that said, here are some details. Farm Life Expanded Animals Farm animals are part of the original mods. While I won't be fixing many of the issues with the previous models, I have corrected offset for placement. I've added new models and recipes. None have animations, and are working placeholders for the time being. New animals currently include: Beehive (honey) Horse (bone, leather, glue*) Pheasant (eggs, feathers, meat) Sheep (wool, meat) Turkey (eggs, feathers, meat) Animal Workstations Animal workstations are a continuation of Mayics concept, with new animals added. Again, none have animations and are placeholders for the time being. They are also the source of a "breeding" system. I didn't really know how to do this, so I added "cryo" containers to be found in loot that can then be used with the Animal workstation to create that type of animal. New animal workstations currently include: Beehive Elk Horse Pheasant Sheep Turkey Crops With the combination of the two farming mods, there were some duplicate plants. Some have been changed to other plant types, while others have been discarded and not used. The "crop" plants have been recoded to use TFP's growing method, with 56 plants available. All have at least 1 useful recipe. Trees Most of the recipes for UbB require certain types of wood. (example: Dark furniture requires Walnut, Clear requires Maple, White requires White Oak) making Trees more important. Workstations As mentioned, with the combination of the two farm mods, there were duplicates of some workstations. All have been re-evaluated and recipes changed accordingly. I didn't completely delete the unused models from the modlet, and they are still able to be crafted, but with no recipe requirements tied to them. Recipes/Quests This is one of the areas I haven't done much with yet, regarding the originals. There are currently 1517 recipes and 292 quests in the modlet. I haven't gone through everything, but all quests are available in the Farm Table. I also have to go through all of the Food recipes and catagorize them. There is a "starter" quest item that will give basic quests to get started with Farm Life if you decide to use it. A few of the new food items are just placeholders and don't have buffs/stats yet. I've tried to address as many of the original issues as possible eg. offsets of models, missing recipes, workstations(required items, model footprint) etc. There are still known issues with any of the workstations that have multiple rows of required tool slots. As for hernanxx's Unnecessary but Beautiful. The copy I started with had no recipes at all. All of the recipes are generic and can be changed in xml if needed. Also included, working sinks and ovens for those model types. Again, thanks to all that have put the effort into making these mods originally. One last thing to mention, I consider anything I've added to this as "open source", so if anyone wants to modify/use... by all means, go for it. Have fun and enjoy. Download A19 - Here
  2. Знаменитая русская локализация теперь в виде модлета! Переведено: • Главное меню • Меню настроек • Все предметы • Действия над предметами • Названия эффектов и их описания • Названия рецептов и их описания • Все задания/испытания и их описания Если вы найдёте какие-то ошибки и неточности перевода, просьба срочно сообщить о них! (желательно с прикреплённым скриншотом) Custom_Rus_Lang.zip Устанавливается как обычный модлет! Приятной игры! Основное руководство в Steam! Скриншоты под спойлером ниже!
  3. CreaturePacks This goal of these new modlets is to provide core "Packs" that contains various vanilla compatible and fully featured characters such as bandits, survivors, animals, wandering traders, etc. without breaking EAC or requiring the DMT utility. Included in this test version are samples of each type of character with very basic xml to get them working in game. No balancing of spawn rates, weapon power, etc was attempted. There are 5 creature packs: 0-CreaturePackAnimals - Things like animals, birds, insects etc. 0-CreaturePackHumans - Various bandits, traders, and survivors and other humanoid rigged entities 0-CreaturePackMechs - Robots, drones and other mechanical things like SphereBot, the avatar of my modding partner SphereII 0-CreaturePackZombies - Zombies, you know, dead things that used to be human. Humanoid rigged. 0-CreaturePackFantasy - Everything else that doesn't fit in the 4 other categories. Swarms, Orcs, Pokemon etc. Other character modders have committed to contributing additional characters to this pack like they do to the POI (Buildings) collection called CompoPack. Want to join them? Start here: The methods used to make this vanilla compatible were researched and developed over the past 2 years and finally it seems to be working well enough to test. However, this is something very new and challenging to develop so expect imperfections as we work out all the issues. Once initial testing is complete I plan to teach the development workflow to others. Features: Most characters support all vanilla character features. These include Humanoid rigging, root motion animation, collision with vehicles, rag-dolling, 100's of animated reactions (including hit locations, limping, etc.), limb decapitation and gore, and even the ability to spawn the characters with vanilla or custom weapons just by editing xml. These can also be retextured in xml to offer even more variety. There are some exceptions, especially on animals, as I just started to explore that controller. They also work very well as sleepers in POIs, but stumbling onto a bandit that has a MP7 at close range isn't something you will live to enjoy. Hopes and Dreams: Beyond hoping that this pack someday contains 100's of new characters, I hope some folks develop custom quests and story lines for some of the characters. Bandits are one thing, but earning a positive faction with the bandit leader by doing some hit jobs for him makes for a better end game. Known issues: New zombies can use all walktypes but humanoids like bandits and survivors, walktype 7 is used as its the least zombie-ish of the walktypes. On this walktype I only replaced the idle/walk/run animations, and added specific new animations for rifles and bows. Many more need to be added or replaced when time allows but its not bad as is. Adding weapons on entity spawn works but, for example Eve and her sideways AK47, requires me figuring out the default rotations of the hand location for guns. Melee worked on the club but I didn't try other melee weapons yet. There are currently no footstep sounds when these guys walk or run. Vanilla footsteps require a C# script to trigger sound events and we can not use scripts without breaking EAC. I expect to create a work around for that at some point but for now, look around more. I handle character physics differently than vanilla does so there may be issues in this area. New idle/walk/run animation blending is basic and will be tuned in later versions. SphereII wrote me a script that logs the values the game passes into the controller recently so now I can see a bit more about the relationship between xml movement values and Unity blend tree values. So everything you see for this test was just guessing at values. Installation: Just drop the modlets into your MODS folder and have fun. They are not dependent on each other so load the ones you want. If your using a dedicated server, you also need to load this into your dedi server Mods folder. So a copy in both the clientside Mods folder and also on the servers Mods folder. Compatibility: The modlets are named with a prefix of 0- to insure they load before other modlets that will edit the basic xml provided in these core modlets. Nothing in these modlet's xml should change vanilla in a way that collides with other modlets but let me know if it does. Testing was done on 18.3 stable. Each submitted Unity.3d file (multiple entities in one file) should have a size less than 100 megs for Github compatibility. This is NOT compatible at this point with my DMT Bandits and Wandering traders, and maybe not the NPCs as well as there will be duplicates across these mods until that's all cleaned up. Terms of Use: The goal of everything SphereII and I do is to share information and examples of how to make this game better. So use this for yourselves or as part of a mod you develop for others to enjoy. Giving credit to the author is always a class act, but at least don't be that guy who spends an hour editing someones work and then claims to be the original author. Download: https://github.com/7D2D/A18Mods Look for the 0-CreaturePacks, but there are other fun things there too, like No Potty Mouth. or try: https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGi...urePackAnimals https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGi...urePackFantasy https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGi...turePackHumans https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGi...aturePackMechs https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGi...urePackZombies
  4. Thought I'd make a single post for all my modlets that work on A19. Basically it's all the various A18 ones, tested and adjusted if necessary to make sure they work on A19. There's also a few new ones that I thought folks might like. All of these are XML only. Enjoy. 3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap. 12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything! 60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 60 Slot Backpack (with Food/Water bars) - As above, but with food and water bars moved from under the toolbelt to under the Health/Stamina bars on the left. 96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 96 Slot Backpack (with Food/Water bars) - As above, but with food and water bars moved from under the toolbelt to under the Health/Stamina bars on the left. Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish. Backpack Buttons - Adds Stash All, Stash Stack and Stash Stack Smart buttons to the backpack when a container is open (including vehicles). HP Bars - Remember the red HP bar that was shown off in A17? This adds that back into the game for folks who liked that idea. Log Spikes - Makes Wood Log and Iron Spikes craftable again. Pickup Plants - Allows the player to press the 'E' button (default. May be different for other languages/controllers) to pick up plants. This does NOT grant extra harvest based on perk. You have to punch for that. Max Animals/Zombies and Claim Blocks - Adds options to the main menu for the player to select max spawned animals/zombies in the world in SP. Also allows the player to have more than 1 claim block via menu option. Steel Ammo - Adds the steel ammo from A17 for players who enjoyed that option. Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open (tested with Trader Jen and seems to work). Sniper Rifle Fix - Adds a scope overlay to the sniper zoom action so it's actually useable. Zoom level is unaffected, so it will still act as if there is no scope in terms of mechanics.
  5. This modlet adds a weapon-mod for one-hit-kills at head hits. It starts with the creation of an Empty Book, which can be found in the Science tab! After reading the book the first quest starts. After completing the quest series you will get the blueprint to learn how to make the HeadShot-Mod.The weapon which have this Mod installed do one-hit-kills to headshots. On other body parts your weapon will only do 1 damage. Installation notes: 7Days in Version 19 - supported languages: english, german Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\) Download: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/888/ or https://github.com/Scomar82/7-Days-Modlets First step, craft the empty book: then complete the questline and you will get the schematic for unlocking: now you need only the materials to craft the mod and then enjoy:
  6. ZQLaNavObjectsZombie ZQLaNavObjectsZombie is a Proof of Concept modlet that adds zombies the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. This is just to show it can be done and how to do it, maybe someone can build upon this and make it into something more useful. As for a use case for this modlet, I guess it can be useful for people with hearing impairments that cannot hear the zombies, they will now get a visual indication that a zombie is between 10-50m away from them. Other than that I do not recommend anyone using it unless they want to ruin the zombie horror part of the game. Zombies will show up on the compass, map and on the on-screen sprite system. Fully customizable in regards to functional ranges and other functions. Supports off-screen display. Trails along the edge of the screen to show a zombie that is not on screen. Comes with a custom Zombie icon that is more fitting to this than the vanilla. XML only, no DMT magic required. DOWNLOAD
  7. It is just a simple modlet that gives you a colored feedback about the cointainer and door states. It shoud be compatible with other mods and modlets, because it is only an simple change of the localization.txt. I tested it with Darkness Falls and it worked well. Supported languages: English and German in A18 and now new in A19 all languages supported Game Version: 18.4 // 19 Download: A18.4 Download on Github A19 Download on Github or https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/767
  8. Deep Pockets 78 Slot Backpack that must be earned through Pocket Mods, featuring full-size item icons: This modlet is designed for Sorcery A19 as a standalone mod that can be used on its own. Simply download, extract and drag 'n' drop the "DeepPockets" folder into your "Mods" folder: Download Deep Pockets
  9. Last Modlet Updates: Jul-4-2020: Working on converting modlets to a19 Mar-12-2020: Updated Add More Pipe Bombs Modlet: Remove The Map Direct download: a18 => (Tested on) a18.3 a19 => WIP. The a18 modlet does not work in a19! More Information: Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Description: Map is greyed out, forcing you to use only the compass and your memory Last Update: 1-19-2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather - Core Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 More Information: Github, 7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: Adds pretty dense dirt, winds, and temp changes to all biomes Last Update: 1-12-2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Effects - Medium Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core Last Update: 1-12-2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Effects - Light Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core Last Update: 1-12-2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather - Survival Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: Gets colder as your altitude increases Last Update: 1-12-2020 Modlet: Rabbit Of Caerbannog Direct download (Tested On): a18.2 , a18.3, a18.4 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: Adds a very vicious zombie rabbit that very rarely spawns, and a grenade to kill it. Last Update: 1-25-2020 Modlet: Rabbit Of Caerbannog - Spawns A Lot Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 a18.4 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com Description: An Override to Rabbit Of Caerbannog modlet to make rabbit spawn more often Last Update: 1-31-2020 Modlet: Add 5 more slots for recipe ingredient list Direct download (Tested On): a17.2 , a18 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: If you use mods and run into a recipe you cannot craft this may help Last Update: 10-24-2019 Modlet: A fork of KHelldons a17 modlets Direct download (Tested On): a18.2 More Information: Github (My fork),7daystodie.com: Khelldons modlet page Description: An attempt to get them to work in a18 Last Update: 2-7-2020 Modlet: Add more common sounds Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 More Information: Github,7daystodiemods.com Description: Add more sound variations. Demo/Work in Progress. Let me know if you want more of a particular sound! Last Update: 1-23-2020 Modlet: One Hour of Daylight Direct download (Tested On): a18.2 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com: This Forum Post,7daystodiemods.com Description: Can have perpetual nighttime or daylight. Very dark inside and underground. See also: Claymores Modlets "MORE OPTIONS" Last Update: 1-26-2020 Modlet: Add More Pipe Bombs Direct download (Tested On): a18 a18.2-> a18.x a19 More Information: Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Description: Add a few more types for early and end game use Last Update: 07-04-2020 Modlet: You've got Mail Direct download (Tested On): a18.2 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com: This Forum Thread,7daystodiemods.com Description: Add fun stuff in places you find mail Last Update: 2-22-2020 Modlet: Nerf the Junk Turret Direct download (Tested On): a18.2 More Information: Github,7daystodie.com: This Forum Post Description: Makes Junk Turret more of a warning system than a Zombie destroyer, especially in early game. Adds more items to craft junk turret ammo with Last Update: 2-26-2020
  10. Z2 is a small side project of mine that I just sat down and started coding the other day. I started with creating a new compass bar and then just went from there, making things up as I progressed along the orange line. The result is what you see in the screenshots below. No external assets were used in the development of this HUD with the exception of the compass bar of course which sparked this whole thing. The compass bar is hosted online(imgur) and that makes this modlet server friendly in the terms that it requires no client downloads unless one opts to use the optional 10 slot tool belt and target health bar patches which will require the clients to download and install DMT modlets. I've not spent a whole lot of time on this modlet yet, and as such I am sure there are both bugs and hopefully minor issues I haven't caught before releasing it. Please make me aware of those with a post in this thread. I prefer not to be sent PM's in this regard. Worktime: 3-4h (initial sketchup) Worktime: 6-7h (fine tuning, touchups, changes) This modlet is coded to be a HUD killer. This means that it can be dropped into an overhaul mod and it will likely kill the overhauls HUD and replace it with Z2. Some adaptation might be needed depending on overhaul features and original HUD complexity. Z2 is currently not scale friendly, due to this it attempts to lock the scale at vanilla values. This might cause issues if added to other mods or modlets that rely on changing the scale to display correctly. This will be rectified in an upcoming version. It's color scheme is also highly customizable through the styles.xml file. So if orange is not your thing, change it there by setting a new R,G,B color code in the correct style entry. This will be further diversified in an upcoming version. Z2 - Showing the HUD and the radial menu. Z2 - Showing the vehicle health and fuel bars. Z2 comes with some optional features that can be used. The reason I made these optional is because they require a higher level of experience when it comes to modding, they require the use of third party tools, they render the client EAC unfriendly and they require clients to download and install the modlets locally. The first optional feature that is available at release is the target health bar which, when installed correctly, enables the target health bar in the games engine and adds some other tweaks by SphereII to further enhance and touch up the bars a little. (DMT patch provided by SphereII) Z2THB no longer requires a DMT patch to work. Simply install it as any other modlet. Z2THB - Showing the target health bar. (Requires client install and DMT patching.) The second optional feature that is available at release is a patch to tweak Z2 to fit if you have a 10 slot tool belt modlet or overhaul installed. Please do note that Z2 itself does not currently come with a 10 slot tool belt DMT patch. Z2TB10 - Showing a 10 slot tool belt. (Requires client install and DMT patching. Also requires a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod/modlet.) To download click on the images below. They pull directly from my github repo. Optionally you can download and install these modlets through SphereII's Mod Launcher (recommended). Install like any other modlet by dropping it into your 7 Days to Die installation folder and making sure that the hierarchy is as follows; "Mods\modname\ModInfo.xml". And as always, do the smart thing and backup saves first. Use at your own risk. This is an initial release and is to be considered a test version. Please post here with any issues that may present themselves. Updates and changes will happen when I get around to it. I will try and touch up this main post with some more fancy graphics and stuff soon Hope you like it!
  11. Note: I'm new to modding and I'm learning as I go! So go easy on me I'm gonna add more Mods in the future hopefully ... Better Goggles Adjusting the stats of some Eyewear in the game that feels more fair. All Goggles have +10% Exp Gain & +4 Loot Bonus Aviator Goggles have +1 Fortitude Treasure Radius -1 still exclusive to Aviator Goggles Crafting Time -10% still exclusive to Nerdy Glasses Note: Might be adding Cold Resistance to Ski Goggles & Heat Resistance to Shades in the future so that they all have an additional exclusive Stat. Pictures https://imgur.com/a/bMfXnb3 Better Goggles.rar
  12. New module that hides all the Onscreen Sprites : https://gitlab.com/wookienookie/a19_vanilla_modlets/-/raw/master/HideOnScreenSprites.zip?inline=false Ive done the XML Xpath commands individually for each Onscreen sprite and hence you can enable/disable each Sprite type as you like. By default all sprites are hidden.
  13. Ragsy 2145

    Ragsy' s Modlets

    All of my Modlets available here >>--Ragsy's Modlets on GitLab--<< *** For individual modlet downloads click the 'Download link' in the modlet description post *** Also available on the >>--7 Days Mod Launcher by Sphereii --<< Hang Glider Modlet Information here Adds a handy 'Hang Glider ' for getting down from those tall buildings Additional Credits : Guppycur Compatibilty : A18.4,A19e The TFP Raft Modlet Information here Adds a craftable working Raft for all your sailing needs Additional Credits : DUST2DEATH Compatibilty : A18.4, A19e Working Boats Modlet V4 New thread here Adds a Flat bottomed boat and a small Dingy to the game Additional Credits : Guppycur Compatibilty : A18.4, A19e Vanilla Motorcycle Tune Up Version 1 Info Here Inspired by DUST2DEATH's Roadhog from A16 , a few changes to the Motorcycle that adds more lean on corners and a bit of back wheel slide like a Dirtbike feel and a top speed of 27 Compatibilty : A18.4, A19e Vanilla Motorcycle Tune Up Version 2 Info Here A few more changes to the Motorcycle , this gives a Racing Bike feel and leans lower into corners without sliding and of a top speed of 27 Compatibilty : A18.4, A19e Classic Style Zombies V3 Info Here A modlet that will send you back the classic style zombies. Note: In A18 the modlet stops 'Rage Zombies' .... AI is dumbed down and will walk into spikes more , making too much noise means hordes will form on your location. Additional Credits : REV6-7-8, Spider,Tete1805, Khaine, Xyth,HaidrGna, HAL9000 Compatibilty : A18.4 Find Bicycles in Dumpsters Info Here 9 million bicycles in Beijing and not one findable in game really ? Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Vehicle First Person View V3 Info Here A first person experience for vanilla vehicles (Except Gyrocopter) Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Take Out The Trash Version 3 Info Here Keep your local zombie infested neighbourhood clean without destroying it completely , only destroy the trash bags and not the bins and trash cans or tilt trucks Additional Credits : KhaineGB Compatibilty : A18.4, A19e (This version is backward compatible to A18.4 ) Find Vehicle Parts In Airdrops Info Here Adds probabilities of finding vehicle parts in Airdops Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Brighter Vehicle Headlights V2 Info Here Version 2 adds manux custom vehicles modlet and Guppycurs Vehicle Madness support, Along with normal vanilla vehicles . Additional Credits : bdubyah Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Remove RH Stats Bar Info Here A modlet to fully hide the stats bar on the bottom right hand side of your screen hud display Additional Credits : Numberz Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4 Pickup_HDHQPlants Info Here Two modlet 'patch versions' for the old A16 Style press <E> to pick up HDHQ Plants used in DUST2DEATH's HDHQ Plants Modlets Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Better Gyro Handling Info Here Numerous tweaks to the Gyro vehicle settings to improve take offs and landing and general maneuverability . Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Ladder control modlets Info Here Ever thought hey how can zombies climb ladders ? Two versions Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4, A19e Re Plant wild crops and plants Info Here Allows replanting of all wild plants and even POI plants Compatibilty : A17.4, A18.4 A big big thanks to REV6:7-8 for encouraging me to post these in my own thread to get my modding journey underway and for his continuing support ... Rev's mods can be found here REV6-7-8-s-REALITY-CHECK Also thank you to those that have helped or are helping support my modlet endeavours via the Modding Discord HaidrGna, Guppycur, DUST2DEATH, Xyth, sphereii, bdubyah, Tin, Telric and Khaine Thanks to the great community here on the forums here for the feedback and support. Enjoy Ragsy !!
  14. // Greetings, fellow survivors! Welcome to the new and improved SMXhud modlet for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 18. This version has undergone a great deal of improvements in light of the many new features that Alpha 18 brought to the table. See the changelog below for detailed information. // Terms of Use You are allowed to use this modlet as is for your own personal use and/or distribute said modlet bundled with something of your own creation as long as all the files of this modlet remain unaltered and you do not claim credit for creating the modlet itself or any of the files provided with it. You are welcome, but not required, to inform the developer of this modlet should you wish to bundle and re-distribute said modlet as described above. You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with this modlet in other projects where said modlet is not included and credited. This restriction applies to all files that this modlet consist of. You are required to inform and ask permission from the developer of this modlet should you wish to make changes to any files provided with the intention to bundle and/or distribute. Should permission be granted you are required to make the changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files whatsoever. // SMXhud // SMXhud is SMX as you know it from Alpha 16 first remade into a modlet and tweaked for Alpha 17 and now further enhanced for Alpha 18. The purpose of SMXhud is to take the in-game HUD into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to stay as informative as possible while not being intrusive on your gameplay. // Install and remove Download the modlet from one of the locations below. Decompress the modlet using WinRAR or a compatible archiver. Copy or move the Mods folder into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Verify the install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this hierarchy: "\Mods\SMXhud\ModInfo.xml" Remove by deleting the SMXhud folder inside the Mods folder. // The Downloads SMXhud can be downloaded from three sources. NexusMods, which is my main distribution platform. Everything I distribute launch here first. Github, which is my mirror of choice for those that cannot or will not use NexusMods. SphereII's Mod Launcher, an easy to use mod and modlet installer for 7 Days to Die. // NexusMods // Github // SphereII's Mod Launcher // The Optionals SMXhudTHB is easiest to install from SphereII's Mod Launcher. This due to its dependency on a patchscript to remove the God Mode lock that the bar is hidden behind. It can of course be installed manually. To do so, download it from the github link below, but you will then have to download and install the 0-SphereIICore modlet, the DMT tool and patch the game engine manually...trust me, use the Mod Launcher! !!WARNING!! - Installing this makes the game non EAC friendly, and will render you unable to play on EAC enabled servers. You will also need to enter the launcher and turn off EAC or you will just be met by a black screen when starting the game. // Github // Support SMX Development All SMX branded mods and/or modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy. I do however from time to time get questions from users on how to donate and support the SMX development. The purpose of this link is nothing more than a way for me to cater to those that want to make a donation. You should under no circumstance feel obligated to do so, but if you decide to do it I want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not I would like to extend a thank you to all that download and use the different SMX mods, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them. If you feel like making a donation to support the development of the SMX branded modifications, click the image below.
  15. Devrix


    Features Play 7D2D as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning. Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items Pure Spellcaster playstyle Spellcrafting: 5 unique abilities for each unique spell Spell Ammo Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Omni Alchemy Crafting: Potions, Elixirs, Potion Bombs Armor Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning Armor Sets Rune Crafting: Fire, Ice, Lightning Rune Mods Spell Weapon Abilities: primary, secondary, passive, charge New Attribute: Sorcery New Dual Skill Tree and Perks Fire, Ice, Lightning Mastery: learn how to craft and augment spells Spellcast Mastery: primary, secondary, passive and charge abilities Rune Mastery: harness the power of Runes to augment your spells Essence Mastery: demystify and awaken the elemental essence of the world to extract and craft spells and weapons with essence. Fire, Ice, Lightning Spells: upgrade each spell with five alterations Latest Version: 0.85 - The Awakening Sorcery, The Awakening (v0.85) is now LIVE and FULLY PLAYABLE! Download Sorcery MANUAL: Modlet, Pure XML You install Sorcery just as you would any other pure XML Modlet. However, I cannot stress enough how horrible your experience will be (no text in-game) if you do not follow these steps of adding the (Localization Text😞 LAUNCHER: Mod, SDX Sorcery is fully integrated into the 7D2D Mod Launcher, as an SDX Mod, with automatic Localization handling... praise The Gods (and @sphereii)! If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started: Credit TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available. Supporters make ongoing development possible! Sorcery A19 / Future Updates A vanilla game bug is present in A18.x that prevents Sorcery from being updated. This has been reported and confirmed to be fixed in A19: onSelfEquip Bug Details Sorcery A19 development has officially begun with the release of A19 Experimental! Two workarounds for the nasty bug have are discovered AND some Runes will be maintained. There is A LOT in the works for Sorcery A19+, including dedicated Perk Trees for EACH ELEMENT! If you like Sorcery, join the ranks of Patreon Supporters to help keep Sorcery development going strong into A19: Support Sorcery Development
  16. During one of the FunPimps' stream for Alpha 19, the motorcycle model was shown without the shield and spikes. I thought it looked cool. This modlet allows you to select alterations to the base model in game. I've also added a taillight just because. v1.1 is Alpha 19 ready: I've rebuilt the assets and tested. Release Notes v1.1 Download v1.1 To see all my mods
  17. Download Entire Package Here https://gitlab.com/guppycur/guppymods My modlet collection. If you don't know how to use git or download, sorry but that's on you. Click on the mod then click the download button, geesh. I offer zero warranties or guarantee's. Tons of people have helped me with my mods, and I'd list them but then I'd forget someone and feel bad. So basically everyone on my modding discord. 😃 Thanks homies! Guppycur's AdditionalCharacters - Adds a few more characters - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's BloodMoon Trickle - Removes the TFP trickle on blood moons Guppycur's Can Grenade - Cheap, easy, goes boom Guppycur's Commercial Blocks - Adds commercial blocks Guppycur's Commercial Kitchen Blocks - Adds more commercial kitchen blocks Guppycur's Cop Acid - Harvest cops for their acid Guppycur's Desert Ambiance - Adds dust devils and dust storm to desert biome Guppycur's Door Blocks - Adds a variety of doors; doubles, gates, drawbridges, portcullis', etc Guppycur's Dust Devil - Dust devil entity by itself Guppycur's Elevator - Adds a fixed sized elevator Guppycur's Fantasy Mod Extras - Adds a few items for a fantasy mod Guppycur's Fireworks - Adds a zombie distraction fireworks box Guppycur's Flame Thrower - Adds a hand held flamethrower weapon Guppycur's Get Nailed Quest Chain Edit - Fixes quest chain for Kheldon's Get Nailed mod Guppycur's Grenades - Adds a smoke and flash-bang grenade, great for PvP! Guppycur's Heads on Spears - Adds heads on spear blocks Guppycur's Hospital Blocks - Adds more hospital blocks Guppycur's Insects - Adds a flying hornet type insect and prefab/nest - Compatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's JapaneseCharacters - Adds Japanese characters - incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Misc Blocks - Adds a lot more blocks for decoration and building Guppycur's Misc Blocks 2 - Adds even more blocks for decoration and building Guppycur's Mobiles Modlet-NonSDX - Broken @%$*#! vehicle modlet; okay, it works but needs finishing. Use ragsy's instead Guppycur's New Torch System - Replaces torches with a new system Guppycur's OrcPack - Adds orcs - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Other Creatures - Adds other weird creatures - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Placeable Light System - Replaces lights with a new system Guppycur's RadiationMod - Bit buggy for a18 (hopefully fixed in a19), but enables rad1 and rad2 zones along with armor modifiers allowing entry to those zones Guppycur's Rad Dampener - Adds an item to hold that will remove the radiation healing effect of nearby entities Guppycur's Rad Eyes - Replaces rad zombie glows with green eyes Guppycur's Rad Warning Signs - Adds "Danger: Radiation Zone" signs to wasteland Guppycur's Rage Zombies - Better than TFP's, these ragers won't quit! Better kill them quickly. Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper - Randomizes the "get up" time for zombies, so that you're less sure if they're dead or not Guppycur's Riot Shield - Adds a riot shield item to hold Guppycur's Robot Dog - Adds a companion bot to follow you around and help you carry stuff Guppycur's Rotating Bridge - Adds a rotating bridge Guppycur's Shopping Cart - Adds a push-able shopping cart and a drive-able shopping go-kart Guppycur's Soldiers - Adds soldiers - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's StairwayToHell - Randomly replaces wooden stairs with versions that will break when walked on Guppycur's Trees - Adds more speedtree blocks to the game Guppycur's Vehicle Madness - DMT mod for a vehicle mod overhaul. Adds MANY vehicles and a new system for acquiring them Guppycur's Victorian Blocks - Adds Victorian era looking blocks Guppycur's Wanted Posters - Adds some wanted posters for yours truly Guppycur's ZombiePack - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Zombie Doctors - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Zombie Soldiers - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack
  18. CCTVs: Adds 8 panning security cameras and 2 CCTV wall monitors. Each comes in a large and small size. Monitors do not require power but must be wired, but can then be unwired. Cameras require the same wiring/unwiring if you want them to pan. The cameras will either pan or aim forward based on pressing E. I cannot make them pause in mid-pan, as I'm not using code for any of this. Monitors will rotate to the next camera image every 5 seconds unless you press E to pause it. The 5th screen shows all 4 cameras at once and you can also pause there. Monitor 1 shows cams 0-3, monitor 2 shows cams 4-7. You may use multiple copies and/or sizes of the monitors, but you can only have 1 of each camera number active. For example, if you place two camera zero's, only the last one placed will show on the monitor. Don't do this as each camera uses FPS. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ Dedi Installation: Modlet needs to be loaded on both the dedicated server and each client. Comments: I added a bigger screen and smaller cameras. Let me know what else would be useful. Should look bright in daylight or in a darkened room now. Warning: Each camera used lowers FPS slightly so don't use more than your rig can handle 🙂 ... Be sure to have VSync "Off" as that seems to hurt FPS badly. Also, I noticed at long distances, in my case cameras on a tall pole above ground and a monitor at bedrock, the cameras occasionally lose sync and transmission is intermittent. Moving the monitor closer to the cameras resolves this. You MUST turn off Occlusion in the Video Quality settings or the camera will cull (make invisible) somethings when indoors * Credit to Eihwaz for cleaning up and improving the xml in this mod, and for providing localization for our German speaking friends.
  19. All Mods can be found on my A19, A18 and A17 Repos here: https://github.com/7D2D A19 Mods are under the A19Mods folder, A18 Mods are under the A18Mods folder, etc. Salvaged Bats : Adds baseball bats and item modifiers Better Books : Animated Comic Books Zombie Pinup Posters : Pinup posters for the apocalypse LightSabres : Adds 3 new lightsabres to the game Fun with Flags : Some new craftable flags, make your own fun flag today! VideoPlayers : Adds Televisions, Theater Screens and Billboards to the game. CCTVs : Adds 8 CCTV cameras and 2 monitors to the game. NOT SDX, its vanilla. Radios : Adds 3 Radios SteelBars : Adds 2 levels of steel, wrought iron and wood bars you can loot though HelmetCam: Adds a helmetcam item modifier, adjustable in xml No Potty Mouth : Addon modlet to remove the non-PG voiceclips from bandits Salvaged Bats Modlet: A modlet that demonstrates how to implement melee weapon modifiers, and adds new bats and modifiers in a compatible way with TFPs vanilla bat. New hi-def textures and mesh fixes provided by Dust2Death. Those textures for the modifiers were reduced to 1K for compatibility with most PCs. Schematic Icons by DukeW74. Hopefully some modders will want to make some more attachments for this mod and collaborate to make it a more finished modlet. See it in action: Download the modlet: https://github.com/7D2D/ Want to make you own modifiable hand items or weapons? Learn how here: Download the Base Bat Template used to align new attachments: (A17 version) https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities/blob/master/BatTemplate.unitypackage Better Books: Another proof of concept. Adds 2 in game magazines to read on those long nights in base. Goal is to provide a method to allow for in game documentation that includes images. Starvation really needed something like this to explain how to make uranium and other complex processes. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ Zombie Pinup Posters: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ LightSabres: Adds 3 in light sabres (red,blue,green) because, well, folks asked for them. Adapted the particle from the lightsabre made by Starvation's own Pacco, may he rest in peace. Otherwise it all new. Recharge them when "broken" using a gem made from a rough diamond and a battery. They are OP so they wear out sooner than you would hope, especially L1 devices. See them in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ SteelBars: Adds steel, wrought iron and wood bars models that you can loot though. I love using ironbars in my base for Bloodmoons, but you can't loot through those so all the wasted loot bags! Upgrade/downgrade xml by our own DrConfused! Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ HelmetCam: Adds a camera item modifier for helmets. Its pointed backwards now because my daughter hates vultures sneaking up on her, but you can rotate and aim the camera in xml as you would like. This needs more testing, and ideas how to improve it is welcomed. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ CCTVs Adds closed circuit TVs for your security needs. This modlet has its own thread.
  20. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    NPCs DMT Mod Description Version (2.0) of a mod that introduces dynamic NPC characters into the game by expanding on the CreaturePack Humans. These NPCs require some of Sphereii's DMT scripts, and these dependencies will be enforced upon loading this mod with the mod launcher. Many issues probably exist and we need help testing to make these NPCs work better. This mod adds many new NPCs to the game. Unlike previous NPCs, these can be hired then issued orders to stay, follow, guard, patrol eat, drink, and can even loot POIs for you. All this is configured in XML. Once hired, you cannot kill them, nor can another hireling or allies in your party hurt them. This blocks friendly fire issues. Non hired NPCs are fair game. They are currently set to spawn in the friendly animal spawn group, but you can change that in xml. They will require food and drink added to a storage container, or in their backpack, otherwise they will look for food and water in the game. You set the patrol route by giving the learn patrol route command then you walk that chosen route. At the end of the route order the NPC to patrol. Other commands, like stay, guard, follow should be self explanatory. In xml you can set what the NPCs eat and drink, what they use for a toilet and what they defecate (if you turn that on), whats their home block, what they use for a bed, food containers, etc. Take a look at the xml and read the comments. The NPCs are an adaptation of the animals used for another mod, so if you want NPCs to breed and lay eggs, well, that could happen with the right xml. Just don't ask me to help you with that :-) Installing The NPC mod is found in the DMT section of the mod launcher or in my repo here: https://github.com/7D2D/A18DMTMods This is an DMT mod so it must be compiled with DMT, or loaded by the mod launcher. This mod has several dependencies that must be compiled with this mod for it to work properly. These are: <dependency>0-SphereIICore</dependency> <dependency>SphereII NPC Dialog Windows</dependency> Find those dependency mods here: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods <dependency>0-CreaturePackHumans</dependency> https://github.com/7D2D/A18Mods Change Log Version 2.0 : Converted to use Gen3 characters in CreaturePack Version 1.8 : Folder rename for compatibility, patched insta-kill from zombie inflicted bleeding Version 1.71 : Increased sphere of weapon so they hit crawlers better, added remaining NPCs to spawning, reduced spawning rate 50% Version 1.7 : Converted to faction based targeting, improved ranged targeting Version 1.6 : Added ModInfo.xml to work around DMT bug Version 1.55 : Dedi animation fix Version 1.52 : Bleeding fix Version 1.51: Xml edits to fix ranged entities Version 1.5 : A18 update and added DarkStarDragon entities Version 1.3 : Fixed ammo dupe with Traders mod. Version 1.21 : Fixed Harley sound error.. Version 1.20 : Removed entanglement and dependencies from Blooms Animal modlet Version 1.12 : Removed zombie buffs from weapons Version 1.11 : Added dependency on Patch_Entity to fix bleedondeath error Version 1.1 : Initial release Known Issues This mod has not had much A18 testing and has so much code we expect you to find issues. No training guide. Sphereii posted details on each new script that contains lots of info on your xml options. But if your confused, feel free to ask questions here. Well, except questions about egg laying.... DarkStarDragons entities (Pest, Hunter etc.) still use gen2 tech but will be converted in time. Credits First, thanks to SphereII for creating all the new AI tasks and scripts that make these NPCs possible. Thanks to DarkStarDragon for joining in this project and adding his own NPCs to this mod. And a shout out to Mumpfy who edited the base meshes and retextured several of these new entities.
  21. Are you tired of driving the exact same Jeep as you friend? Do you want to pimp your ride? PaintJob is for you! This mod add recipes that allow you to change the colour of your ride. Release Notes v1.3 Download v1.3 To see all my mods
  22. ZQLxNavObjects ZQLxNavObjects is a Quality of Life modlet that disables the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. Intended for those that find such features immersion breaking and to gamey...or simply doesn't like it. For the record, I like it. It only removes the on-screen icons, the map and compass icons will still work as normal, so you will find that spear or that quest. Does not remove the treasure ring. DOWNLOAD
  23. Working Water Vehicles for 7 Days to Die Note: The Assets in these Modlets are purchased (unless otherwise stated) and therefore you are not allowed to extract and alter them in any way, the assets can be used in other mods that are purely 'non profit'. These assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding. After discovering and making a vehicle float on water uncontrollably sometime ago I kept on going back to it inbetween other work I was doing and eventually made controllable versions of various in game vehicles both the pimps ones and some custom models by Guppycur and DUST2DEATH purely as proof of concept. Guppy then kindly bought and rigged some custom boat models especially for this endeavour and we chose the flat bottomed boat version as the most suitable for the start of the water vehicles project. A big thanks to Guppy for his time and his efforts on the models we now have an 'xml modlet' version of boating , its still a work in progress but usable (no SDX or DMT) so far. The Modlet does not change water blocks at all, so its going to be just add the xml modlet and off you go /float. And as per usual with mods that add new models both client and server would need the modlet. Boating Modlet Download Note : The Modlet works for A18.4 and A19 >>--7 Days Mod Launcher by Sphereii --<< Additional Credits : 7 Days to Die Forum community for wanting water based vehicles. TFP for the great game we love The 'Crew' on Guppy's Discord for their support HaidrGna for the support when things sank along the way. Happy Boating Ragsy and Guppycur !!
  24. A question does anyone have any idea how I can change another horn sound vehicles? Eg with the 4x4 truck or so the horn is different than the normal one. A heartfelt thank you
  25. I can get it to show the 6 slot but only 3 of the slot are counting down. one is counting up and 2 arent smelting and they are for the placeholder value of brass and lead. Here is what i have code wise <configs> <append xpath="/windows"> <!-- Extra Forge Input --> <window name="AstryaelwindowForgeInput" width="300" height="279" panel="Right" controller="WorkstationMaterialInputWindow" materials_accepted="iron,brass,lead,glass,stone,clay" valid_materials_color="[green]" invalid_materials_color="[red]" cursor_area="true" > <panel style="header.panel"> <sprite style="header.icon" sprite="ui_game_symbol_forge"/> <label style="header.name" text="INPUT" text_key="xuiSmelting" /> </panel> <sprite depth="2" name="backgroundMain" sprite="menu_empty3px" pos="0,-46" height="228" color="[black]" type="sliced" fillcenter="false" on_press="true" /> <rect name="content" depth="2" pos="0,-46" height="223"> <grid depth="7" rows="3" cols="2" pos="3,-3" cell_width="75" cell_height="75" controller="WorkstationMaterialInputGrid" repeat_content="true"> <item_stack name="0"/> </grid> </rect> <rect name="content2" depth="0" pos="151, -49" width="147" height="223"> <sprite depth="1" color="[mediumGrey]" type="sliced" on_press="true"/> <grid rows="9" cols="1" pos="9,-12" cell_width="147" cell_height="34" repeat_content="true"> <forge_material name="0"/> </grid> </rect> </window> </append> </configs>
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