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  1. ErrorNull Zombies (enZombies): This mod has been updated for Alpha 20 and adds much more zombie variations to the game, using the UMA archetype method most notably showcased by the Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS mod maintained by arramus. All the UMA Zombies by khzmusik are also included in enZombies. The goal of this mod is to always be server-side, thus only needs to be installed on the server, and not on the individual clients. These zombies are meant to be your average walkers and crawlers to complement the existing vanilla ones.. though stronger and boss-level zombies are slowly being added. Each enZombie also has their own feral and radiated variant. [Exiting the duct work and into the main store - it was realized a wrong turn was made.] enZombies spawn out in the terrain based on the biome, with each zombie group sporting a unique color theme that matches the biome. So you will find foresty zombies in the forest, deserty zombies in the desert, snowy zombies in the snow, and so forth. enZombies also spawn in many other scenarios, like in wandering hordes, screamer hordes, sleepers in POIs, and during the bloodmoon horde night. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to spawn zombies in these other scenarios while also based on specific biomes, so a more random range of enZombies will be seen there. The short challenge quests are an underutilized feature in the vanilla game, and enZombies appear within them as well. New challenge quests have also been added to showcase the new zombies. All new quests are simply found as items within the usual loot containers where vanilla quests are found. Many more quests are planned. Compatibility: enZombies and the add-ons (see Add-ons section) are designed for Alpha 20. Using other mods with enZombie might work and might not. Even if an unsupported mod does work without errors, it will be missing the custom biome spawn behavior that enZombies use. If there is enough demand for a specific unsupported mod, I can create a patch mod for it (see Patches section) so that it works with enZombies and recognizes the custom biome spawn groups. If you are getting errors or strange glitches while using unsupported mods with enZombies, feel free to report the errors and what other mods you are using, and I'll be glad to take a glance when I get the chance. Usage: You may use my mod as it is presented, or just pull my zombie definitions from archetypes.xml and entityclasses.xml and merge them into your own mod. Don't forget to grab corresponding code from items.xml and buff.xml. If you are just pulling the zombie XML code, I'd appreciate if you credit me somewhere like on your website, discord or forum post. The more exposure enZombies can have, the more players use it, and the more motivation for me to continue development. I love making these custom zombies and hope to continue on for a long while, but it does take lots of time and effort. ** Download and Install ** This mod is not intended to be used with any other mods, except for the Add-Ons and for any mods that I have made Patches for. Refer to Add-Ons and Patches section further below. Version 2.7 (updated 6/5/2022) - 👉 Download from GitHub 👈 Add-Ons: These are optional mods created for enZombies. The main enZombies mod must be installed in order for these Add-Ons to work. Patches: Install these 'patch' mods to make enZombies compatible with the "target" mod. Go to the enZombiePatches GitHub page . Download the package. Take the specific folder that matches the target mod you want and place it into your 7 Days to Die Mods folder. Don't forget, you need to have the main enZombies mod installed as well as the main target mod you are using with enZombies. These mods do two things: It makes the target mod aware of the new custom spawning groups that enZombies uses. And, it allows the player to enable zombie body harvesting for the zombies that are part of the target mod. Known Issues: There are some interesting bugs when working with UMA zombies and molding them from the archetypes.xml. It's not unique to enZombies and are present in any mod that uses UMA style zombies - for example, the Snufkin mod also contain some UMA zombies which will experience these bugs. In my opinion, the relative ease in creating and modifying these zombies outweigh the quirks: Wish List to The Fun Pimps: Here I list enhancements to the 7 Days modding experience that I would love for the developers to add which will allow me to add more immersion to enZombies and the game as a whole. Credits: Thanks to @Snufkin for starting it all with your Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies mod, and thanks to @arramus for keeping it going with the Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS mod. I studied these mods for weeks to figure out how it worked and gave me inspiration to contribute as well. Also thanks to @khzmusik who gave me permission to add his UMA Zombies into enZombies. Much appreciated! Screenshots: Mentioned Mods: Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS Robeloto's Custom Zombies mod KHzMuzik's UMA Zombies
  2. FEATURES Play 7 Days to Die as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell by casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning. • Vanilla game 100% untouched, add-only policy! • Balanced around vanilla gameplay, you must train to gain and sustain your power! • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items • New Spells: Craft, Master and Upgrade 5 Spells per element! • New Enemies: Touched, Fallen (Champion), Awakened (Boss), Ancient (Raid) • New Attributes: Sorcery, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Resource: Spirit (mana required to perform all Sorcery) • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Crafting: Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls, Stations, Blocks, Resources • New Armor Sets: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Masteries: Alchemy, Runesmithing, Spirit, Essence, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • Play-style: Sorcerer (Spellcaster) • Play-style: Alchemist (Potions, Bombs) • Play-style: Archer Mage (Spell Arrows) • Play-style: Gun Mage (Spell Ammo) • Play-style: Melee Mage (Spell Weapons) • Weapon Abilities: Primary, Secondary, Passive and Charge abilities • Rune Mods: Harness the power of Runes to augment your weapons, armor and gear! • Alchemy: Craft Potions, Elixirs and Bombs • Sexy Loot: Item Sets, Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls and more! SORCERY - CRYSTAL UPDATE (v1.32) It's time to dive into v1.32 Crystal Update with NEW Elemental Building Block Shapes, Crystals that dual as a Light Source and Essence Bundle, Balance changes and more: Added: New Crystal Resources (10k Essence Bundles, Lights/Heat) Added: Placeable Crystal Lights (Requires Essence Crystal) Added: Unholy Debuff to Unholy Blocks. Added: New Elemental Block Shapes: 1/2, Plate, Sheet, Cylinders: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, Ramps, Stairs. Added: Unholy & Holy framework; imprinting, scaling and item mechanics implemented. Added: Elemental Block Shapes Variant Helpers (one block per Element to choose Shapes) Added: Elemental Blocks are now upgradeable to 3 additional stages! Added: All Elemental Spell Trap variants to damage Player (POI). Optimized: Fallen Camp POI lights and shiny material causing minor lag. Optimized: Ice Castle POI further optimized and cheesing prevention. Optimized: Staves and Spellcast Lights further optimized. Optimized: Reduced Sorcery Download by several hundred megabytes. Changed: Sorcerer Desk Book updated. Changed: Loot adjustments on Bunnies. Changed: Hidden Essence added to Elemental Trees. Changed: Floor Traps (POI) misaligned when triggered. Changed: Unholy Blocks don't deal damage. Changed: Fire Shrine wrong color theme. Balanced: Elemental Ores changed to be rarer. Balanced: Omni Ore spawns changed to be very rare. Balanced: Elemental Block Debuffs now have a cooldown to prevent self-procs. Use Spell Traps for guaranteed devastation. Fixed: Unholy Block Frames can't be upgraded. Fixed: Dormant Workstations in POIs could be picked up. Fixed: Entity Ice Debuffs weren't proccing Freeze on Player. Fixed: Certain visual FX disappearing prematurely from Player/Entities. Known Vanilla Bug: Elemental Blocks failing to block Line of Sight to Player (reported and fixed in future 7d2d build). Changes & Fixes: Lots of anticipated changes and tweaks! Discord #Changelog YOU AGREE TO THE FULL TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER HEREIN BY DOWNLOADING AND USING THE SORCERY MOD: DOWNLOAD SORCERY Download: Sorcery-master.zip (latest version) Alternative Manual Download Link: Unzip: Sorcery-master.zip Drag-n-Drop: The two folders (Sorcery + Deep Pockets), found within the unzipped (Sorcery-master\Mods) folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn't already exist. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery) + (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Deep Pockets) Disable EAC: EasyAntiCheat must be disabled through the Game Launcher for certain features to work Choose Difficulty (Optional): Change your Sorcery Difficulty from Normal (default) to Easy, Hard or Apocalyptic for the greatest challenge! • Drag-n-drop Chosen Difficulty from "SorceryDifficultyChangerMods" into Mods (\7 Days To Die\Mods) • You can change modes at will without restarting. Server-side, doesn't require clients to download. • If done correctly, you'll see the logo of your new Difficulty Mode in the top-right of the main game screen! Deport The Undead back to Hell: You're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence! MOD LAUNCHER If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started: 🗒️ FULL CHANGELOG: 🔑changelog-supporters CREDIT TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available. Special thanks and shoutout to @sphereii for dll help and Mod Launcher special requests, @xyth for providing initial guides and resources, @KhaineGB for awesome collaboration! 😜
  3. Background and Introduction In April 2020 Snufkin presented us with 'Snufkin's Server Side WeaponS' which is brought to stability in this A19 Stable expansion version and acts as a base. The original concept was simple, incorporate customised weapons into 7D2D by utilising existing in game assets to create some unique and delightful additions to the current set of weapons. These weapons are admittedly temperamental and buggy at times, more so than their partner vehicle mod, which Snufkin warned us about. For example, it is sometimes necessary to put the weapon back in the backpack and re-add it onto the tool belt if it looks out of place. More importantly though, they are dedicated server stable and server hosts have shared very positive feedback on that. Snufkin encouraged other modders to take a look at the xmls and see how underused functions could be applied to create these customised features. This Snufkin Weapons Xpansion has taken heed of that encouragement. Snufkin is currently taking a modding sabbatical but has been very open to allow the community to support and expand on the Snufkin line of server side mods and this adds to the Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles which aims to be a community project and Snufkin's Server Side Custom Zombies which has been a community restoration and already has multiple variants which expand on the original. Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack - A20 Stable Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A20-2021December17 Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack - Loot Box Add On - A20 Stable This is an optional Loot Box Machine. It adds Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple Tickets, respectively Level 1 - 4, to Loot that can be Crafted into a Loot Box of the same corresponding colour. Each Loot Box contains a choice of different weapons that will be awarded with equal chance. The Green Level 1 Loot Box has lower powered weapons than the Purple Level 4 Loot Box. As such probability to find higher level tickets is lower. Players can also craft 10 tickets of 1 colour to make 1 ticket of the next corresponding level. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-LootboxAddon-A20-2022February01 The A19 version will remain here for players who wish to remain on that current Stable version. It is already bundled with the A19 Loot Box Add On. Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack - A19 Stable Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-2021November20 The Snufkin Weapons Xpansion has moved from testing to stable based on positive feedback after intensive testing in multiple community servers. Particular thanks to @BubbaJoe and @Dre who provided much feedback and in depth support in the initial release that continues to directly impact the final build. There are many other community servers out there that have provided valuable support through play testing and feedback, with this mod as standalone, or mixed with the Snufkin Zombies and Vehicles as the whole pack. Restoration and expansion has been a momentous task. Slawa and oakraven have been there from the beginning with the base mod restoration, but in this expansion Mod, oakraven has branched out from A18 base mod restoration to add additional weapons and features. There were untold changes that needed to be implemented for the A19 Stable build and they will not be listed here. However, you can always compare the A18 build files with the A19 build if you wish to make a comparison. The A20 update version had 13 primary updates to match loot box changes (Weapons can now only be found in Gun Safes and Wall/Desk Safes) and cosmetic updates. All weapons can be made up to Level 6 and the Loot Box Add On has not be added for A20. For now, here is what Snufkin Weapons Xpansion offers. 1. Klak Attack Axe (oakraven) 2. Glass Baseball Bat (oakraven) 3. Star Baseball Bat (oakraven) 3. Knife Baseball Bat (oakraven) 5. Metal Bollard Club (oakraven) 6. DCLXVI Zeus (oakraven) 7. arramus Fire (oakraven) 8. Dre X3 (weapons - oakraven / Dre X3 Clucker Round ammo by Dre) 9. oakraven X11 (oakraven) 10. Black Widow (oakraven) 11. Turret lights for the Turret Auger and Default player turrets. (oakraven, Slawa, and arramus) 12. Mod Hats/Clothing/Friends - A variety of hats/clothing/friends that can be placed in the paint slot in appropriate armor head gear for additional buffs. Mods have received localization to explain their function and use. (oakraven) 13. Brainsaw (arramus with complete buff coding from oakraven) 14. Hazard Spear (arramus - requested by Kaelhazard and others) 15. All of Snufkin's Server Side WeaponS restored to A19 Stable and update to A20 (Snufkin with restoration by oakraven and of course Slawa who gave Snufkin so much support from the outset): Gamma Gun Newcomen Stricky Grenade Hyper Blaster Vampire Gauntlets Stun Grenade Turret Auger Balrog IX Kronos XII Vulcan Crimson Hunter Savery PP-19 Bizon Polearm Quad Shotgun Rail Gun Thor Hammer Crossbow Mag The Loot Box Add On is not essential for the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod to run but adds an interesting complementary element that can enhance the experience. In addition, the Loot Box Add On will also increase your chances for acquiring these weapons through a ticket trading system. The Loot Box Add On will be bundled into the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod folder once it has been updated. Installation For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory, typically (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. However, there may be a top folder which you do not need. You are looking for a folder that contains a 'ModInfo' file. The folder holding that file will be the one you add to your Mods folder. If you add a folder above that nesting then the game will not be able to see the mod. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. Clear instructions on this stage are not possible due to different types of unzip application and their methods. However, this will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. Enjoy. The oakraven X11 with powerful .44 Magnum rounds and an X11 propelled grenade reward on each 10th kill. The DCLXVI Zeus - Fires plasma blasts with a mortar like release and low velocity causing electrical 'discomfort' upon impact. However, the fully charged blast emits a high velocity laser like beam with extreme accuracy but at the cost of setting up the shot. A weapon of precision and timing.
  4. Modder Snufkin introduced an innovative technique to ornate existing vehicles with attachment models to give them a unique appearance. In many cases, it went so far as to create new vehicles with experimental features and was released in a pack as Snufkin's Custom Vehicles Mod. This was followed with a Community version which added more additions on top. A20 saw numerous updates to the vehicle code, which limits conversion of many A19 vehicles from the previous server side only releases. However, this A20 release can still combine some of the more popular vehicles from A19. Download here: https://github.com/arramus/A20-ServerSideVehicles-2022Jan20 ========= INSTALLATION ========= For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory, typically (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. However, there may be a top folder which you do not need. You are looking for a folder that contains a 'ModInfo' file. The folder holding that file will be the one you add to your Mods folder. If you add a folder above that nesting then the game will not be able to see the mod. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. Clear instructions on this stage are not possible due to different types of unzip application and their methods. However, this will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. Enjoy. Apart from periodic issues with flying stability, and the noticeable lighting from hidden vanilla models on two of the vehicles, this selective few offers a highly functional mix. The current vehicle list, which is typically restricted by access to vanilla vehicles for their recipes, can be produced on the workbench. Motorcycles: Hell Beast (Snufkin) Hell Fire (oakraven) Hell Dog (oakraven) Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, and Buses: Hell Hound (oakraven) Hell Spikey (oakraven) Hell Car (Oakraven) Magic Bus (Oakraven) Flyers: Whirligig (arramus / utilising Bdubyah's MD 500 helicopter settings) Shark Blimp (oakraven) Bicycle Base: Sled (Snufkin)
  5. Introduction The Oakraven Forest Collection offers an experimental ‘pick and mix’ bundle of Quality of Life modlets to enhance your 7D2D experience. It is brought to you by oakraven and arramus. These modlets will be regularly updated based on feedback, and the number of modlets will continue to increase as they move from development stage to experimental release, and then to stable. They can be added as standalone individual modlets, or combined to cover many aspects of game-play. Since these modlets contain custom content, they must be installed in your ‘Mods’ folder on both the server and within player game files. @wickidaurazgaming kindly shared a showcase of some of the mods in action. Some will be updated with additional features and fixes in time but will remain true to the concept shared in this showcase. Introduction to: - Chicken Coops - Bee Hives - Custom Work Stations - Power Things - Sign Cupboards for Writable Storage - Torches and Lights - Cooking Stations - Hydroponic Underground Farming - Water Wells and Standpipe - Drawbridges (Walkways) Introduction to: - Oakraven Forest - Dragon UI - Rock Drill - Fish Farm Detailed Installation Instructions For Server Admin/Hosts and Players who have never installed a 7D2D mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions. 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a 'Mods' folder in the main directory (typically: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag the mod or collection of mod folder(s) directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed into the Mods folder. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES If players do not install the same mods as the Server/Host, they will not be able to join. The Oakraven Forest Collection is stored on Moddb and can be viewed and downloaded here as individual modlets. No need to Log-in to download. https://www.moddb.com/mods/oakraven-forest-collection Alternatively, you can download each modlet individually on their own page. Again, downloads do not require Log-in. Current Available Mods and Mods in Progress 1. Chicken Coops and chicken related features: Download from Moddb here. 2. Bee Hives and bee related features: Download from Moddb here. 3. Custom Work Stations with related custom features: Download from Moddb here. 4. Hydroponic Underground Farming and related features: Download from Moddb here. 5. Custom Cooking Stations with related custom features: Download from Moddb here. 6. Power Things. Download from Moddb here. 7. Oak Dragon User Interface with custom theme and icons. Download from Moddb here. 8. Torches and Lights. Download from Moddb here. 9. Drawbridges (Walkways). Download from Moddb here. 10. Water Wells and Standpipe. Download from Moddb here. 11. Sign Cupboards for writeable storage. Download from Moddb here. 12. Rock Drill for mining resources. Download from Moddb here. 13. Fish Farm for farming fish. Download from Moddb here.
  6. This mod adds a AH-64 Apache Helicopter. The controls are the same as the gyrocopter, except W will lift you upward instead of forward like a helicopter would. The AH-64 Apache Helicopter can be unlocked with grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics to make the parts. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 5 quests. Missiles can be fired from the helicopter by pressing the right mouse button while you have the helicopter missile ammo in your inventory. Alternatively you can use the number keys to fire each weapon individually, numbers 1 and 2 are used for the helicopter. The controls settings can also be changed in the settings menu under the vehicles section. Weapon & Controls Showcase Features: Working missiles Faster flying speed Larger storage more fuel capacity high durability can be dyed 2 seats Special thanks to Closer_Ex for the vehicle weapon system, Ragsy and Bdubyah for the helicopter xml and Laydor for his Quartz UI mod. Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. This mod is for A20 ONLY. EAC MUST BE OFF!! DOWNLOAD
  7. MAGOLIS COMPO PACK So welcome to the CompoPack. Compo Pack has its own Discord server Found - HERE Discord Requirements: PHONE VERIFIED with Discord and in your privacy and Safety - ALLOW DIRECT MESSAGES FROM SERVER MEMBERS NEEDS TO BE ON Once you join, agree to the rules then a verification PM will be sent for you to follow, simply follow the steps and you will be in 🙂 . - Feel free to join. On the Compo Pack Discord channel you can - Submit new prefabs to be added to the compo Pack, - Report any errors or problems you may find - Discuss any thoughts and ideas - As well as general talk WHAT IS THE COMPOPACK: The Compopack is an expanded collection of custom-made prefabs for the zombie sandbox game 7 Days to Die. The poi pack/poi archive/overhaul was first compiled by Magoli in the early Alphas of the game and has continued to grow over the years. Prefabs are balanced to the pack and to work together in a vanilla setting. The compopack is also a museum and archive to keep every poi ever made alive and not forgotten. ***IMPORTANT INFO*** This will require a new world to be generated, not just a new save game because several prefabs have changed size which can cause severe errors in existing world when they are reset by questing. For multiplayer the mod will need to be installed on all player clients. This is a definate as keyracks will not work as with the many other issues caused by not having them in your prefab folder. A comprehensive clean. Every prefab has been gone through to fit into A20 and the new tile system. A full light optimisation on prefabs, a texture go thru and zombie spawn site clean up in an attempt to lower lag. All quest locations should now work. Every prefab that has a quest has been gone through and updated to ensure they can be completed. Vanilla locations not included. A questpath walkthroughs have been gone through to insure entry into the buildings. a Major questpath walkthrough is ongoing. Many prefabs have had several of their doors unlocked in logical locations. Also gone through each prefab to fix paint, a gew spots may be missing, if so, please report. A large loot reduction has been done in many gamebreakingly over populated loot pois. COMPOPACK 48 CHANGELOG Tasks that will be ongoing - Replaced many blocks to their correct block for texture saving. IE: if it was painted concrete and the block under the paint was actually wood it got replaced with concrete (This will still continue into CP47 if we find more) - Zombie amounts in prefabs were fixed to a more standardised level and per more vanilla amounts in alot of over populated pois. (Mine included lol) - Loot rebalance will be ongoing each and every iteration of the compo pack. - quests, pathing and zombie interactions. Ie: active, passive and attack tags. DOWNLOAD: All Downloads: https://www.moddb.com/company/magolis-compopack/downloads Infinity: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/infinity-1-4 This tool will install the CompoPack in the correct folder and let you customize the POIs that spawn on your map. Perfect for map creators and sharing with players. Infinity Guide: https://youtu.be/GWjyWdCMvoM CompoPack #48: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp48-1-complete If you want to skip installing Infinity, and just use the modlet, download this file. Works for those creating map. May cause some lag issues if all files are kept in the Mods folder. For better FPS, please use the Part 1 and Part 2 downloads below. How to install the modlet: https://youtu.be/a2A4i4G5ix8 How to use the pack: https://youtu.be/9j23yIShA8g For server owners: CP#48 Part 1: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp-481-part-1 Use Part 1 if you generate maps directly on the server or clientside. CP#48 Part 2: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp481-part-2 >These files go into the Prefabs folder. Players can download Part 2 and add directly to their local Prefabs folder. This will help with FPS. Still stuck? Visit: For help: Magolis Compopack Discord Unveiling (video unveiling Infinity a 7 days to die prefab installer) How To Use Infinity: SERVER INSTRUCTIONS: AS prefabs are required on both server and client side of every user that joins your server. After you have selected the prefabs you only wish on your server and they appear in your prefab folder bundle them up and send to your players and drag them into your server prefab folder to. For sending to other users you can simply save a preset in infinity and send them the saved txt file they can then load up in infinity and it dl for them as well. INFINITY STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: HOW TO SET UP AND USE INFINITY: 1. Find pathsettings.txt and open using any text reader like notepad or notepad++ 2. Get your game address where the 7daystodie.exe is and past into first line of pathsettings.txt (Instructions on how to do this in the README_FIRST.txt) 3. Get your appdata address C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie and past in 2nd line. (see video on how to unhide the appdata folder) 4. Save and close. 5. Run the infinity v1.exe (a screen will appear and run thru a few processess) STEP 1: 6. Read then hit any key. The following settlements need just a "Y" or a "N" 6a. Fabbersville - "Y" you see fabbersville poi_tile set option. Fabbersville - "N" Fabbersville Poi Tile set skipped. 6b. Megacity - "Y" you see Mega City Poi Tile Set option. Mega City "N" Mega City Poi Tile Set skipped. 6c. Fabbersville - "Y" Fabbersville Poi Tile Set "N" Mega City - "Y" Mega City Poi Tile Set "N" (As lpng as Mega City and/or fabbersville is selected you will get corralating Poi Tile Set option that is attached to that settlement. 7. Continue to choose Y/N for the remaining settlements. STEP 2: POI Tile Sets that spawn in Vanilla Cities a "Y" or a "N" response fpr the following 20 poi/tile sets. [I reccomend either have the poi tile sets in gabbersville and mega city only and not in vanilla cities (so "Y" to fabbers and mega poi tile sets and "N" to the Step 2 poi tile sets. or vice versa - "N" to gabbersville and Mega City Poi Tile Sets and "Y" to all Step 2 Poi Tile Sets.] STEP 3: CP Pois that spawn in vanilla cities: Top Line Left side: * Select all (removes all in that district. click twice to undo back to all selected.) * Load Preset (adds a preset previously done prior) * Save Preset (saves the current list for future use to save redoing step 3 all again) [Saves the list in the infinity folder] * Back To Step 1 (returns to the first step in case you change your mind) * Back to step 2 (Returns you to step 2 in case you change your mind) - Pois list left side. - Category Selection middle top [Districts containing in each what cp pois spawn in each district] - Tag Selection middle bottom [highlight all attached to the tag - LMB (left Mouse Button) Remove all attached to that tag - RMB (Right Mouse Button)] - Poi Info right top [Name of poi, allowed biomes, editor group, size, sleeper volumes and min and max, Difficulty tier, Questable, yoffset] - Poi Picture right bottom ***Please note*** Biome Decoration Tag does NOT work Once you finish going thru these hit Install Files next page gives you a chance to return to change or add or remove any you mistake or what not by pressing any key [OTHER then 1] Press 1 to complete and start the adding process. Once complete press any key and close program. Run game and enjoy. SERVER INSTRUCTIONS: once the server host completes the above they have a few options to get the list of prefabs to the players to join their servers with: 1. Simply save a preset and send this preset to the player for them to load infinity and use to get the pois placed in the right folders/ [Pathsettings.txt will need to be correct for them on their end. 2. Simply zip up the prefabs placed in the prefab folder and send to the player/s to be placed in the prefab folder. Play and enjoy Recommended choices: The poi tile sets are monotinous meaning if you have them in fabbersville, megacity and the vanilla cities you will see alot of them. I recommend the poi tile sets be in fabbersville and megacity only no vanilla cities OR none in fabbersville and megacity and them in vanilla cities only. Prefabs will also need to be on client side as well as server side. CP 48 Proudly brought to you by: MAGOLI - A legend whom kept everyone entertained with his updating of the Compo Pack for all of us to enjoy STALLIONSDEN. TESTERS: WOLFBAIN5. GOBARG. MANA. BATTLEPAPI. OCTOBERFIRE. ZZTONG. NAZ. ZEEBARK Plus all the many Great and amazing prefabbers out there whom have contributed to the CP over the years and all those whom will be adding more in the future.. Prefabs Removed from CP to be fixed and re added when ready: * The Slums (By_Pikero) * ResidentEvilMansion (by_Magoli) DISCORD CHANNELS PREFAB SUBMISSIONS HERE Please refer to original thread for any info in the O.P for now. comments welcome here to, Original thread can be found here for cp45 dl and info:
  8. New Alpha, new modlet post! This is all the modlets that will work on A20. Basically it's all my A18/A19 ones updated and adjusted as required. Also added some new ones that are now possible thanks to A20 and it's ability to load custom C# without patching anything. Modlets will be seperated into sections. XML only (for folks who want server-only), XML + Assets (needs to be installed on client and server) and C# (needs to be installed on client and server). If anyone wants to buy me a coffee as a thank you, then you can do so on Paypal. This is not required OR expected. Enjoy. XML Only Modlets (can be installed on servers with no client download). 3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap. 12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything! 60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open. Dangerous Cities - Increases the amount of zombies in cities and towns, while lowering the amount in the wilderness. Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish. Headshot Only - Zombies take 0 damage from non-headshots for most weapons. Explosives, electric batons and molotovs still work normally, and animals still take full damage. HP Bars - Remember the red HP bar that was shown off in A17? This adds that back into the game for folks who liked that idea. Kill Tracking - Tracks how many of each different type of entity you've killed in the game (zombie or type of animal) and with what weapon (guns only, may consider adding melee in the future). Lockable Inventory Slots - Adds the "box" that allows the user to lock slots so they won't be moved OR sorted. Also adds one to vehicle inventory that does the same thing. NightVision Goggles Change - A few folks said they wanted the NVG effect from DF in vanilla, so it's more red than full green. This modlet will do that. Pickup Plants - Allows the player to press the 'E' button (default. May be different for other languages/controllers) to pick up plants. This does NOT grant extra harvest based on perk. You have to punch for that. Max Animals/Zombies and Claim Blocks - Adds options to the main menu for the player to select max spawned animals/zombies in the world in SP. Also allows the player to have more than 1 claim block via menu option. Steel Ammo - Adds the steel ammo from A17 for players who enjoyed that option. XML + Assets Modlets (cannot be server only). Log Spikes - Makes Wood Log and Iron Spikes craftable again. Return of the Behemoth - Adds the unfinished A16 behemoth and the A17 unfinished radiated behemoth to the game. Random spawns in the wasteland and horde nights. Return of the Hornet - Adds the cut hornet from A15 (and earlier) back to the game. Spawns as an enemy animal in the forest biome. Does not spawn on horde nights. Chicken Coops - Adds a chicken coop to the game that works the same way as the Darkness Falls one. Unlocked with Living off the Land 1. Craft, place, wait, loot. Once you've looted it, hold animal feed in your hand (so toolbelt and select it), then right-click on the chicken coop to "feed the chickens" so they can start producing again. See end of file for terms of use with this modlet. C# Modlets (cannot be server only, EAC must be off!!!). 15 Slot Toolbelt - Increases the toolbelt to 15 slots. Extra Tool And Output Slots - This is mostly for other modders. It increases the maximum amount of tools a workstation can have to 6 (so stops duplicating anything after slot 3) and the maximum output slots to 12 (was 6). Larger FOV - Increases the max FOV to 150, though anything above 90 is a bit distorted. Might be good for folks with motion sickness. Vehicle Damage Patch - Increases the amount of damage a zombie takes when you run it over. Amount of damage depends on how heavy the vehicle is and how fast you hit the zombie. Vehicle Sound Fix - This is more for modders. It fixes that horrible noise when driving custom vehicles. Wandering Horde Frequency - Folks may know this from JaWoodle's "Anywhere, Anytime" series. It creates random wandering hordes, of a random amount of zombies, a random amount of times per day. How often (in terms of in-game hours) and how many zombies are configurable in the blocks.xml included in the modlet. IMPORTANT NOTE: The wandering horde mod is ONLY FOR VANILLA!!! It is not for DF. Zombie Fall Damage - Removes the cap on the amount of damage zombies take when falling from heights, so drop pits from older alphas are now a semi-valid form of defense. TERMS OF USE. Modlets are provided as-is. I bear no responsibility if you break your save, your back, your PC, whatever. They've been tested on both of my machines and my wife's and are working as intended when installed correctly. No restrictions on personal use or mod use, just give me a thank you, except for the following modlets. Chicken Coops - These use purchased assets. The modlet is available for personal use (even for servers). However, anyone including this modlet in their own modpack needs to make sure they purchase the following assets in order to have the correct licence. Chickens - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/animal-pack-deluxe-99702 Chicken Coop - https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/henhouse-modeled-games-3d-model/986709
  9. Zilox

    Lawn Mower

    This mod adds a ride on lawn mower that can cut grass. Do you hate manually punching all the grass around your base? Well then the ride on lawn mower is a perfect vehicle for you. Cut all the grass around your base with ease! The lawn mower blades can be turned on by pressing F, and it will cut any grass you drive over. It can be unlocked by grease monkey level 4 or by schematics Lawn Mower Showcase Features: - Grass cutting functionality - Can be dyed Special thanks to ocbMaurice for the grass cutting code. Tested and working for A20.5 IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. This is a C# mod so EAC must be OFF. DOWNLOAD
  10. This is a 7 Days to Die challenge mod revision inspired by the A18 mod "Dishong Tower Challenge" made by MidnightDesigner, Sphereii and Pitchsilent. DOWNLOAD The mod makes the following changes to the vanilla game. I have tried to keep it as close to the original experience as possible with a few extra tweaks. Coal recipe = 1 coal from 5 wood in campfire. Farming plot recipe = 4 wood and 100 clay. Seeds can be crafted from one food item. Old cash can be converted into casino tokens by crafting. Glue recipe = 4 bones with campfire, 2 bones with chemistry station. Headlights can be wrenched from spotlights. 25% chance of battery from spotlights. 30+ Plant fibers and 6 clay from digging potted plants. 10% chance of getting tree seed from digging potted plants. 30 Plant fibers from trees. Engines from wrenching AC units. 25% chance of headlight from Work Light. 10% chance of battery from Work Light. Water has been added to the swimming pool. Custom Questline: A custom questline has been added that you receive upon starting the game. This questline will guide you towards completing the challenge. Challenge Rules: You must enter the Dishong Tower immediately (being on the front porch counts as being in) and cannot leave thereafter. You may build bridges off the side of the building to reach things, but those bridges must support themselves and cannot touch the ground. You may not mine or dig under the building. All default game settings, unless you want to turn up the size of the hordes If you die, the game is over. You must survive until you are able to build a gyrocopter and fly off the roof. Custom World: The mod also includes a custom world named "DishongTowerChallenge" that will spawn you infront of the dishong tower. The tower is the only building in the world. Note: This mod is server side. Only the server needs to have it installed.
  11. Guppycur's awesome original concept for Vehicle Madness started way back in the early days of A17 and now continues for 7 Days to Die in A20, Guppy handed over the reigns of the project to me (Ragsy) in A18 to rework and develop further the visions we had for vehicle systems in the game. About Vehicle Madness in A20 Features 58 vehicles ( New Physics and particle effects). 80 Plus wreck variants (some may look familiar) All new custom vehicle sounds. Find working spawned vehicles in the world ( Custom code was written by HaidrGna and adapted for Vehicle Madness with his kind permission) Find Repairable vehicles versions in the world Harvest wrecked vehicles to salvage parts for crafting vehicles on the VM Workbench ( Balancing feedback required as always ) . You will come across a variety of different types of vehicles in the world that may be working or have repairable versions you can find to fix up !! There will still be spawns of the 'lower end' Vehicles in the world but the 'high end' stuff like military vehicles or other customs will be a case of either find the repairable version and repair it or craft it with harvested parts from vehicle wrecks on the VM Workbench. If your vehicle becomes damaged during gameplay you can repair it as normal with the vanilla repair kit A vehicle repair kit consists of the following parts that can be found in the world or crafted at appropriate levels on the Workbenches : <ingredient name="CarFootpump" count="1"/> <ingredient name="CarBatteryChargerUnit" count="1"/> <ingredient name="VMToolRachetSet" count="1"/> <ingredient name="HotwireKit" count="1"/> .....and a specific tiered tool . Wrench for lower tier repairs , Ratchet for mid tier vehicles and Impact Hammer for High tier vehicles. ****** Dont forget to take some fuel with you as you will need it for the repaired vehicle *****. If you dont come across a vehicle you like subject to rwg pot luck , you can still craft the vehicles by salvaging parts from vehicle wrecks such as: Transmission (and damaged version) Engine (and damaged version) Seats (and damaged versions) Carburetor (and damaged version) Battery (and damaged version) Alternator (and damaged version) Chassis (and damaged version) Body parts (doors, hood, trunk and Fender and bumper) Full Vehicle Madness Style Wheels Wheel Rims Damaged wheels We have adopted a system where 2x Damaged Parts go towards making 1 good working part along with other smaller items in the recipes. Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are NOT WHEELS. You must find a wheel rim , these can be obtained by salvaging the vehicles in the world (you may be lucky and get full wheels and a wheel rim during salvage), or you can make a fully functional wheel by adding tire and wheel rim and using the air compressor tool in the Auto-Workbench. There are some full damaged wheels you can collect on the roads to make a full wheel using our 2x damaged = 1 good system. To make the VM Auto-workbench you need to first be able to craft 'normal workbenches' as you will need one to build the full Auto-workbench along with a car lift (craftable) , a compressor and a ratchet set (lootable in world) ......you can then, after learning how, assemble the various vehicle parts into the various assemblies to build your custom vehicle. Car body assembly (requires a fully body kit) Electrical subsystem assembly Car engine assembly Car Body Kit Vehicle Madness wheel set ** Vanilla vehicles can be crafted using the existing vanilla parts as before but on the VMWorkbench ( Except bicycle and Minibike), we have left in vanilla items to maintain vanilla compatibility for other vehicle mods that do use vanillla resources as part of thier builds, vanilla parts however will not fit the custom vehicles system build method ** Gas will be at a premium, this means you may have to raid gas stations or find a damaged gas tanker vehicles on the road or make your own. Gas is more expensive to make in this version ... ***** We recommend that you use a bigger backpack modlet such as this one here by KhaineGB as there are many parts to collect. Also Recommend Khaines vehicle fixes for sound and entity damage in this thread ***** The Vehicle Madness Current Team Ragsy ActiniumTiger Magejosh Éric Beaudoin A20 Testers A special mention to the testers and thanks for the feedback and bug reports Magejosh Mr Devolver Furious Ramsey R.U.I.N.S Acknowledgements : Many thanks to the various modders and contributors helping us make Vehicle Madness better since Alpha 17, without whom this would not have been possible.. Guppycur - Original creator of VM and all round support on the development path so far. Marcus - Sourcing a few hard to find vehicle models and tracked vehicle delvelopment. Telric - For some vehicle fixes in blender and his help on the buffs system .. HaidrGna - Spawning system code and general support on development. Mumpfy - 'The Texture Guru' for texture reworks for the MotoGuppy bike , NPC Mod van and the Ragsy n Tiger Van (plus his original texture work on A17 version). Random Person - Texture work on the original VM in A17 bdubyah - Donating the first wrecked vehicle pack for beta 1.1 thats still part of VM today and his support. DUST2DEATH - Support feedback and original Development of VM in A17 with Guppycur and the original team . Also thanks to valdifer for the Spanish Translations for Vehicle Madness Beta 1.1 and Beta2.0 , feel free to take the current localizations and add more languages. Thanks also go to MikeyUK for adding the missing world entity localisation for Beta2.0 and some work improving Icons. Others who have been involved of whom i may have forgotten , and rest of the 'Crew' on Guppy's Modding Discord for the support along the way. More to come..... A Dedicated POI for Automotive Repairs .. this will be a separate add-on made by Guppycur New tire fitting station and car lift system . Update and improve vehicle models or replace with better models over time . Add tracked vehicles into the mix ... ***** Note: You are not allowed to extract and alter any of the assets in this mod in any way without first gaining permission , these assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding **** Vehicle Madness Continues A20 Download link SMX Compatibility Patch for Vehicle Madness For those who want use the SMX suite of Hud enhancements with VM , just unzip file to your desktop and place the folder inside called ZMXuiCPVMPatch into your Mods folder. Not Needed if you dont use SMX at all. SMX - SMXhud, SMXmenu, SMXui by Sirrilion for Alpha20 ***** Please Note : This is an Overhaul mod in modlet form and is required on both Client and Server as with other mods that add new assets. ******* Overhaul Modders can use this modlet overhaul as a recommended add-on if you wish but leaving the core files of vehicle madness intact. A brand new game save is required as the mod overhaul adds a lot of new blocks in the game and changes existing ones too !! Failing to start a new save game will break your existing save so be warned up front !!! Changelog Beta 2.0 : 1. Added a lot more New Vehicles into the mix ..bringing the total to 58 for ultimate variety. 2. More wreck variations 80+. 3. Added 30 + Repairable Vehicles that you can repair on roadside with special kits, dont forget to take some fuel with you . 4. 20+ custom vehicles that may or may not spawn in the world with the luck of RWG. 5. Crafting these new vehicles is still an option at the VM Workbench for those harder to find vehicles. 6. New Vehicle Sounds applied for all vehicles. 7. Loot overhaul inline with A20 system ( as usual feedback much appreciated on this area). 8. Our own particle systems for exhausts and vehicle damage. 9. Reviewed and updated storage sizes and vehicle speeds 10. Apocaliptic Style textures for the rustic used look 11. Recipe changes for crafting to help with vanilla engine shortages in the original version . 12. Added more deco stuff to collect on roads .. 13. More wrecks in world specifically on the country roads and reduced loot to balance out the numbers . 14. Support for vehicle mods on all vehicles except the cosmetic option as these vehicles are all custom made textures. Some vehicles have seating mods but not all (example Military Truck has 8 fixed) 15. Numerous of the the original vehicles have had brake lights added and some addition headlights where needed. 16. Added a few decorative advertising boards to world ..these can be harvested . 17. Vanilla Vehicles now require the VM Vehicle WorkBench to build them except the minibike and bicycle. 18. Revisited the vehicle damage scales on blocks ... Targeted individual blocks now and adjusted some down and some more added ... (like for instance vehicles ran into and stopped dead on mailboxes and cactus and so on.. vehicles will not destroy any wood on bridges anymore This system is going to be replaced with vehicles that have individual profiles at some point). 19. Adjusted all vehicles to have lower degredation so when you hit 25% damage level particles are triggered ..so be careful and try not too crash too much 20. Reworked vehicle physics in-line with vanilla settings. 21. Making gas is more expensive and requires more oil shale to craft your own gas. 22. Some vehicles will attach parts/vehicles from player inventory when you get in them , Bicycle - Motorcycle - engines ect ect .... these are only on the 'Pickup style vehicles or open trucks but not all and is still WIP. 23. Added recipes to make the 'repair kit' parts on a workbench if you dont find enough of them in the loot. 24. Changed some stack sizes to help with looting vehicle parts if you do not wish to use the bigger back pack modlets. Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Have fun 🙃 The Vehicle Madness Team !!!
  12. THIS MODLET HAS BEEN UPDATED. The current Version is A20.5-ZZ009 (As of 6/26/2022) See release notes for later versions found within this discussion. I've made a collection of original prefabs (POIs and Decorations) available as a modlet. It does not contain any custom blocks, resources, objects, etc. It depends only on the vanilla game and introduces no other requirements or dependencies. My goal is to provide semi-plain "meat and potatoes" POIs of an acceptable quality and in enough quantity to fill gaps in world generation and make a meaningful dent in player demands for variety. I hope you'll find these to be good enough to help round out the nooks and crannies of your generated worlds. The modlet is configured to plug into the Vanilla game. Download at NexusMods Included in Version ZZ009: zztong_Apartment_Bldg_01 zztong_Apartment_Bldg_01_destroyed zztong_Apartment_Bldg_02 zztong_Apartment_Bldg_02_destroyed zztong_Bar_Pool_Hall_01 zztong_Biowaste_Dump_01 zztong_Brownstones_01 zztong_Cabin_Fort_01 zztong_Cave_01 zztong_Cement_Plant_01 zztong_Drive_In_Movie_01 zztong_Drive_Thru_01 zztong_Dog_Park_01 (NEW) zztong_Electrical_Substation_01 zztong_EMS_01 zztong_Farm_01 zztong_Farm_02 zztong_Farm_03 zztong_Farm_04 zztong_Farm_05 zztong_Farm_06 zztong_Farm_07 zztong_Farm_08 zztong_Farmers_Market_01 zztong_Garage_01 zztong_House_01 zztong_House_02 zztong_House_03 zztong_Intersection_01 zztong_Intersection_02 zztong_Intersection_03 zztong_KZMB_Radio_01 zztong_KZMB_Radio_01_destroyed zztong_KZTV_01 zztong_Law_Offices_01 zztong_Lumber_Yard_01 zztong_Masonry_01 zztong_Mass_Grave_01 zztong_Mass_Grave_02 zztong_Motocross_01 zztong_NTT_HQ_01 (NEW) zztong_NTT_Hub_01 (NEW) zztong_Office_Bldg_01 zztong_Office_Bldg_01_destroyed zztong_Office_Bldg_02 zztong_Office_Bldg_03 zztong_Office_Bldg_03_destroyed zztong_Pharmacy_01 zztong_Phrarmacy_01_destroyed zztong_Presidio_Museum_01 zztong_Propane_01 zztong_Ranch_01 zztong_Remnant_House_01 zztong_Restaurant_01 zztong_Shelter_01 zztong_Shelter_01_destroyed zztong_Skyscraper_01 zztong_Skyscraper_01_destroyed zztong_Solar_Farm_01 zztong_Stone_Quarry_01 zztong_Store_XS_01 zztong_Store_XS_02 zztong_Store_XS_03 zztong_Store_XS_04 zztong_Store_XS_05 zztong_Store_XS_06 zztong_Store_XS_07 zztong_Store_XS_08 zztong_Store_XS_09 zztong_Store_XS_10 zztong_Stormwater_Detention_Pond_01 zztong_Strip_Mall_01 zztong_Strip_Mall_02 zztong_Survivor_Base_Ruin_01 (NEW) zztong_Survivor_Site_Urban_01 zztong_TFP_Army_Barracks_01 zztong_TFP_Cemetery_01 zztong_TFP_House_New_04 zztong_TFP_Ranger_Station_01 zztong_TFP_Skyscraper_02 zztong_Trailer_Park_01 zztong_Vault_K9_01 (NEW) zztong_Warehouse_01 zztong_Wind_Turbine_01 Tiles Included: rwg_tile_downtown_intersection_zztong_01 rwg_tile_rural_straight_zztong_01 rwg_tile_gateway_cap_zztong_01 (NEW) Gateway Tile Content: part_zztong_adot_01 (NEW) part_zztong_carshow_01 (NEW) part_zztong_containers_01 (NEW) part_zztong_fieldday_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_filler_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_filler_02 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_filler_03 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_ranger_hq_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_roadside_rest_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_scout_lodge_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_storage_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_trailer_park_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_truckpark_01 (NEW) part_zztong_gateway_truckstop_01 (NEW) Decorations Included: zztong_Hunters_Trap_01 zztong_Hunters_Trap_02 zztong_Rubble_01 zztong_Rubble_02 zztong_Rubble_03 zztong_Rubble_04 zztong_Rubble_05 zztong_Rubble_06 zztong_Rubble_07 zztong_Rubble_08 zztong_Rubble_09 zztong_Ruined_Horde_Base_01 (NEW) zztong_Ruined_Horde_Base_02 (NEW) zztong_Tent_01 zztong_Tent_02 zztong_Tent_03 zztong_Tent_04 zztong_Tent_05 zztong_Tete1805_Deco_01 (NEW) Pictures available on Nexus Mods. (See link, above.)
  13. If you are looking for a realistic mod you may have come to the wrong place, but if you are looking for some variation in the game involving some nice action with new zombies and with increased difficulty you happen to be just in the right thread. This modlet adds 53 new zombies to the game! + 3 zombies from Snufkins mod: Archon, Geist and Scarecrow. There are a total of 36 zombies and 17 animals. The full version uses custom sounds. Then I also have a server side (pure xml version). Downloads is at the end of this thread. • Sightrange on default zombies is 100. • Handreach on default zombies is decreased from 1.65 to 1.60. • Every fat zombie have now a chance to break your arm. • Beaker is a bit easier to find. • PhysicalDamageResist on Biker, Demolition, Soldier and Worker nerfed just a bit. (Radiated ones was as strong than my custom zombies with PDR unchanged). • Screamers have a chance of only 27% to spawn another screamer. (made to prevent infinite screaming loops) • I lowered the volume on all explosions that had too high volume. Molotov explosions is changed to match Burning mans puke. • More experience from Bears. • My custom flies does not have a wingflap sound. • Spider zombies jumps higher. • Custom quests - 4 custom quest at the moment. Plan to add more. • Custom armors - Magic Plate Armor and Steel boots of haste. Small warning Spectre: Can be seen if you atleast have Reflection quality to Low. If this is off, it is much harder to see him and not how he is supposed to look. Shadow: Can only be seen if Shadow distance is atleast set to Low. If this is off he will be completely invisible. UPDATES - 2022-02-22 V2.95 (small update) • Atrocitys scream is now every 48 seconds if you are 20 blocks or closer from her. • BurningPhoenix HP increased +123, • DiamondPhoenix HP increased +200 and Exp +134 • Candy PDR increased +3 • ChickenDemons Exp increased +200 • FireChicken HP decreased -30 • FireSnake Exp increased +700 • GhastlyPhoenix HP increased +233 and Exp +556 • KaboomPhoenix HP increased +400. • Mini appearance changed. • Sanguis HP increased by +40 • TheFlyingPlague attacks changed. Should now attack properly and vomit properly. Old updates here: Overview: Part1: Action video on all zombies! This is what they do to you! Old Part 2: HERE ! Part 3 - Planned to do this month (January 2022) and Part 3 will likely contain all the zombies from Part 2 + the new zombies. (On hold for now) Copter Corpse - CLICK HERE Zombie names + info (alphabetical): Buffs: All my A20 modlets here! ->Download<- If you wish to donate me: PayPal __________________________________________________ _________________________________________ All my A19 modlets here All my 18.4 modlets All my A17.2 modlets Video on all zombies from A17: https://youtu.be/LYXP15okbJE
  14. Guppycur's Kill Streak Mod for A20 A20.5 Requires: Client and Server install (dedicated, p2p, whatever) Just for some fun, I made a mod that adds some visuals and audio when kills are made. For zeds there is a 25% chance to get the event, for PvP there's 50% chance. At 25 and 100 zed kills you get a unique audio. At 7, 15, and 25 PvP kills you get a unique audio. Mumpfy did the graphics, I did the particles and xml, and Goldmanvision did the audio. The following video is NOT the audio used; goldman's was much much better. DOWNLOAD LINK
  15. Welcome to my mod project! This mod was born with the purpose of fixing the iron sights of all weapons! How? My goal is to adjust the height of the front sights, align them correctly with the rear sight, and add the latter to all weapons that are missing one. Over time I have gradually improved other aspects and added new components where I could. Here I completely overhauled the concept of aiming with the scope, using the real scope on the weapon rather than a small reticle drawn on a black background. This game has caught my attention since the very earliest alphas (I'm one of the players who played Alpha 1 back in 2013) and I fell in love with this game from the early days. But there are some things, like weapon mechanics, that have always left me wanting. That's why, starting a few months ago, I finally learned how to edit and create a mod for this game. This is the first in a series of Mods that will cover the majority of current weapons. Weapons currently treated: Pistol Ak 47 Hunting Rifle SMG Over time I will cover other weapons, such as the Magnum, Lever Action Rifle and so on ➡️ Stay Tuned for more additions! ✔️ P.S. I recommend using this mod alongside Ragnar's Mod FovChanger and set it to 60. DOWNLOAD Current Version: 1.3.36 ➡️ Here is the link of the LATEST VERSION of the Mod. 😊 SO, HERE'S WHAT'S IN THIS MOD UPDATE: TIME FOR THE AK 47 TO SHINE WITH THE NEW VERSION 1.1.96 UPDATE: TIME FOR THE HUNTING RIFLE TO SHINE WITH THE NEW VERSION 1.2.94 UPDATE: TIME FOR THE SMG TO SHINE WITH THE NEW VERSION 1.3.36 MAIN GOAL ➡️ SIGHT The rear sight is shortened to the right height. The Scope, Reflex, and the Iron sight are perfectly aligned. Replaced the Iron Sight with a New One when the original does not fit the aesthetics of the gun. Added a Front/Rear Sight when the gun misses this kind of element. Rounded and Improved the back side of the gun so that this part does not lose quality when aiming. CameraOffset Z, which is basically the zoom on the weapon when aiming, is correctly set. ➡️ SCOPE OVERHAUL Completely overhauled the Scope concept, removing the old zoom method accompanied by a reticle in a completely black background. You can now use the Scope directly from the Scope Model (In a COD-BF style). Added an external slide that reflects the external environment in a dynamic way. The inner slide contains a reticle and a central bright spot, all set in a dusty reddish background. Improved Textures, so that you can zoom in on the Scope model without losing texture quality. Improved Mesh, so that you can zoom in on a well rounded Scope model. The Zoom is correct: by aiming the objects will be magnified exactly twice for the 2X, four times for the 4X and eight times for the 8X Scope. Added Scratches on the right side of the Scope to help distinguish the 2X and 4X scopes. Added a Blur Background for the 4X and 8X Scope. ➡️ BULLET SHELL AND MUZZLE SMOKE, MUZZLE FIRE AND MUZZLE LIGHT Added a Bullet Shell of the right caliber that exits the weapon chamber, visible both when shooting from the hip and when aiming. The Bullet Shell dynamically interacts with the external environment. Added Muzzle Smoke coming out of the chamber after firing. Added Muzzle Fire, consisting of 3 different particles, different in shape each time the weapon fires. Added a Muzzle Light that illuminates the surroundings of the weapon. ➡️ ANIMATIONS Improved Weapon Fire and Weapon Reload Animations to make them smoother. New weapon components have been animated, such as the Pistol Hammer or the Ak 47 Charging Handle. ➡️ NEW MOD MODELS Added new models for mods currently not visible on the weapon, such as the Magazine Extender, Muzzle Brake, Fore Grip etc... Here I show the Magazine Extender, Fore Grip, Bipod and Barrel Extender Mod. OTHER DETAILS SPECIFIC TO THE SMG ➡️ MODEL AND TEXTURE MODIFICATION Improved SMG Texture on the back of the gun. Improved SMG Iron Sight Texture . Added Roughness and Metallic Texture on the Iron Sight and on the back of the gun. Rounded SMG Mesh on the back of the gun. Totally Replaced the Front and the Rear Sight with a New One. ➡️ ANIMATIONS Added and animated the Action, i.e. the part where the Bullet Shells exit. Improved Mesh and Texture of the spent Bullet Shell. ➡️ NEW MOD MODELS Added a model for the Retracting Stock (Before this you couldn't even use this mod on the SMG). Added a model for the Fore Grip. Added a model for the Magazine Extender. Added a model for the Drum Magazine. Added a model for the Muzzle Brake. Added a model for the Barrel Extender. OTHER DETAILS SPECIFIC TO THE HUNTING RIFLE ➡️ MODEL AND TEXTURE MODIFICATION Improved Hunting Rifle Texture around the Iron Sight. Totally Replaced the Iron Sight with a New One. Removed the Rail on the top of the gun. Now it appears only when a scope/reflex is attached. ➡️ ANIMATIONS Added Recoil in Fire Animation. Slightly changed the Reload Animation to be more powerful. ➡️ REFLEX AND LASER Updated the Reflex Mesh in order to be more open and clear. Moved the Laser near the lateral Rail. ➡️ NEW MOD MODELS Added a model for the Retracting Stock. Added a model for the Fore Grip. Added a model for the Bipod. Added a model for the Muzzle Brake. Added a model for the Barrel Extender. OTHER DETAILS SPECIFIC TO THE AK 47 ➡️ MODEL AND TEXTURE MODIFICATION Revised AK 47 Model. Revised Ak 47 Texture. Added a Roughness, Metallic and Ambient Occlusion Texture Removed the Rail on the top of the gun. Now it appears only when a scope/reflex is attached. The Dust Cover is further rounded. ➡️ CHARGING HANDLE Animated the Charging Handle each time the weapon fires. ➡️ NEW MOD MODELS Added a model for the Magazine Extender. Added a model for the Drum Magazine. Added a model for the Retracting Stock. Added a model for the Fore Grip. Added a model for the Bipod. Added a model for the Muzzle Brake. Added a model for the Barrel Extender. OTHER DETAILS SPECIFIC TO THE PISTOL ➡️ SCOPE OVERHAUL The Scope has been moved to the right position. Now it follows the Slide when the weapon fires and reloads. ➡️ REFLEX The Reflex has been moved to the right position. It has been also resized. Now it follows the Slide when the weapon fires and reloads. The textures have been adjusted and aligned with the pistol's sight. The Reflex dot is now a bright spot. The Reflex glass is redesigned to be a dusty and reddish glass. ➡️ HAMMER AND FIRING PIN The hammer is lowered to the loading position. It is also animated during PistolFire and PistolReload animations. Furthermore, the Mesh and the Texture of the Slide have been modified, adding the firing pin. ➡️ LASER AND SILENCER The Laser is now a real laser, aiming directly from the gun barrel and following the player's movements. Reduced the size of the Silencer so you can use it when aiming from the iron sight. ➡️ NEW MOD MODELS Added a model for the Muzzle Brake Mod. Added a model for the Extender Barrel Mod. hehe brrretta ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HOW TO INSTALL Download the Latest Version. Unzip "DLX-Weapons_Fix.rar". Drag-n-Drop the Folder "DLX-Weapons_Fix" to Your 7 Days To Die "Mods" Folder, (. . . \7 Days To Die\Mods\). For safety purpose, Disable EAC (this is not necessary, but you never know ✌️) Play da game. 🔥 ➡️ Stay Tuned for more additions! ✔️ TERMS OF USE The Mod Author and Developer of this Mod, DLX Weapons Fix, is DanyEr12LX. The Mod Author allows to use DLX Weapons Fix with or without any kind of modifications. Remember that all these are restricted to private use only unless otherwise indicated with the written consent of the Mod Author. The Mod Author is not responsible for any damage and/or corruption of game files (including save files), that may be inflicted during and after the installation of DLX Weapons Fix. The use, reuse, share, modification, copying, duplication and/or distribution of DLX Weapons Fix, all the files included DLX Weapons Fix and in the asset file, in any format and in any form, is prohibited outside of private use only unless otherwise indicated with the written consent of the Mod Author. After having a written consent in any form from the Mod Author to do one of the aforementioned actions outside of private use, you are obligated to give appropriate credit to the Mod Author and provide a link to the original source of DLX Weapons Fix.
  16. Gonna just make this thread for all my modlets to keep it organized. !!!ALL MODLETS THAT ADD NEW ASSETS MUST BE INSTALLED ON SERVER AND CLIENT!!! The Wasteland: Bdub's Vehicles: zAlert: Buggy: Hot Rods: Humvee: GNX: Box Truck: Willy Jeep: Golf Cart: MRAP: Marauder: UAZ 452: Pickup: Work Truck: Nova: BRDM-2: MD-500: Grass Blocks: Duster: Stallion: Charger: Dirt Bike: Cruiser, Junker, and Rat bikes: SHERP: UH-60:
  17. Tested & Updated for Alpha 20 (b218) This educational XPath modlet will place into your game, 15 volumes/books of an Encyclopedia named Zombiepedia. The Zombiepedia was assembled from tips, tricks, and helpful pointers of other survivors. When you find one of the books and read it, a popup is shown on the screen with the tips that are related to the topic or category of the specific volume you found. For each book you read, you are provided 2 skill points for increasing your knowledge of the world and game, and that specific Encyclopedia volume is added to your Journal in case you want to read back through it later. The Encyclopedia contains over 80 entries and are compiled by actual players via a crowd-source Google shared document. The author of each entry is attributed in the content displayed to the player in-game. This XML-only XPath Modlet is compatible with both Singleplayer and Dedicated Server play and only needs to be installed onto the server. Volumes: Blood Moon Horde Night Building Materials Clothing and Armor Education and XP Gain Electronics Existing Structure Bases (Above-Ground) Farming and Foods Harvesting Resources Inventory Management Maximizing Loot Traps Underground Bases Vehicles Weapons Zombies Current Release: Zombiepedia Skillpoints Modlet - A20_1.0 Old Release: Zombiepedia Skillpoints Modlet - A19.3_1.0a This modlet can be added to a new or existing game. Installation Instructions: Extract the zip file Copy the folder "Zombiepedia_Skillpoints" into your Mods folder If you don't have a Mods folder & are playing on Steam under Windows: Right-click the game in Steam and select Properties Click the "Local Files" tab Click the "Browse Local Files" button In the popup that appears, create a folder called "Mods" By default this path would end up being: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods
  18. Alter - Working Trash Can A trash can that can be used to store and delete unwanted items. Place it on the ground like a normal block. Interacting with the top of the trash can will open the container. To delete the items, interact with the base (the metal area). You will pick up the container. When you place it on the ground it will be empty again. Download Nexus Mods Please, if you are going to post this to another site copy the description verbatim.
  19. DOWNLOAD Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS (A20) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Custom-Zombies-Plus-A20-2022Feb02 And an optional Party Pack Starter Kit to ease players back into the first few days of a new World. https://github.com/arramus/A20SnufkinPartyPackStarterKit INTRODUCTION Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies Plus is a combination of Snufkin's Server Side Custom Zombies and additional community made zombies as an integrated 'PLUS Add On'. There are currently 38 entities (15 Snufkin and 23 Snufkin PLUS) We attempted to run the PLUS zombies as a stand alone mod but spawning was unstable and it was better to compile them together. The Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus contains the following entities: 1. All of the well known Snufkin's Server Side Custom Zombies (In alphabetical order) - Archon - Banshee - Bomber - Cowhead - Geist - Juggernaut - Mantis - Parasite - Psycho - Scarecrow - Scorcher - Siren - Undertaker - Wendigo - Wrestler 2. PLUS Add On Server Side Custom Zombies (In alphabetical order) - Geist Archer (Snufkin base with edits by arramus - based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan's concept and intensive testing) - Golden Juggernaut (Snufkin base with edits by arramus - based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan's concept and intensive testing) - Hammer Spammer (arramus - based on ShoudenKalferas request for White River archetypes) - Hell Bear (oakraven) - Hell Boar (oakraven) - Hell Flyer (oakraven - Inspired by @Robeloto) - Hell Lion (oakraven) - Hell Shocker (oakraven) - Hell Wolf (oakraven) - Hisser (arramus - based on Tipsy Squatch Gaming/Evil Spartan's concept and intensive testing with Snufkin Banshee and Mantis elements) - Mittens (arramus - @Lonestarcanuck request) - Mother Clucker (Inspired by Catman) - Motorhead (arramus) - Navezgane Slasher (arramus) - Oni (Blue and Red versions - arramus) - Paindeer (arramus - based on @kdthehun's Rudolph suggestion - Sorry about the nose and light color and lack of Santa hat. Advice needed on those) - Pogo (arramus) - Shark WFLB (arramus) - Snow Bear (arramus with support from oakraven to consider an appropriate texture) - Tipsy Pink Squatch (arramus - Tipsy Squatch Gaming) - Tipsy Squatch (arramus - Tipsy Squatch Gaming) - Wight Radiation Shower (arramus - based on, and directly using code from bdubyah's 'Feral Ghoul' from 'The Wasteland' Mod) - Zombie Direwolf (oakraven and arramus) As with the spirit of Snufkin's original concept and suggestions to the community, there is no stopping other modders from expanding on the originals in their own direction just as we are doing here. CUSTOMISING GAMEPLAY The entitygroups.xml (default can be found with the Config folder along with alternative versions within the Server Admin Spawning Options folder) is the first place for Server Admin/Hosts/Players to check if you would like to customise the Snufkin Zombies PLUS experience. If you would like a challenge, the default version is for you. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, then there is a lite_version in the additional options folder which can be renamed and moved to replace the default. The lite_version has all the Snufkin Zombies PLUS characters, but at a lower probability to appear. The lighter version is appropriate for new Worlds which can create a very high density of custom zombies until more regions unlock and allow them to spread out. There is also a version for Horde Night only and no Horde Night for each type. If you run the Horde Night only version you will receive a spawning.xml error since that file will no longer see the entitygroups for regular non horde night game play. That will tell you it's working ^^. You can delete the spawning.xml file to remove these warnings if you only want to use the Horde Night only version. FAQ About Customising:- Q.1 How exactly do I remove a zombie, such as the flying shark? A.1 Go to the entitygroups.xml file and delete every entry which looks similar to this (note the number at the end is different in different areas and versions) <entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.075"/> In the default entitygroups.xml there are currently 8 entries for the flying shark in regular day time and night time groups and removing them is a fast process. However, there are 322 entries in the bottom section which regulates the spawning for a Blood Moon Horde Night event. It is a lot to remove, but they are split into 7 groups where each group has an identical value. Using a tool such as Notepad++ will allow you to delete them in large batches automatically. Q.2 I want more flying sharks to appear. How do I achieve this? A.1 Go to the entitygroups.xml file and look for all entries similar to this: <entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.075"/> Change the prob="0.075" value to a higher value such as prob="0.15". Finding a value which suits your gameplay is subjective and the best value is what feels most appropriate through trial and error. CREDITS Thank you, as always, to @Snufkin for the base, and @Slawa for a wealth of support in the beginning. In addition, @Dre , @BubbaJoe , @Catman and @Ti2xGr have been adding their very own unique modifications to create an environment that suits their players; some of which we have gratefully incorporated into this Plus version. Some of the new PLUS entities @oakravenis incredibly active in the background and specializes in both stabilising existing mods and creating new mods. Here are oakraven's land based 'Hell group' zombies with Archon standing among them. These new characters ustilise their wings for additional jump height and will add to the demands of defending your base. Hell Lion, Hell Boar, Hell Wolf, and Hell Bear make a formidable team and will certainly come out in force during a Blood Moon event. This is one which arramus always wanted to bring into game play as an entity ever since he spied the concept within Snufkin's base mod. The Shark WFLB is a play on a 'James Bond' type evil villain over dramatic weapon. It flies, homes in, and then unleashes its lasers. It is not an overly powerful threat while on foot but will pick up the pace while in a vehicle as it is based on the vulture game code. It is both loved and hated to equal degrees. ^^ oakraven's Hell Flyer and Hell Shocker swarming and inflicting damage. This pair shoot darts or shock bolts and have their own unique audible narration as they come into closer proximity. These will add to the airborne threats and give this PLUS version a wider balance of ground, mid level leaping, and airborne threats. Mittens guarding her territory. She spits acid and is something that @Lonestarcanuck requested. Paindeer taking care of its friends. The Paindeer has a flashlight attachment built into its nose which is covered by a snowball. Defintely easy to spot at night. One warning about the Paindeer; her axe also gives her protection from frontal melee attack. Motorhead, the mechanical marvel teaming up with his biker brethren. Don't let him come knocking at your door for too long as his block damage will make him an unwelcome guest. Snufkin was keen for other modders to take advantage of the game assets to create unique server side characters with their own special skill sets. By emulating Snufkin's approach and expanding with further features, we hope you will enjoy these additional zombies in addition to the Snufkin regulars.
  20. [v1.0.2] Mod Manager Features: Mods List/Settings UI accessible from the main menu. Enable/Disable and customize mod settings from mods that support the Mod Manager Mod Settings API. Game mod list compatibility checking. Ensures you don't load a save with the wrong set of mods. Better error handling. Shows a user-friendly dialog box with the option to copy/ignore the message instead of spamming the in-game console with no way to close it. Mod version checking. Get notified if any new mod updates are available, as well as get compatibility updates about old/new mod versions with the current version of the game installed. Custom Mod Loader. Load mods from multiple directories (as well as the new default %AppData%\7DaysToDie\Mods and the old 7DaysToDie\Mods program folder). Mod Dependency Management. Prevent mods that are missing other mods from being loaded, causing errors during startup without any way to figure out what mod is causing it. Download/Source: > Latest Release for Alpha 20.5 b2: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ModManager/releases/latest/download/ModManager.zip > Previous Releases & Changelog: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ModManager/releases > Source Code: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ModManager Installation: For Clients: Note: This mod is not client-side EAC-compatible and will not run with EAC enabled due to how mod DLL loading works in A20. Download and extract the latest release into the Mods folder in your 7 Days to Die install folder (create one if it does not exist). Settings can be modified in the Mod Manager Settings Tab in the Mods menu. Mod Developers (API): The Mod Manager includes its own APIs to integrate with mods (C# currently, XPath/XML support coming soon), currently including a Mod Manifest API that allows your users to check for new mod versions within the in-game Mods menu, and a Mod Manager API (currently including a Mod Settings API to allow users to customize settings without needing to restart their game (and the UI is handled all by the Mod Manager). The API is written as a wrapper that can be included in your project as a source file, which allows for optional Mod Manager support - meaning no errors will be thrown if the user chooses not to use the Mod Manager with your mod). More information about the API can be found here: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ModManager/wiki/Mod-Integration (Note: At the time of writing, the documentation is still incomplete!) Mod Support: SMXmenu support: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ModManager/releases/download/1.0.2/ModManagerSMXmenuSupport.zip Screenshots: Mod settings support with Improved Hordes: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/26781-improved-hordes-a205/
  21. // GREETINGS // Welcome to the new and improved SMX series for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 20. The goal with this mod is to give the entire 7 Days to Die user interface an extreme makeover an refashion it into how I believe the user interface for the game should be experienced. SMX consist of several modlets which can be broken down into three separate mods: SMXhud, SMXmenu and SMXui. These are all stand alone and can be used separately or, as is the intention, together with the other two and all three mods combined is what makes the SMX experience complete! In addition we have the core, the main modlet if you will, SMXlib. This is a library modlet and even though it makes very little changes on its own it holds all the assets that the other mods need to function. Because of this it is a mandatory modlet that will need to be downloaded and installed no matter which of the other ones you choose to use. SMX tries to create an experience as close up towards the vanilla user interface as possible. With little to no changes that can disrupt the balance of the game. The only exception being the extra slot on the crafting queue which is there to make the design fit and hardly disrupts game balance! Then we have the optional modlets. We are aware that some people want the extra bling bling, and as such we offer these as optional downloads that can be installed alongside the main modlets from each series to expand upon the features from vanilla. We offer official optional downloads such as: Target Health Bar, Bigger Bags and a Third Forge Slot. Other optional modlets and compatibility patches might become available from other mod authors. We hope you will enjoy playing 7 Days to Die with the new experience that SMX brings to the table. Have fun! - The SMX team. // TERMS OF USE // You are allowed to use these modlets as is for your own personal use and/or on a server you run and/or administrate. You are under no circumstance allowed to distribute any SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets without written consent from the main developer. If you wish to distribute SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets as part of your own project and consent have been given you are required to do so in such a way so that all the files of the SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets in question remain unaltered and you cannot under any circumstance claim credit for creating the modlet or modlets or any of the files provided with it/them. If consent is given you are required to make any changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind it is to be named so that it loads AFTER the original modlet. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files what so ever. If consent is given it is only given on a case to case basis and those that receive consent cannot pass that consent on to another party or project. Nor will the consent pass on to other creators that opt to include consented work into their project. You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets in other projects. This restriction applies to all files that the SMX and/or ZMX modlets consist of. EXCEPTION: The content of the Harmony folder is to be considered open source and can be used freely as long as the original credit comments within the files are not removed or altered other than adding to. You are required to seek special consent from the main developer should you wish to make changes to any asset files provided with the SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets. You are required to inform the main developer when your project that contains any SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets have been made available to the public. // MEET THE TEAM // As of A20 I decided to move SMX into the lands of Harmony and with that digging even deeper into what we can do with modding the game. This requires knowledge that I do not possess enough of to be able to continue working on this on my own. As a result the team has grown and we have added some supernerds that know this stuff. Main Credits: Sirillion (main developer/designer/xml/coding) sphereii (developer/coding) TormentedEmu (developer/coding) Laydor (developer/coding), Contributors: Mumpfy(art) // SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT // All SMX branded mods and modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy. We do however from time to time get questions from users on how they can donate to support the development. The purpose of this link is nothing more than a way for us to cater to those that want to make a donation. You should under no circumstance feel obligated to do so, but if you do decide to do it we want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not we would like to extend a thank you to all that download and use the different SMX mods, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them. If you feel like making a donation to support the development of the SMX branded modifications, click the image below or scan the QR code. // DO YOU NEED SUPPORT? // We strive to make SMX in the best possible way and try to make user actions with it as smooth as possible. But we are still here to answer questions if you run into problems with it or it's installation procedure. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any issue, big or small, we just ask you to run this simple checklist before coming to ask us for help and just maybe you will be able to help yourself first. Did you install all the downloaded folders? Do note that SMXhud and SMXui both have an additional folder that needs installing. (ZMXhudCP and ZMXuiCP) Did you install SMXlib? This modlet contains all the assets (custom graphics) we use and without this your UI will be mostly transparent. Did you check the folder hierarchy and made sure you didn't install the modlets too deep? Did you disable ALL other mods or modlets and then try again to see if the problem still exists? (Be careful with this, backup your save!) Did you check the support sites to see if anyone else have had the same problem recently? If you ran this checklist and still need our support please contact us on one of the links below or just post in this thread. But please, only post on one of the support channels. Pick one and stick with it as we do monitor all of them and having to answer the same thing on several sites just leads to confusion. // INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL PROCEDURES // First and foremost, the most important thing you need to do with SMX in A20: >> !!TURN OFF EAC!! << Backup your save game before installing ANY mods to the game. We don't expect SMX to cause any issues, it is just good practice! Download the mod or mods you want to install from the list below. Decompress the downloaded files with WinRAR or a compatible compression software like 7zip. Copy or move the Mods folder you just decompressed into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted. Verify your install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this Hierarchy: "\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml" Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question from within the Mods folder. // DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS // SMX modlets can be downloaded from Nexusmods (our main site) or GitHub. Alternatively it can be installed via the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher by sphereii. When opting to use Nexusmods or GitHub you will have to do the installation manually by following the procedure above. When opting to use the Mod Launcher the installation procedure will be more automated but you will need to make sure that all the different modlets are installed as you won't get nested downloads like from the other two. Please note that the Mod Launcher is a separate piece of software that you will need to download and install on your system and then setup properly before downloading mods and modlets with it. The link below is to the main Mod Launcher web page. Follow the links below to go to the download sites and then select which mods to download from there. // SMXhud - THE HUD REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXhud changes the game HUD. Everything you see on the interface while running around in the game world is part of the HUD experience. The purpose of SMXhud is to change that part of the user interface and change it into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to be as informative as possible but not intrusive. SMXhud - The Base HUD conversion. ZMXhudCPTHB - Enables the Target Health Bar for SMXhud. (Install optional modlet ZMXhudCPTHB to get the target health bar) // SMXmenu - THE MENU REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXmenu changes the game menus. Everything you see when you start the game or when navigating the different options and settings is part of the menu experience. The purpose of SMXmenu is to extend the art style and feeling from the HUD into the menus and to supplement SMXhud to create the SMX experience. SMXmenu - The Main Menu conversion. SMXmenu - The In-Game Menu conversion. SMXmenu - Video Settings Window. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) // SMXui - THE UI REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXui is an extension of SMXhud and SMXmenu and will bring the art style over to the rest of the user interface. We've tried to maintain as close a relation to the vanilla interface as possible but we have also granted ourselves some artistic freedom when it comes to some areas. It deviates from vanilla with the fifth crafting queue slot which I added to make it fit the overall design better. The other changes we made are all optional like the third forge slot, the target health bar and the big bag conversion modlets for those that want a bit bigger bags. SMXui - The forge with the third forge slot enabled. (Install optional modlet ZMXuiCPTFS to get the third forge slot and ZMXuiCPBBM to get the bigger backpack) SMXui - Totally reworked skills windows. The goal was to make it look like a talent screen. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) SMXui - Trader Conversation Window. SMXui - Character Screen Window with normal backpack and the item info window. SMXui - Vehicle Window with normal backpack and empty info window. SMXui - Map Windows with increased map texture and 48 fully configurable waypoint icons.. // SMX - THE OPTIONAL MODLETS // SMX sports a variety of optional modlets. Some are meant as small QoL additions to the vanilla experience like the third forge slot and the target health bar while others are meant as pure extensions that push the vanilla experience out of balance. ZMXuiCPBBM - A scrollable big bag mod for SMXui. It has 100 slots and adds search functions to the backpack, containers and vehicle storages.
  22. Libertas Legion 18+ PVP Modded Server (Restarted 05/31/2022) The LSLN Community has launched a Modded server for PVP players. Refreshed and restarted, we are proud to offer a server with a large random map, PVP/PVE with active admins open to all! We want to see the server take off and introduce new and old player to a unique 7DaysToDie experience! Bring your friends! Our server offers: An 18+ active community of players PVP/PVE at your discretion 44 Custom Server Side mods for new and old players Active Admins and Discord Server Information: Name: Libertas Legion 18+ PVP modded IP: Port: 26900 Mods: - Acid Recipe - Bushcraft Bites - Advanced Medical Craft - Car + Forest Respawner - Boiled can water + Snowberries and Herbal Medicine - Random Animal/Animal Pack Spawner - Specialised traders + Unique items + Open and Close Times - Robeloto Zombies Expansion - Robeloto Dismantle Traps - Schematic List/Tracker and Craft ability - Server Side Vehicles - Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack + Loot Box Addon - Sewing kit recipe - megacrush Recipe - Jail doors/bar recipe - Donovan Megastacks - Donovan More Perks - Donovan CraftSchematics - Donovan Longer Loot Bag decay rate - Doughs Grenade Buff - Doughs Infection Buff - Doughs pipe bomb buff - Doughs Craftable santa hat - Doughs Soup Chef of the Apocalypse - Doughs YouGotMail - Working Ice Machines - KHA20 3 Slot Forges - KHA20 12 craft Queue - KHA20 Steel Ammo - 60 slot BackPack + 30 Reserve - More Lights - Nomad64 super chargers - Parts Crafting A20 - Plaebad Lever Action 44 + Realistic Silencers - RELXIX Tree Drops provide loot - RELXIX UI Compass Highlight - SawWoodS - Sams Building Stuff - Sams Council Stuff - Sams Deco Stuff - Sams Steel electric fence - SKarmah Player Body Remains - Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus - Sams Special Ammo - Sams Storage Stuff - Sams Tactical Nuke - Sams Working Stuff - Valmars Animal Snares - WMM Avoid Blood Moon - En Zombies + Patch - JaxTeller718 More mod slots - Stallionsdens More Lootable objects, pallets and shelves - Stallionsdens Supply crates (Custom version for Rad Zone) For server/mod details, any questions or information, we have an active server discord over at: https://discord.gg/NGrFqjnxUj
  23. Hello, welcome in my topic My list of mods suggestions are welcomed, but be aware i'm not doing any mods requiring unity asset, as i don't know how to make them (so not my own models unfortunately) this topic is WIP Installation of all my mods: just extract into Mods folder inside 7 Days To Die game folder (create one if theres none) some may be incorrectly archived, check if file modinfo.xml is like this 7 Days To Die\Mods\MODNAME\ModInfo.xml Rain Catcher Cinder Fix (and tweaks) Santa-Hat as mod Stack Anvils Crucibles and Bellows Ammo and Gas Bundles crafting Ghillie mod Give back my Blunderbuss! Working Ice machine Logs from Trees and working tableSaw (Forestry) Steel Last updates: 23.5.2022: Steel to v1.0.1 20.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.3 12.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.2 08.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.1 07.5.2022: Steel v1.0, Updated Forestry to v1.2.0 20.2.2022: IceMachine v1.1 20.2.2022: Forestry v1.1.1 19.2.2022: Forestry v1.1 --- Working on: just now im working on my last "Forestry" mod and Steel mod (if i get any new idea for it) tba: +thinking about reusing disabled trees.. but how and where?
  24. This mod will add loot to static zombie corpses and dead zombies. In the loot there will come across the same thing as in heaps of garbage, as well as clothes and sometimes pistols. Update v2.0 Adaptation for 7 Days To Die ALPHA 20 Update v1.3 Added unique loot lists for each zombie! (nevertheless, you still cannot swim in loot) Removed yellow bags falling from zombies. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 180 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 100. Update v1.2 Reduced the chance to find a pistol. Added the ability to search normal zombies after being killed. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 240 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 300. Update v1.1 Added lootable all bodyBag. You can support me with a dollar here 🙂: DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12KKmnqzZeS2tJQmAF1E4-85TmA1Ox5dZ
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