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  1. Vehicle Madness Continues >>........ A20 Version Guppycur's awesome original concept for Vehicle Madness started way back in the early days A17 and now continues for 7 Days to Die in A20, Guppy handed over the reigns of the project to me (Ragsy) in A18 to rework and develop further the visions we had for vehicle systems in the game. About Vehicle Madness in A20 Features 58 vehicles ( New Physics and particle effects). 80 Plus wreck variants (some may look familiar) All new custom vehicle sounds. Find working spawned vehicles in the world ( Custom code was written by HaidrGna and adapted for Vehicle Madness with his kind permission) Find Repairable vehicles versions in the world Harvest wrecked vehicles to salvage parts for crafting vehicles on the VM Workbench ( Balancing feedback required as always ) . You will come across a variety of different types of vehicles in the world that may be working or have repairable versions you can find to fix up !! There will still be spawns of the 'lower end' Vehicles in the world but the 'high end' stuff like military vehicles or other customs will be a case of either find the repairable version and repair it or craft it with harvested parts from vehicle wrecks on the VM Workbench. A vehicle repair kit consists of the following parts that can be found in the world or crafted at appropriate levels on the Workbenches : <ingredient name="CarFootpump" count="1"/> <ingredient name="CarBatteryChargerUnit" count="1"/> <ingredient name="VMToolRachetSet" count="1"/> <ingredient name="HotwireKit" count="1"/> .....and a specific tiered tool . Wrench for lower tier repairs , Ratchet for mid tier vehicles and Impact Hammer for High tier vehicles. ****** Dont forget to take some fuel with you as you will need it for the repaired vehicle *****. If you dont come across a vehicle you like subject to rwg pot luck , you can still craft the vehicles by salvaging parts from vehicle wrecks such as: Transmission (and damaged version) Engine (and damaged version) Seats (and damaged versions) Carburetor (and damaged version) Battery (and damaged version) Alternator (and damaged version) Chassis (and damaged version) Body parts (doors, hood, trunk and Fender and bumper) Full Vehicle Madness Style Wheels Wheel Rims Damaged wheels We have adopted a system where 2x Damaged Parts go towards making 1 good working part along with other smaller items in the recipes. Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are NOT WHEELS. You must find a wheel rim , these can be obtained by salvaging the vehicles in the world (you may be lucky and get full wheels and a wheel rim during salvage), or you can make a fully functional wheel by adding tire and wheel rim and using the air compressor tool in the Auto-Workbench. There are some full damaged wheels you can collect on the roads to make a full wheel using our 2x damaged = 1 good system. To make the VM Auto-workbench you need to first be able to craft 'normal workbenches' as you will need one to build the full Auto-workbench along with a car lift (craftable) , a compressor and a ratchet set (lootable in world) ......you can then, after learning how, assemble the various vehicle parts into the various assemblies to build your custom vehicle. Car body assembly (requires a fully body kit) Electrical subsystem assembly Car engine assembly Car Body Kit Vehicle Madness wheel set ** Vanilla vehicles can be crafted using the existing vanilla parts as before but on the VMWorkbench ( Except bicycle and Minibike), we have left in vanilla items to maintain vanilla compatibility for other vehicle mods that do use vanillla resources as part of thier builds, vanilla parts however will not fit the custom vehicles system build method ** Gas will be at a premium, this means you may have to raid gas stations or find a damaged gas tanker vehicles on the road or make your own. Gas is more expensive to make in this version ... ***** We recommend that you use a bigger backpack modlet such as this one here by KhaineGB as there are many parts to collect. Also Recommend Khaines vehicle fixes for sound and entity damage in this thread ***** The Vehicle Madness Current Team Ragsy ActiniumTiger Magejosh Éric Beaudoin Marcus A20 Testers A special mention to the testers and thanks for the feedback and bug reports Magejosh Mr Devolver Furious Ramsey R.U.I.N.S Acknowledgements : Many thanks to the various modders and contributors helping us make Vehicle Madness better since Alpha 17, without whom this would not have been possible.. Guppycur - Original creator of VM and all round support on the development path so far. Telric - For some vehicle fixes in blender and his help on the buffs system .. HaidrGna - Spawning system code and general support on development. Mumpfy - 'The Texture Guru' for texture reworks for the MotoGuppy bike , NPC Mod van and the Ragsy n Tiger Van (plus his original texture work on A17 version). Random Person - Texture work on the original VM in A17 bdubyah - Donating the first wrecked vehicle pack for beta 1.1 thats still part of VM today and his support. DUST2DEATH - Support feedback and original Development of VM in A17 with Guppycur and the original team . Also thanks to valdifer for the Spanish Translations for Vehicle Madness Beta 1.1 , feel free to take the current localizations and add more languages. Others who have been involved of whom i may have forgotten , and rest of the 'Crew' on Guppy's Modding Discord for the support along the way. More to come..... New tire fitting station and car lift system . A Dedicated POI for Automotive Repairs Work on localisation updates. Add tracked vehicles into the mix ... and a few novelty vehicles. ***** Note: You are not allowed to extract and alter any of the assets in this mod in any way without first gaining permission , these assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding **** Vehicle Madness Continues A20 Download link ***** Please Note : This is an Overhaul mod in modlet form and is required on both Client and Server as with other mods that add new assets. ******* Overhaul Modders can use this modlet overhaul as a recommended add-on if you wish but leaving the core files of vehicle madness intact. A brand new game save is required as the mod overhaul adds a lot of new blocks in the game and changes existing ones too !! Failing to start a new save game will break your existing save so be warned up front !!! Changelog Beta 2.0 : 1. Added a lot more New Vehicles into the mix ..bringing the total to 58 for ultimate variety. 2. More wreck variations 80+. 3. Added 30 + Repairable Vehicles that you can repair on roadside with special kits, dont forget to take some fuel with you . 4. 20+ custom vehicles that may or may not spawn in the world with the luck of RWG. 5. Crafting these new vehicles is still an option at the VM Workbench for those harder to find vehicles. 6. New Vehicle Sounds applied for all vehicles. 7. Loot overhaul inline with A20 system ( as usual feedback much appreciated on this area). 8. Our own particle systems for exhausts and vehicle damage. 9. Reviewed and updated storage sizes and vehicle speeds 10. Apocaliptic Style textures for the rustic used look 11. Recipe changes for crafting to help with vanilla engine shortages in the original version . 12. Added more deco stuff to collect on roads .. 13. More wrecks in world specifically on the country roads and reduced loot to balance out the numbers . 14. Support for vehicle mods on all vehicles except the cosmetic option as these vehicles are all custom made textures. Some vehicles have seating mods but not all (example Military Truck has 8 fixed) 15. Numerous of the the original vehicles have had brake lights added and some addition headlights where needed. 16. Added a few decorative advertising boards to world ..these can be harvested . 17. Vanilla Vehicles now require the VM Vehicle WorkBench to build them except the minibike and bicycle. 18. Revisited the vehicle damage scales on blocks ... Targeted individual blocks now and adjusted some down and some more added ... (like for instance vehicles ran into and stopped dead on mailboxes and cactus and so on.. vehicles will not destroy any wood on bridges anymore This system is going to be replaced with vehicles that have individual profiles at some point). 19. Adjusted all vehicles to have lower degredation so when you hit 25% damage level particles are triggered ..so be careful and try not too crash too much 20. Reworked vehicle physics in-line with vanilla settings. 21. Making gas is more expensive and requires more oil shale to craft your own gas. 22. Some vehicles will attach parts/vehicles from player inventory when you get in them , Bicycle - Motorcycle - engines ect ect .... these are only on the 'Pickup style vehicles or open trucks but not all and is still WIP. 23. Added recipes to make the 'repair kit' parts on a workbench if you dont find enough of them in the loot. 24. Changed some stack sizes to help with looting vehicle parts if you do not wish to use the bigger back pack modlets. Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Have fun 🙃 The Vehicle Madness Team !!!
  2. MAGOLIS COMPO PACK So welcome to the CompoPack. Together with Wolfbain5 and the guidance of Magolis wishes both Wolfbain5 and i have churned thru every prefab and finally have a release for you guys to play with. Compo Pack has its own Discord server Found - HERE Once you join, agree to the rules then a verification PM will be sent for you to follow, simply follow the steps and you will be in 🙂 . - Feel free to join. On the Compo Pack Discord channel you can - Submit new prefabs to be added to the compo Pack, - Report any errors or problems you may find - Discuss any thoughts and ideas - As well as general talk COMPOPACK CP48 COMING TO A STABLE A20 NEAR YOU ***IMPORTANT INFO*** This will require a new world to be generated, not just a new save game because several prefabs have changed size which can cause severe errors in existing world when they are reset by questing. For multiplayer the mod will need to be installed on all player clients. We did a comprehensive cleaning. Every prefab has been gone through for texture stream reduction and zombie spawn site clean up in an attempt to lower lag. All quest locations should now work. Every prefab that has a quest has been gone through and updated to ensure they can be completed. Vanilla locations not included. Minor questpath walkthroughs have been gone through to insure entry into the buildings. a Major questpath walkthrough is in the works. Many prefabs have had several of their doors unlocked in logical locations. We have also gone through each prefab to fix paint, we may be missing a few spots, if so, please report. A loot reduction has been done in many gamebreakingly over populated loot pois. COMPOPACK 48 CHANGELOG Tasks that will be ongoing - Replaced many blocks to their correct block for texture saving. IE: if it was painted concrete and the block under the paint was actually wood it got replaced with concrete (This will still continue into CP47 if we find more) - Zombie amounts in prefabs were fixed to a more standardised level and per more vanilla amounts in alot of over populated pois. (Mine included lol) - Loot rebalance will be ongoing each and every iteration of the compo pack. - quests, pathing and zombie interactions. Ie: active, passive and attack tags. DOWNLOAD THE METHOD YOU PLAY HERE: Download contains: * Modlet. MODLET INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. If you dont have a Mods folder already, Make a Mods folder in game directory If you havent already 2. Simply then open the COMPOPACK A19 CP47 (RWG MODLET) folder and Drag the COMPOPACK A19 CP46 folder inside original folder into Mods folder (steam/steamapps/common/7 days to die/Mods) 3 .Run game and enjoy Server Instructions: 1. Same as above for client, but in server folder. Prefabs will also need to be on client side as well as server side. CP 47 Proudly brought to you by: MAGOLI - A legend whom kept everyone entertained with his updating of the Compo Pack for all of us to enjoy WOLFBAIN5 - Loot, Nitrogen and Zombie Removal service as well as Quest fixer and assisted in updating prefabs. Handled Nitrogen side of things STALLIONSDEN- Prefab repairer, Painter, And Rotater of wrong rotated blocks and OFC annoying Wolfbain5 with my huge amount of zs and mass amount of volumes for him to sort (Your welcome Wolfbain5 haha) Handled Modlet side of things. Plus all the many Great and amazing prefabbers out there whom have contributed to the CP over the years and all those whom will be adding more in the future. Prefabs Removed from CP to be fixed and re added when ready: * The Slums (By_Pikero) * ResidentEvilMansion (by_Magoli) DISCORD CHANNELS PREFAB SUBMISSIONS HERE Please refer to original thread for any info in the O.P for now. comments welcome here to, Original thread can be found here for cp45 dl and info:
  3. A20 Robeloto Custom Zombies Modlet If you are looking for a realistic mod you have come to the wrong place, but if you are looking for some variation in the game involving some nice action with new zombies and with increased difficulty you happen to just be in the right thread. This modlet adds 39 new zombies to the game! + 3 zombies from Snufkins mod: Archon, Geist and Scarecrow. 2022-01-15 *Version 2.85* Easy zombies that you will encounter right from the start with a high chance: BurningMan, Freezer, MoePuker, MiniMummy, Radrobot1, and Spectre. I will show video in a few days with an updated overview on all the zombies. • Spectre zombie is finally back! He has only 200hp and does not hit hard. He looks cool. • The Mini zombie has been added to the groups. • Radrobot has 2 versions now. Easy and Medium. RadRobot1 is the easy one. • Exploder zombie has been nerfed yet again. Reduced speed, physical resist and explosion blockdamage. • Entitygroups has been updated. Even more groups added. Added more chance to encounter harder zeds from level 200 and above. • Moepuker has less hp, does less damage/block damage and has decreased buffchances. • 2 Freezer zombies. One easy and one hard. • Mummy has 2 versions now. One easy that is smaller and one medium that is taller. The easy one has a lighter voice. • Predator buff chance lowered. About 10-15 % • RPG buff chance lowered with about 25%. His projectile is on 5 radius entities/blocks instead of 3 now and explosion is increased from 40 to 60. • Sanguis buff chance lowered with about 10% from both melee and vomit • Shadow buff decreased from 90% buffchance to 70%. • Shocker buffchance melee decreased from 65% to 30%. Vomit from 70 to 57. Nerf them all update • You can craft workbench, forge, cementmixer etc at Stage 3 now. Before I had it at 4 and think it's a bit too much. (original game is 2) • You will unlock Iron Pickaxe at Miner69r stage 3 instead of 1. (original game is 1) • Less grass in all biomes • Get less snow when digging • More snow is needed to make water Old updates here: Overview: Part1: Action video on all zombies! This is what they do to you! Old Part 2: HERE ! Part 3 - Planned to do this month (January 2022) and Part 3 will likely contain all the zombies from Part 2 + the new zombies. Copter Corpse - CLICK HERE Zombie names + info (alphabetical): Buffs: All my A20 modlets here! ->Download<- If you wish to donate me: PayPal __________________________________________________ _________________________________________ All my A19 modlets here All my 18.4 modlets All my A17.2 modlets Video on all zombies from A17: https://youtu.be/LYXP15okbJE Picture on the new zeds + new skin. (Giant doesn't look like this now though.)
  4. Hi everyone This will be the post where I will publish my mods for alpha 19, any questions or suggestions or feedback is welcome. GK return to old Farmland A19 This mod adds back the old previous alpha cultivation system, added its scheme and recipe. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kaiuggwx1goiib/GK_Return_to_Old_Farmland_A19.rar/file GK useful tires A19 V1.1 It is a small mod based on the work of Ragsy2145, which gives you the possibility to harvest the vehicleWheels by destroying from the floor, they will give you: They only change the values of vehicleWheels for decoCarTirePile and decoCarTireStack which can give you 1 to 2 wheels. V1.2 It gives you the possibility to obtain decoCarTireSmallFlat to make vehicleWheels and adds its recipe (the original recipe remains). Additional Credits: Ragsy2145 Link V1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v0bx3ts6zxuw5jb/GK_Useful_Tires_A19.rar/file Link V1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zx95oxovl8xm3vq/GK_Useful_Tires_A19%282%29.rar/file GK Texture Vulture Radiated A19 V1.0 - A18.4 This little mod only adds texture to the irradiated vulture, which didn't have it, because?, I don't know, but now it already does. V1.1 - A19 Fixed a bug with the vulture texture. Link V1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vidyffdlbpyhf3j/GK_Texture_Vulture_Radiated.rar/file Link V1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ludy9kasf6d1kyd/GK_Texture_Vulture_Radiated_A19.rar/file GK 2 Mods This mod adds two new itemModifiers 1-modBleeding - Modification of bleeding 2-modFrog - Dive Modification The first adds 50% chance of bleeding to zombies and animals, only installs on bows and crossbows, ideal for hunting lovers. The second adds%? resistance underwater, only installs on helmets, ideal for diving lovers. The scheme of both is only for looteo. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8kayllojkrnehl7/GK_2_Mods_A19.rar/file GK Boxes Back This mod returns the boxes to you by destroying them (secure storage chest and generic box). Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3cu9llrv7i0jvt4/GK_Boxes_Back.rar/file GK Storage This mod increases to 90 slots the storage boxes (secure storage chest and generic box) and greenDrawer. Becaused TFP reduced the storage size of the secure storage chest,generic box and greenDrawer left them the same at 72 slots. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c91zcieq5ml1ic9/GK_Storage.rar/file GK Pickup Grass and More This mod allows you to collect dry grass and shrubs in biomes by pressing E. V1.1 - A19-A19.1 forestFlower and treeAzalea are added. Link v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/02a4gd9i4lntwz0/GK_Pickup_Grass_and_More.rar/file Link v1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uj94zfewzdbauzi/GK_Pickup_Grass_and_More_A19.1.rar/file GK Less Grass This mod causes less grass to be generated in forest and snow. If you want much less grass edit. 0.04 in the biomes.xml file to 0.001 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f9v9wc3xq48fgr9/GK_Less_Grass.rar/file GK Walk,Run and Swimming Fast This mod allows the player to walk,run and swimming fast. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rqp30chfoyhe9lv/GK_Walk%2CRun_and_Swimming_Fast.rar/file Mods A20 GK Old Farmland Small changes were made, everything else remains as in my previous mod. The new A20 LivingofftheLand system is maintained. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ngqn8ayac1fdcn/GK_Old_Farmland.rar/file GK Spoilet Meat This little mod adds a recipe to make spoiled meat from raw meat and nitrate, is made on the campfire, and requires a grill. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/thn9kkcj4xp8j7v/GK_Spoiled_Meat.rar/file GK Repair Collapsed Workstations This mod adds a standard repair kit to repair all crashed workstations, the repair kit unlocks at perkAdvancedEngineering level 2 and requires a clawhammer. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/at59j1x2aopl6e9/GK_Repair_Collapsed_Workstations.rar/file GK Storage Small changes were made to the mod, it works the same as the previous one. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7a26umq2yepduma/GK_Storage.rar/file GK CanBoiledWater Back This mod brings back the can of boiled water and dirty water. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8m28z6t0r62sjg9/GK_CanBoiledWater_Back.rar/file GK Less Grass This mod is the same as the previous one from A19, only small changes were made for A20, small grass stays the same. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/r5ie5psy7gn5ur1/GK_Less_Grass.rar/file GK Useful Tires This mod was completely changed, now the tires from the ground when destroying them will give rubber, which is necessary to make the tires. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o8pd3ta357t29n4/GK_Useful_Tires.rar/file GK Old System Upgrade This mod brings back the old block upgrade system (Now there are 16), adds bricks and a tool to create bricks in the forge, they are to improve the cobblestone block to brick block, they can also be harvested in brick blocks that is on the world map. All forms can be improved. The woodrebarFrame block can be upgraded to stainlessSteel, but loses its ability to pick it up after upgrading to wood, be warned. Link v1.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ozl3sxk0ybr9qek/GK_Old_System_Upgrade.rar/file GK Snowberry Returns This mod adds the snowberry back, it will now have a value in the game, it needs to be installed to work together with the GK Herbal Painkillers mod. Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/d2tv0m33qbms7f4/GK_Snowberry_Returns.rar/file GK Herbal Painkillers This mod adds a light version of painkillers, they are now herbal. It is necessary to install the GK Snowberry Returns mod. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/raeevyts7lugh5a/GK_Herbal_Painkillers.rar/file GK Clean Money ATM This mod adds a workstation to make money "illegally", become the owner of the wasteland. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/obdnd87p8z4pivu/GK_Clean_Money_ATM.rar/file Important note: Before installing any mod, make a backup of your saved game, to avoid errors or character reset, you are warned. Some of my mods need to be installed server-side and locally on each client for them to work properly. Important Note 2: These mods work on A20,so no update required,download the A19 versions. Pickup grass and more Texture vulture radiated Walk,run and swimming fast Regards
  5. Tested with A20 White River - Tools of Citizenship - A20 * Also now supports Darkness Falls through the use of a compatibility modlet. (Darkness Fallas compatibility is not yet working in A20) Now with Multiple Languages Localization/Support: English, German, French, Iitalian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish The White River settlements are looking for new citizens to contribute and are willing to give extra tools and equipment that they've collected. They are offering to provide to a select few survivors access to higher quality tools, weapons, armor, and equipment in exchange for volunteering to complete various tasks for the settlement. There is a limited supply and these items are only available to those who gain citizenry with White River settlements. In addition to the reward, the player is sometimes also offered a small stack of wet concrete blocks, from the last of the Trader's community inventory to assist in re-establishing a homestead. ---- This modlet collection extends the new player White River citizenship quest line to provide some quests to obtain improved tools, weapons, and armor. Each item has a small back-story and explanation in an attempt to blend with the vanilla game and Trader. This gives players a chance to obtain better equipment through a method other than randomness or traditional progression. The rewards this modlet pack provides were carefully considered against Vanilla gameplay. In most cases, the named items only provide a small improvement over the items they were created from. The duke and experience rewards are in-line with vanilla quests, and across all quests and tiers in this modlet pack only a handful of skillpoints are offered and only on the highest complexity quests. Due to the multi-tier design of this modlet collection, it provides equipment for beginners all the way up through the elite. **This modlet pack is XML XPath ONLY and only needs to be installed on the server or player hosting the game! Other players do not need to install this modlet pack locally.** The modlet collection provides multi-tier quest lines. Once the new player reaches the trader, they are given a +Declaration of Citizenship item. This allows them to begin a quest to volunteer to help lay to rest 10 old residents now turned zombie. This earns the player a +White River Citizenship Card which they can then use to select which quest they would like to pursue. The player's citizenship card is returned to them after they complete the settlement's quest. If it is lost for any reason, the player may start this quest again as a Tier 1 Trader quest, and also can randomly find a +White River Citizenship Card on zombie loot bags. -- Citizenship is offered in three-tiers: - Tier 1 : Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizenship Card - Tier 3 : Kill 100 Zombies. This is the Veteran level of citizenship. This is started as a Tier 3 Trader quest. Reward: +White River Veteran Citizenship Card - Tier 5 : Kill 1000 Zombies. This is the Elite level of citizenship. This is started as a Tier 5 Trader quest. Reward: +White River Elite Citizenship Card Once the player obtains their citizenship card, they can use this to craft quest-starter items for the equipment quests below. Some of the quests below offer a veteran version which rewards better quality, more items, and greater quantity of each multi-quantity item. Some offer an even higher level set of rewards for elite citizens. After a "Veteran" quest is complete, the Trader keeps your Veteran Citizenship Card, requiring you to complete the Tier 3 Trader quest again to obtain a new Veteran Citizenship Card. However, after an "Elite" quest is complete, an Elite Citizenship Card is returned. QUEST LISTING: VEHICLES: - Amelia's Gyrocopter - Discover the truth of what happened to Amelia Earhart. Fight a Wendigo to reclaim her long-lost schematics explaining how to build a three-seater souped-up Gyrocopter. Guaranteed to get you and your friends across the map with speed and ease. - Spirit of Vengeance - Take on a demon Juggernaut and obtain a super-fast vehicle. A player using this vehicle is a sure-sign of their elite status. Big thanks to Snufkin's Server-Side Zombies & Snufkins's Server-Side Vehicles for a big part of the base code for the vehicle and zombie. Tested for compatibility with Snufkin's mods, so you can run both at the same time if you want! TOOLS: - Black Bart's Flaming Dig Tools - Uncover the long-buried stash from the most famous stagecoach robber in the western U.S., providing a steel Pickaxe & Shovel with flaming mods and better stats than Vanilla. Stamina trait sure to keep you digging and digging and digging. - Bunyan's FireAxe - Help the Trader stock up on potable water in exchange for a Paul Bunyan-branded FireAxe. - Dundee's Hunting Knife - Help the Trader collect bone shivs in exchange for Dundee's famous Hunting Knife with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Jason's Machete - Obtain a replica of Jason's famous machete in exchange for helping the settlement. Big thanks to Wyldwitchykat for this addition! - Rick Danger's Auger - Obtain two higher tier Augers, the latter of which will turn even the largest mountain to butter, but will expend a LOT of gasoline and degrade your Auger quick. - Taza's Axe - The famed Taza's Axe, already awesome. WEAPONS: - Bambi's Killer Compound Bow - Earn the famed deer killer, "Bambi's Killer Compound Bow" or "Forest Prince Compound Bow" with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Bear Grylls's Claws -"Why fight bare fisted when you can fight bear fisted." Thanks, SteamM0nkey for this idea. - Callinicus's Greek Fire - Find the book randomly in the world and learn to craft greek fire arrows. Shoot one zombie with a greek fire arrow, and the fire spreads to other entities that it touches. - Daryl's Crossbow - Obtain a replica copy of the same crossbow Daryl from the Walking Dead used: The Zombiekiller Crossbow. - Deschain's Revolver - Collect the eight Dark Tower series books and craft nineteen doors to have one of Roland Deschain's legendary revolvers bestowed upon you. Has custom bullets that are expensive to craft, but super powerful. - Leon's Modded SMG - Help Leon finish his DIY gun project, resulting in a 9mm SMG weapon with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Pavlichenko's Rifle - Locate and assemble a branded Marksman rifle from the famed marksman, Pavlichenko. ARMOR: - Kuva's Red Armor - Discover the secret ingredient in Kuva's Legendary Red Armor. This armor is rumored to be lightweight and stealthy, with resistances to heat & cold, and an extra mod slot per piece. The basic quest is EASY, but the Veteran quest is HARD. RESOURCES: - Brass For Lead - Help the community restock its Lead supply and in exchange receive some brass. - Elite Random - Obtain a sealed crate from four veteran cards that gives you a single random elite quest starter. Obtain a veteran card back at the start of your elite quest. If you complete the Elite quest, you obtain an Elite citizen's card! - Everdeen's Arrows & Bolts - The settlement is trying to put together a feast. Help feed everyone in exchange for named arrows or bolts guaranteed to fly true. - Gupta's Bandages - Can't craft first aid bandages? Trade Aloe Leaves & Cotton for a few highly-sought-after Gupta's First Aid Bandages & a First Aid Kit. - Molino Bulletproof Glass - Exchange regular bulletproof glass blocks with the Trader and they will teach you how to create clear Molino-branded bulletproof glass. Thanks to arramus & Fuzzy Pug for the idea & quest code. - Remington's Steel Ammo - A spin off of Khaine's Steel Ammo mod that turns his mod into a questable achievement. Cheap-to-make bullets that degrade your weapons faster. Also, now with an auto turret that takes steel 762 rounds. The quests are designed to be repeatable in case of loss of equipment or to try your luck at a higher quality reward. UPCOMING QUESTS: Dwarven Bellows - Faster Smelting, Faster Crafting, Bundled Forged Items Steel Spikes - Double the durability of Iron Spikes Basilone's M60 Brienne's Heavy Armor ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Wyldwitchyka :: For the addition of the Jason's machete quest modlet - morggin :: For the name and lore behind Black Bart, for the Bambi Terminator Crossbow, and for the idea of an Elite level set of quests - RichardPaul :: For the poem used in the Black Bart quest line. - Aeyvi-Daro :: For quest text and testing assistance on all quests. - mr.devolver :: Big thanks for the help fixing the GoTo Trader, improving the quest integration with the trader, and helping seek out a path to add the quests to the Trader dialog! - SteamM0nkey :: Big thanks to helping dive into the cause of imbalances in items, missing stats, and for the idea of the Bear Claws quest. - arramus & Fuzzy Pug :: Fuzzy Pug requested a new quest be added that grants clear bulletproof glass. arramus was kind enough to do the heavy lifting to create the quest, I rebranded the naming of it but mostly kept the quest and code intact as was provided. - sechsterversuch & Zeeeni :: BIG thanks to these two for providing a full German language translation for every quest, and for testing the translations afterwards! - IBM Watson :: For providing language translation for all other languages. CURRENT DOWNLOAD - You only need ONE of the below downloads. A20_1.0j_rc3 - White River - Tools of Citizenship (Individual Modlets) - Each quest broken out as a separate modlet. A20_1.0j_rc3 - White River - Tools of Citizenship (Single Modlet) - One modlet that contains all quests. Please be aware anytime you update mods, you run the risk of your level and skill points being reset. You are strongly recommended on live games to take a backup of your save game data to protect your progress in case you need to rollback. Please only pick one of the above two downloads and stick with it. If you swap back and forth, your player level and progress are liable to reset. Optional Download for Users of DARKNESS FALLS: Tools of Citizenship A19.4_1.0 Darkness Falls Compatibility Modlet * If you wish to install White River - Tools of Citizenship quest pack into your Darkness Falls game, this compatibility modlet is REQUIRED. Please note that you will see two WRN in your console log. This is expected and not a problem. Old Downloads A19.6_1.0 - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.6_1.0 A19.4_1.0 - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.4_1.0 Optional Download for Users of DARKNESS FALLS: Tools of Citizenship A19.4_1.0 Darkness Falls Compatibility Modlet A19.2_1.0b - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.2_1.0b A19.1_1.1a - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.1_1.1a A19_1.0 - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19_1.0 A18.3_1.7d - White River - Tools of Citizenship A18.3_1.7d A18.3_1.6c - White River - Tools of Citizenship A18.3_1.6c A17.1 & A17.2 - White River - Tools of Citizenship 1.5a
  6. Gonna just make this thread for all my modlets to keep it organized. !!!ALL MODLETS THAT ADD NEW ASSETS MUST BE INSTALLED ON SERVER AND CLIENT!!! The Wasteland: Bdub's Vehicles: zAlert: Buggy: Hot Rods: Humvee: GNX: Box Truck: Willy Jeep: Golf Cart: MRAP: Marauder: UAZ 452: Pickup: Work Truck: Nova: BRDM-2: MD-500: Grass Blocks: Duster: Stallion: Charger: Dirt Bike: Cruiser, Junker, and Rat bikes: SHERP: UH-60:
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1921 https://github.com/Warlockdaddy/ImprovedRWG Relatively simple mod that improves random world generation to give more cities, towns, and POIs. This is done through editing the rwgmixer to increase town and city counts as well as minimum and maximum tilesizes. Here's a 12k map generated with the mod (59 T5 POIs) And here's a 12k map generated without the mod (10 T5 POIs) As you can see, the mod essentially allows you to double (or over double) the amount of cities and towns that are generated with the in-game RWG. This allows you to get many more of the juicy T4 and T5 buildings that your heart desires. Mod has been tested with 6k, 8k, 10k, and 12k. Feel free to go higher, should work if you want it to. Have fun 😛
  8. STALLIONSDENS AND VALMARS MODLETS FOR A20 UPDATED TO A20 STALLIONSDENS OLD THREAD DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: TO DOWNLOAD ALL MODLETS AT ONCE - GITHUB INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. DOWNLOAD 2. UNZIP 3, PLACE MODLET INTO MODS FOLDER Some Modlets didnt make the update others will be worked on eventually. (I hate UI) So modlets in RED made it modlets in PURPLE are gonna be worked on down the track eventually. Modlets in GREEN didnt make it **************************************************************************************************************************** ***********************************************************MODLETS****************************************************** **************************************************************************************************************************** STALLIONSDENS DOWNLOAD ALL MODS VALMARS DOWNLOAD ALL MODS VALMARS OLD A18 THREAD AMMO BUNDLE MAKER INFO HERE ANTI BLOCKS BULLETS INFO HERE COMBINE RETURN INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various EVERYTHING IS MOSTLY SELLABLE INFO HERE Special Thanks to Renejant EVERYTHING IS SELLABLE INFO HERE Special Thanks to Life_For_Dead EXTRA RECIPES INFO HERE HOME BREWERY INFO HERE Special Thanks to: DRACOS99 MORE ANIMALS INFO HERE ANIMALS ON VIAGRA BIG ANIMALS FRIENDLY AND ENEMY LOCK PICKING ADDITIONS INFO HERE LOOTABLE OBJECTS INFO HERE LOOTER INFO HERE MINING MACHINE AND RAIN CATCHER INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various MINING MACHINE AND RAIN CATCHER (TIGER MODEL) INFO HERE NEXUS Special Thanks to: ACTINIUMTIGER for the great models SLOWER DIGGING ZOMBIES INFO HERE NUCLEAR POWER INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Telric, Various ONE BOOK TO RULE THEM ALL INFO HERE Special Thanks to: HaidrGna OPEN DOOR SYNDROMES (NO LOOT RESPAWN) INFO HERE [NOW JUST THIS ONE - 2ND ONE COMBINED IN HERE] Special Thanks to: OldManBrian, Khaine, Khelldon, Dust2Death, Telric, Quasimiyao , Sphereii OPEN DOOR SYNDROME WITH RESPAWN AND LOCK PICKING ADDITIONS INFO HERE [Not compatible with Open Door Syndromes & Open Door Syndrome 1] OPEN DOOR SYNDROME WITH RESPAWN INFO HERE [Not compatible with Open Door Syndromes & Open Door Syndrome 1] PALLETS INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Dracos99, Various PETS INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various POISON REMOVAL INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Valmar, StompyNZ,Rewtgr,Sphereii, Khaine RESOUCE INCREASER INFO HERE SHOP KEEPING INFO HERE Special Thanks to:Spectral Force, Jaxteller, Ghostreaver SPECIAL FORCES CASES INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various STACKER USE CLAYMORES STACK SIZE INCREASER Found HERE STACK SIZE INCREASER USE CLAYMORES STACK SIZE INCREASER Found HERE MY VERSION STORE SHELVES INFO HERE SUPPLY CRATES INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various WEAPON MAGAZINE SIZE INCREASER INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various WHISPERERS INFO HERE Special Thanks to: HaidrGna, Saminal WHISPERERS WITH LIGHT AND REDUCED STAMINA INFO HERE Special Thanks to: HaidrGna, Saminal, Various ZOMBIE MODIFICATIONS INFO HERE Special Thanks to: StompyNZ, Khelldon ZOMBIE MODIFICATIONS WITH NO RAGE INFO HERE (Removed for further work) Special Thanks to: StompyNZ, Khelldon ZOMBIE MODIFICATIONS 2 INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Various ZOMBIE MODIFICATIONS 2 WITH NO RAGE INFO HERE (Removed for further work) Special Thanks to: Various 187 SLOT BACKPACK INFO HERE 375 SLOT BACKPACK INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Khaine 630 SLOT MEGA BACKPACK INFO HERE Special Thanks to: Sirilion ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* VALMARS MODS AMMO DISMANTLING MOD DESCRIPTION - The ability to dismantle ammo back to its key ingredients. ANIMAL (PIG) FARM MOD DESCRIPTION - Stationary animals used for display purposes. ANIMAL SNARES MOD DESCRIPTION - Create traps to capture chickens and rabbits to get meat and eggs and feathers ARMORY WORK BENCH MOD DESCRIPTION - Build a armory work bench and create armor on it AUTO WALL MOD DESCRIPTION - Buid a wall quicker and easier. Special thanks to: MasterScrotis for updating this to A19 BUFFED SUPPLY CRATE DROPS MOD DESCRIPTION - Buff those air drops with chances to get more or different items DISABLE FALLING TREES MOD DESCRIPTION - (For pcs with low frame rates) Disables the tree fall down system and trees just disappear. DOOR LOCK SMASH MOD DESCRIPTION - Ever wonder why you can see thru the broken door and not reach in and unlock it. Well this mod makes it so it appears like you have lock picked it or unlocked it from the inside. DYE STATION - COLOUR YOUR ARMOR MOD DESCRIPTION - Colour or spray your armor different colours. EXPANDED AMMO TYPES MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds a few different types of ammo to the game. EXPANDED CLOTHING MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds some different clothing options to the game. EXPANDED PLAYER STORAGE MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds player made storage containers to the game with bigger slots for storage. EXPANDED TRAPS MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds more trap types to the game. Some really funny ones to lol. Damn those drunk zombies. EXPANDED WEAPONS AND TOOLS MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds old game version weapons to the game. Expanded Food MOD DESCRIPTION - Adds food from Valmod REUSEABLE COOKING BOWLS MOD DESCRIPTION - Prepare your food in bowls and re use them later on. SEALED MEAT MOD DESCRIPTION - Seals meat in clingwrap to deter the smell from zombies. STARTER CLASS SYSTEM MOD DESCRIPTION - Multiple class options to select from when you start the game. From a hunter to a Mechanic to a assassin, your class options are all here. SURVIVOR NOTES EXPERIENCE AND RECIPE BOOKS MOD DESCRIPTION - Create survivor notes from books you have already found and learnt to be able to make new ones you havent read before, or find survivor notes in containers littering your world to make books you haven't read yet. WORKING OVENS AND SINKS MOD DESCRIPTION - Working ovens you can cook in exactly like a campfire and Sinks you can grab a drink of water from. ZOMBIE DISPLAY MOD DESCRIPTION - Replica models of all zs and animals found in the world for display purposes thru out your home/base. Or like a trophy of what you have killed. SUPPORT ME: PAYPAL DONATION If you appreciate my work and you want to show support
  9. Hello everyone, managed to make my first mod. It adds two explosive blocks. Placeable version of the dynamite and TNT as well as means of connecting explosives together and to electricity. Personally I've been missing explosives like these. The only way to demolish stuff was using the throwable dynamite which actually despawns in a bit. Very annoying. I just started playing 7 Days to die since Alpha 19 so I don't know where the old TNT block went. Anyway, this adds it back in a way, with a few more bells and whistles. Would be a shame to not blow stuff up efficiently in a voxel game with structure stability :D. Would be funny if they added it back in alpha 20. All the details and download are on here https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1540
  10. New Alpha, new modlet post! This is all the modlets that will work on A20. Basically it's all my A18/A19 ones updated and adjusted as required. Also added some new ones that are now possible thanks to A20 and it's ability to load custom C# without patching anything. Modlets will be seperated into sections. XML only (for folks who want server-only), XML + Assets (needs to be installed on client and server) and C# (needs to be installed on client and server). If anyone wants to buy me a coffee as a thank you, then you can do so on Paypal. This is not required OR expected. Enjoy. XML Only Modlets (can be installed on servers with no client download). 3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap. 12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything! 60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open. Dangerous Cities - Increases the amount of zombies in cities and towns, while lowering the amount in the wilderness. Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish. Headshot Only - Zombies take 0 damage from non-headshots for most weapons. Explosives, electric batons and molotovs still work normally, and animals still take full damage. HP Bars - Remember the red HP bar that was shown off in A17? This adds that back into the game for folks who liked that idea. Kill Tracking - Tracks how many of each different type of entity you've killed in the game (zombie or type of animal) and with what weapon (guns only, may consider adding melee in the future). Lockable Inventory Slots - Adds the "box" that allows the user to lock slots so they won't be moved OR sorted. Also adds one to vehicle inventory that does the same thing. NightVision Goggles Change - A few folks said they wanted the NVG effect from DF in vanilla, so it's more red than full green. This modlet will do that. Pickup Plants - Allows the player to press the 'E' button (default. May be different for other languages/controllers) to pick up plants. This does NOT grant extra harvest based on perk. You have to punch for that. Max Animals/Zombies and Claim Blocks - Adds options to the main menu for the player to select max spawned animals/zombies in the world in SP. Also allows the player to have more than 1 claim block via menu option. Steel Ammo - Adds the steel ammo from A17 for players who enjoyed that option. XML + Assets Modlets (cannot be server only). Log Spikes - Makes Wood Log and Iron Spikes craftable again. Return of the Behemoth - Adds the unfinished A16 behemoth and the A17 unfinished radiated behemoth to the game. Random spawns in the wasteland and horde nights. Return of the Hornet - Adds the cut hornet from A15 (and earlier) back to the game. Spawns as an enemy animal in the forest biome. Does not spawn on horde nights. Chicken Coops - Adds a chicken coop to the game that works the same way as the Darkness Falls one. Unlocked with Living off the Land 1. Craft, place, wait, loot. Once you've looted it, hold animal feed in your hand (so toolbelt and select it), then right-click on the chicken coop to "feed the chickens" so they can start producing again. See end of file for terms of use with this modlet. C# Modlets (cannot be server only, EAC must be off!!!). 15 Slot Toolbelt - Increases the toolbelt to 15 slots. Extra Tool And Output Slots - This is mostly for other modders. It increases the maximum amount of tools a workstation can have to 6 (so stops duplicating anything after slot 3) and the maximum output slots to 12 (was 6). Larger FOV - Increases the max FOV to 150, though anything above 90 is a bit distorted. Might be good for folks with motion sickness. Vehicle Damage Patch - Increases the amount of damage a zombie takes when you run it over. Amount of damage depends on how heavy the vehicle is and how fast you hit the zombie. Vehicle Sound Fix - This is more for modders. It fixes that horrible noise when driving custom vehicles. Wandering Horde Frequency - Folks may know this from JaWoodle's "Anywhere, Anytime" series. It creates random wandering hordes, of a random amount of zombies, a random amount of times per day. How often (in terms of in-game hours) and how many zombies are configurable in the blocks.xml included in the modlet. Zombie Fall Damage - Removes the cap on the amount of damage zombies take when falling from heights, so drop pits from older alphas are now a semi-valid form of defense. TERMS OF USE. Modlets are provided as-is. I bear no responsibility if you break your save, your back, your PC, whatever. They've been tested on both of my machines and my wife's and are working as intended when installed correctly. No restrictions on personal use or mod use, just give me a thank you, except for the following modlets. Chicken Coops - These use purchased assets. The modlet is available for personal use (even for servers). However, anyone including this modlet in their own modpack needs to make sure they purchase the following assets in order to have the correct licence. Chickens - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/animal-pack-deluxe-99702 Chicken Coop - https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/henhouse-modeled-games-3d-model/986709
  11. ErrorNull Zombies (enZombies): This mod has been updated for Alpha 20 and adds much more zombie variations to the game, using the UMA archetype method most notably showcased by the Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS mod maintained by arramus. All the UMA Zombies by khzmusik are also included in enZombies. The goal of this mod is to always be server-side, thus only needs to be installed on the server, and not on the individual clients. These zombies are meant to be your average walkers and crawlers to complement the existing vanilla ones.. though stronger and boss-level zombies are slowly being added. Each enZombie also has their own feral, radiated and crawler variant. The exception are zombies that wield weapons and some that wear hats. enZombies attempting to make an undead pyramid! enZombies spawn out in the terrain based on the biome, with each zombie group sporting a unique color theme that matches the biome. So you will find foresty zombies in the forest, deserty zombies in the desert, snowy zombies in the snow, and so forth. enZombies also spawn as sleepers inside the POIs, though unfortunately there's no easy way to spawn them as sleepers based on biome. So you see a wider range of enZombies appear inside the POIs. The short challenge quests are an underutilized feature in the vanilla game, and enZombies appear within them as well. New challenge quests have also been added to showcase the new zombies. All new quests are simply found as items within the usual loot containers where vanilla quests are found. Many more quests are planned. (NOTE: these challenge quests are temporarily removed due to changes from Alpha 20.) Compatibility: I removed and redid most of the vanilla zombie groups in entitygroups.xml, created a few of my own, and redid a number of the main spawners in gamestages.xml. For this reason, I don't expect this mod to work well with any mods that also make changes to these two XML files. The only mods I do officially support are in the Add-Ons section below. If you are getting errors or strange glitches while using non-supported mods with enZombies, I'll be glad to take a glance when I get the chance, but making sure other mods work with enZombies is not my current focus. If I see enough demand, I might spend the time to modify a non-supported mod to work with enZombies and thus will be included as an official Add-On mod below. Usage: You may use my mod as it is presented, or you are also welcome to disregard my spawning customization and just pull my zombies (from archetypes.xml and entityclasses.xml) and merge them into your own mod. But, I'd appreciate if you credit me in that case like mentioning my mod or the link on your website, discord or forum post. I love making these custom zombies and plan to continue for a long while, but it does take lots of time and effort. Download and Install: Download the zip file below. Unzip or extract the contents of zip file into the 7 Days to Die "Mods" folder. This mod is not intended to be used with any other mods, except for the Add-Ons that are detailed in the next section below. Version 2.4 (updated 12/23/2021) - 👉 Download Link (google drive) 👈 Add-Ons: These are optional mods created for enZombies that are officially supported. The main enZombies mod must still be installed in order for these Add-Ons to work. Download the zip file for the add-on you want and extract the contents to your 7 Days to Die "Mods" folder. Known Issues: There are some interesting bugs when working with UMA zombies and molding them from the archetypes.xml. It's not unique to enZombies and are present in any mod that uses UMA style zombies - for example, the Snufkin mod also contain some UMA zombies which will experience these bugs. In my opinion, the relative ease in creating and modifying these zombies outweigh the quirks: Wish List to The Fun Pimps: Here I list enhancements to the 7 Days modding experience that I would love for the developers to add which will allow me to add more immersion to enZombies and the game as a whole. Credits: Thanks to @Snufkin for starting it all with your Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies mod, and thanks to @arramus for keeping it going with the Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS mod. I studied these mods for weeks to figure out how it worked and gave me inspiration to contribute as well. Also thanks to @khzmusik who gave me permission to add his UMA Zombies into enZombies. Much appreciated! enZombie Screenshots: Mentioned Mods: Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS
  12. Background and Introduction In April 2020 Snufkin presented us with 'Snufkin's Server Side WeaponS' which is brought to stability in this A19 Stable expansion version and acts as a base. The original concept was simple, incorporate customised weapons into 7D2D by utilising existing in game assets to create some unique and delightful additions to the current set of weapons. These weapons are admittedly temperamental and buggy at times, more so than their partner vehicle mod, which Snufkin warned us about. For example, it is sometimes necessary to put the weapon back in the backpack and re-add it onto the tool belt if it looks out of place. More importantly though, they are dedicated server stable and server hosts have shared very positive feedback on that. Snufkin encouraged other modders to take a look at the xmls and see how underused functions could be applied to create these customised features. This Snufkin Weapons Xpansion has taken heed of that encouragement. Snufkin is currently taking a modding sabbatical but has been very open to allow the community to support and expand on the Snufkin line of server side mods and this adds to the Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles which aims to be a community project and Snufkin's Server Side Custom Zombies which has been a community restoration and already has multiple variants which expand on the original. Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack - A20 Stable Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A20-2021December17 The A19 version will remain here for players who wish to remain on that current Stable version. Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Pack - A19 Stable Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-2021November20 The Snufkin Weapons Xpansion has moved from testing to stable based on positive feedback after intensive testing in multiple community servers. Particular thanks to @BubbaJoe and @Dre who provided much feedback and in depth support in the initial release that continues to directly impact the final build. There are many other community servers out there that have provided valuable support through play testing and feedback, with this mod as standalone, or mixed with the Snufkin Zombies and Vehicles as the whole pack. Restoration and expansion has been a momentous task. Slawa and oakraven have been there from the beginning with the base mod restoration, but in this expansion Mod, oakraven has branched out from A18 base mod restoration to add additional weapons and features. There were untold changes that needed to be implemented for the A19 Stable build and they will not be listed here. However, you can always compare the A18 build files with the A19 build if you wish to make a comparison. The A20 update version had 13 primary updates to match loot box changes (Weapons can now only be found in Gun Safes and Wall/Desk Safes) and cosmetic updates. All weapons can be made up to Level 6 and the Loot Box Add On has not be added for A20. For now, here is what Snufkin Weapons Xpansion offers. 1. Klak Attack Axe (oakraven) 2. Glass Baseball Bat (oakraven) 3. Star Baseball Bat (oakraven) 3. Knife Baseball Bat (oakraven) 5. Metal Bollard Club (oakraven) 6. DCLXVI Zeus (oakraven) 7. arramus Fire (oakraven) 8. Dre X3 (weapons - oakraven / Dre X3 Clucker Round ammo by Dre) 9. oakraven X11 (oakraven) 10. Black Widow (oakraven) 11. Turret lights for the Turret Auger and Default player turrets. (oakraven, Slawa, and arramus) 12. Mod Hats/Clothing/Friends - A variety of hats/clothing/friends that can be placed in the paint slot in appropriate armor head gear for additional buffs. Mods have received localization to explain their function and use. (oakraven) 13. Brainsaw (arramus with complete buff coding from oakraven) 14. Hazard Spear (arramus - requested by Kaelhazard and others) 15. All of Snufkin's Server Side WeaponS restored to A19 Stable and update to A20 (Snufkin with restoration by oakraven and of course Slawa who gave Snufkin so much support from the outset): Gamma Gun Newcomen Stricky Grenade Hyper Blaster Vampire Gauntlets Stun Grenade Turret Auger Balrog IX Kronos XII Vulcan Crimson Hunter Savery PP-19 Bizon Polearm Quad Shotgun Rail Gun Thor Hammer Crossbow Mag The Loot Box Add On is not essential for the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod to run but adds an interesting complementary element that can enhance the experience. In addition, the Loot Box Add On will also increase your chances for acquiring these weapons through a ticket trading system. The Loot Box Add On will be bundled into the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod folder once it has been updated. Installation For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory, typically (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. However, there may be a top folder which you do not need. You are looking for a folder that contains a 'ModInfo' file. The folder holding that file will be the one you add to your Mods folder. If you add a folder above that nesting then the game will not be able to see the mod. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. Clear instructions on this stage are not possible due to different types of unzip application and their methods. However, this will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. Enjoy. The oakraven X11 with powerful .44 Magnum rounds and an X11 propelled grenade reward on each 10th kill. The DCLXVI Zeus - Fires plasma blasts with a mortar like release and low velocity causing electrical 'discomfort' upon impact. However, the fully charged blast emits a high velocity laser like beam with extreme accuracy but at the cost of setting up the shot. A weapon of precision and timing.
  13. I'd like to proudly present my Electricity Overhaul Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1713 This mod tries to solve issues with the existing electricity implementation and tries to improve overall handling with power items and sources. It lets you form bigger grids with multiple power source that feel more natural. It consists of several other smaller mods that should all work standalone. Pick the ones you like and install them beside the overhaul mod. https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityOverhaul (A20/BepInEx) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityWireColors (A20/Harmony) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityWorkarounds (A20/Harmony) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityButtonsPush (A20/Harmony) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityNoWires (A20/Harmony) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricitySolarRecipes (XML) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityLamps (A20/Harmony) https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityWindPower (A20/Harmony) You can find them also on nexusmods (see top nexusmod link). Performance Update 11. Jan 2022 (0.9.0) This release only tries to optimize CPU utilization and to improve frame update congestion. As such this update is kinda experimental, although the changes seem rather safe, but there will always be dragons. So if you're happy with version 0.8.0 you don't need to upgrade immediately. Upgrading existing maps should be possible, but you should always make a Backup when early adopting such a mod upgrade! Compatibility Update 2. Jan 2022 (0.8.0) - Fixed some compatibility issues with other mods We now use `OutputPerStack` as a scaling factor We no longer hard-code `MaxFuel` for generators - Cleaned up and refactored update routine a bit - Improved and fixed `EnumGamePrefs` patching Linux Update 28. Dez. 2021 (0.7.4) There is also a version for linux, but you need to start the game via s special startup scripts to get the pre-loading hook working (e.g. startmodserver.sh). Those script will also be installed after the first initial loading of the mod. https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityOverhaul/archive/refs/tags/0.7.4.zip Important Update 10. Dez. 2021 (0.7.2) I have ported this mod over to A20. Unfortunately given the nature of what it changes, it still is not 100% working out of the box with A20, but I got it pretty close! You can download this mod like any other regular modlet, but once you start up the game for the first time you get a "scrambled" start screen and the console should show up (otherwise you can bring it up with F1). It should tell you that it has installed some additional files into the game folder that allows preload patching via BepInEx, which this mod requires to work correctly. You should just need to restart the game once after installing this mod and it should work OOTB. Latest downloads can always be found on the GitHub repository, e.g.: https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityOverhaul/archive/refs/tags/0.7.3.zip This is all very experimental at the moment, but I hope it does work out! The main features of this overhaul mod are: Power sources can be connected like every other power item Power can be taken from any upstream power source Prioritize renewable energy before using gasoline Additional grid demand/supply and charge statistics Batteries are all charged/discharged when in a bank Recipes for solar panels and cells (behind engineering perk) Solar power gradually fades in and out at dawn and dusk. Additional features from addon mods (also compatible with vanilla game) Color wires according to power state - see which ones are un(der)powered Hide wires when the wiring tool is not equipped (except trip wires and fence posts) Fix issue with power duration and e.g. motion sensors Fix issue with trigger groups forcefully untriggering downstream triggers Fix issue with start delay and triggered duration if trigger is too fast Compatibility and further notes This is the first "release" and while I tested it quite thoroughly, I haven't really used this mod for a full game yet. So I do expect that there are a few bugs lurking in there. I also don't know how well this will scale in multi-player, since it does add quite a lot more load than the original implementation, but might be just fine even with bigger and more grids. I've developed and tested this Mod against version a20.b218. All the best and good zombie hunting!
  14. FEATURES Play 7 Days to Die as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell by casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning. • Vanilla game 100% untouched, add-only policy! • Balanced around vanilla gameplay, you must train to gain and sustain your power! • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items • New Spells: Craft, Master and Upgrade 5 Spells per element! • New Enemies: Touched, Fallen (Champion), Awakened (Boss), Ancient (Raid) • New Attributes: Sorcery, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Resource: Spirit (mana required to perform all Sorcery) • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Crafting: Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls, Stations, Blocks, Resources • New Armor Sets: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Masteries: Alchemy, Runesmithing, Spirit, Essence, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • Play-style: Sorcerer (Spellcaster) • Play-style: Alchemist (Potions, Bombs) • Play-style: Archer Mage (Spell Arrows) • Play-style: Gun Mage (Spell Ammo) • Play-style: Melee Mage (Spell Weapons) • Weapon Abilities: Primary, Secondary, Passive and Charge abilities • Rune Mods: Harness the power of Runes to augment your weapons, armor and gear! • Alchemy: Craft Potions, Elixirs and Bombs • Sexy Loot: Item Sets, Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls and more! SORCERY A20 NOW PUBLIC! (v0.985) Compatibility: Sorcery made fully compatible with A20! New Intro: Narrated cinematic intro with storytelling and lore! New Item: Recall Incantation (Enables teleporting back to base. Unlimited use, 1 Hour Cooldown.) New Item: Omni Blood (Craftable at Alchemy Station) New Item: Spell Knockback Rune (Spell Ammo pushes back their target) Added: Arcane Familiar now works in multiplayer/server :arcane: Added: Arcane Familiar improvements Added: Fallen Camp Quests to traders! Added: True Fallen Camp POIs that place into the modular system of A20 Added: Staff VFX on impacting harvestable blocks Added: Quest markers indicating Essence Bushes during intro quests Added: Holiday surprise! Changed: Base Spell Casting / Reload Speed increased Changed: Spells now launch and travel more accurately Changed: Spell Arrows and Bolts improved + better visibility Changed: Added chance for Seed when Essence Bush bulb is destroyed Changed: More Essence Bushes in Forest and native Biomes Changed: Shrines - blessing duration increased, frequency reduced Changed: Balanced Essence from Wisps and Bushes Changed: Reduced Sorcery Intro Buff benefits Changed: SFX for several stations (reduced whispers) Changed: Native Biomes changed: Fire> Wasteland & Burnt, Lightning> Desert, Omni> Forest Changed: Planted Essence Bushes now grow after 1 game day (1 hour) Changed: Shrines now recharge in 4 game days, down from 6 Changed: Omni Blood required in expensive recipes Changed: Summoning Rituals require 1 less Fallen Blood Changed: Lucky Runes no longer have Spirit Burden penalties Fixed: Shrine Blessing duration inconsistencies Fixed: Indestructible Rune not applying to tools, armor, clothing Fixed: Recall Scroll no longer sometimes fails; now uses actual Teleport Fixed: Recall Scroll couldn't be crafted; not detecting bedroll recipe Fixed: Arcane Chest animation & sound removed; performance and stuck issues Fixed: Armor Set intro kill quests would not complete with a kill Changes & Fixes: Lots of anticipated changes and tweaks! Discord #Changelog ℹ️ New A20 game is required due to additions and A20 conversion. ℹ️ YOU AGREE TO THE FULL TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER HEREIN BY DOWNLOADING AND USING THE SORCERY MOD: DOWNLOAD SORCERY Download: Sorcery-master.zip (latest version) Alternative Download Link #1 Alternative Download Link #2 Unzip: Sorcery-master.zip Drag-n-Drop: The two folders (Sorcery + Deep Pockets), found within the unzipped (Sorcery-master\Mods) folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn't already exist. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery) + (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Deep Pockets) Disable EAC: EasyAntiCheat must be disabled through the Game Launcher for certain features to work Choose Difficulty (Optional): Change your Sorcery Difficulty from Normal (default) to Easy, Hard or Apocalyptic for the greatest challenge! • Drag-n-drop Chosen Difficulty from "SorceryDifficultyChangerMods" into Mods (\7 Days To Die\Mods) • You can change modes at will without restarting. Server-side, doesn't require clients to download. • If done correctly, you'll see the logo of your new Difficulty Mode in the top-right of the main game screen! Deport The Undead back to Hell: You're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence! MOD LAUNCHER If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started: CREDIT TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available. Special thanks and shoutout to @sphereii for dll help and Mod Launcher special requests, @xyth for providing initial guides and resources, @KhaineGB for awesome collaboration! 😜
  15. // GREETINGS // Welcome to the new and improved SMX series for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 20. The goal with this mod is to give the entire 7 Days to Die user interface an extreme makeover an refashion it into how I believe the user interface for the game should be experienced. SMX consist of several modlets which can be broken down into three separate mods: SMXhud, SMXmenu and SMXui. These are all stand alone and can be used separately or, as is the intention, together with the other two and all three mods combined is what makes the SMX experience complete! In addition we have the core, the main modlet if you will, SMXlib. This is a library modlet and even though it makes very little changes on its own it holds all the assets that the other mods need to function. Because of this it is a mandatory modlet that will need to be downloaded and installed no matter which of the other ones you choose to use. SMX tries to create an experience as close up towards the vanilla user interface as possible. With little to no changes that can disrupt the balance of the game. The only exception being the extra slot on the crafting queue which is there to make the design fit and hardly disrupts game balance! Then we have the optional modlets. We are aware that some people want the extra bling bling, and as such we offer these as optional downloads that can be installed alongside the main modlets from each series to expand upon the features from vanilla. We offer official optional downloads such as: Target Health Bar, Bigger Bags and a Third Forge Slot. Other optional modlets and compatibility patches might become available from other mod authors. We hope you will enjoy playing 7 Days to Die with the new experience that SMX brings to the table. Have fun! - The SMX team. // TERMS OF USE // You are allowed to use these modlets as is for your own personal use and/or on a server you run and/or administrate. You are under no circumstance allowed to distribute any SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets without written consent from the main developer. If you wish to distribute SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets as part of your own project and consent have been given you are required to do so in such a way so that all the files of the SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets in question remain unaltered and you cannot under any circumstance claim credit for creating the modlet or modlets or any of the files provided with it/them. If consent is given you are required to make any changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind it is to be named so that it loads AFTER the original modlet. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files what so ever. If consent is given it is only given on a case to case basis and those that receive consent cannot pass that consent on to another party or project. Nor will the consent pass on to other creators that opt to include consented work into their project. You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets in other projects. This restriction applies to all files that the SMX and/or ZMX modlets consist of. EXCEPTION: The content of the Harmony folder is to be considered open source and can be used freely as long as the original credit comments within the files are not removed or altered other than adding to. You are required to seek special consent from the main developer should you wish to make changes to any asset files provided with the SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets. You are required to inform the main developer when your project that contains any SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets have been made available to the public. // MEET THE TEAM // As of A20 I decided to move SMX into the lands of Harmony and with that digging even deeper into what we can do with modding the game. This requires knowledge that I do not possess enough of to be able to continue working on this on my own. As a result the team has grown and we have added some supernerds that know this stuff. Main Credits: Sirillion (main developer/designer/xml/coding), sphereii (developer/coding), TormentedEmu (developer/coding) Contributors: Laydor(code), Mumpfy(art) // SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT // All SMX branded mods and modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy. We do however from time to time get questions from users on how they can donate to support the development. The purpose of this link is nothing more than a way for us to cater to those that want to make a donation. You should under no circumstance feel obligated to do so, but if you do decide to do it we want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not we would like to extend a thank you to all that download and use the different SMX mods, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them. If you feel like making a donation to support the development of the SMX branded modifications, click the image below or scan the QR code. // DO YOU NEED SUPPORT? // We strive to make SMX in the best possible way and try to make user actions with it as smooth as possible. But we are still here to answer questions if you run into problems with it or it's installation procedure. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any issue, big or small, we just ask you to run this simple checklist before coming to ask us for help and just maybe you will be able to help yourself first. Did you install all the downloaded folders? Do note that SMXhud and SMXui both have an additional folder that needs installing. (ZMXhudCP and ZMXuiCP) Did you install SMXlib? This modlet contains all the assets (custom graphics) we use and without this your UI will be mostly transparent. Did you check the folder hierarchy and made sure you didn't install the modlets too deep? Did you disable ALL other mods or modlets and then try again to see if the problem still exists? (Be careful with this, backup your save!) Did you check the support sites to see if anyone else have had the same problem recently? If you ran this checklist and still need our support please contact us on one of the links below or just post in this thread. But please, only post on one of the support channels. Pick one and stick with it as we do monitor all of them and having to answer the same thing on several sites just leads to confusion. // INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL PROCEDURES // First and foremost, the most important thing you need to do with SMX in A20: >> !!TURN OFF EAC!! << Backup your save game before installing ANY mods to the game. We don't expect SMX to cause any issues, it is just good practice! Download the mod or mods you want to install from the list below. Decompress the downloaded files with WinRAR or a compatible compression software like 7zip. Copy or move the Mods folder you just decompressed into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted. Verify your install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this Hierarchy: "\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml" Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question from within the Mods folder. // DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS // SMX modlets can be downloaded from Nexusmods (our main site) or GitHub. Alternatively it can be installed via the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher by sphereii. When opting to use Nexusmods or GitHub you will have to do the installation manually by following the procedure above. When opting to use the Mod Launcher the installation procedure will be more automated but you will need to make sure that all the different modlets are installed as you won't get nested downloads like from the other two. Please note that the Mod Launcher is a separate piece of software that you will need to download and install on your system and then setup properly before downloading mods and modlets with it. The link below is to the main Mod Launcher web page. Follow the links below to go to the download sites and then select which mods to download from there. // SMXhud - THE HUD REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXhud changes the game HUD. Everything you see on the interface while running around in the game world is part of the HUD experience. The purpose of SMXhud is to change that part of the user interface and change it into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to be as informative as possible but not intrusive. SMXhud - The Base HUD conversion. ZMXhudCPTHB - Enables the Target Health Bar for SMXhud. (Install optional modlet ZMXhudCPTHB to get the target health bar) // SMXmenu - THE MENU REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXmenu changes the game menus. Everything you see when you start the game or when navigating the different options and settings is part of the menu experience. The purpose of SMXmenu is to extend the art style and feeling from the HUD into the menus and to supplement SMXhud to create the SMX experience. SMXmenu - The Main Menu conversion. SMXmenu - The In-Game Menu conversion. SMXmenu - Video Settings Window. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) // SMXui - THE UI REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXui is an extension of SMXhud and SMXmenu and will bring the art style over to the rest of the user interface. We've tried to maintain as close a relation to the vanilla interface as possible but we have also granted ourselves some artistic freedom when it comes to some areas. It deviates from vanilla with the fifth crafting queue slot which I added to make it fit the overall design better. The other changes we made are all optional like the third forge slot, the target health bar and the big bag conversion modlets for those that want a bit bigger bags. SMXui - The forge with the third forge slot enabled. (Install optional modlet ZMXuiCPTFS to get the third forge slot and ZMXuiCPBBM to get the bigger backpack) SMXui - Totally reworked skills windows. The goal was to make it look like a talent screen. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) SMXui - Trader Conversation Window. SMXui - Character Screen Window with normal backpack and the item info window. SMXui - Vehicle Window with normal backpack and empty info window.
  16. ~~~~~ Last mod updates/added: Jan 15 2021: Converting some Khelldon mods to a20 b238 ~~~~~ (Descriptions and downloads for my mods can also be found here: 7daystodiemods.com) Mod download repositories Doughs Mods for a20 Doughs-Khelldons Mods for a20 Community Sound Packs for a20 (Stay tuned!) My github repo. Older than a20 and decommed mods can be found here. Tools Modlet Generator: 7D2D-EntityRandomizer Summary: A script that makes copies of vanilla zombies with random properties into a mod. Interested? See also: Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper Note: If you'd like another version or build I can try to generate one. Just message me on these forums. a20 status: Undetermined. Mod List/Summary Community packs Modlet pack: CommunitySoundPacks-a20 - Adding this here for now as I'm working on this when I can. An attempt at seeing if there is an appetite for building "Sound packs" that add new sounds/variety into the game. Currently still building this out, no packs yet as of 2021-12-7. a20 status: Undetermined. Are these mods server side safe?: NO. They will rely on custom resources which are not synced to clients from the server. My personal modlet list (some are not available in all game versions) Mods converted for a20 AND *should* be "server side safe" UNLESS specifically noted/known. Modlet: Craft-SantaHat - Adds a recipe for crafting the Santa Hat, per a request on the modding Requests + Discussions forum. Modlet: Buff-PipeBombs - Add a few more types for early and some end game use. Is this mod server side safe?: Some of these items do significant block damage. Not as much as vanilla TNT. Modlet: Buff-Grenades - Add 2 steel grenades that are more block and entity damaging than the vanilla ones. Is this mod server side safe?: Some of these items do significant block damage. Not as much as vanilla TNT. Modlet: Buff-Infection - Makes getting infections much deadlier (you have less time to treat them before you die of infection) and the time you have to treat them is random each time you are infected. You won't know how deadly it is unless you pay attention to the rate of infection. See chart of infection time odds in mod documentation/README. Modlet: GiveMeABreak - Increases falling damage so you cannot fall from as high without taking leg damage. > 3-4 blocks has chances to sprain/break/etc. Modlet: Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse - "Food expansion" intended for YouveGotMail but can be installed by itself. Adds ~40 new food related items. Modlet: Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse-ClientIcons - Adds client side custom icons to Doughs-Food-SousChefOfTheApocalypse. Is this mod server side safe?: No, it contains custom icons Modlet: Remove-TheMap - Map and all related map info is blocked out, forcing you to use only the compass and your memory Modlet: Remove-CompassPoints - Removes the compass points and directional markers/ordinals. The 'Compass' is now just a useful area to see markers on the map. Companion mod to use with Remove-TheMap Modlet: UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime - Hides the Day and time info from you in the game (from under the compass, and in the Map window). Modlet: UI-LowerLootPercentages - Allows for more options below 25% loot in the game start options menu. Modlet: UI-Remove-PlayerItemsFromCompass - Hides player crafted/placed items from appearing on the compass. Modlet: UIAddFiveRecipeIngredients - If you use mods and run into a recipe you cannot craft this may help. Modlet: OneHourOfDayLight - Can have perpetual nighttime or daylight, adds additional hours of daylight options in between normally not available in the start game options. See also: Claymores Modlets "MORE OPTIONS" Note: The Blood Moon may last a bit longer than is should, posibly a TFP thing on how day/night timing works? per this post Modlet: Buff-Ambiance-DarkerInside - Makes it darker indoors Modlet: Doughs-Buff-Ambiance-DarkerNights - Makes it darker outside at night Modlet: Nerf-FlashlightsAndLanterns - Forces you to loot flashlight related parts (not easy to find) and craft flashlights and the flashlights mods yourself. Removes working flashlights and related mods from loot and traders. Keeps the early and possibly mid game darker. Modlet: Nerf-Backpack-CarryCapacity - Blocks more default open slots (from 27 to 12). Adding Triple Pocket Mod to all armor AND maxing out Pack Mule perk unblocks all vanilla backpack slots. "Reverse Inspiration" and XML borrowing from Khaine's 60-slot Bigger Backpack Mod Modlet: Nerf-ItemStacks - Lowers the amount of items that can stack in a storage slot in backpacks/containers/etc. NOTE: The stack lowering is extreme in many cases. This makes things more difficult/grindy. Most building blocks not changed. see the readme in the mod. Modlet: PunishingWorld-BlockStability-Nerf - The worlds infrastructure is crumbling... This drastically drops the horizontal block stability "stickiness". Building is harder because you can no longer build out as far without supports. POIs and more dangerous as they can be more easily destroyed/collapsed as they were not built for this low stability. See the README for this mod before using! Is this mod server side safe?: Probably not? Buildings/POIs can be easily/accidentally collapsed, which may look like drop mining. Modlet: Electric-CapacitorBank - Adds a *very* short charged Capacitor Bank and capacitors (like a Battery Bank and Batteries). Inspired by post by @ausbrecher Tutorial video of some use cases: Youtube: Use cases tutorial Note: Ran across this similar modlet: CapacitorBank Modlet: PunishingWeather-Core - Adds pretty dense dirt, winds, and temp changes to all biomes (a20 changes this up a bit from a19, I'll be trying to get the a19 "look and feel" back). Is this mod server side safe?: It may have issues. May be bug? Also, check out: khzmusik's Seasonal Weather mod (may only be for a19 only, per game API changes as of 2021-12-20)! Modlet: PunishingWeather-Effects-Medium - An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects? (may not work as well in a20). Is this mod server side safe?: It may have issues. May be bug? Modlet: PunishingWeather-Effects-Light - An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects back to vanilla settings. (may not work as well in a20). Is this mod server side safe?: It may have issues. May be bug? Modlet: PunishingWorld-NewbieCoat-Remove - Removes the Newbie Coat buff. changed in a20 to always remove it, instead of leaving it if you already had it. Note: Found this similar modlet, that behaves like my a19 one that leaves it if you already had it. No Newbie Coat Modlet: RabbitOfCaerbannog - Adds a very very vicious zombie rabbit that rarely spawns, and a grenade to kill it. Best to run away! Additional credits (See Github and forum for contributions): Mjoelnir.hh Mumpfy Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom resources which are not synced to clients from the server. There is possibly a server side safe version that may be integrated someday into the Snufkins PLUS pack. A download (someone else made) of just this rabbit is here Modlet: YouveGotMail - Add 200+ fun (and sometimes useful) items in places you find mail (mailboxes, desks, dressers, trash, bookcases). Additional Credits: Netwit2008 - Text/Lore/Story contributions. Note: If you like this mod, I found another with lots of lore/notes: The First 7DTD Chronicles by Rahanne (on Nexus mods) Mods not yet converted for a20 AND *should* be "server side safe" UNLESS specifically noted/known. Modlet: Mech-Lucy - Adds a slightly different acting robot mech. Model and "base" extended from the 0-CreaturePackMechs mod in the Community Creature Packs Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It relies on the 0-CreaturePackMechs mod, which is not server side safe. a20 conversion note: Relies on Creature Packs, which are being reworked to the new NPC pack, which is getting frequent updates. Will wait until it settles down. Modlet: Prefabs - Adds some Prefabs I built. You might want to adjust the rwgmixer.xml file for spawn rates as I have not tested spawning rates. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It contains prefabs, which need to be loaded on the clients as well. a20 conversion note: I will do these at a later time, once I get into prefabbing again. Modlet: Buff-Sounds-Common - Add more sound variations to common actions, and additional remixed game sounds. Let me know if you want more of a particular sound! Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom resources which are not synced to clients from the server. a20 conversion note: Many sounds have changed in a20. I will likely decom or rebuild this in a "Community Sound Pack" format, which is basically 1 sound type per pack. Details to come. Decommed/older than a20 mods that may get a rework: Modlet: Punishing Weather - Survival - Gets colder as your altitude increases. Note: a18 ONLY. Not updating for a19 Modlets I am maintaining (written by others) ~~~~~~~~~~ Modlet Collection: KHelldons modlets ~~~~~~~~~~ An attempt to get them to work in other 7D2D versions. See the Readme on the main "Github" page for current status of each modlet. See individual modlet README files for more description. Doughs-Khelldons Mods for a20 Doughs-Khelldons Mods for a19 Doughs-Khelldons Mods for a18 Khelldons Mods for a17 Additional author contributions/credits: Original mod author ->khelldon, for original a17 mods/repo/transfer of maintenance. (Anyone else? Let me know! Will require some proof.) Working modlets are: Mods converted for a20 AND *should* be "server side safe" UNLESS specifically noted/known. Modlet: Khelldon-BiggerBuckAndDoe - Increases size of these animals. Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. Modlet: Khelldon-BiggerChickenAndBunny - Increases size of these animals. Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. Modlet: Khelldon-RebarCrossBowBolts - Adds 2 types of rebar ammo (Rebar and Hot Rebar) that can be used in Crossbows. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom resources which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-GetNailed - Adds bent nails and crowbar. Need straight nails to repair wood blocks. Need crowbar or hammer to harvest straight nails, else bent. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom resources which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-ComplexCobble - Adds mortar and lime to make it. Needed to repair cobblestone and brick blocks. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom icons which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-CustomMenu - Adds ability and example of how to modify starting game splash screen. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom icons which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-GetHorny - Changes horn sounds for each vehicle. Youtube: Example mod horn sounds Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom icons which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-AwwNuts - Adds nuts and bolts. Needed to repair and craft various metal items. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom icons which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-HolyHandGrenade - Adds Monty Python grenade. Massive explosion. Is this mod server side safe?: NO. It has custom icons which are not synced to clients from the server. Modlet: Khelldon-StarterCrate - Gives several low tier random items from several loot groups (Hat, Weapon, Tools, Armor, Medicine, Food ). Additional author contributions/credits: Thanks to @wolfbain5 for a working reference example here! Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. NON a20 or not working modlets are: Note: if you really liked these mods, let me know and I'll resurrect them Modlet: Khelldon-BabyBears (DECOMMING after a19) Why? Other modders have more expansive mods like this. Use: Baby Animals, baby-animals, animal-overhauls Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. Modlet: Khelldon-GetPiggy (DECOMMING after a19) Why? Other modders have more expansive mods like this. Use: telrics-animal-husbandry , farm-life-expanded Adds old pig back to game. Pig sounds TBD/WIP. Pigs can be found in other farming related mods. Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. Modlet: Khelldon-ScreamerBears (DECOMMING after a19) Why? Not sure anyone uses this. Makes bears (several sizes) spawn instead of screamers. What the mod does: Moves screamers to other spawning group. Is this mod server side safe?: It should be. Modlet: Khelldon-GetGreener (DECOMMING after a19) Why? The new loot system gives bonuses for looting in different biome types, and not sure if anyone using this. Likely can use KingGen once it gets a20 compatibility or TFP will update RWG options. What the mod does: For making new RNG maps: Removes snow and desert biomes and turns them into Forest. Is this mod server side safe?: It should be but it is unknown. Modlet: Khelldon-GetFramed (DECOMMING after a19) Why? The new block changes to shapes make trying to update this confusing, but there might be a better way. If you really liked this mod, let me know and I'll take anohter look at trying to convert it. I may try again once I get teh feel for the new changes. What the mod does: Can only upgrade wood frames if you have nails AND you can only place frames 1 block out from another wood block. Note: Original modlet only allowed building on top of frames. Changed so can build "normally" just with the "1 frame out" limitation. Note: You cannot use the stone ax to nail a frame together! Must use any other higher tier block upgrading item! Is this mod server side safe?: It should be but it is unknown. Modlet: aGulliversTravels (DECOMMED after a18) May decom if no one requests it be fixed) Modlet: Khelldon-BadCompanyUMAZeds (DECOMMED after 18) a19 apparently does not support UMA/changing soon, Look here instead: enzombies-more-zombie-variations and robelotos-a20-modlets and khzmusiks-modlets and snufkins-custom-server-side-zombies-plus-a20 ) Modlet: Khelldon-GetTheHerp (DECOMMED after 18) Of all things! Cannot get buff working Modlet: zzz-Khelldon-GetBenched (DECOMMED after a17) Might look into it if someone asks.
  17. Modder Snufkin introduced an innovative technique to ornate existing vehicles with attachment models to give them a unique appearance. In many cases, it went so far as to create new vehicles with experimental features and was released in a pack as Snufkin's Custom Vehicles Mod. This was followed with a Community version which added more additions on top. A20 saw numerous updates to the vehicle code, which limits conversion of many A19 vehicles from the previous server side only releases. However, this A20 release can still combine some of the more popular vehicles from A19. Download here: https://github.com/arramus/A20-ServerSideVehicles-2022Jan20 ========= INSTALLATION ========= For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory, typically (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. However, there may be a top folder which you do not need. You are looking for a folder that contains a 'ModInfo' file. The folder holding that file will be the one you add to your Mods folder. If you add a folder above that nesting then the game will not be able to see the mod. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. Clear instructions on this stage are not possible due to different types of unzip application and their methods. However, this will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. Enjoy. Apart from periodic issues with flying stability, and the noticeable lighting from hidden vanilla models on two of the vehicles, this selective few offers a highly functional mix. The current vehicle list, which is typically restricted by access to vanilla vehicles for their recipes, can be produced on the workbench. Motorcycles: Hell Beast (Snufkin) Hell Fire (oakraven) Hell Dog (oakraven) Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, and Buses: Hell Hound (oakraven) Hell Spikey (oakraven) Hell Car (Oakraven) Magic Bus (Oakraven) Flyers: Whirligig (arramus / utilising Bdubyah's MD 500 helicopter settings) Shark Blimp (oakraven) Bicycle Base: Sled (Snufkin)
  18. Hey, Hey, Everbody, I have been in the background for a while. Most of the modlets still work, I also adjust the Arrow Disassembly mod to account for missing Blunderbus ammo. So I will list them here for A20. These are all the modlets that work on A20. Mostly A18/19 stuff. There are some that still need more testing. I am sure there are more that can be added to some of these, but they are functional as is. Let me know if there are any questions. 30K Stacks Mod - Allows stacking for most of the non-block and non-mod items. 50K Stacks Mod - Allows stacking for most of the non-block and non-mod items. (added 18-Dec-21) 65K Stacks Mod - Allows stacking for most of the non-block and non-mod items. (added 18-Dec-21) Ammo Disassembly Mod - Allows ammo to be separated into its constituent parts, there may be some new/missing ammo types, let me know if you find any. (Updated 18-Dec-21: added the icon sets made by JaxTeller718 Much thanks for fixing my muppetry.) Arrow-Xbow ammo Conversation Mod - Allows you to swap bolts and arrows at will. Terrain-Based Movement Speed Mod - Alters everyone's movement speed based on the type of terrain you are on. From -25% for snow up to +35% for Asphalt. It also affects zombies and I think it still doesn't work for vehicles. (added 18-Dec-21) --- I have not tested the below modlets yet. Not sure if there is any interest and I have been too busy playing. Effectively Unlimited Stamina Infinite Ammo and Durability Quality Damage Bonuses Quality Effectiveness Bonuses Reduced stamina usage by Quality Level Scrap Iron and Steel Bars (Wood bars are now in the frame menu, so it appears this is obsolete as you should be able to upgrade those to steel like any other block). EDIT: Like always, if you want to use any of these or part of them for any compilation of works, please just give me credit where it is due. Thank you.
  19. Gazz

    Gazz' mods, A20

    https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-RevolverSilencer.zip A simple modlet to prevent installation of a "silencer" on a revolver. https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-SantaHatMod.zip Repurposes the skull cap mod as a santa hat mod. Since this doesn't add/remove any items it can not break savegames. https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-SillyAuger.zip "Silly sounds" are in effect while you use an auger or chainsaw making them a whole lot quieter. https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-MutedAuger.zip When you start using an auger/chainsaw all game sound fades out to a heavily muted state. When you release the trigger the sound fades back in. Installation If necessary, create a folder "Mods" in steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Unpack ZIP into the Mods folder so that you see steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Gazz-RevolverSilencer (as an example) Terms of use Go nuts. Copy or alter in any way you see fit.
  20. Download Entire Package Here https://gitlab.com/guppycur/guppymods My modlet collection. If you don't know how to use git or download, sorry but that's on you. Click on the mod then click the download button, geesh. I offer zero warranties or guarantee's. Tons of people have helped me with my mods, and I'd list them but then I'd forget someone and feel bad. So basically everyone on my modding discord. 😃 Thanks homies! Guppycur's AdditionalCharacters - Adds a few more characters - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's BloodMoon Trickle - Removes the TFP trickle on blood moons Guppycur's Can Grenade - Cheap, easy, goes boom Guppycur's Commercial Blocks - Adds commercial blocks Guppycur's Commercial Kitchen Blocks - Adds more commercial kitchen blocks Guppycur's Cop Acid - Harvest cops for their acid Guppycur's Desert Ambiance - Adds dust devils and dust storm to desert biome Guppycur's Door Blocks - Adds a variety of doors; doubles, gates, drawbridges, portcullis', etc Guppycur's Dust Devil - Dust devil entity by itself Guppycur's Elevator - Adds a fixed sized elevator Guppycur's Fantasy Mod Extras - Adds a few items for a fantasy mod Guppycur's Fireworks - Adds a zombie distraction fireworks box Guppycur's Flame Thrower - Adds a hand held flamethrower weapon Guppycur's Get Nailed Quest Chain Edit - Fixes quest chain for Kheldon's Get Nailed mod Guppycur's Grenades - Adds a smoke and flash-bang grenade, great for PvP! Guppycur's Heads on Spears - Adds heads on spear blocks Guppycur's Hospital Blocks - Adds more hospital blocks Guppycur's Insects - Adds a flying hornet type insect and prefab/nest - Compatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's JapaneseCharacters - Adds Japanese characters - incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Misc Blocks - Adds a lot more blocks for decoration and building Guppycur's Misc Blocks 2 - Adds even more blocks for decoration and building Guppycur's Mobiles Modlet-NonSDX - Broken @%$*#! vehicle modlet; okay, it works but needs finishing. Use ragsy's instead Guppycur's New Torch System - Replaces torches with a new system Guppycur's OrcPack - Adds orcs - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Other Creatures - Adds other weird creatures - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Placeable Light System - Replaces lights with a new system Guppycur's RadiationMod - Bit buggy for a18 (hopefully fixed in a19), but enables rad1 and rad2 zones along with armor modifiers allowing entry to those zones Guppycur's Rad Dampener - Adds an item to hold that will remove the radiation healing effect of nearby entities Guppycur's Rad Eyes - Replaces rad zombie glows with green eyes Guppycur's Rad Warning Signs - Adds "Danger: Radiation Zone" signs to wasteland Guppycur's Rage Zombies - Better than TFP's, these ragers won't quit! Better kill them quickly. Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper - Randomizes the "get up" time for zombies, so that you're less sure if they're dead or not Guppycur's Riot Shield - Adds a riot shield item to hold Guppycur's Robot Dog - Adds a companion bot to follow you around and help you carry stuff Guppycur's Rotating Bridge - Adds a rotating bridge Guppycur's Shopping Cart - Adds a push-able shopping cart and a drive-able shopping go-kart Guppycur's Soldiers - Adds soldiers - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's StairwayToHell - Randomly replaces wooden stairs with versions that will break when walked on Guppycur's Trees - Adds more speedtree blocks to the game Guppycur's Vehicle Madness - DMT mod for a vehicle mod overhaul. Adds MANY vehicles and a new system for acquiring them Guppycur's Victorian Blocks - Adds Victorian era looking blocks Guppycur's Wanted Posters - Adds some wanted posters for yours truly Guppycur's ZombiePack - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Zombie Doctors - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack Guppycur's Zombie Soldiers - Adds more zombies - Incompatible with Creature Pack
  21. Here is a quality of life 'server side only' mod called 'Oak's Pet Animals and Guards by oak @oakraven with kind assistance from Dayhawk Mod. Thank you also to @Dre for giving it a good run through to check for functionality and potential issues. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Oaks-Pet-Animals-and-Guards-A20-2022Jan10 (These Pet Animals and Guards will not be hurt by Electric Turrets. However, just as the Junk Turret will attack regular animals, it will also attack your Pet Animals. Please do not place a Junk Turret within attack range of your Pet Animals unless you purposely want to eliminate them) Update for A20: The Farm Jeep is no longer viable because it is a scaled down version of a jeep, and when a player enters the vehicle they are permanently scaled down by the same amount (40% of original). This is cumulative for each and every time the player enters the vehicle. Again, the developer will reintroduce the Farm Jeep at the first opportunity. This mod provides: 1) 9 Pet Animals - These include Boar, Rabbit, Stag, Chicken, Pig, mini Bear, Wolf, Coyote, and Doe. (These animals show no fear when approached and will stay within their confines. It is strongly recommended to always have 3 blocks above the highest perimeter point because the animals can climb up onto objects and each other and will be over the wall before you can notice.) 7 are purchasable from the Trader's with a starting base price of 800 or found in plane supply drop crates and use the Quest system to switch to a place-able animal. These include Boar, Stag, Pig, mini Bear, Wolf, Coyote, and Doe. 2 are only found by using a Coop for the chickens or a Trap for the rabbits. The rabbit trap will also provide a small amount of seeds on the principle that they will be trapped in rabbit paws and fur. 2) 5 Animal Guards - Guard Hell Bear, Guard Hell Boar, Guard Hell Wolf, Guard Hell Lion, and Guard Rabbit. All 5 are purchasable from the Traders with a starting base price of 800. They can also be found in Air Supply Drops. 3) 12 Human Guards. All 8 can be found in Air Supply Drops. 4) Mushroom Planter that requires Mushroom Mycelium to begin the fruiting process. Here are some pictures to show you how things work: PET ANIMALS Purchasing and Supply Drops Visit the trader and check the traps and tools section. On this occasion the trader was very generous with offerings and the animal icons have a description of what animal is being offered. The pet animals have been integrated into a default group and on some occasions you will get a lot of choice and on other occasions nothing. The base price of 800 has been lowered to reflect skill and buffs. Here is how I place a Pet Boar I purchased at a later time using the Quest feature. First, perform a 'Read'. Accept to Release the Pet Boar for Placement. A Quest Started prompt will appear and it will automatically be completed. Check you inventory for a 'dog house' icon and the name of the animal available. Place the animal on ground just as you would a vehicle and stand back. Incorporating a feature found in the Dayhawk Mod (thank you), a tile will appear on the ground which in turn will spawn the animal placed. If the animal drops onto the tile, the tile will break and a cobweb will appear to finalise the process. If the animal doesn't drop onto the tile, you can always walk on it and it will break. There are occasions where you may get lucky and a second animal will spawn. You may also get unlucky and nothing spawns; however this is incredibly rare and based on what we have experienced so far, blanks are less than 1 in 50, whereas doubles, and even triples on one occasion occur 1 in 10. I expect this depends on netcoding, latency, or any other factor relating to server processes. You can either harvest the animal for meat and other resources, or simply allow it to have a sedate life of roaming. Pet animals have been integrated into default supply drop settings and will be chosen from a select list of supply drop groups. Upon finding a Supply Drop Crate, you may get lucky and find a pet animal. Or more. There are also 2 Pet Animals that cannot be purchased or found. These include the Pet Chicken and the Pet Rabbit. oakraven introduces a method using default features in a novel way as follows: a) Construct a Rabbit Cage Trap or Chicken Coop and place them. The Chicken Coops can be placed next to each other but the Rabbit Traps need some spacing. b) Make some Chicken Feed and Rabbit Feed in your campfire and take them to your Chicken Coop and Rabbit Trap respectively. In this case, right mouse click and it will change the Chicken Coop status. Once receiving Chicken Feed the Chicken Coop moves to its Nesting Stage. And finally it is time to harvest. We can always receive feathers and eggs and regularly receive Pet Chickens. Pet Chickens are placed exactly the same as other Pet Animals. The chickens are prone to resting on ledges above the ground and your imagination can take that wherever you want it to. Pet Rabbits follow the same system beyond the reward and housing. Make some Rabbit Feed. Take it to your Rabbit Trap and right click. The Rabbit Cage Trap is Baited and Set. Here's one we trapped earlier. Activate and Release as with other animals. And should you ever lose your pets and have the skill in place, crouch. GUARD ANIMALS Purchasing Just as with the Pet Animals, the Traders will stock Guard Animals. The Guard Animals can be purchased for the same price and placed exactly the same as Pet Animals using the quest system. The Guard Animals will remain passive in the spot you place them until a Zombie gets to close. The guard animals can be used to protect your Pet Animals, general base protection, or even during a Blood Moon event. An unwelcome guest. 2 Animals Guards; Guard Hell Wolf and Guard Rabbit are released using the tile placement system and very quickly recognise the threat. After opening the shutter, the zombies attempt to enter the farm compound and are met by the Guard Animals. I got lucky on this occasion and 2 Hell Wolves spawned from a single tile. The skirmish ensues. One of the Hell Wolves was overcome and is ready to be harvested. The Guard Animals that survived will see their health restored. The Guard Animals also fare well during a Blood Moon event. Four Guard Animals remained until first light. Players will receive no XP for Guard Animal kills. There are 4 additional human Guards that are currently being tweaked for a future build. There was an issue with the Trader compound causing NRE for certain classes and that needs to be tweaked to ensure they function well with the few classes that are compatible. VEHICLE - CURRENT UNAVAILABLE Farm Jeep The farm jeep is your tractor. It is pretty slow but will get you from A to B without running down your stamina. It fits the concept and can be constructed on the Workbench with less resource demand than a regular vehicle due to its limited functionality. It's just a bit of fun. And is scaled to match pathways. Carries 2 players... There will undoubtedly be updates in time, but this is a fully functional 'farming' mod and may serve you well as a break from looting, questing, and skirmishing. Installation If you've never installed a mod before it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory or in an area suggested by your server host if they have modified the installation. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature). If you drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file it can be placed directly into the Mods folder and the game will look in there as you launch your World. If you allow your unzip function to extract the folder, it may make another unnecessary folder and place the mod inside it. This will not be recognised by the game/server if you place it in the Mods folder like this. Please take it out of the extra folder level. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. This will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. It is a technical work of art. Enjoy. 👍 Hog Riding! but that's another mod.
  22. Hi, inspired from Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls, where you can scrap the Schematics, i made this modlet for Vanilla Game to use similar mechanic. Put an end to the eternal search for a missing book in a series, simply disassemble the schematics and books you have already learned. with the corresponding number of SchematicParts you can then craft the missing book yourself. All schematics and skill books as well as quest papers can be disassembled into schematic parts. With these parts as well as a ruler, pencil and paper, which can be found in loot, you can craft the schematics and skill books yourself. Furthermore, 3 mission books can also be crafted from this parts. They will give you a killing quest to finish for a reward. i changed the material of the masteritem, where all seperate Skillbooks, quests and treasure maps based on. scrapping of one item gives you always 6 Schematic parts, thats the only way to gather parts rewards for the Quests are, (maybe they will be changed, based on Feedback): 100 Killquest: 10.000 XP, 2500 Coins 200 Killquest: 20.000 XP, 5000 Coins 250 Killquest: 25.000 XP, 7500 Coins, 1 Skillpoint ruler and pencil are only found in loot Optional File: It makes the ruler (5 scrap polymer) and pencil (4 wood, 1 coal, 1 clay soil) craftable at workbench - Main file required Installation notes: 7 Days in Version 20 or higher - supported languages: english, german Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\) V2.11: added itemgroup Resources to pencil and ruler added an optional file to make ruler and pencil craftable at workbench V2.0: A20 adjustment V1.1: Add a crafting-timer to reduce craftingtime Download: Nexus Mods Github - Mainfile Github - Optional File
  23. Hello fellow survivors. I have been working on trying to get a solid RP server for streaming on Twitch in the works for a bit now. In hopes to add more atmosphere to the server I have been working on several mods to make things darker. All of the modlets are currently under GitHub at the following location. I also make all of my mods Server Side Only. https://github.com/DayhawkSilverstar/7DaysToDieMods/tree/master/ Mod List (NEW) Dayhawks Forgetting Death Elixir - Changes the Forgetting Elixir from a re-spec mod to one that removes your death penalty. NOTE: This makes choosing points much important. Also, for servers that allow T6 player crafted items, this prevents people from re-specing just to make all T6 items for each item type. (NEW) Dayhawks Lure Grenades - Take a grenade, raw meat, and tape it all together. Pull the pin and watch them run to it and KABOOM. Dayhawks Consumable Lighting - Makes Torches and Candles only burn out after some time. Dayhawks No Mobile Light Sources - Removes the headlamp, Flashlight, and Burning Shaft Mods Dayhawks No POI Lights - Turns off all of the "Powered" lights in POI's. NOTE: It may take ~30 seconds for the lights to go out sometimes. Also, light many mods that add new blocks to the game, once added it has to remain in your mod list. I highly suggest using this for new worlds. Dayhawks No Trader Quests - Removes the ability to get quests on a new world. Dayhawks Chicken Farm - Adds the ability for chickens to spawn on special nests. Dayhawks Complete Meals - Advanced meals that combine food and drink into one handy package. Dayhawks Composite Logs - Mostly for decoration but also a really good fuel. Place the woodpile and then pick it up and burn it. Dayhawks Gore Blocks - Adds a chance for zombies to turn into the gore blocks in the game. Makes for a fun horde night cleanup. Dayhawks Jen Droid - Jen walks around healing you when your in range. NOTE: Her AI is that of a deer so she really tries hard to get away from you. Make her an doctors office and let her wander around inside. When your survivor becomes a master at advanced engineering, you can now craft your own JenDroid! It requires a reasonable amount of materials and is geared towards mid to late game. She walks around your base and if your within 3 blocks of her she will increase your healing rate. She also can reduce the time for sprained or broken limbs by around 1/2. Nothing too over powerful but a fun little addition. I plan on having droid versions of the other traders as I move forward. "Warning... JenDroid has desires to wander the world and see new things. Handle this as you will." I hope you all have fun and let me know if you find any issues.
  24. Z2 is a small side project of mine that I just sat down and started coding the other day. I started with creating a new compass bar and then just went from there, making things up as I progressed along the orange line. The result is what you see in the screenshots below. No external assets were used in the development of this HUD with the exception of the compass bar of course which sparked this whole thing. The compass bar is hosted online(imgur) and that makes this modlet server friendly in the terms that it requires no client downloads unless one opts to use the optional 10 slot tool belt and target health bar patches which will require the clients to download and install DMT modlets. I've not spent a whole lot of time on this modlet yet, and as such I am sure there are both bugs and hopefully minor issues I haven't caught before releasing it. Please make me aware of those with a post in this thread. I prefer not to be sent PM's in this regard. Worktime: 3-4h (initial sketchup) Worktime: 6-7h (fine tuning, touchups, changes) This modlet is coded to be a HUD killer. This means that it can be dropped into an overhaul mod and it will likely kill the overhauls HUD and replace it with Z2. Some adaptation might be needed depending on overhaul features and original HUD complexity. Z2 is currently not scale friendly, due to this it attempts to lock the scale at vanilla values. This might cause issues if added to other mods or modlets that rely on changing the scale to display correctly. This will be rectified in an upcoming version. It's color scheme is also highly customizable through the styles.xml file. So if orange is not your thing, change it there by setting a new R,G,B color code in the correct style entry. This will be further diversified in an upcoming version. Z2 - Showing the HUD and the radial menu. Z2 - Showing the vehicle health and fuel bars. Z2 comes with some optional features that can be used. The reason I made these optional is because they require a higher level of experience when it comes to modding, they require the use of third party tools, they render the client EAC unfriendly and they require clients to download and install the modlets locally. The first optional feature that is available at release is the target health bar which, when installed correctly, enables the target health bar in the games engine and adds some other tweaks by SphereII to further enhance and touch up the bars a little. (DMT patch provided by SphereII) Z2THB no longer requires a DMT patch to work. Simply install it as any other modlet. Z2THB - Showing the target health bar. (Requires client install and DMT patching.) The second optional feature that is available at release is a patch to tweak Z2 to fit if you have a 10 slot tool belt modlet or overhaul installed. Please do note that Z2 itself does not currently come with a 10 slot tool belt DMT patch. Z2TB10 - Showing a 10 slot tool belt. (Requires client install and DMT patching. Also requires a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod/modlet.) To download click on the images below. They pull directly from my github repo. Optionally you can download and install these modlets through SphereII's Mod Launcher (recommended). Install like any other modlet by dropping it into your 7 Days to Die installation folder and making sure that the hierarchy is as follows; "Mods\modname\ModInfo.xml". And as always, do the smart thing and backup saves first. Use at your own risk. This is an initial release and is to be considered a test version. Please post here with any issues that may present themselves. Updates and changes will happen when I get around to it. I will try and touch up this main post with some more fancy graphics and stuff soon Hope you like it!
  25. Ztensity's Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive The Unnecessary But Beautiful 19.3b6 Rebuild (Permission Granted By Hernan) UPDATE 2.0.0! I have released updated version 2.0.0, but before updating, you must first destroy and remove the following items from your inventory, chests and placed in the game-space: stove, oven cooktop, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, shower head, shower glass mirrors, shower sliding glass doors, toilet paper, bathroom towel and closet pieces. In version 2.0.0, if you use Sirillion's SMX, you must get the new patch available for UBBI via optional files in addition to updating to the new edition, as various UI elements were created and adjusted for new features as explained below! See Update Notes Here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/articles/190 INTRODUCTION Designed for 7 Days to Die's 19.3b6 build, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive is a new edition of Hernan's Unnecessary But Beautiful mod that was originally released on December 19th, 2019. Originally wanting to add a Barista and a large TV, Hernan spent months designing code, textures, maps, 3D models and later compiling the files together to present a multitude of house buildables. Ranging from a variety of TVs, lamps, Kitchen appliances, cabinets and decorations to pool furniture, Bathroom amenities and beyond, he released Unnecessary But Beautiful. With the help of modder Hellsmoke a couple months later, recipes were created, which allowed players to finally craft these items for themselves in February of 2020. Jump ten months later and I found myself inspired to take on my first major project with one goal in mind: increase immersion and make a somewhat fresher experience for players at the same time. With the permission of Hernan himself in early December, I've been working hard since for the last four weeks to rebuild this mod for compatibility with the latest build of the game. Now, I would like to present my rebuild titled, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive! Download Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive Version 2.0.0 Here Download UBBI SMX Patch Here YouTube Showcases: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEp9RXCi5fyLowfKIBXdI9A Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1242 Nexus Mods UBB Rebuild Journey Article: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/articles/177 WHAT DOES THIS DO & WHAT DOES THIS ADD? After playing the game for hours with this mod, I found ways in which I could increase immersion. With this in mind, Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive now includes a variety of new things. We'll first start with what's familiar and that is Hellsmoke's recipes. I've now updated the recipes file for full compatibility with the latest build of the game. I have also streamlined it into the mod, as it is no longer optional. This means players will no longer have go into their game files to fix this and there is no separate download. In order to turn on the lights, TVs, PC, laptop, fireplace and sound bar, players must now make use of the wire tool. In order to craft any of the lights, a player must first have their Intellect perk at lvl 6 and their Advanced Engineering perk at lvl 3. Alternatively, players can unlock lights early before hitting the appropriate perks if they are lucky enough to find the "basics of electricity schematic." All three beds that are craftable can be used as a bedroll by the player. Every item from sofa pieces, TVs, laptops and cabinets to doors, windows, lamps and beyond all have appropriate names now along with some smoother descriptions as well for their crafting recipes. The sound bar now has a sound to it also. Connect it with your wire tool and find out for yourself what it does! Just make sure to turn it off before leaving your game, otherwise it'll go off when you boot up next! Most devices that uses a wire tool like a light, TV, speaker, etc. that is vanilla or through a mod will now say "turn on" / "turn off." I have of course also added new files, coding, animations etc. that make all of the immersion a reality. In short, I have rebuilt an assortment of items such as lights, TVs, a PC, a laptop, a fireplace and a sound bar. I have made sure that they have to be turned on by using the wire tool and their animations are cleaned. Similarly to vanilla, lights added by this mod can now only be crafted once you've attained the appropriate perks. Is this mod somewhat unnecessary? Potentially likely, just as Hernan originally stated when he first released his original version. However, is it beautiful? If I have to ask myself, I'd say everything he created was absolutely aesthetic and now with with weeks of my hard work, there is so much more increased immersion! WHAT'S THE SAME? This mod still contains 235 items that were originally carefully crafted by Hernan. Almost everything you loved about the previous version of the mod still remain. However, in my efforts to increase immersion, I did tweak a lot of code, removed a lot of behind the scenes things and removed a few items such as a couple offset items, the "RG Gamer" items, the experimental floor speaker and a ceiling light top item due it not working with it's light it was intended to extend. All of these familiar and unnecessarily beautiful things that somehow worked in the zombie apocalypse before, but are more immersive then ever, now work with the latest build of the game seamlessly. Who knew you could have such nice things while trying to survive every 7 days! UPDATING OLD VERSION / CLIENT VS. SERVER SIDE ONLY? This modlet is a completely new rebuild and will require you to completely remove the "UnnecessarybutBeautiful" folder in your "mods" folder. Then put this modlet into your "mods" folder. You should be able to drop this into your pre-existing game (even if you had the Hernan's version), although a new game is preferred. You will just have to likely rebuild some things you had already crafted. To avoid issues, I would recommend removing the items in your base provided by Hernan's original modlet first, then placing this into your "mods" folder. If you have never had Hernan's original Unnecessary But Beautiful mod, you will have no problems adding this mod into your pre-existing game. Just download and drop it into your "mods" folder and you should be good to go! Most updates also will not require new games. If an update should require a new game, I will make sure to include that in the update notes! Finally, this modlet can be utilized in multiplayer. However, in order to achieve this, the mod is required to be installed on both the server side and the client side since the mod utilizes more file types than xml and Localization. This means that if you intend to play online with a friend or multiple people, each person absolutely has to have this mod installed in their "mods" folder. COMPATIBILITY? The 2.0.0 version of Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI) may not be compatible with most overhauls, especially overhauls that have unique UI's. However, UBBI should be compatible with most modlets alongside the Vanilla version of the game, as I've tested with a multitude of other modlets. While previous iterations of UBBI were compatible with some overhauls, version 2.0.0 introduces unique UI elements and therefore the main file is only compatible with the vanilla version of the game. The SMX patch however is hand crafted to make UBBI work alongside the SMX UI modlet series. I am no longer going to provide compatibility support for various overhauls due to lack of time. After collaboration with Dwallorde, the latest version of UBBI is now embedded into War of the Walkers moving forward! HOW TO'S? To provide a little assistance, I thought that it would be helpful to provide a few tips that may help with using this mod in your playthroughs. See below! How to Search For Recipes to Craft: In order to craft, you must be at the workbench. Once at a workbench, you can easily find each type of recipe you want to craft by searching for their name like "Kitchen," "Bedroom," "Bathroom" or simply "HN." Despite the name changes I have provided, it is still possible to search by "HN" and it is actually the easiest way to find the recipes. How to Turn On Lights, TVs, PC & Sound Bar: After placing an item like a "Floor Lamp," you must have a wire tool in hand. Next, you must activate the wire tool's rope on the lamp by pressing e, disconnect by pressing e and then viola, you should now be able to turn your item on/off. How to Unlock Lights: Just like vanilla gameplay, in order to unlock the ability to craft lights added by this mod, you must first attain the perks Intellect lvl 6 and Advanced Engineering lvl 3. If you want more information, refer to the Read Me in the modlet, which will provide a little more details. Also refer to additional videos, which will preview the features shared via YouTube here or on the videos tab on my Nexus page here! LOCALIZATION FYI A localization has been put in for "useSwitchLightOff" and "useSwitchLightOn" to make all lights, TVs, fireplace, sound bar and computers turn "on / off" immersively. This will also affect vanilla lights as well or anything else using the "switch class." For the time being, anything using a wire tool will say "turn off" / "turn on." This means this mod will likely affect other mods that utilize the "switch class" that are higher in the list in the "mods" folder. If you are making a modlet and you don't want your object to read "turn on/off" and you want it to have the vanilla wording, try making it load after this modlet utilizing a ZZ as the first two characters of name. CREDITS Most assets including the UNITY3D Files for resources, PNGs for UIAtlases, block coding and 12 original localized files were are all created, designed and published first by Hernan (HN). With his permission, I have presented a newer edition/rebuild of the mod with new features, more in-depth immersion, better compatibility with the latest build and further accessibility across all websites. The recipes file was originally designed and coded by modder Hellsmoke. Hernan uploaded this on 2/12/2020 as an optional download. I am now including this as part of the new edition of Unnecessary but Beautiful to not only keep it updated for all players, but also make the localization available for further immersion to make recipes feel like part of vanilla game. The UI seen in any pictures or videos from my showcase is provided by Sirillion's SMX mod pack found here. His mod is a staple in my load order and only enhances the appearance of my mods further. Thank you Sirillion for your fantastic work! SHOUTOUTS I want to finally give a huge shoutout to everyone who helped me get this huge project finished, including Xyth, Guppycur, Bdubyah, Ragsy, Mumpfy, Snufkin, TSBX, Zorro, Khaine, saminal, Artjom, sphereii, wrathmaniac, InnocuousChaos, chiko, Haidr'Gna and Beardman via Guppy's Unofficial Discord for 7 Days to Die's modding community. Full thank you's are in my Read Me guys and I encourage you guys to check that out. I truly appreciate all your guys help! Ztensity
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