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  1. The structure is different now. Simply place the contents of the zip file into a folder named StayClear within your Mods folder.
  2. Thanks a ton for the recommendations. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions, hahaha. I'd never imagined a working kitchen being so critical in this game 😂 I'm most certainly interested in trying out a run like this, especially with multiple land claims. Thanks a whole ton for the insights!! I really appreciate this.
  3. That actually sounds really fun. Personally I've not used any mods before, I simply created a few for myself of things that I really wanted/found useful. I've always played with blood moons, as I like the way that it gives a purpose to trying to fortify a position. However, having a combination like that and making the game simply about completely clearing out a large area seems like a fun sort of victory condition. I'll have to try it out sometime! Are there any other mods you recommend? Hi. I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I can say that what this mod does is make it so that after you fully clear out a POI, it will never fill up again, even if you clear every other POI in the game. After clearing a POI, it will stay clear, unless you remove the mod from the game, or you start a quest that requires you to clear out a POI. When starting a quest, a POI will be filled with zombies even if it has been cleared from before.
  4. I hope it works smoothly for you! I've been told of people doing stuff like that, and I think it's a really cool idea!
  5. I failed my calling as a lurker. I lurked for years and only made one or two posts, but then modding happened, and I guess I modded myself.

  6. You're welcome! Thanks a lot for showing your support. The kind gesture sincerely means a lot to me I'm glad to hear that you find it useful and I hope that you'll let me know if you experience any issues.
  7. I have reviewed the changes to SleeperVolume, and as I suspected, it does set the respawn time to whatever is set for loot respawn, and if loot respawn is disable, it sets it to 30 days. Also, I got around to setting up the project for the new A20 system, updating the code, and testing it out as best as I can. I have only tested it out on singleplayer, however, but I I know someone who has tried it out on a server as well. I'll do some more testing when I get a chance, but I wanted to create a release as soon as I could. I've created a new thread for it here. Enjoy!
  8. This is an updated version of my mod that disables sleeper respawning. I've never liked the way you can't clear out buildings, as it reduces the effect that you can have on the world. I don't get as much sense of progression if I can't see what I've cleared out, and I find it really fun to slowly clear out entire towns over time. I find it unrealistic how zombies will just entirely fill up a building that you've completely cleared if you leave it alone for some time, as if they're more concerned with finding shelter than they are with finding fresh meat. I've created this image to sum up how it feels to me playing the game without my mod: Notes With A20 comes updates to the way C# mods can be made, and so it was important to me to create a version of this mod that's up to date with the new system. With that being said, DMT is no longer required in order to use this mod. Also new to A20 is that sleeper respawn time is tied to loot respawn time. However, if loot respawn is disabled, sleeper respawn is set to a default of 30 days, meaning this mod is still required to fully disable sleeper respawning. As with all C# mods, EAC must be disabled in order to use the mod. If you wish to restore sleeper respawning after using this mod, just remove the mod and sleepers will start to respawn once again after several days, as they did before. [Github Repo] [Latest Release] Installation To install the mod, simply download the latest version of the mod and unzip it into its own folder within your Mods directory within the game's install directory, then run the game with Easy Anti-Cheat disabled. If you encounter any issues or need any help, please let me know! If you like, support my modding efforts via PayPal or ko-fi (supports credit cards and Apple Pay) .
  9. I had seen something like this talked about on these forums, and while it's cool that zombie respawn is now tied to loot respawn, you still cannot disable zombie respawn in the current version. If you set loot respawn to disabled, zombies will still respawn in a POI that has been cleared and not visited for 30 days. I have just finished testing to verify that. I have not yet reviewed the changes in the code for SleeperVolume, but I will try to do so tomorrow. Hoping to release something soon seeing as it would appear the mod is still necessary.
  10. Before A20, this would have only worked for dedicated servers, and you'd still have had to use DMT to patch the dedicated server's assembly, should you be wanting to use Harmony. This is a much easier system now and now consumers don't have to use a patcher now that Harmony is shipped with the game and the InitMod hook works on the game client and not just the server. Definitely a big step forward! Thanks again for opening my eyes to this. Now I just need to figure out how to get a project setup to be able to build. I'd prefer to use VSCode as opposed to Visual Studio. SphereII has put together an example project and a tutorial video, I should be able to use that in order to set something up, but I obviously will have no time for that today, as I won't be home, given the holiday.
  11. I'm not sure I understand. IModApi was created specifically for adding functionality to dedicated servers, such as slash commands. Did they change this with A20? (yes they did, see edit) If so, are you aware of any information I can read documenting the change (seeing as the current wiki is outdated)? Harmony is not something that works out of the box. Are they including Harmony as a part of the game? (yes they are, see edit) DMT uses Harmony, which uses the IHarmony interface for classes exposing a Start method that gets executed when your mod is being loaded. I have looked at many DMT mods from the community and they all tend to work that way. This is the first time I'm seeing the IModApi interface being used outside of dedicated servers, I've just not come across it before personally because that's not what it was intended for, though I don't know when that changed 🤔 Looking at SphereII's github, it looks like when moving from A19 to A20, he switched from using DMT's IHarmony hook to the IModApi method. I'm going to search for more information about this change. EDIT: I've just read that Harmony is now included in the game? This is VERY exciting. DMT is now being phased out. When I'd read about the updates in A20, I've not yet seen anything about this, but this is very significant. Thank you very much for pointing this out to me. I will still like to test and verify that it works on both SP and dedicated servers, but yes, it seems like C# modding support is now officially supported on the client using Harmony without needing any sort of patcher, which makes me very confused about what the necessity of something like BepInEx is, but excited all the same. Perhaps the need for BepInEx is now only for when you need to do something that requires more than Harmony is capable of.
  12. IModApi is used to run C# on the server, and it only works on dedicated servers. You can find more information here: https://7daystodie.fandom.com/wiki/ModAPI You are right that some mods are required on the client side and the server side, I'd say that's most mods that do anything of substance, but DMT mods work on the server side as long as the server is DMT-enabled and the mod is placed in the "Mods" folder on the server. I know this because I regularly ran my mod on a dedicated server and only became aware of the IModApi method recently. While IModApi is a great method for mods that are strictly for dedicated servers, it's not the best option for this, where I'd prefer a solution that works for everyone To be clear though, have you had success getting the mod to work on a dedicated server with the code you posted? Because if so, it likely means that I won't have to do much if anything to get it to work besides just testing and verifying it for everyone, and posting a guide for how to get it working. Thank you for linking me to this tool. I wasn't aware of it. I don't think it will be necessary, but it appears to be a way of loading DMT mods without modifying the actual client files themselves in the way that the DMT patcher tool does. This is not very relevant to this project specifically, as it is a tool to be used by people using mods, not people trying to create them, as it gives users another avenue for applying their mod, one which would appear to be less prone to being affected by game updates that require you to re-patch your client each time. Even so, I'm happy you shared it with me because it's a very cool thing to be aware of. I didn't know there was another way to use DMT mods. I wonder if this would also work for p2p and dedicated servers. I'll need to try it out sometime in the future. Also, I'm aware of Spherii's github, I do check it out sometimes and it has helped me learn a few things on my journey of learning about modding! I'll certainly give it a look if I run into serious issues as you say that he's been getting DMT stuff working on A20. Thanks for all the info.
  13. Hey, thanks. I received something similar from another user of the mod. The prefix method appears unaltered from v1.2.0 of my mod, the key difference here is the usage of IModApi instead of IHarmony. The thing is, using the built in Modding API only works on dedicated servers and not on single player or p2p multiplayer sessions, and I'd prefer not to distribute a version that's only for dedicated servers. In the past I've used my mod on dedicated servers provided the server has DMT enabled (the above code also requires DMT), and I'm going to see if I'm able to verify the same here. I need to download A20, check the updates to SleeperVolume, and ensure that nothing that's changed impacts my mod. Then I will test in game to ensure it works, and if so I will test on a dedicated server to ensure it works there as well, and then I'll share the result. If anyone is wanting to use the mod right away, you can use the existing download link and apply it with DMT and maybe it will work as is.
  14. Thanks so much for your interest. As for what you can do to help test, all I recommend is using it normally once I release it and let me know if anything goes wrong, no need to trouble yourself with purposely testing it. I do my best to do that myself before I release stuff! Thank you both for taking the time to post and express your interest. It always heartens me to hear of people who really enjoyed using the mod or people who are willing to try it out! I can confirm that I will be taking a look at this soon and will try to get a tested and confirmed working version out before the end of the year. I can confirm it takes time and effort, but it's really fun! Glad you enjoyed it enough even to use in large maps like that. Thanks!
  15. I responded in the A19 thread. There should be no reason this doesn't work on any A19 version. I think I was last using it in 19.4. Not sure about A20 yet.
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