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  1. Thanks for that info, was exactly what I was hoping for. Well I'm terribly sorry I've taken so long, but life's been a little crazy these days. I updated the zip file (download link on the first page) to contain the precompiled DLL files so that users who are using a client that already has DMT applied can just drop it into the mods directory.
  2. Hey there. Sorry, I don't use Darkness Falls so I cannot speak with experience in how Darkness Falls works or if it is possible to use this mod with it. This mod requires DMT to use, so you need to download and use the DMT patcher as described here. DMT makes you create a mod folder separate from the 7 days to die install folder, which it uses to apply mods to the game. This would replace any mods installed, so this works fine for people who just use modlets, but not for people running overhauls like Darkness Falls. If Darkness Falls already has DMT in place, I can update the download so that it includes the compiled version of the mod, in which case you will only have to include it in the mods folder and it should be automatically picked up. I will do this today and post an update when I get to it.
  3. "To see the light, one cannot be blind; but sometimes, it's the light that blinds us." Localization.txt simply stores the text you seen in the game in different languages. For instance, when the game wants to display the name of something, for instance, a torch wall holder, it will look in that file for a row with a certain key, in this case torchWallHolder, and then it will be able to find the appropriate text to display based on your language setting, as that row of text holds "Torch Wall Holder" in each language. This is not the right path for you. I'm sorry I've yet the chance to search for the information you seek. Perhaps today.
  4. Yes, this mod should not affect the clear zombies quests. There is a part of the game code that checks a timer when you enter a POI, and if that timer is expired the sleepers respawn. This mod simply resets that timer each time, so that it never expires. The quests don't utilize that timer.
  5. You're welcome. Please note that POIs that you cleared with the old version won't respawn unless you visit them with this version first. So you would visit them with this version, then remove the mod, then after several in game days they would spawn again. As I said, if this would be a problem for you I can create a mod for you that should be able to fix everything.
  6. Curious why you're touching Localization.txt. I thought you were just trying to turn off the lights.
  7. I've released an update so that the above issue will be fixed. If there are those with a concern for removing the mod sometime on a world they've been playing on, I suggest using the new version. It works just like before, but if you remove the mod, POIs that have been cleared with the mod installed will be capable of respawning sleepers.
  8. Hey there. If you stop using the mod, sleepers will respawn normally in newly cleared POIs after removing the mod. However, POIs that you cleared while using the mod will not spawn again for a ridiculous amount of time. I had not accounted for this. I will make an update to fix this so that if you stop using it it will behave just as normal. Once I update it, you will have to revisit the POIs again, then remove the mod, and then if you don't visit them again for several days (can't remember the number off the top of my head), they'll respawn as normal. If having to revisit the POIs you want to re-enable again is a very serious problem for you, I can make you a special mod that you can use in place of this mod to fix your specific issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Need any help creating a DMT modlet for this? That way people can use this with other mods and you wouldn't have to keep updating it every single build
  10. I may be able to find a way to do this via xpath. I'll look into it when I have a chance, unless you've already done it the hard way. As for consequences, it's dangerous to mount a full scale war against light itself. The universe may respond in kind.
  11. Unfortunately unless you create a patch for the game's code, there is not a way to spawn items at full durability that I'm aware of, as the game chooses a random durability when spawning loot. I mentioned this to you in a previous post already. You can add repair kits to the box if you want. I recommended the entity spawn because that way you can spawn it near the player as you wish and it works smoothly. The other solution is not as elegant, because there is not a command as far as I'm aware to give an item to a player, so you would have to give the box to yourself, teleport to the player, and then drop the box for them to allow them to pick it up. I'm not extremely familiar with the admin commands, though, so perhaps you know a command to directly give an item to a user. Furthermore, however, there is not a way to create a box that has items in it when you drop it, so you have to do a workaround where you create a box that has 1HP that deteriorates into a box that has the loot in it, so the player has to put the box on the floor, then hit it once, then they can open it. So for these two reasons (no command to give item, box has to be hit to deteriorate into a box that spawns the items), I recommend using the entity box that I created for you.
  12. I agree with mr.devolver. I was just reading through the code because I was surprised you'd managed to do all that with just XML and was curious how you'd managed. Very impressive!
  13. FYI, in my instructions I accidentally listed the command as se but it should be sea, so I edited the post. You can use the se command to spawn the crate as well (if you look up the entityid) but it doesn't spawn it right next to the player so I recommend the sea command instead.
  14. I've made you something that you can use. You can look through it and alter it as you need. Unzip this to your mods folder. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1fZOnuU7e275r7GDNhiZGFRHjLYmO4x4X To use it, in the game, open the console and type lp This will list the current players. Find the player you want to give a crate to, and look at their pos. Now type sea UbberN00berCrate1 x y z and replace x y and z with the pos values you saw for that player. This will cause a crate to appear next to that player. The mod also includes UbberN00berCrate2. Both the crates contain what you described. Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions. I also created a crate object that you can hold in your inventory, but that option doesn't work quite as well because there's not a command to give an item to a player, so you'd have to give it to yourself and then go to the player and give it to them, then they have to place it on the ground and break it to open it, so the HP on it is set to 1. I feel the option that I've given you above is a more elegant solution.
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