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  1. Yeah, weapons will probably get ported, minus some problems on the hit detection of melee weapons. I wont port this mod but I MIGHT make a new one from scratch based this time on the meshes of the vanilla zombies.
  2. I know people are waiting for an A19 version, but sadly it seems that the UMA is broken for the AI entities this time. This, along with rumors that TFP may drop UMA entirely on the future makes harder to keep developing this mod. This was a nice ride, I'm sorry everyone.
  3. Whomst have summoned me. Yeah, besides the Juggernaut (that only appears on his own quest and rarely on Bloodmoons) there are the "Bombers", zeds that explode on attack and low health. Aren't as destructive as the demolishers because they have no melee attack, but if they catch you unaware they are quite deadly. Also, his own attack triggers the explosion, so if they find a wall in their path they will go boom boom.
  4. I guess you could manually shrink the radiation.png file and update it on each reboot.
  5. By request of some people, I lowered dramatically the spawnrate of my zombies. Can't please everyone. You can manually adjust the entitygroups.xml to your taste.
  6. Thank you, it was a dumb mistake.
  7. # Snufkin_Modlets https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets Unless stated otherwise, all of my mods are server-side. # Snufkin_AdminBlocksAndFixes Adds a unbreakable and paintable block helper, a indestructible landmine, a few indestructible doors, powered doors and lights. Adds all the rotations to the garage doors and adds an item that gives 10000 xP. Also fixes the vehicle and apparel stacknumber to 1 to fix problems with other mods, specially the ones the add new dyes. # Snufkin_Autominer A new workstation that mines slowly the selected mineral. Uses gas a material and augers as tool. Needs at least 1 auger to work, with a max of 3. The quality and amount of augers used decreases the mining time to a max of 30 min per stack of 1000. Generates a bit more heat than a forge, so be careful. # Snufkin_BiggerBackpackDrop Replaces the dropped backpack model with the weapons bag one. # Snufkin_BountyHunter Currently only in spanish, but the basis is the following. You can craft a "Wanted Poster" from the crafting menu. Having JUST one on you when you kill another player gives you a bounty, displayed on the buffs area. Then, you can use the poster to craft your reward. Having more than 1 poster on you or moving the poster when you have the bounty makes you lose the reward. The bounty scales up with the target level, starting from lvl 5. Also, killing players with the "nearDeathTrauma" on them wont yield any reward. # Snufkin_Chess Just a craftable chess table and chess pieces, using Red, Blue and classic notation for the pieces. The set is crafted as a bundle that includes the table. Gathering all the pieces again lets you craft a bundle without the table. # Snufkin_CustomVehicles See here: # Snufkin_CustomWeapons See here: # Snufkin_CustomZombies See here: # Snufkin_DoubleDrawbridgeUnlock Just unlocks the double drawbridge for crafting. # Snufkin_HealthBars Adds a 4 bar 3 stage healthbar to the zombies and animals. # Snufkin_JunktTurretFlashlight Attaches a flashlight to the Junk Turrets, useful on the Bloodmoons. # Snufkin_NerfExplosives A little tweaking on the explosive damage, reducing the damage of rockets and dynamite to blocks and increasing the damage of the explosive arrows/bolts to entities. # Snufkin_ReactorGauntlet WIP: Adds a craftable gauntlet that can be modified with various "fuses" that give permanent effects as long as they are equipped. The effects vary from perk boosts to elemental damage on any attack. # Snufkin_Slots See here: # Snufkin_VisualArmorMods Adds almost all the armors and clothes as a "mod" that can be installed on the armors to change the appearance. Also included are a few mods that make the armor invisible. All are craftable using dukes.
  8. Some zombies have different bones, let's call them "vanilla zombies" and "UMA zombies". The principal difference is that UMA zombies don't have an "Origin" bone, that's it, a root bone that has fixed rotation. The ideal way is attaching the healthbars to the Origin, so it doesn't fly around, but as almost all of my custom zombies are UMA, I had to settle with the "Hips" bone. The mod checks for the tag of each zombie ("zombie" for the vanilla ones, "umazombie" for the UMAs") and attaches the particle to the correspondent bone. Check my buffs.xml and your entityclasses.xml and add the tag according to which type are your zombies. Hope that this helps.
  9. Sorry, it should work now. I mean, it worked before, but it moved so fast that it didn't have chance of using the attack. Reduced their speed a little.
  10. Try now. The output should be fixed, or at least now is decoupled from the panels so other windows shouldn't push it around.
  11. The output is the only one that uses a panel, I suspected It would be a problem. I will fix it later today
  12. Will take a look, thanks
  13. Rollback, the new system was better but required a perfect hosting, it wasn't very reliable. Back to the player controlled buff, sorry for the trouble
  14. Tried to make a BlackJack machine, no luck in that for now
  15. Updated the rates and maybe now it's more UI friendly
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