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  1. Thanks, I will give it a try. I remember I could farm a bed for infinite cloth.
  2. Thanks. Other block that happens is the bed frames.
  3. I'm running the base Open Door Syndrome (1 and 2). Some blocks like this one downgrade to themselves instead of being destroyed.
  4. Adds an Scrap Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe and Knife. They are better than Stone and Bone tools but worse than Forged Iron ones. All are made with Scrap Iron as a base material and can be repaired using Duct Tape. Download: https://minhaskamal.github.io/DownGit/#/home?url=https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets_A19/tree/master/Snufkin_ScrapTools
  5. I think tagging the archetypes as Zombie instead of Player stops the Profiles to use that archetype, but that can bring other problems (I've been told). I remember on our EAC server choosing one of the zombie archetypes reverted the player to a thin black woman, so it wasn't gamebreaking.
  6. Hi I was out for a couple of days so I missed some stuff. 1) I don't know if the Mischief Maker dev contacted you, but they backtracked because they found complicated to get the approval of more than one people. 2) The gimmick of the Parasite was that she damaged your "MaxHealth". Since that stat is no more, now the enemy doesn't do damage at all.
  7. @arramusThat's really nice of you. I request I will make: since I'm linking a post on the first page of this thread, please post there any updates/new versions that you release. The spiraling to the sky was what sold it to me. It was too funny to fix.
  8. The death animation was a mistake but I ended up liking how it looks. Happens because the rag doll is missing the legs. I'm sure it's fixable by defining the legs as ragdoll only, no collision. ---- @arramus I was contacted by the author of MischiefMaker. They wanted to include this mod on the extension. I told them that, while they had my permission, they needed yours too, as you made the restoration.
  9. As long as you understand the basics of how these vehicles work, you should be able to make them compatible with A19. The real problem is that the base system was flawed: using buffs to deactivate portions of the vehicle didn't work consistently, that's why you got those vehicles that still show the original models. If you can't deactivate the colliders, you will use the old ones and the vehicles probably won't work. That's why I made the rollback, because I found the buff works different if you assign it on the "Buffs" property, you assign it on first spawn OR you make the player give the buf
  10. @RobelotoYou are totally free to use them as you like 😁 -- I haven't checked the code in quite a bit, but the Archon was intended to act as a support zombie in the Bloodmoon (I was inspired in the Archvile from Doom, that besides being able to set you on fire could also revive enemies). I never tried that exhaustively and with the buff shenanigans of the game I wouldn't be surprised it didn't work. I remember if buffed the damage resistance of zombies in a certain radius.
  11. I can't thank you enough for your work, you gave my mod new life. 🤩 Edit: I've stated my reasons for abandoning this mod. The work of everyone involved in the restoration is greatly appreciated. So please, no matter what version you are using, if you need to credit the authors please make sure you also credit whoever ported them (arramus, Slawa, etc). A little caveat. The "Westler" was originally intended as an event Zombie for an spanish server. That's why the buff description is in spanish. I've always considered it too disruptive for normal gameplay, that's the reason I didn't inclu
  12. I am so happy you are doing this. The Archon and the Banshee are standard zombies using overlay swaps, so you won't find an archetipe.
  13. Snufkin

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I love your HUD but I'm not a fan of the data displayed on the bottom right corner. Would you be ok if I revert it to the 1.05 layout?
  14. This mod sure is awesome but I'm having the same issue. Hostile animals are not spawning in a Navezgane game. Sleepers work OK.
  15. I'm testing it now. It seems to do that with the hats, not with the armors. And the mods have a non-zero chance to actually come installed on the hats, that's not the intended behavior. Thanks for reporting. --- Checking again. It seems that triggered effects don't work on the apparels. I'm going to make the hats exclusive for the armors. Also I noticed 2 icons missing.
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