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  1. That's the main issue I see with how it is currently. I would think since tiles are set up to handle any combination of POIs that fit the spawn size for that tile can be used, why not use that same system for the parts? I don't want to have to convert and include numerous tiles with my mod just to get a couple custom deco parts to show up.
  2. That's already been fixed. Make sure you are using the latest version.
  3. So messed around with making a custom part, which was a new billboard piece. It seems that parts are added directly onto tiles, so the only way I could add my new part would be to include the whole tile with it. Is this correct? Would it be possible to make it so parts can have a list to choose from or something along those lines? From what I saw looking at a vanilla countrytown tile that had a billboard, you have to pick a specific one, and the only control over it is whether it spawns at all or not. Seems like a fairly simple way to add more variety if you allow all the billboard parts to be able to spawn there using a group or tag or something.
  4. It does seem to rain a lot in a20. Not always a full on storm but it seems you can get a shower or two almost every day. If there is weather desync you should both take screens of it and report is as a bug.
  5. Did some testing and I think I figured it out. the Capacity cannot exceed what I assume is 1024 or so. And the BRDM is set to 800, so when that mod gets used on it, it goes over. Which causes issues. I'll have to adjust it and a few others that have a high Capacity. I'll update them once I test it for sure.
  6. That's easily accomplished by the player themselves. I balance the mod how I want it to be. If you want it to be different, edit it yourself. I can't cater to everyone.
  7. Maybe try vanilla and see if it is the same? Water does drop pretty fast normally. I haven't touched that.
  8. So you say you haven't installed anything else, but I see something called "Sleepiness" in you debuffs there. What is that? And I also don't recognize the one with the lightning bolt. You gotta have other mods active...
  9. The only real change you can make is how often they spawn in the wild. Look at entitygroups.xml at Biome Spawn Additions starting at line 125. The group names are pretty self explanatory. Just up the prob values for whatever you want to spawn more often.
  10. It would be nice if the game kept track of the POIs you do quests for and at least tries to avoid sending you to the same type of POI very often. And early on, since all traders on city edges, and city edges are always farms, almost all quests are farm related ones. The farms look nice, but they get old pretty quick when you have to quest a bunch of them in a row.
  11. Infection does increase stamina drain I think, which would increase thirst. So it's possible. It drains fairly fast on its own, especially early game when you're running around on foot all the time. Being infected on top of that will probably make it pretty rough to maintain.
  12. I haven't really messed with that at all. The Survival attribute helps manage food/water drain, but the base rates at which you burn through it haven't been changed.
  13. Yeah, I updated that post and the change log post above to reflect that Wasteland is now an overhaul. And EAC must be off.
  14. Okay guys, here is the Wasteland update for A20! Just note that this mod should be considered an overhaul now as it has a lot of changes that will conflict with other mods. So do not expect any other mods to work with this, and do not come here saying my mod doesn't work if using other mods with it. Run it by itself and if there are issues, then please let me know. And obviously, this will require a new game to function properly. And EAC MUST BE OFF! The Wasteland Updated to 2.5, for A20 Download at Git or Nexus -----FIXED/CHANGED----- **EAC MUST BE OFF** -Added: Attribute/Perk Overhaul, READ the green note you spawn with -Added: Default backpack is now 60 slots, starts with 30 free slots, 30 encumbrance slots unlocked through perks/mods (Thanks to Khaine for letting me use his 60BBM mod <3) -Added: Ability to level up crafting level of a single item by reading multiple schematics for the item, maxes out at quality level 5 this way -Added: Broken versions of all non-primitive guns/bows that can be used to craft a working item with less parts needed -Added: Glock 19 and Micro Roni pistols -Added: Semi Auto Crossbow -Added: Cattleprod spear -Added: Mutant Scorpionfly, with new foods made from it -Added: Snowberry can be farmed like other crops -Added: Drink/Food using Snowberry and Super Corn -Added: More normal armor mods and Power Armor mods -Added: Drugs -Added: Plasma weapon mods -Added: More serious heatstroke/cold/pneumonia buffs -Added: Powered variants of the new roll up doors, with 2 relay blocks that hide wires to use with them -Added: Bicycle block that will give you a complete bicycle when picked up, is a rare spawn in place of some of the sedan/bus/work truck spawns -Added: Vehicle mod support -Changed: A20 Vanilla pipe weapons may only use the basic ammo(No HP/AP) and now require a workbench -Changed: Vanilla pipe pistol switched to use .44 magnum ammo -Changed: Vanilla pipe machine gun switched to use 9mm ammo, increased reload time, decreased rate of fire -Changed: New lever action rifle now uses .44 magnum instead of 7.62 -Changed: Slightly lowered amount of RNG on items -Changed: Increased death penalty that reduces max health by 3 for each death, up to 45, for an ingame week -Changed: Infection gets worse much quicker(was 7 hours to hit 100%, now ~4 hours) -Changed: Trader POIs no longer have protection (Protect Jen!) (Thanks to Khaine for the patch. <3) -Changed: Reworked custom doors to hopefully help sync issues -Changed: Armor now degrades twice as fast -Changed: Repair Kits don't repair nearly as much -Changed: Most weapons now use their parts to repair where it makes sense -Changed: Some weapons have new sounds -Changed: Nerfed gas crafting/vehicle usage increased -Changed: Lowered amount of gas salvaged from cars -Changed: Reduced ammo loot from zombies -Changed: Reduced misc loot in trash -Changed: Vending machines nerfed, less items, restock every 3 days -Changed: Various trader inventory tweaks -Changed: Rad Z will slow the speed of radiation poisoning for its duration -Changed: Power armor pieces are now dye pieces that install into Power Armor Frame armor parts -Changed: Full set of Power Armor will partially negate encumbrance debuff -Fixed: Missing loc/icon for rad food buff -Fixed: Various loc errors -Fixed: Missing UnlockedBy values -Fixed: Missing AltTypeIcons on some books -Fixed: Rad-B-Gone showing rad screen effects when taken without rad poisoning -Fixed: Missing colliders on some custom zeds for vehicle collisions -Fixed: Oil Filter Suppressor on 10mm Revolver not following reload animation -Fixed: Cop NRE when trying to target bandits On Git and Nexus now. Might be on the launcher, but haven't checked.
  15. Should be working fine. Just tested it. Make sure you installed it correctly.
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