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  1. That makes a bit more sense then. Thanks for the clarification. I like the idea of them being ninjas in the dark. Lol.
  2. Burnt zombie is well made, but as stated, looks more like something you would see in an Elder Scrolls game or something. If it were still burning that brightly it would fall apart if it took a hit or tried to hit you. Lol. I think a super charred, black, crispy looking zed with a little smoke coming off of him would look better. Maybe have a tiny bit of embers on his hands to sell it when he sets you on fire.
  3. This is something I haven't done personally, so I can't help. But this is a link to a mod that added new resources to the forges and stuff. Could maybe take a look at it and see how it did it. Was for A18 but it should still be current.
  4. Aww. It got pushed to a21? That was kind of a big one for me.
  5. I disagree completely with this. The XP popup is bad enough as it is. You want confetti and candy to pop out of them when they die just so you know? Kinda ruins the suspense if it's that obvious...
  6. Yeah, looks like I had a reference to a file that I got rid of. Git should be good to go now. Nexus is on the way, probably an hour or so out.
  7. Bdub's Vehicles Updated to 3.8 for A19.5 Download at Git or Nexus -----FIXED/CHANGED----- -Changed: Tweaked custom vehicle sounds to work better on servers -Added: LMTV -Added: Old Semi -Added: Willy Jeep color variants On Git and the Launcher, Nexus is on the way.
  8. Would be nice to be able to click RMB for a spear power attack or hold it to charge a throw. But as it is, maybe buff the thrown damage a bit. Or add a better stun when hit with a thrown spear. Maybe have it so when you hit them in the legs they are slowed till you remove it. That might be part of one of the books. Honestly never really used spear much. They were okay when you had them trapped and could just stand still and jab, but moving around and fighting in a house or something was a bit of a pain. The power attack part of them could probably use a bit of a boost,
  9. I've had it say that before, but there are still traders on the map. I think they are just too far out from spawn or something. Can always look in the world folder at the prefabs.xml. Search it for "trader" POIs and you'll see if there are any or not. Can use the coords to find one, or not if you'd rather discover it yourself.
  10. Just goes into the Mods folder. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods
  11. Don't play the mod, but it's possible 19.5 broke some things as they added a ton of new vanilla loot IDs for all the Twitch stuff. So it's possible this mod was using some of those same IDs and will need to be fixed. I'd follow his discord for updates.
  12. Yup, installing my mods is the same as installing WotW. Gotta install them on server and client. Guess I need the giant colored banner at the top of this thread like I have on Nexus.
  13. Servers have a max zombie setting. You can up that some, but it can create lag pretty quickly. And obviously make sure the BM Zed per player setting is maxed. But with 14 people you are just gonna have that happen. Game only technically supports 8 people right now. So with 64 zeds per, that's up to 8 at a time for 8 players. Which is decent. But with 14 people you're almost halving that.
  14. Speaking of radiation, would it be possible to say, tag a POI in the list so that when it gets placed, it adds to the radiation.png automatically? I have some POIs in my mod that I want to be radiated no matter what and this would be nice for that. I'm currently just using entities, but this would be cleaner.
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