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  1. I must have my game sounds much louder than most. Lol. They are a bit quieter on purpose, as vanilla sounds get on my nerves being so loud and repetitive. I guess I can tweak them a bit so they are a little louder.
  2. Haha. That's cool. A few POIs like motocross tracks and other dirt races tracks could be cool to add to the AIO mod.
  3. In entityclasses.xml, look for <property name="LootListAlive" value="931"/> on whatever vehicle you want to change. Look at the vanilla loot.xml at loot IDs 76-80. You can see how big they are there. If you want bigger, you can look at my mod's loot.xml at how to add a new loot ID. I'm not sure what the limits are on storage size. The xml says 90, which is 10,9.
  4. The vehicles shouldn't be any different than the vanilla stuff. I think only a few are higher poly than vanilla, and it's not by much. And most run pretty low textures.
  5. The devs don't want people using vehicles to avoid BMs. So expect that to stay as it is, or get worse. And as said above, need schematics to craft most things yourself. It tells you this when looking at the recipes.
  6. What I'm talking about is in vehicles.xml. It's in the gear nodes. You'll see a line of numbers and a sound name. I tweaked them a bit trying to get the sounds to be less obnoxious. Could try copying the 4x4's values and pasting them over the Hot Rod or whatever vehicle is having issues. Keep the new sound names though, so that will help isolate the problem. Worst case, you could go back to the vanilla sound names as well. Maybe even try keeping my fade/pitch values and changing back to the 4x4 sounds. And I think if you change this on the server end, it should push it to the clients as it's just xml. I might be wrong there though. And that sounds like it might be it about the fuel. I can't imagine anything that could cause that.
  7. My modlets won't work with DF as they come. DF changes a lot of things from vanilla that my mods use. I gave Khaine permission to make a patch for the vehicles on his side, but I'm not sure what the status of that is. There is an included progression.xml to use with DF that I think should fix the Grease Monkey problems(literally just updated this on Git as I noticed a mistake with it). But I don't know what all he changed in traders.xml that makes it fail. I'm guessing loot groups or something, but I don't know. Might ask him where he's at on it. If someone gets it all sorted out I would be glad to include DF versions of the necessary files for people to use when running DF as well.
  8. The only thing I could think to try with the sounds is to go back to the same settings the vanilla 4x4 uses as far as the pitch, fades, and stuff like that. Other than that, I think it's just server weirdness. The fuel I honestly have no idea about. The vehicles are using the same xml as vanilla with just tweaks to capacity and whatnot. But I'm not really too concerned with this one as I'd disable vehicle pickup in a heartbeat if I could do it with xml. Lol.
  9. I don't see any of those causing issues. I might have to setup a server on my PC and try it out. But I have no idea what would cause it, or how I could fix it.
  10. Alright, pushed a fix to Git that should resolve the AK and MR10 issues. Please let me know if there are any issues still. I'm not pushing this to Nexus as I always upload the whole mod each time there and that takes me ages. So it'll come whenever I push out the vault POI.
  11. I can't reproduce either of those in my SP game. The new vehicle sounds did give me some problems sometimes when I would spam W or something like that, but even when I tried that the revving sound came back after a second. And I placed a Box Truck, fueled it up, drove it a bit then hopped out and picked it back up. Placed it down again and it still had fuel. I haven't really ever tested my mods on a server, but I know a lot of people use them and I've never heard any complaints about this. So I'm really not sure what is causing it.
  12. There are a few small issues atm. I might try and push and updated entityclasses.xml to Git tonight to fix them.
  13. No, that is my bad. I commented out the entity stuff as I couldn't make it work correctly, but I forgot about the custom mini trader I made so that the POI works correctly. The fixed version is on Git now and will be on Nexus soon.
  14. Currently working on a Vault 101 POI. Just not much to show at the moment. Probably be a bit before an update. And about the Duster. One, this game doesn't have a plane I can just copy, so it's what I managed to come up with. Don't like it, don't use it. Two, it's an old, crappy plane. How well would it fly at this point? Some people just gotta complain...
  15. Everyone needs to have it installed.
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