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  1. Can try to do that. I'd remove whichever one loads second and see if it will work. Worst case, go in and add a 2 on the end of the name. Have to change it for every entity in entityclasses.xml as well. That way there aren't any duplicate entries.
  2. EDIT - I may have found an easy-ish fix for it. Just gotta test it out And also, I know it's a bit of an ask, but if you happen to come across any items that are hard to pick up, if you could take a screenshot of it and post it here so I can see it, I'll try and fix as many as I can. I fixed the terminal and Nuka Quantum I mentioned earlier that's near the office key. The annoying thing is colliders behave differently in the POI editor than they do in game. So in the editor, this whole issue doesn't exist.
  3. @Nerhesi It should work fine with any of them. Not sure about CoA. Worst case, try it and see. Glad you like the mod! @kinsem I'll look into it and see what I can do. I remember the keycard being a royal pain for whatever reason. Some stuff you just have to look at it from odd angles, or off to the side to get the prompt. I'll see if I can make them better. It seems from the little testing I've done, if they are placed on certain kinds of blocks(ones that use Ext3dModel as their shape in xml), they will have that issue. Like the control panel blocks in the bottom of the vault wher
  4. Yeah, the current public version doesn't have them spawning yet. Can't really remember if I did that on purpose because I was adding more to them, or if I just forgot. Lol. The next update will have them spawning.
  5. The bigger error is the duplicate loot ID 130. They added more vanilla ones so they go up to like 145 now. I guess the EAIswim thing is a problem too. Not sure what that is exactly, though. Lol.
  6. So what do you want, like the border from PUBG or something? Meh, they've dumbed down the game enough as it is. If you can't pay attention to what you're doing, you deserve to fail the quest.
  7. Look at the checkmark in the top right in the quest objectives. It changes color when you get close to the boundary. If it's yellow, you are almost too far out. No guessing needed.
  8. Looks like it makes great looking maps. For a vanilla game I bet it's much better than RWG. I'm a fan of the snow on big hills/mountains and how it separates biomes sensibly. But definitely need a way to add custom POIs to it. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Great work, though! After using Nitro this last time and not really enjoying it as much as I did before, I'd love more options for world gen. I'll be keeping my eye on this.
  9. I figured I'd post this here so people will see it. Mythix, a tester for DF, has made a patch for Bdub's Vehicles that makes it compatible with DF. I added it to GitHub so it should show as its own mod on the launcher, and it's on Nexus as an optional file under Bdub's Vehicles "Files" section. So big thanks to Mythix.
  10. So far from what I've read, "overhaul" just means making the water itself not suck. Nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully more, but it won't be A20 I'm sure.
  11. Mine updated to April 8th-15th. Amazon shows in stock on the 7th. So grab'em fast.
  12. Not possible with the current ones as you apparently can't have entities that aren't zed class in wandering/BM hordes. That's why the mutants are all going to change to that class in the next update. But I can't do that with the raiders and soldiers.
  13. Which mod? Should work just fine in 19.4. I have The Wasteland and my AIO vehicle pack on a server myself with no issues.
  14. As long as it remembers what mods are used with what save, and throws a warning up if you try to load a save with a different list of mods, it would be a good addition. Otherwise it'll just get them a loooot of complaints from people who screwed a save by loading it with the wrong mods.
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