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  1. I know the T5 quests have been an issue for people for a while. And even MM said they aren't focusing on T5 POIs, but rather more T4 ones. I think just having a bit better loot would help the factories be more worth it. Also, what about adding a few more T5s that are just smaller? Could also include the house that's in the south of Nav that has the bunker under it as a T5, if it isn't already. I know I've never been sent to it. Another option would be making T5 quests varied a bit. Maybe have it so you have to go clear 2 smaller POIs instead. Or even one that's normally a T2, but is now more severely infested. Or has a demolisher in it. Lol.
  2. There's several options for 7DTD that are pretty cheap. I've only ever used Bluefang for my servers. They aren't the cheapest, but I think they are worth it.
  3. I'd mainly consider roads when talking about if it is fixed or not. The atrocities rwg produced in A18 is what made me use Nitrogen. Even the premades they included are pretty rough. Less duplicate POIs and better looking cities would be nice as well.
  4. bdubyah

    bdubyah's modlets

    Alright, just pushed an update to Wasteland Weapons: -Added in a Plasma Pistol and Rifle. They use Plasma version of the Energy and Microfusion Cells. -Added a Flare Gun. The gun is loot only but you can craft flares yourself. Good lighting at night and can set zombies on fire hit by a flare. Also updated Wasteland Weapons and Nuka Colas on Nexus so they are now current with Git again.
  5. bdubyah

    bdubyah's modlets

    I don't believe there should be any issues for most of the mods. Only the Nuka Colas mod, which includes a prefab, would be a problem. And that would only be the prefab not spawning, everything else should be fine.
  6. Look in buffs.xml. Search for buffLegBroken. In one of its effect_groups, there is this line, which is what controls the jump height: <passive_effect name="JumpStrength" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.12"/>
  7. Look a few threads below this one...
  8. bdubyah

    bdubyah's modlets

    It's on my list of things to look at. Some day maybe. Lol. Reverse probably uses the same gears, just with reduced speed and such. At least it seems that way. Not much I can do there I think. Vehicle mods will hopefully be a thing one day. Not sure if turrets will ever be a thing without custom code though. Fingers crossed. Lol.
  9. Yeah, that caused a lot of headache before I finally figured it out. Lol. Glad it works now!
  10. Did you add your weapon to the silencer's item_modifiers node? For example I have added it to 2 of my guns, and in my mod's item_modifiers.xml I have: <append xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name='modGunSoundSuppressorSilencer']"> <item_property_overrides name="gunHeavySniper"> <property name="Sound_start" value="hunting_rifle_s_fire"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="-0.012,-0.015,0.62"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="2,10,2"/> </item_property_overrides> <item_property_overrides name="gunMaria"> <property name="Sound_start" value="pistol_s_fire"/> <property name="BarrelOffset" value="0,0,-0.05"/> <property name="BarrelScale" value="2,2,2"/> </item_property_overrides> </append> That should be where you move it so it fits your gun. Also in Unity, make sure your Attachments child is on the main parent of the weapon. Without doing this I noticed the xml didn't seem to apply for some reason.
  11. bdubyah

    New Mod List Project

    bdubyah's modlets
  12. - Привет! скажите мне-Nuka Cola mod-работает на серверах..В сети.. или это для одного игрока..?

    1. bdubyah


      Да, это должно работать нормально.

      Yes, it should work fine.

  13. bdubyah

    bdubyah's modlets

    Alrighty, pushed an update to Git for the Nuka Colas and Wasteland Weapons mod. WW now *requires* the Nukas mod to not throw errors on load. Was gonna combine them but it'll be easier for me to update them separately. Will be on Nexus at some point if no bugs or issues come up. Nuka Colas: -Added Sunset Sarsaparilla drinks and vending machines, drinks can be in loot same as Nukas, vending machines can be in any POI that uses the vending helper blocks. Will require a new world for them to show up. -Can get Star Bottlecaps from some drinks that can be sold or saved for crafting a SS flier(quest). Wasteland Weapons: -Added Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle. -Added mods for Laser guns. -Energy Cells for the pistols, Microfusion Cells for the rifles. Each have a small chance to instantly kill the target(disintegration). -Unique variant of both the Laser Pistol and Laser Rifle. -Regular versions can be crafted after finding the schematics. -Tweaked the Incincerator's ammo projectile. Looks better now. -Reworked some loot. -Added a recipe for the Triple Shotty.
  14. Could some smaller POIs be reused for higher tier quests? Could just spawn in more difficult enemies or something to compensate. At least that way we would have more than 2-3 options at T5. Sucks constantly getting the exact same building over and over.
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