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  1. Yeah Df changes a lot of things from vanilla. I started making some patches to make it work with DF, but I was hoping for some input from people as to what all DF changes so I could get it sorted. It was mostly just a quick test. I guess I'll just eventually have to download DF myself and make it work.
  2. You never encountered a Demolisher?
  3. Awesome. Thanks so much.
  4. Look for <property name="Zoom_max_out" value="30"/> <property name="Zoom_max_in" value="20"/> on the scopes. Should be in item_modifiers.xml. Lower number is more zoom, I believe.
  5. This looks great. Well done. Would you mind if I added this to my Wasteland mod? I'm adding in super mutants at the moment, and I have a behemoth of my own that would work well with this. I plan to make some POIs for them myself sometime soon, but this one looks perfect for them.
  6. They have new grunts and groans, but no spoken lines as of right now. I looked through a few packs on the Unity store but didn't find anything I liked enough to use.
  7. Yeah, progress has been a bit slow lately. Haven't had as much time as I would like, and I've been playing other stuff in the time I have had. I hit a few snags with these guys as I needed to give them custom gun meshes so they didn't look tiny in their hands, but I kept having problems. So the mutants will all be melee only for now. I plan to build them a few POIs, but that will probably be later on. I have a few things left I want to add in, then I plan to push the update.
  8. Alright, pushed a small update for Bdub's Vehicles to fix an error with the Marauder storage, and to add schematics for all vehicles to both loot and traders. Also, another teaser of The Wasteland's next update:
  9. Man, I'd hate to get so hung up on something so trivial. To each their own, I guess. Looks good to me. /shrug
  10. You need to add entries in item_modifiers.xml. Every mod you want to use with it needs an entry. If you're just reusing the vanilla SMG asset, you should be able to copy its values and just change the weapon name to match yours.
  11. Not sure what it is called, but removing it the way Xyth said will just prevent new spawns. So any right around you would still be there. Once it despawns though you shouldn't see anymore unless some got stored as a sleeper somewhere.
  12. I thought of something and I figured out what it was. It's the imposter of the original prefab. When I copied it in the editor and pasted it into a new POI, it moved it some, and the imposter is still in the old position. I'm attaching a zip with the fixed version, or you can load it in the prefab editor and hit Update Imposter to fix it. I would manually delete the existing files from my mods Prefabs folder and then copy these in as overwriting them seemed to not always work for me. Also, if you happen to see any more like that, let me know. I did a few POIs this way before I just
  13. Hmm. That's odd. I'd say it's a Nitro problem. Just a bit unlucky I guess. Never seen that myself. I went and generated a quick map with Nitro and had 2 of those POIs, both were on the ground fine.
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