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I dunno what the requirements are for using DropBox as the download site but it's something maybe you could look into?


Github is awesome lol.


Myself just went to each individual modlet and copied a dress and pasted that in the corresponding modlet in the forum.


Drop box once you become popular they reduce your storage space

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Ya know guppy lol I have to download your modlet pack each time I want a single one lol. I have for the life of me tried to do single modlet but I can't see no option and clone or download just dl master lol what am I missing


if you are not good at command line git or dont want the whole download at once, there are browser extensions that will do the work for you. I use GitZip in chrome to just double click on a folder (or multiple folders) on Github and just download the selected. there is probably a similar tool for other browsers.

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I think it's just the animation, because when I tagged the mesh with a text, the text turns, so I know the steering object is turning. The truck is intentionally difficult to turn, but now that I'm working on smaller vehicles I will get a better sense on whether or not the animation is actually messing with the turning radius.


But the animation not turning has been bothering me, so I want to devote some time to fix it anyway, because it's annoying. :-)


The actual physics for those wheels are on a separate node and are not actually affected by the animation. I don't think. I'm still pretty new at vehicles.


- - - Updated - - -


But I just had an idea...

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Solved the animation issue, confirmed that it was just that, animation, but I don't like the solution. It means the joints aren't independent, so I'm not REALLY getting 4 wheel drive suspension. Going to play with suspensions a bit to see what else I can break. =)


I'll update the mod at some point, but it's just a visual thing.

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No, because I'm currently maneuvering in a vehicle with NO wheels and no sphere colliders. It's just an animation. There are invisible "wheel colliders" which dictate movement, and they're not even on the same node as the animated joints.


That particular truck has MOST of its friction on those front two tires, including the "side friction", which makes it difficult to turn. That's intentional. The little 4 wheel vehicle I have has the same animation issue, but is much more maneuverable.

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1391835798_QQ279833527222120251302227020190121182025.thumb.jpg.67e8be80ed730447d8f6a03cb4f54a56.jpgHI Guppycur,I fixed the tire and steering bugs for you. The code is。

<entity_class name="vehicleGuppyMilitaryTruck">

<property name="Tags" value="vehicle"/>

<property name="Class" value="EntityVJeep"/>

<property name="Parent" value="Cars"/>

<property name="Prefab" value="#@modfolder:Resources/GuppyMobiles.unity3d?guppyMilitaryTruck"/>

<property name="ModelType" value="Standard"/>

<property name="SurfaceCategory" value="metal"/>

<property name="IgnoreTrigger" value="true"/>

<property name="LootListAlive" value="79"/>

<property name="IsEnemyEntity" value="false"/>

<property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="6"/>

<property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="5"/>

<property name="Explosion.RadiusEntities" value="5"/>

<property name="Explosion.BlockDamage" value="100"/>

<property name="Explosion.EntityDamage" value="100"/>

<property name="RotateToGround" value="true"/>

<property name="Faction" value="none"/>

<property name="MapIcon" value="ui_game_symbol_4x4"/>

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