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  1. Glad you got it. And yes, append is, by definition, adding something. If you wanted to change something that already exists, you'd use a <set> xpath.
  2. You need another perk node. This is looking for a perks node named perkmasterchef that's a child of the progression node.. the perkmasterchef is a perk that's a child of the perks node.... /progression/perks/perk[@name='perkMasterChef']/effect_group As a tip, I always use alt0 in notepad++ to collapse all nodes, then write them in the xpath as i uncollapse them.
  3. You can put a modifier in the entityclass.. <property name="SoundFootstepModifier" value="Enemies/Feral_Zombie/zombieferalfootstep"/> Idk if vanilla has a silent sound or not.
  4. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Lol thank you. it was fun to make.. Right now i'm real deep in making an rpg mod, so I wont be messing with older mods for a bit.
  5. Its in blocks.xml. if a block doesnt have the property, it defaults to a stacknumber of 500. The powered turrets have the property and are set to a sn of 10.
  6. In essence, an explosion is just aoe damage with a particle effect.. Both of which are doable via buffs (or triggered effects). In code, it would be considered a hacky way to do things, but in gameplay it would look as if you caused an explosion when you attack... What I would do is create a particle (or use one in game, though i dont think you can use the normal explosion particles as they are an index), then add a triggered effect to the weapon in question. This would use the onselfattackedother trigger to apply a buff to target=selfAOE. This buff would deal the damage. Then, i'd also make a
  7. I think all that can be found in the xml and in the prefab editor.. The facenorth is 0. The y offset is -7. The size is 81,47,78. As for the .pille file, I'd assume that's from pilles prefab editor, which is another thing ive never used lol... Maybe just loading the prefab into that editor and saving it would generate a .pille.... But i'm not sure. Also note that the xmls are set to have this: <property name="Zoning" value="ResidentialOld, Commercial" /> <property name="AllowedBiomes" value="burnt_forest,snow,plains,pine_forest,forest,desert" /> Not sure if that'
  8. Hey thanks for playing! For that, I have no idea. I've never messed with compo pack and nitrogen together. That might be a better question to ask in nitrogen's thread.. How to add prefabs to the gen list.. Sorry I dont have a direct answer
  9. Just put in a little fix that someone brought up. The horses in horse2.0 mod werent able to be healed with apples. Fixed that now, so redownload the files if you're wanting that to work again. It wont require a restart or anything if you redownload.
  10. <property name="AllowAllRotations" value="true"/> <!-- enables the 45 degree rotations --> Supposedly that's what makes it work at 45 angles. I didn't test though so idk if there's more to it than that.
  11. Awesome! Thanks Chiko. I added it to the files in dropbox.
  12. Hey all! While working on this RPG project, I created a little assassin. The model is from mixamo. You can find the link and a video (though idk how well itll show the stealth part) in the "Entity Modlets" section.
  13. Just tried it on my end and i dont get those messages. Try verifying files. Do you have a mod that for some reason changes the names of biomes?
  14. Np glad it works now. It's always those tiny mistakes that break everything.. You should see my rage when something dont work right and i can't figure out why for the life of me.. then i load up unity and see that the file is thisismyfile instead of thesearemyfiles.... lol.
  15. Does your mod actually add the quest? Your file name is quest.xml instead of quests.xml. You can use the uhhh exportconfigs command i believe. It will dump your newly loaded xmls that combine your mod with vanilla.
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