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  1. You need to lower your buff resistance before you can apply that buff. If you type 'buff buffInfectionCatch' in console, it says you are immune to that buff. This is due to players having a buff resistance of 1 by baseline. It's only when the player is hit that this is lowered. It seems they use 'triggerInfection' for testing infections. This lowers the resistance by 5, then applies the infectioncatch buff. So either you need a step between eating and applying the debuff, or find another way around it.
  2. We all know why you want VR.... "Oh I'm just browsing Jen's inventory. I swear......." 😛
  3. Missing first node. /progression/perks/perk........ also, missing the effect group node. Alt 0 will collapse all nodes. As you open them, write them in your xpath. This method works 100% each time. You'll never miss a node again!
  4. Ah ok kewl. I've never used a double slash xpath. Might have to use that now. Thanks!
  5. <set xpath="/buffs/buff[@name='buffDrugPainkillers']/effect_group[3]/triggered_effect[@stat='Health']/@value">0</set> That should work. You don't need to mention the requirement property since that's not a node that actually contains the triggered effects. I added the [3] cuz in your example it's just going to any effect group i think. Either that or it's going to the first effect group and stopping there. It's been so long so I don't remember... Unfortunately most of vanilla's effect groups aren't labeled, so using the number works, but should they change anything about them or the order, you'll have to recheck the code. Not able to test, but lemme know if this works for ya! Also.. As I say for everyone using xpath, I highly recommend using notepad++, then pressing ALT 0. This will collapse each node. Write them down as you open it, and there's your xpath ... path.
  6. So... First thing is movement_factor is a material property, not a property of blocks. So for your first problem you'd need to modify the material of the block type. This would change it for any block that uses that material, which might be a good thing for you so you don't have to change every block. For your buff, again movementfactor is a material property. The way you control movement with buffs is WalkSpeed and RunSpeed. Both of these can use the perc_add / perc_subtract operation. Once you get your buff sorted how you want it, you can add a BuffsWhenWalkedOn property to blocks to give that specific buff. The way i do this is to have a 1 sec buff that is set to replace. This will allow the block to rebuff the player without the buff falling off.
  7. Interested in keeping up with the latest mods, or want to give input on things I'm working on? Come join the discord. https://discord.gg/gUPbVD9X
  8. So... Instead of taking the couple mins to download a mod that does what you want, you spent an entire year of your life not playing a great game? Logical. Seeing as this is in the modding discussion, I assume you're wanting to mod this in. A much more simple fix would be to copy the invisibleAnimal class, paste it at the bottom of entityclasses.xml, and rename it to animalZombieVulture. Then do the same for animalZombieVultureRadiated. Boom. Now you don't have vultures. In their place, an instantly killed entity will spawn. You won't even notice. Hope this helps you get back that year of your life that you lost out on.... Not sure why people want options in the game that are already out there. They just might include a small fraction of work on your part. God forbid....
  9. That mod is on hold. I'm working on a very large scale fantasy overhaul right now with a full story and loads of quests to tell the story.
  10. I get your point, but... All this would do is make people park across the street instead of in their bases. Since zombies come for you, and not the vehicle, parking it a short distance away, even in plain sight, would be just as defensive as making a parking garage for it. There are a lot of things in game that isn't "needed", as you state parking garages are. Do you NEED an ak47? No, not at all. You can outlast a horde, or even the entire game, without killing a single zombie (from experience, I've done this.)... I personally don't think not picking up a vehicle would change much, other than annoying some of the people that like it.
  11. Unfortunately for modders, we have no realistic way of making all of our mods work with all other's mods unless every modder collabed together to make sure every change each of us make wouldn't harm another's work. I just played through the entire mansion quest to make sure it does work properly, and it does. There must be another mod that changes something that my mansion mod changes as well, resulting in a conflict. Forcing the quest is generally a bad idea, for future reference. Quests are very picky about things in mods. One tiny change could result in a complete wipe in your character data (which is why i'm up to test world number 480 on the mod i'm working on now...). So for future reference, for your games sake I wouldn't recommend that. Lol. Sorry you're having issues with mods conflicting. If you'd like to post your output log, I can take a little look and see if I'm able to pinpoint the conflict.
  12. Just downloaded, created a new rwg and tested it. No problems when its the only mod in the list. To get any idea, a list of the mods you're using and your error log will be required.
  13. All good. I'm just assuming by the OP's wording they are referring to modding they are doing, so I was pointing out modding related informations
  14. Not to be pedantic... This is meant to be a joke.... But surely you know how to put together a desk from Ikea... But do you know how to create the wood parts? The screws? The rubber things to keep it from sliding around?
  15. According to the xmls, all fetch and clear quests are defined as medium+, not veryeasy. The starter quest is veryeasy and if you die during it, you won't lose it.
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