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  1. I did this little number to set all lootcontainers to use my custom stuff (for a mod i'm workin on). <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[contains(@loot_quality_template, qual)]"> so far i haven't found a container that doesn't have my custom items inside... but i haven't tested each one.
  2. Generally, if a trigger or passive has 'hook up' next to it, it hasn't been implemented quite yet. I'm not sure how often the comments are updated, but chances are it's just not hooked up yet.
  3. Crappy = exactly the same in this case... You either dont have a box collider or dont have a T_Mesh_B tag, or have the tags in the incorrect slot in the tag manager... Once those 3 requirements are met, it will be lootable / interactable with however you have your xml.
  4. 1: since you found the correct xpath, you also need a scrap recipe in recipes.xml for the new item to scrap to. never done it myself, but there should be vanilla references in there. 2: yes, just add a craft_area="workbench" to the recipe to get it crafted in the workbench, then change the actual group property of the item in items.xml... 3: never tried. 4: unlockedby is just for displaying what the item in question is unlocked by. you have to add a progression recipe unlock in progression.xml. look up any passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" bit in progression for a reference.
  5. The 1 is a cvar of types. Its like a true/false cvar. You start at cvar 0, then getting that progression perk, it sets that cvar to 1, which is what the code is looking for to say you are able to craft that recipe.
  6. Not at home right now so i cant check, but open your output log. At the top it will tell you the version of unity. I think its 2019.2.4 or something along those lines.
  7. Yup exactly. None of the quests are absolutely required to be completed, so you don't need to lose sleep over it. I had to make it atleast a little tough lol.. I did add the particle effect that will hopefully catch your attention, which is pretty visible at night. Hopefully you wont cheat when i finish this mod up.. its a long way off, but its very quest heavy and RPG feeling. I have a bit done, but i'm reworking just about every aspect of vanilla.. so it will take me a while.
  8. It's in the farm somewhere. It is quite hard to spot, but it helps if you do the quest at night.
  9. In that example, you have a description key property that directs to a localization without spaces. The name will be displayed like it is in the xml if no localization is found for it. In this case, they just happened to be the same thing.
  10. Spaces are the demons of xml. Chances are they are the culprit. Same for localization. If your xml entry has spaces, your localization wont work.
  11. A quest has a limit of how many objectives it can have. I think 8 or 10. Something like that. Youll have to split the quest up into parts to accomodate that. So have 2 quests that have 8 kills each. First quest rewards 2nd quest.
  12. You can by adding a requirement to the action0 of the recipe. I use it in my original horses mod to make it so you require a certain buff in order to use a saddle on the horse. Here's the main bit with the requirement. You can edit it to do w/e you are trying and use a progression check for the requirement. <property class="Action0"> <requirement name="HasBuff" buff="buffBrownHorseTamingCompletePlayer"/> <property name="Class" value="UseOther"/> <property name="Delay" value="2.1"/> <property name="Use_time" value="..."/> <property name="Sound_start" value="metalhitmetal"/> <property name="Create_item" value="vehicleBrownHorsePlaceable"/> </property> Here's an example of the progression check. <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkTurrets" operation="LTE" value="1"/>
  13. I just released a little modlet for a 2x2 iron bar door. Same friend requested that, so i made one. There is only one size in this mod. I've also updated the gates mod to have a 2x2 size as requested by @Croggon
  14. Lmao.. it does take some practice. I got fairly good at it when i was testing... at the start i was using wood instead of cobble and the ramps stood no chance..
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