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  1. Loot > yes The block object > no
  2. I dont think the OP was about race guys... Be smart about this. He said animals... But annnnnnyway... Look into creaturepack mods, they got some kewl stuff in there for sure. I'm not sure besides bandits if vanilla will ever have the large amount of different models of zombies and such, which is fine as that's more flavor (just reskinned zombies that do the same thing). Most of the larger spectrum of models will come from modding, just like any other game.
  3. As far as i'm aware, the world editor is just for that world / save file. It's not messing with the actual map that was generated through RWG, it's just for that exact save. So if you create a new world with the same seed, you will have to re do the changes you made from the other world... if that makes sense. World editor is just for that specific save file of that seed. What you can do is edit it in world editor, then select the prefab again (with z) and export it, overwriting the existing prefab.. That would make it so each RWG you create after that will use the new, edited version of that prefab... if that makes sense.. lol
  4. Telric

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    Hmm.. If you want to try something, you can remove the spawns and see what happens.. In blocks.xml, find the ThumperHDSpawnerBlock.. then find the property called SpawnClass. Change the value from zombieThumperLab to invisibleAnimalEnemy. That will make any new ones that spawn simply not show up since they will spawn dead already. This will remove the zombies that spawn from the spawner, but not the actual thumper themselves.
  5. You can't overwrite an existing vanilla POI while using EAC. You can either launch without EAC to do it, or save the prefab as a new POI.
  6. Telric

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    Vanilla uses 4 for the invisible animal spawns to keep the actual animal spawns down. I just copied that over to this mod. You can do 1 or 2, but chances are that will just make it a little more common to get thumpers. I'm not sure on the weights of prob chances over 1. All i did was copy what TFP use for animals. There may or may not be a reason behind using 4, but if it works in vanilla, it'd work in a mod.
  7. Telric

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    Do remember that when you do a kill all, it will kill them, then if you do it again, it will destroy the bodies, but still register in the console. So if it kills 5 zombies the first time and you do it again right after, it will do 5 again but only to the dead bodies to remove them. So that might contribute to somethin.
  8. Telric

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    That might make it spawn even more. Here, use this one. <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="invisibleAnimalEnemy" prob="4"/> <entity name="zombieDamagedThumper" prob=".5" /> That should cut them back quite a bit. As for the exp, i made it that low on purpose so as to not introduce easy farms, since if you dont destroy the thumper block, they will continue to spawn until the 3 minutes is up.
  9. Telric

    Telrics Story Time

    Thank you! MM was fun to make. Just wish i was better at prefabbing so i could make a way better environment with more puzzle features... Ive seen some vids of people doing the spy party (thanks to Chiko for spreading the word about it to her community). They seemed to like it. Will say to clear the area before you enter, since zombies from outside can break walls and then release all the party goers out into the world. Ill def be doing more of these type POIs in a19. Got one in the making right now, infact.
  10. Telric

    Telrics Thumper 2.0

    So the damaged thumpers that spawn have a spawner on top. It will constantly spawn enemies until it's destroyed. The thumpers despawn after i think 3 mins. If a thumper lands next to a wall, its possible the spawner will be glued to the wall.. Structural integrity glued. If you want less to spawn, you can change the entitygroups.xml.. Just add a few more lines of the invisible animal entry. Lemme know if this helps or not!
  11. I dont have a discord.. this mod has been released and i no longer need these prefabs.
  12. Doesnt work in A18 if you don't build it.
  13. Its called autoTurret in blocks.xml. That's where you can edit it's rate of fire and what not.
  14. Always xpath. The npcs from summerset weren't mine but I'll prob do a few character models for this new idea.
  15. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11511-summerset-villa-rp-mod It used to be a poi that you went to. Had all these npcs in it that gave different themed quests. I haven't looked at it for a while so idk if it works in a18 or not. This new mod would be many pois that are themed to the npcs there. The new pois would be more like my magisters mansion mod if you've done that one. A main quest with story and leads you through the place and then a few side quests that give smaller rewards.
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