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  1. If you are using a buff to give the harvest count, you need a tag. First you set the player to count=0 of that tag. Then you can edit that through the buff. So, for example in my mod, there is a quest where the player needs to collect training dummy parts. But I don't want them to be available until on this quest. So on the player i have: <passive_effect name="HarvestCount" operation="base_set" value="0" tags="TrainingDummyParts"/> Then, the player gets on the quest and is given the buff needed to harvest the items. In this buff, that count is set to 1, but note it still has the tag applied. Instead of a biome check, mine checks for the amount of quest items needed, so ignore that bit. Just pretend that requirement is the inbiome one. <buff name="buffQuestItemTrainingDummyParts" hidden="true"> <stack_type value="replace"/> <duration value="1"/> <update_rate value="1" /> <effect_group name="Allow Drop Rates"> <requirement name="PlayerItemCount" item_name="questItemTrainingDummyParts" operation="LT" value="4"/> <passive_effect name="HarvestCount" operation="base_set" value="1" tags="TrainingDummyParts"/> </effect_group> </buff> And finally, on the block i have this. This will tell it that you need the tag in order to harvest that item. The count doesnt matter, since i'm using the buff to control that. If i were to set the buff to say 100, then it would basically rewrite this line to be count=100, but still need the tag in order to harvest. <drop event="Destroy" name="questItemTrainingDummyParts" count="1" tag="TrainingDummyParts"/> Hope that makes sense.
  2. The way i do stuff is create a master buff for w/e mod i'm working on, so a fishingmaster for the fishing mod, or a husbandrymaster for the husbandry mod. I give the player this buff through adding it to the buffstatuscheck01 or buffstatuscheck02. <append xpath="/buffs/buff[@name='buffStatusCheck01']"> <effect_group name="Adds Master Buff"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="AddBuff" buff="buffQuestWorldMaster" target="self" /> </effect_group> </append> Then from that master, i control everything. Instead of trying to add 20 buffs to the status check, i just do it all from the master buff.
  3. I doubt it'd do anything with hydration. It just progresses time and changes some cvars to the critical debuffs to speed up their recovery. What other mods do you have running?
  4. You can do this with buffs easily. In one of my many... many mods i'm working on, you can only harvest x item when you're on x quest. This is done by adding a harvestable item on the block, then setting it to 0 on the player in entityclasses. Then, using a buff, set the harvest count at 1, if player is on the quest. You could use any requirement check for this buff, which includes being in certain biomes. Take a look at the harvesting of different items with the wasteland books in progression to get an idea of how it works.
  5. I swear i fixed that on the final export. I'll check it out though. thanks!
  6. I added it to the forum post. Works as you want, just step on and crouch to progress time. You can do it at any time, except horde night. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oo55pt30eay4bsu/TelricsEasySleepingA20.zip?dl=0
  7. I did not. I blame being sick for two weeks! Uhh yeah that'd be easily doable, just remove the cvar requirements on the buff. I could probably get that done at some point soon, as a secondary download.
  8. Guessing you mean the a19 version for the husbandry mod? If you mean the A20 test one, I'm going to go through the sounds and make them quieter closer to release. It's gotta be done through unity.
  9. The way those mods are done is through vehicles. So the bedroll would have to be turned into a vehicle and changed a bit to work. It's possible, but itll be a while till i get to it, if i do it.
  10. Didnt see that post. I'll look into it for sure, but backed up on mods right this second.
  11. Had some time, so i added the 2x1's in. You have a left and right version that will open those ways. Let me know if it works for you or you still want the 3x2 version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlfkien5xg2u2w2/TelricsDecorationsPackA20.zip?dl=0
  12. Would you rather have just a single side of the window, instead of stretching it to be 3 blocks? I could split the model in half so you have a single 2(tall)x1(wide) window that can open left, or another one that opens right.. If that would be better, a) it would be easier on me, and b) it'd be more modular. But if you'd rather just have the 3x2, i can do that as well.
  13. As this one isn't meant to be a hardcore type modlet, I'm just going to leave it so you can sleep while enemies are around. I have a lot of mods that I'd like to get around to. I did go ahead and add the crouching part so people dont accidentally accelerate time. As for the 3rd point, I have a mod that has been started in a19 that adds a few more hardcore elements such as getting colds and other things like that. The idea of requiring sleep would go well with that, so I'll have it as part of that mod if I ever find time to get around to it.
  14. It's the same button you use to turn on and off your helmet lights, weapon lights, and headlights on vehicles, which now that I'm saying it, are you wearing any of those? I never did test while wearing stuff you turn on and off. So it could be that. Ill do some tests later today on that idea, but if you are hitting that button and its not doing anything, try taking off your lights first and see if that works. if not, load up the game, cast your line and wait for a bite, then once you fail it, exit out and send me the output log and ill look into that.
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