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  1. I just tried the 19.2 version of the horses modlet and it works fine on 19.4, so I'll add that to the post that it works on current version. Spiders should run fine on 19.3. I dont recall having to do much to that one when updating. As for the crashing, I'm not sure if it would be mod related. If it was any mod, it would spit out an error or some information about the crash. If it's just hard crashing to desktop, that sounds more like a memory issue to me. I've been playing around with the horses mod on a single player game for a bit and its working just fine. No crashes. When your
  2. I don't think you'd use a setattribute. I believe that's only for adding some new attribute to a node. You'd want to do something like this: <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id="256"]/@count">all</set> as an example.
  3. Hey all, I just put up a poll for anyone to "vote" (it's not a competition so vote isn't the correct word) on which mods from me you enjoy playing. Choose any that apply. I've been slackin on motivation to mod lately but want to get back into it. Your answers will help me see what kind of mods are enjoyed the most. Then i can focus more on those types of mods. Thank you for playing the mods, and I hope you let me know what you enjoy!
  4. Np. I just loaded it up in a game that only has modlets i've made and the robot made a b line straight to that juicy thumper... So it must be some weird happening or some interference with another mod. Adding that line to get it to attack the player should work though.
  5. I'm not sure what would be causing them to not attack the thumper. The thumper is an entity with the EntityNPC class. The robot has the AI task: <property name="AITask-5" value="ApproachAndAttackTarget" data="class=EntityNPC,0"/> which would make it attack anything with the EntityNPC class. It could be something with the other mods in that list.. I haven't messed with most of them. If you want it to attack the player as well, you can add ",EntityPlayer,25" after the 0 in that data property. Without quotes of course. Make sure you only put it on the DualBladeRobot entity. Accid
  6. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want the robots to attack the player / zombies? That would be easy enough to change...
  7. Those robots are only able to specifically target the thumper. No other zombies or even the player. They make a b line to the thumper and wail on it. I guess if it doesnt detect the thumper in range or something, it's possible it'd just wander around aimlessly.
  8. I made this quick vid to show a simple way to smooth terrain out. It may help in your case, and may not. Terrain smoothing made simple
  9. What people don't realize is... the more modders out there = the more diverse content with different ideas and implementations to choose from, allowing this sandbox game to be playable for years to come. Taking a weekend or two to learn some simple xml edits might end up giving you an idea for a whole new form of mod that isn't out yet. You could be a pioneer of that area of modding. As an example, me and a guy got to talkin a long while ago. We exchanged ideas, and that eventually led to him creating sittable furniture. Something that everyone would love to have in this game. He saw a hole wh
  10. You spawned a template zombie. It's just that, a template, so it doesn't have all the needed information to be a legit entity. What you might can do is load up the game, get into DM, open the console and type killall ... twice. Then exit and restart and see if the errors are gone. If you're playing a solo game, i'd recommend the f6 menu for spawning zombies.. not se. Se will spawn the zombie right next to you. With f6 you can aim it with your crosshairs. Hope it works for ya.
  11. Sliders will go down this route: New player will log on, see the slider and say "hmm how many zombies do I want in a zombie game? of course all of them!" Crank the slider up to 110% on their i3, 620 rig. Get in game and run at -1 fps.. Come on the forums to complain about how this game is terrible and runs like crap, get a crusade of lovers of the game to come into the forum to defend it, and finally ending with the player complaining about how sliders shouldnt exist if their computer can't handle it... It's always going to be put on the devs to do work others can already do. Also to note..
  12. ZombieStripper != zombieStripper Also be ready for some errors when they spawn if you don't replace the hand item with something else. They need hand items in order to attack.
  13. Only thing i can think off would be try using a cvar without the $... The notes say the $ indicates the cvar is not networked and can only be used for local / math operations. Maybe something is getting between the UI reading what cvar is attached to the player cuz of it.
  14. I'm guessing it isnt running the check on players or the trader themselves. I tried every which way to get that thing to work... Kinda dampers my plans for this mod im workin on lol. Thanks for lookin into it though
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