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Guppy's Can Grenade



This modlet adds a new item, a grenade made out of a tin can, gunpowder, nails and some cloth, so that you have a reason to horde the stuff you can't use yet during early game anyway.




Hehe I love it :D

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Guppy's Light System


This modlet will add placeable lights.


THIS MOD WILL NOT REPLACE THE LIGHTS THAT ALREADY EXIST IN THE POI's. I will continue to test with these before I do that; but the rotations would be all jacked up and ruin the dungeon crawl prefabs, so I need to get those straight first before straight up replacing the blocks with mine.


This also does not add these items to loot (yet), but DOES allow for the vanilla blocks to drop my blocks when broken.


Construction Light - Model made by Xyth, this can be picked up and placed. As of yet, no power is required, but that'll come eventually.


Flashlight - Place it, throw it, use it. =)


Oil Lantern - Place it, throw it as a molotov, use it.



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I see in your nade video that you have all the icons,

i have the modlet and can craft these and they work ( very f'n cool)

but I dont have an icon, just a blank space in the inv with a 1


this is the second modlet im working on with this issue tonight..

cant put my clicker on what im missing

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Updated Torch System to actually go ahead and replace the starting item and recipes.


- - - Updated - - -


...might not play well with other mods that use torches in their recipes...


Think you can make a new cheaper torch recipie we can use? to kinda uses these as disposable light sources we can throw, kinda like flares? How long do the thrown ones burn for anyway?

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That is so cool Guppy! Just a thought here, but in addition to the vanilla ones breaking down into your blocks, what about turning the vanilla ones into a random loot generator by adding your lights and theirs to the blockpaceholders under the vanilla names of the lights? I think that way it technically should spawn yours in the world as well as theirs, or even just yours. That way you might not have to worry about having the vanilla ones break down into your blocks. You could try this


Khelldon - For Guppycur's light mod, we'll add this bit of code to ensure his lights spawn into the world.
<append xpath="/blockplaceholders">
<placeholder name="flashlightDecor">
	<block name="PlaceableFlashLight" prob="0.5"/>
	<block name="flashlightDecor" prob="0.5"/>
<placeholder name="workLightPOI">
	<block name="ConstructionLight" prob="0.5"/>
	<block name="workLightPOI" prob="0.5"/>
<placeholder name="lanternDecorLight">
	<block name="LanternBlock" prob="0.5"/>
	<block name="lanternDecorLight" prob="0.5"/>


Not 100% sure that'll work. I can't test right now. But it should.. lol :)

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