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  1. you could temporarily change zombies to drop loot 100% of time for testing this...just a thought.
  2. I may have missed it somewhere, but is this mod supposed to give us only 5 output slots on workbenches, forge, etc...? Additionally, when i uninstalled to confirm vanilla still had 6 slots, the first time i opened the workbench and forge, it spewed red errors until i hit escape...then they worked fine after.
  3. In A17, Prefabs were changed to include a couple more files per prefab that define block names to IDs i believe (.blocks.nim and .ins)...the server is not pushing these new files (those are the error messages). You are only getting errors about 40 of them because that is all that was in range of your spawn...they error as they are requested to load in.
  4. Confirmed that i can now start games without the run as admin checked and it does not error out for steam.
  5. Yup, Run Game As Admin solves the connection error, but i have never had to use that before on the launcher...did something else change?
  6. I dont know about consistently, yesterday, i was doing full uninstall and reinstalls. It seems to have worked properly this time. I had 2.0.42 and let it do the update itself and it updated to 2.0.44. I also told it to install and launch Darkness Falls and that seems to have worked too. Now there is a new issue (which i am not sure is directly related...maybe command line?): When launching Darkness falls from the launcher, it shows a steam login error: Could not fully initialize steam. the steam client is not running or no connection is possible (tried with a couple other mods too...sam
  7. i dont think the installer is treating these latest pushes as new versions...the new version dialog popped up, but when you go through it, it just gives the option to Repair or Remove. If you choose Repair, it says the specified account already exists and then shows the installer was interrupted before launcher could be installed...restart and try again. If you choose Remove, it does just that...but then you need to go download the installer again and install. Also...Github shows the SetupInstaller.msi file as 2.0.42 from 15 hours ago...and that is what it installs. Batman needs more wre
  8. You got it 99% The problems above are fixed, but the desktop shortcut is wonky. it is named "Shortcut to Primary output from 7D2DLauncher (Active)" and its icon is a piece of paper. It does launch the app.
  9. After opening the Mod Launcher i already had installed 2.0.20 i think...it prompted me that there was a newer version. I told it to proceed and it installed the new version The problem is that it deleted the desktop shortcut and dumped copies of some files onto the desktop instead 7D2DLauncher.exe 7D2DLauncher.exe.config Google.Protobuf.dll MySql.Data.dll System.ComponentModel.Annotations.dll the exe is the actual exe, not a shortcut. It does not open the program, just gives errors that files are missing. If i navigate to the install dir (C:\Program Files\SphereII S
  10. if you are not good at command line git or dont want the whole download at once, there are browser extensions that will do the work for you. I use GitZip in chrome to just double click on a folder (or multiple folders) on Github and just download the selected. there is probably a similar tool for other browsers.
  11. They are currently set to 1/3 lootable randomly when the POI is first generated. You can change that percentage in the blockplaceholders.xml file for each type of block Full/Empty
  12. i am not sure what is going wrong with your test... They will show up as normal shelves in the prefab editor, but if you click the playtest button, it will generate a world/building and you will see that they swap automatically. I also tried it by loading up a new Nav game with just this change and went into one of the working stiff tools and there were some shelves that were lootable and some that were not. Here are the files exactly as i used them for the test:[ATTACH]26371[/ATTACH] Stallionsdensstoreshelves_Changed.zip
  13. I think i just found a way to better simulate full/empty loot for all of these things you are adding loot containers for. It could even be extended to other mods that wanted to change the look or feel of POIs without specifically editing their contents. I found that you can treat any block as a placeholder by defining it in the blockplaceholders.xml file. this allows to replace all of a given block with one (or more) existing or newly defined block. The key here is that we can define specific non weighted probabilities to each as long as the total prob equals 1. Here is an example i did
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