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  1. In A17, Prefabs were changed to include a couple more files per prefab that define block names to IDs i believe (.blocks.nim and .ins)...the server is not pushing these new files (those are the error messages). You are only getting errors about 40 of them because that is all that was in range of your spawn...they error as they are requested to load in.
  2. Confirmed that i can now start games without the run as admin checked and it does not error out for steam.
  3. Yup, Run Game As Admin solves the connection error, but i have never had to use that before on the launcher...did something else change?
  4. I dont know about consistently, yesterday, i was doing full uninstall and reinstalls. It seems to have worked properly this time. I had 2.0.42 and let it do the update itself and it updated to 2.0.44. I also told it to install and launch Darkness Falls and that seems to have worked too. Now there is a new issue (which i am not sure is directly related...maybe command line?): When launching Darkness falls from the launcher, it shows a steam login error: Could not fully initialize steam. the steam client is not running or no connection is possible (tried with a couple other mods too...same error. but when launching darkness falls from the exe in the directory, it works. Also launching vanilla from the steam client works. it shows Launching \7DaysToDie.exe -logfile 7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt -configfile=\SaveConfig.xml
  5. i dont think the installer is treating these latest pushes as new versions...the new version dialog popped up, but when you go through it, it just gives the option to Repair or Remove. If you choose Repair, it says the specified account already exists and then shows the installer was interrupted before launcher could be installed...restart and try again. If you choose Remove, it does just that...but then you need to go download the installer again and install. Also...Github shows the SetupInstaller.msi file as 2.0.42 from 15 hours ago...and that is what it installs. Batman needs more wrenches to throw
  6. You got it 99% The problems above are fixed, but the desktop shortcut is wonky. it is named "Shortcut to Primary output from 7D2DLauncher (Active)" and its icon is a piece of paper. It does launch the app.
  7. After opening the Mod Launcher i already had installed 2.0.20 i think...it prompted me that there was a newer version. I told it to proceed and it installed the new version The problem is that it deleted the desktop shortcut and dumped copies of some files onto the desktop instead 7D2DLauncher.exe 7D2DLauncher.exe.config Google.Protobuf.dll MySql.Data.dll System.ComponentModel.Annotations.dll the exe is the actual exe, not a shortcut. It does not open the program, just gives errors that files are missing. If i navigate to the install dir (C:\Program Files\SphereII Software\7D2D Mod Launcher Installer) then the exe in there works. Running the uninstall program removes all files from the install dir except 7D2DLauncher.InstallState. The files listed above on the desktop are also removed. should i roll back to a previous version?
  8. if you are not good at command line git or dont want the whole download at once, there are browser extensions that will do the work for you. I use GitZip in chrome to just double click on a folder (or multiple folders) on Github and just download the selected. there is probably a similar tool for other browsers.
  9. It looks like there is xcostum_TheEstate(by_Ekk0) in the rwgmixer file, but your notes state "removed prefab xcostum_TheEstate(by_Ekk0) -(out of order for Rapairings)" The file(s) is not present in the prefabs folder and it gives an error on server load "ERR Loading prefab "xcostum_TheEstate(by_Ekk0)" failed: Block name to ID mapping file missing." server continues to run.
  10. Since you are in the Add new features mode, any chance you would consider adding a couple of features from djkrose's scripting mod since he is currently not updating it and open sourced the code? Specifically, i was thinking about the regen feature to rebuild an area...i have run into broken/closed/disappeared traders more than once this experimental and people built in the same region so i couldnt just delete the region file. I used to just regen the chunks that the trader was in. Second would be portions of the repair feature...specifically the one that finds and fixes the broken trees...i think it used to fix the ones with 0 hp, but maybe it could be adapted to fix or remove the ones with no hit box we currently have an issue with. ...unless you have these features and i am just looking in the wrong place. Your mod has quite a few features now, it is awesome.
  11. They are looking into the corrupted saves, i think it is bad POI spawner related. As for the other "bugs" and balance issues you are having, i think it is working as designed (they have spent a lot of time balancing it) and you are not adjusting your play style to account for the fact that this is a more difficult mod than even RH 2.2. You are not going to be a bad a$$ waking up in the woods with a loin cloth on. You may have to run away from the first few days of zombies you find. You may have to spend the first (or second) horde nights hiding in an attic or at least poorly defending a POI that may fail. You are not a crack shot with any weapon you pick up...you will only get good by using something (spending skill points in it and its perks). Spray and Pray will not work...you need head shots to take zombies down effectively with low level anything...and no you are not getting a full round of head shots with the AK...your low level and skill are causing intentional misses. The game is balanced to be viable for hundreds of in game days...you are not going to have everything you need after a few hours of play. If you are not in it for a long slow progression, fearing for your life every time you load up...this may not be the mod for you...and if you have ferals in the first 2 hours of game play, you are probably in a place you should not be at your level/skill...you are not gonna kill them with a rock and a pointy stick. I am on Day 18, my wife and i have killed more than 1000 zombies between us "with your unbalanced weapons" by taking our time, targeting one zombie at a time and focusing on the head. We are still living in the first poi we found and are still working on the basics. No minibike, no Iron/Steel tools, it was day 13 before we found a butcher knife to cut meat so we didnt have to live off of charred meat. Our first horde platform held, but it was 4 poles and some platforms to smack the zombies in the head. the day 14 horde wrecked my added spike defenses i spent a week in game grinding boulders to get enough iron for...it ended in a smoking crater 3 blocks deep and one block away from collapse. If you are not happy now, wait til you find "Minibike book part 1" of a 4 part set you need to combine and your soul gets crushed lol...same for augar and other advanced books. I dont expect to have a real minibike i can build until past day 100. I found a chainsaw...it was level 24 and half broken...i got about 1000 logs with it before it broke and i cant repair it. So back to dumping points into Primitive crafting.
  12. you want some water, try ClearDawn I had to Nope that one because we dont have boats lol
  13. it is a recipe called "The OurBucks Tide Pod Challenge", and it ends with a coffee smelling soapy towel.
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