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  1. So you also had problems in 17.3?
  2. Guppy, is it possible that the BloodMoonMod doesn't work in 17.3 or am I doing something wrong? I had hordenight yesterday and the amount of zombies was actually pretty nice and came from different directions. At 1am the horde was over. Was this just the vanilla version? I'm playing on 90 minute days if that matters.
  3. I'm really enjoying the A16.4 version right now! Looking forward for the A17/A18 release! You are doing an amazing job!
  4. Absolutely amazing stuff. Looking forward to this mod!
  5. Does anyone have a good seed?
  6. 7-8 hits with a wooden club on warrior mode for 85 xp? Seems like I found a challenge then Harvesting also gives you a small amount of xp. I love the game so far. Amazing job Ravenhearst team!
  7. Some zombies only give 85 xp when killed. Is this intented?
  8. I can't find the BloodMoon mod. Did you remove it?
  9. Does this also count if you're just hosting a MP game? Also, are the frames the same like in vanilla?
  10. So if I host a game (i’m not renting one) with my friends, this will work? Sorry for the questions but I don’t know much about modding
  11. Will the Blood Moon Mod still work when A17.2 or bx drops? I mean the one from this topic (not sure if it's the same one but I guess so): https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94557-MODLET-Blood-Moon-Trickle
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