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Where do you start?

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First off, this is NOT a "Joo SO dumb LTP Noob" thread. Please don't hijack and turn it into one.



Just curious as to where folks like to spec as they start their games?


Myself: I bang out the Tutorials right away and then toss the 4 points into


1- Int so it's level 2

2- into "Lucky Looter"

1- Pack Mule..


Then the next 2, one goes into Str and then another Pack Mule.


Why? because I find I loot better and higher quality tools, weapons and armor as I loot every car and garbage pile on my way to the Trader (final quest) and if I hit up a few Houses I know I can handle at the time.


What do you folks find works best for you and why?

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Hey :)


most of the time i put my 4 points like this:


1 point into master chef - so i can cook beacon&eggs right at the start (cooking pot is not really a problem most of the time)

1 point into healing factor - because i like my health to be full so those vultures arent as annoying

1 point into mother lode - faster gathering

1 point into skull crusher - to pop them heads :)


alternatives are: slow metabolism (for food issues), intellect (for level 2 crafting - but i dont find that as important, as you only need it for mods, which you wont have at the start anyway), sexual trex (tool and melee usage) or lucky looter (looting obviously)


but most of the time its the four mentioned above. pack mule i dont find as helpful, i'd rather loot selectively at the start and scrap most things.

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My first four points normally go:


  • Healing Factor 1
  • Fortitude 2
  • Fortitude 3
  • Healing Factor 2


I also spend the next few points getting to Fortitude 5 and Healing Factor 3.


It's almost certainly not the most "efficient" way to spend points, but I just like being able to regenerate both health and max health over time.

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The rest 3-4 which were moved are questions, this is clearly a discussion though...


Sometimes Forum Mods don't bother to actually read beyond the subject title before relegating something to a near dead forum area, and thus dies a potentially interesting and non drama discussion on something every single player goes through and how (why) they do things the way that they do.


Oh well.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I usually focus on offence - get as much headsmashing power as possible. I am only satisfied after I maxed out sexual t-rex and can one shot most normal zeds with club. Then I usually find a city, clear as much PoIs as I can, until I start getting lucky looter and pack mule perks. Then I loot them.


So for me:


Skull crusher



Skull crusher2

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I get lucky looter to level 3 (with the corresponding perception levels) before anything else.


I find that often, I get "Lucky Looter" to level 3 by the first 2 points bought and the third from the "Lucky Goggles" I usually find because of the first 2 tiers.


At tier 3 Looter, I find so much "Shiney" stuff that if I don't start into "Pack Mule" I am slowed to a crawl before I have even chosen a base location.

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Lately, my first four points are:

1 point - strength

2 point - packmule


the fourth point will go into the first of these that I show a need in depending on whether I start in a nice biome, or populated or deserted, etc

natural healing

hide in the shadows



I notice I like to pick up stuff and the minute you get overburdened you start having stamina and temperature issues so I started focusing on carrying capacity straight off.

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1 - pack mule - to get more items before settling

1 - stealth damage multiplier

1 - headshot critical from ranged (mainly for bow) - to kill sleepers more easily

1 - healing factor


Rest goes all around into various skills like Living off the land for farming (when i get a hoe), Lucky Looter, Sex Rex, Pain Tolerance, Perception and more stealth damage and then i start investing into int.

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I use them all on strength and anything that makes me swing hard, so I can keep ahead of the gamestage curve.


The rest of the tasks are trivial enough so that I don't need to spend the points on beating them (food, crafting, etc) until later. Club points are the only important points for several days, and I use those bashing abilities to get more points.

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1 Archery Headshot DMG upgrade

1 Melee Headshot DMG upgrade

1 Master Chef

1 Lucky Loot


Once you upgrade your headshot DMG taking houses is SO much easier.


As an aside, is it me or does INT increase only make the durability better, and not the base stats ie damage. Personally, this takes away a massive reason to upgrade INT. It is a bit insulting that a 1 INT caveman can only make a less durable stone ax than a lvl 10 INT mad scientists. Someone with much more intellect can certainly craft a more POWERFUL version of any weapon over someone barely more intelligent than algae.

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I agree that better quality should mean better damage, but that would add a third piece to the formula of tools/armor (I.e. - stone, iron, steel plus mods). But considering I use an iron reinforced club it would be nice to get an upgrade to base beyond what I can mod...


As for how I start, i grab int, int, int, lucky looter, master chef, lucky looter, then go into str and perception... It varies based off my build preference. I always go heavy into int though, as I like to open bike/forge/etc as soon as I can...

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-1 in lucky looter,

-1 in pain tolerence,

-1 in skull crusher,

-and 1 in pack mule


Then 1 in sexual tyrannosaurus,

-one if headshot,

-2 in perception and 2 in lucky looter,

-one if master chef

-1 in headshot

-2 in fortitude

-1 in pain tolerence

-1 in miner 69er,


Then I start perking in to science. More strength might be useful but I'm not sure about the utility of it late game, so I haven't invested any points into it.


Also I don't like the regeneration perk because it feels OP.

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