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  1. I do hope you mean this in a bleak and dreary way! It all does seem backward though. I could see starting in a grim biome with the end goal to find a pleasant livable oasis (the forest biome). I mean, why leave the idyllic setting of the forest biome once you are there OK, I'm guessing the forced forest biome start might be related to the idea of progressing from easier to harder biomes. Makes sense from a character leveling standpoint, but not so much from a story angle. Hopefully the whole scheme will evolve further and bring back some randomness, at least as an option. For as much as I grumbled to myself about being dumped in the burnt biome or wasteland to start, I now kind of miss it, lol.
  2. A few more things as I play more - -I don't like that the RWG worlds are all pretty much the same biome layout with a big forest biome in the center -I don't like that you always start in the forest biome and that it's the biggest biome -sky too colorful and not a fan of lots of big puffy clouds all the time - the sky looked more realistic to me in 18 - colors in general too intense - when it's all too colorful and busy, coming across a field of flowers just doesn't have any impact any more -love how the zombies fall sometimes, although it makes the game more of a comedy at times - but who doesn't need a good laugh in the apocalypse, right? -I do like the loot scheme in general - getting too much good stuff early on might be fun but reduces the challenge to trivial -on the other hand, certain things seemed aimed to make the game simpler and more colorful which is weird since I don't think the other stuff in the game is aimed at kids -I like the traders moved to town - makes more sense! -I'll live with whatever you do to zombies, although I will say I liked some of the old models and miss them. - I like we have a choice to listen or not to the music -I like that the game can be modded - I haven't done this yet, but I now have some reasons to want to do so -I'll update on the other biomes when I finally escape the forest biome .... please I hope they aren't overly colorful. I want bleak and dreary somewhere in the apocalypse!
  3. -like the new graphics for the most part - some really nice item additions in pois! -not sure if it's bad luck or by design but I've tried Navesgane and several RWG worlds and always start in the forest biome that is huge. I've yet to find another biome in any of the worlds although others screenshots let me know I'd like them a lot -the zombies seem a bit more unpredictable and I like that, more wandering and they seem to find you from further away -not a big fan of "big jugs" Jen. I'll be honest, I was fond of the old Jen. lol, I thought I'd like her better until I was confronted with a close-up of her chest -that brings me to the trader interaction. That sudden switch to close-up will take some getting used to. Immersion breaking for me. -there's one zombie that keeps reminding me of Ronald McDonald, even though I think he's supposed to be inspired by something else, I'm not a fan of the ones with clownish looks, but I can't say they don't have a definite clownish creepiness to them -the crawler zombie - the jury is still out . I find it refreshingly creepy but the scientist in me always breaks with immersion to wonder how it stays "alive" enough to still be moving around -not a fan of the on-screen sprites. The info is right above on the compass! However, I like that it's easy to edit out. -I'm quite flexible when it comes to game mechanics (within reason) I can see changes have been made but so far so good. - still trying to figure out if the crafting menu is incomplete by design - even when you learn schematics some don't show up in their category -I'm big on exploration and graphical immersion and with the exception of those pesky sprites and the trader zoom-in, alpha 19 is a step forward for me -overall thumbs up from me
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