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  1. Back in the day the big Red Barns full of hay were known as death traps for the very reason. lol
  2. Try harder. I can usually kill the majority of them before the trigger. Take your time and look for them hiding. Also there are obvious hiding spots you can exploit like closets and fabric curtains. Pay attention, go slow, and shot arrows at the breakable closet/cabinet/curtains/doors. Look up in the rafters. The majority of the enemies can usually be taken out before you cross into the event trigger point. Anytime there is a drop to a point of no return, EXPECT an ambush.
  3. Tier 6 makes sense to me because there should be a level above what you can craft on your own given the lack of super high end manufacturing tools. If you can go to a Shotgun Messiah and use their workbench then I can understand tier 6 crafting. But user made workbenches just don't have the ability to craft at that level of refinement. Maybe we need a new tier of work bench?
  4. Do any of you guys actually know some strippers? I used to live in Reno. My lady was a cocktail waitress at a club. All her friends were dancers. Once you see how the sausage is made, the stripper, let alone "zombie stripper" becomes a bit less appealing...
  5. Well my idea is to work from the premise that lucky looter helps you notice more things others would otherwise miss. This just makes for a more varied loot table vs now, which I feel IS the main point behind lucky looter. Your min sure could be low, but your max just might give you a shotgun day 1
  6. ya know what would make the looting more "interesting" would be if the lucky looter skill was more extreme, but swung your results negative and positive. Example x = random number between -50/+50 lvl 10 player has a loot roll of 100 +x lvl 10 + lvl 3 lucky looter roll is 100 +x(3) Where as lvl 10 with potential is 50/150 lvl 10 + lvl 3 lucky looter potential is -50/+250 anything <0 = no loot It would make the good rolls make a bigger difference than it does now. Making it once again possible to find a shotgun on day 1 perhaps?
  7. I usually have my spawn set to 16 with 2 or 3 people and feel really challenged. I really prefer quality enemy AI of quantity. A good example of the difference is something like Dynasty Warriors vs. The Last of Us. The difference facing 100 really stupid vs 10 really clever enemies is huge. For me I will always prefer more clever enemy encounters because it will feel more realistic. This is one reason I really love how you can't catch zombies in an endless falling loops before they get pissed off and break everything. It creates another layer to their strategy I find really enjoyable. If I had any request it would be to work on making enemies smarter vs optimizing for more total spawns.
  8. actually, if you choose to spend your acquired xp in certain skills this kinda negates the crux of your argument. What you are asking for is granular control over a complex gameplay balance and TFP have decided. No... We can't let you have Skyrim level skill progression cuz that won't work with our framework and engine. Consider what you are actually asking and then re state your question with an understanding of the metric f-ton of coding required to make that change, let alone balance it to everyone's expectations.
  9. Maybe they didn't mean you could never find one, but on one of the dev streams someone said, "Now you won't be finding guns in toilets anymore" or something similar. I assumed they meant they removed that from the games loot table. I have looted like 25 toilets and never found a gun or knife in one and I am on day 28 on my current game. Seems maybe I'm the unlucky one.
  10. you don't find gun in toilets anymore. lol also making sense for the container it's stored in is silly. Sometimes all you have to store your rolex in is a shoebox.
  11. Love the progression as well. The older builds I was bored by day 14 every game. Now I have things to work for. In regard to finding the stone tools, honestly, what do you expect would be left for the people who couldn't escape? All the good stuff would be gone first and therefore would be the least likely to find. Finding a basic pistol with a full mag in this situation would be like a winning powerball ticket. So to me, the progression isn't to slow. I think it is closer to maxing out skills, and I think that the games climax would be best if skill maxing and gear maxing was at a similar pace. How that is best achieved is open for debate. Also, I just don't understand what you mean by question 3 in the poll? The answers don't makes sense to me. What is being implied by the number of items?
  12. That would make for some cool trader quests. "We need 6 iron shovels by day 6 or we'll very get that moat dug to protect ourselves, can you help source the goods?" ^ that seems like an interesting question just for the fact that it will break up the repetition of the other quest types.
  13. I don't think you can tear down workbenches and such currently. There might be a chance to get one. I know in A18 I had a chance to get the workbench when scrapping it, but I haven't had it work in a POI with a forge or work/chem station as of yet for me
  14. I do like the xp in a skill by doing, but the balance never seems to be right because it turns into farming to easily. However, I am a big fan of giving full xp for the 1st item crafted at that associated crafting level and 5% xp for everyone you have already crafted that level thereafter. Example (excuse the obviously wrong xp values) stone ax Set triggers so; (100%)100xp 1st time ever/a craft that results in a skill level up Otherwise (5%)5xp every other time. To me that is a good balance. Might need more fine tuning, but I believe it gives people the best of both worlds as far as role playing style. Personally I think I should level up my Archery at least 1 xp everytime I craft an arrow or hit something. Granted it might take 10k arrows at level 2 to rank up, but it feels good from a roleplay standpoint. It means the grind now has more purpose. In RPGs the only way to keep me interested is to make my time have purpose. Then again you don't even need to stop fighting to craft arrows so what do I know.
  15. I had the exact Cliff Racer feeling when I first encountered them in A19. lol I really like that they have better AI in A19 vs A18 A18 they'd circle and follow you forever sometimes. I was constantly waiting for them to come down and attack so I could club them. A19 they attack fairly quick and you can deal with them and focus back on the walkers.
  16. If you are just out to move a ton of material the Auger is great, but like JCrook said, it's not the cleanest machine to use if you like straight lines. Also you will be attracting random hordes with an Auger a lot quicker than a pick ax, so that is a big consideration.
  17. I didn't see my first Dire until day 21 and then wolves were ALL OVER THE MAP. Not complaining. I need the meats!
  18. Stealth skills stack up super fast. Like Nomad said, level 3, I can sneak right up on a mutha and sledge them in the head, so I don't know what you are doing wrong aside from not being patient with the build progression. Maybe break the piles of trash with your ax as intended or go through the walls. 500 POI in game is doing pretty good given all the other systems they are fleshing out. The POI design/variety only has gotten better as time has gone on. I honestly can't think of a single RWG game with the variety of POI 7D2D has. Not even close. Granted the awesome loot can be in predictable places, but so can people's cash/safe/guns in real life. Bedroom or basement 90% of the time. I personally do like the ambush traps. That gives me a nice jolt of adrenalin when I'm surprised, and when playing a stealth build the most exciting moments are the surprising ones in my opinion.
  19. I find it really funny that someone takes their time to say how bad something is compared x,y,z and then makes you prove why it isn't. That's not how arguments work. You have the burden of proof. You are making the claim. Howling your displeasure into the forums, without constructive criticism, nearly always gets you nowhere. Show us why 7D2D doesn't need so much memory or you are just making claims without a precise point of reference. If you have a good enough point, maybe the devs will take your advice. Just my two cents
  20. lol the thumbnail is cut off right at that point!
  21. who cares if it slides?! this is the apocalypse. Given the context of the games circumstances, I'd add hinges to the damn thing before you'd abandon it. Just make it swing like a door. Problem solved.
  22. I think what you are experiencing is a portion of the AI that has a random chance after falling to destroy everything near them. This makes it much harder to make a cheese base with a looping fall trap. After falling there is a chance they will destroy blocks vs trying to climb. What this does is enable zombies to bring down bases that exploit fall loops.
  23. Does anyone know the b/w color where water starts for lakes, rivers, borders? Is this color assignable in an xml file used to world generation? I want a color I can assign to a paint brush and draw a height map properly with proper lakes and rivers
  24. ya my idea is to have these on either side of a skinny rail zombies run across with spikes below. hoping it will knock a good chunk of them down to the spikes below.
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