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  1. If you are making money from using assets you dont own, you are making money from assets you dont own. Pretty simple. "free" to the user doesn't change that. I see this all the time on youtube. People clip a professional piece of media and put ads on it. That is 100% not allowed by law. Trying to apply a "video policy" that allows monetization has NOTHING to do with an app that uses assets. That is 100% not related to YouTube videos. Not peripherally or otherwise. Why would a video policy apply to; making an action figures for the Traders making a comic book about the game selling 7D2D cereal that has status symbol shaped pieces if you are using assets you dont own, and are branding yourself to appear to represent a company you aren't a part of for profit, you are using assets you dont own to profit from their use. why is this confusing?
  2. I predict by the time 7D2D releases the average video card will have 16GB of ram so they will have the overhead needed to bring back the randomly generated/textured zombies. That was like A15 or A16 they took it out for ram reasons I believe, but that was along time ago. There used to be a video option for how much processing you devoted to it.
  3. that would just be a timed buff and I would make it increase your stealth to 100% while walking. pretty simple status effect.
  4. I propose max lvl LOTL enables cloning of a fully grown plant as a seedling. This ensures 1 new plant per harvested mature plant. Make it like A19, but only once max lvl for balance sake. I clone plants all the time in IRL.
  5. and here I was thinking if a shotgun attracted zeds so would a generator running for an hour. Seems pretty counter intuitive. Building adds a decent amount. Everytime I place 20-30 blocks and upgrade them a screamer shows up. Youd think if a hammer swing can do that a generator would... Unless its the new honda ones. those things are q u i e t
  6. Day 15 and you are doing night quests with a pistol? Why are you surprised you got wrecked?
  7. I save every piece of brass I get and never run out. Then again I only use guns on a horde night, otherwise its bow and club all day for me.
  8. 1 point in animal tracking and you never run out of feather or meat. There are many more rabbits and chickens around that you never see. I used to farm, but now it isnt worth the effort or game time spent when I am playing SP and need to do everything myself.
  9. options and mods. Use them and let the devs make their game. You bought 1 copy of the million+ sold. They are going to finish this as they intend to.
  10. I thought there was talk at one point to show all unsearched as closed and once looted would look open. I would love that if it happened.
  11. I had that happen once. we both feel through the floor of trader Joels I landed on the ground below but Joel was nowhere to be found. I just reloaded and he was back.
  12. @AdebarMaybe you should go play a lego land game made by disney if your feels are hurt so bad by some words... But I have to wonder why are you so comfortable with the graphic violence? Selective outrage is a very curious thing. Kind of like seeing a nipple making people lose their minds, but dozens of people being killed by guns prior to said nipple showing on screen does nothing to your sense of morality. I guess I am just a bit to logical to understand things like this...
  13. I like @Armoredsaints idea, as I assumed once you are 1st sent to you next trader "to open trade routes" it would up your quest level once there Sorta like how most MMO have leveled areas and you graduate to harder "zones". Zones being biomes. My ideal setting would be 1 trader in the biggest city per biome and each trader was different. The quests would level based on the biome you are + game stage vs. tier. Tier is what is attached to the POI if I am not mistaken and how they associate POI and quest tiers. When you think about it the majority of large infrastructure/factories/sky scrapers would be located in the wasteland biome, as any nukes would have targeted the largest cities. That would make sense in regards to tier/poi/biome relationships.
  14. xp award should be about the relative danger. I agree with @BFT2020 the crawler are pretty weak. However, they sneak up on you pretty easily if you aren't looking where you are going, or there is a lot of eye level chaos in front of you. Moe should be 600xp Crawler should be 250xp
  15. It would be cool to have a sort of reputation system the dictated the quest types available to you as you progress through the game.
  16. ya know I didnt have a single night attack till day 7 and I am pretty sure that is because I never use torches or candles at night. Kinda weird you got attacked at night day one. That almost never happens to me. Must be something specific you are doing to alert them.
  17. I was wondering why I always end up loading in the 2nd time so fast! makes so much sense.
  18. I had a wolf spawn on top of my while I was up on a large rock you could hardly climb on. "Thought" I was safe...
  19. Is it me or are some animals 100% silent at times while moving. I had a zombie bear go from 25 yards away to attacking me without ever making any sound. I was in the wasteland biome. I was in my inventory doing something while sneaking and then the next thing I know I am getting attacked by a bear and a vulture. I heard the vulture flap it's wings and I exit my inventory and turn around expecting to see a vulture, but it was a zombie bear right in my face with the vulture behind him. Further more, sneaking over piles of broken bricks should be super hard even for players. How is a zombie bear accomplishing this?
  20. I think closing at night makes sense giving how dangerous it would be to be opening those insanely squeaky double doors. You'd be bring zeds in for blocks, and then couldn't leave till morning because they'd run you down
  21. 60fps with everything max minus reflects and water. Sometimes dip into 40's in massive POI. Running a 5700xt and 32GB ram at 3880x1440 resolution. Not sure why people say frames are bad. Runs very comparable to the last build. Are you trying yo say the drone is like the Automotron? THAT is a stretch! lol This game has always been envisioned as an RPG forward gameplay style. If not they wouldn't have so many stats and skills. You salty boy
  22. I would think they stay at least as long as the night cycle before dr spawning to gice you a chance to loot them after horde night. I bet the mission start despawned the bag for you @ElCabong My bicycle was too close the other day and it said move vehicle out of mission area, because it resets everything at mission start
  23. I have accepted the fact that they can smell you coming out the hole you dug. One way to be relatively safe is to put up hatches and campfires between them. Light them and put up the hatch. Do this like 10x and most of them will burn up before they get to you on early nights.
  24. I am happy they nerfed the hp of poles and partial blocks. I never make a base with floating pieces to screw with the zed AI. If I win because of cheese I feel no sense if accomplishment. I love that they can now crawl through single blocks. All I want out if the AI is better and more creative attack methods. Building a single ramp with a bridge and blocks every other square to hop over is the standard raid base now and its so cheese and so easy.
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