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  1. One thing I really like about some city builders is when they have goals that don't require a specific task, but rather a metric be achieved. ie. Survive 7 days without needing to kill a zombie That would be an interesting end game achievement of sorts. This means you have crafted a self sustaining base and that in an of itself is my personal "win" goal when I play 7 days to die. If I can survive and get everything I need without leaving my land claim for 7 days, and without killing a single zombie myself, then the game has ceased to be a challenge, and in a certain sense, you have beaten it.
  2. You don't understand how free speech works. If a Government wants to ban a game for a POI that doesn't contain any nudity, they are banning the word or concept. There is zero sexual about the location other than what the name implies. It implies you might see some nudity inside. You guys ever looked in your spam folder? How about we go after people delivering porn to minors emails. That's a problem. This is not. Take responsibility for buying a game with a Mature rating and MOVE ON.
  3. What makes anyone think they can dictate what other people create with their own blood, sweat, and tears? When people talk about being sensitive to things in a game, a game which has a primary gameplay activity involving killing things graphically, I am always reminded of a quote from Larry Flint (The creator of Hustler) "Murder is illegal but if you take a picture of somebody committing the act of murder they'll put you on the cover of Newsweek, you might even win a Pulitzer Prize and yet sex is legal everybody is "doing it" or everybody wants to be "doing it". Yet if you take a picture of two people in the act of sex or if you take a picture of a woman's naked body and they'll put you in jail." Context. This is a video game. A fantasy world of an epically bad scenario. Why on earth do you want to water down anything that makes the apocalypse gritty? If anyone thinks the apocalypse is going to be censored for their particular flavor of ideal consumption, it's NOT THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.
  4. I think we should choose the media we like rather than dictate media be to our liking. If this was a gameplay mechanic I would have have that debate, but this is a game rating debate. Devs decide that. I personally don't want anyone's art to be restricted based on a minority of people that won't deem it acceptable. Art isn't for everyone Music isn't for everyone Movies aren't for everyone Games aren't for everyone Allow creative expression or you risk making creators second guess everything they do, and in turn water it down until we get a homeopathic dose of a zombie apocalypse.
  5. Sound is one of the very last things to get dialed in. Its still in Alpha. Keep perspective.
  6. When was the last time you played it?
  7. have you verified your file integrity through steam? are you using mods?
  8. Considering you are the first person to complain about this being a problem in 10 yrs of development, I highly doubt any dev hours are going to be spent fixing it.
  9. I used to always play with anti aliasing turned on in games. Then I realized when you are actively moving through any game, you don't notice anti aliasing at all. the only time you do is when you are staring at screenshots. To say a game is unplayable for lack of options is quite the stetch.
  10. anyone notice the blunderbuss sound is a mix of dog attack and a shotgun.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been making custom heightmaps in gimp with world gen tools, editing xml files to suit spawn and loot to my tastes, and yet I can't figure out how to repeatably and reliably install a mod without needing to create an entire new install. I seriously love the community of modders and all the talents there in, but for someone who just finished updating his bios, I still can't figure out how to install mods without a tons of errors... It shouldn't be so hard!? lol
  12. If you by a single black rose the day they release a new Alpha, cut the end off, and plant it in wet concrete, the day it looses it's last petal is the day the release the next Alpha. My rose still has a few petals left. I'm guessing we'll finally get a Halloween release this year.
  13. Ahhh this is interesting. Although, if they had proper temp based on depth in the ground, all you'd have to do is dig down about 5 meters and it'll be nice and comfortable no matter what biome you are in. Running a air conditioner would be expensive electricity wise, but your point is vid. hell a forge should definitely heat up a 1000' square foot house no problem
  14. I just accept the fact that my backpack that can hold a few hundred spike traps, 1,000's of rocks, and a forest full of wood... Why is a vehicle such a stretch? Make it a self imposed challenge. Problem solved. I am sure someone will add that to a realistic survival mod at some point. To make it a default when the rest of your inventory is a physical impossibility is a little selective simply for difficulties sake in my opinion.
  15. I have been wanting the ability to trap chickens forever! Seems like you could make a wood frame trap work pretty easily, or even make a bare handed attack be a grab on chickens and give you a limited amount of time to get them back into a chicken coop of some kind. A simple 1 high wall with a 4 or more squares of grass would do the trick. Aside from the eggs, getting a few feathers out of a chicken coop per chicken each day would be so nice you could even give it the ability to attract a wolf within a given radius to make it more interesting.
  16. thats why I said working on a sequel. big difference between working on another project and a sequel to an unfinished one. That aside, how can it be "in the final phase" while its still in Alpha. Once it hits Beta, we can talk about it almost being done.
  17. any devs that make a sequel to their unfinished game are doing it wrong. I highly doubt its a sequel to 7days. They have been working on this for nearly 10 yrs. to work on making a sequel prior to release would be a huge mistake in my opinion.
  18. Cart before the horse? Why are we talking about what we want after the game is finished, prior to knowing what will be in the finished game?
  19. I bought this at Alpha 6 when it looked like Minecraft for $15 or so. I have over 700hrs in this, so I pay like 2 cents an hour for fun... That's a damn good deal if you ask me. Roughly speaking; Alpha = not feature complete proof of concept Beta = feature complete but not polished people need to remember that when they wonder why it's still in Alpha.
  20. further illustrates you don't understand how AI programming works. Point A and B are the two simplest aspects of the AI programming, not the hardest. to be clear, I am not making any claims about your intellect, just your lack of understanding on this topic.
  21. people that say programming AI is simple, have never programmed AI
  22. To me what makes a game an RPG is being able to build out your character as you see fit, which enables you to assume the role of your choosing. 7D2D does that for me already. And as far as bandits go, I would think you'd remember the association with Duke, as these bandits are supposed to be his underlings. Duke being the Negan of 7D2D universe. Before we all make assumptions, lets wait to see their offering.
  23. Have you ever played Subsistence? The enemy AI in that game is pretty aggressive and build bases. Granted they are aim bots, but I think have been toned down a bit. Subsistence is also a 1 man show and TFP have quite a few brains in the pot. I am sure they can figure that bit out. Easiest way to me would be giving bandits prefab bases POI based on game stage that can spawn a given distance away from you out of site. That would be the simple way to do in my opinion. They could code them creating them piece by piece like subsistence does. Either way. It's not a stretch by any means.
  24. I swear the last time I killed one with a bow it looked like a giant porcupine when I was done.
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