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  1. I think that a bit more open floor design for PoIs would be nice. And instead of loot room, the stuff would be hidden throughout the house. This way instead of handcrafting a PoI with linear path, they could add more randomly generated aspects to it. First time you run the PoI its fun, but once you get used to it, there is nothing that will suprise you anymore.
  2. I do not think you want this. Building plates in this way makes it that the plate actually takes up the inside slot, meaning you cannot put any furniture there. then you have this weird 1block space around the walls that do not allow anything there.
  3. I have to disagree. This of course is personal opinion, but I find agility severely lacking. PoIs are not well designed for stealth - closet zombies, neccessary jumps, trigger events etc. Agility weapons also appear harder to find. And finally it has no utility perks that would improve resource gain. Benefit I see is that it is most effective build for clearing high tier PoI. There it shines. I guess for higher difficulities as well. But honestly I have never went agility build from the get go. Which is shame, because pistols are my favorite weapon.
  4. It however is an interesting challenge to make the base both well defensible, effective and beautifull. The constraint forces me to be much more creative.
  5. @madmole I second this. The dynamite is awesome, but does not work well whan trying to mine horizontaly. You mine two deep hole and in perfect scenario you throw it far enough to create hole 3x3x3 (it works well vertically, as gravity pulls it to the bottom). But currently 80% of time it does not reach the end and it will instead explode doing damage in front of it. If it could work same as the charge it would be awesome, because it would be reliable. Or perhaps placing it and using remote to detonate.
  6. Damn I start to love junk sledges. Last horde night I made a little gatehouse, where I can shoot from the sides. The floor towards the garage door is electrified and right in front of the door I put the junk sledge. At the end of the night it got about 2-3 hits. Zombie runs in - gets electrified - headshoted. Those that make it get pushed back. If I get overwhelmed by numbers I toss grenade. Damn this is effective.
  7. Well I enjoy using dynamite. Yes you can just find vein and mine it, but I want my mine to be under my base, so when I return I can get into it. I enjoy building large mining complexes too, I just want to make sure that the ores actually do spawn.
  8. @madmole How it is with mining? I know that you can find veins easily when finding a ore at the surface. But what If I want a mine in my own base? Do I have to mine to bedrock how it used to be? Or can ore now be found only at the top layers?
  9. Jesus christ that looks fun. Iam seriously considering fortitude build
  10. I would really like for locked slots to be available. The mod I used has it and I miss this function dearly.
  11. Good work on Bears. Those things are force to be reckoned with - fast, tanky and deadly. The other day I encountered one on day 13. I had a hunting rifle and double barrel shotgun and was feeling confident I can take it. I scored one sneak headshot from afar and managed to pull of 2 more before it cought up with me. I switched to shotty and emptied both chambers. Bear is alive. @%$*#!. At that point I have like 50HP, so I start running. Oh good I can still outrun him. I took a breather poped painkillers and reloaded my weapons. Hunting rifle, shotgun...Bear is still alive?! I completely panicked as I was mauled to death and quickly tried to switch to melee to at least die swinging. I missclicked and equiped timed charge. Suddenly the bear has C4 atached to his head and is beeping. He looks as suprised as me. Second later he does not look anything as his head is blown off. Oh ok, there is another bear over yonder....I wonder. Yep, it is confirmed, timed charges bear hunting is a thing. Now I combine it with my stun baton for maximal safety.
  12. Sorry but how am I supposed to react to such argument? No topic stays constantly on top, no matter how popular it is. Then new topic emerges, but it is already without prior builds. Purpose of sticky is to have all of it at one place. There is already sticky topic for seeds, why not builds?
  13. Actually nowadays I craft almost all of my gear. I put a single perk into rifles, bought parts from a trader and crafted a hunting rifle. My tools are crafted too. Damn almost everything I use is crafted. Which is a bit of a problem, because nothing I loot in regards to weapons or tools is ever good enough. But honestly I kinda like it. I hate when looting having tons of tools, weapons etc. that I then hoard for trading. I would decrease the odds of getting a weapon, tool or armor in loot in favor of something different.
  14. @madmole I really enjoy seeing other people builds, building techniques and defense designs. Would it be possible to create a sticky topic somewhere eg.: "Show us your builds" in General discussion. I kinda miss such a tread to gather inspiration for building new cool stuff and showing mine.
  15. On default I had problems with sudden walls and also with cities and towns not being connected
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