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  1. Well I enjoy using dynamite. Yes you can just find vein and mine it, but I want my mine to be under my base, so when I return I can get into it. I enjoy building large mining complexes too, I just want to make sure that the ores actually do spawn.
  2. @madmole How it is with mining? I know that you can find veins easily when finding a ore at the surface. But what If I want a mine in my own base? Do I have to mine to bedrock how it used to be? Or can ore now be found only at the top layers?
  3. Jesus christ that looks fun. Iam seriously considering fortitude build
  4. I would really like for locked slots to be available. The mod I used has it and I miss this function dearly.
  5. Good work on Bears. Those things are force to be reckoned with - fast, tanky and deadly. The other day I encountered one on day 13. I had a hunting rifle and double barrel shotgun and was feeling confident I can take it. I scored one sneak headshot from afar and managed to pull of 2 more before it cought up with me. I switched to shotty and emptied both chambers. Bear is alive. @%$*#!. At that point I have like 50HP, so I start running. Oh good I can still outrun him. I took a breather poped painkillers and reloaded my weapons. Hunting rifle, shotgun...Bear is still alive?! I completely panicked as I was mauled to death and quickly tried to switch to melee to at least die swinging. I missclicked and equiped timed charge. Suddenly the bear has C4 atached to his head and is beeping. He looks as suprised as me. Second later he does not look anything as his head is blown off. Oh ok, there is another bear over yonder....I wonder. Yep, it is confirmed, timed charges bear hunting is a thing. Now I combine it with my stun baton for maximal safety.
  6. Sorry but how am I supposed to react to such argument? No topic stays constantly on top, no matter how popular it is. Then new topic emerges, but it is already without prior builds. Purpose of sticky is to have all of it at one place. There is already sticky topic for seeds, why not builds?
  7. Actually nowadays I craft almost all of my gear. I put a single perk into rifles, bought parts from a trader and crafted a hunting rifle. My tools are crafted too. Damn almost everything I use is crafted. Which is a bit of a problem, because nothing I loot in regards to weapons or tools is ever good enough. But honestly I kinda like it. I hate when looting having tons of tools, weapons etc. that I then hoard for trading. I would decrease the odds of getting a weapon, tool or armor in loot in favor of something different.
  8. @madmole I really enjoy seeing other people builds, building techniques and defense designs. Would it be possible to create a sticky topic somewhere eg.: "Show us your builds" in General discussion. I kinda miss such a tread to gather inspiration for building new cool stuff and showing mine.
  9. On default I had problems with sudden walls and also with cities and towns not being connected
  10. Personally I see nerpolling as a problem. If it was removed I would be happy. That is, ladders are the way to get to high places innit? Are you playing nitrogen or default maps?
  11. Main problem in my eyes is, that double dipping is not enjoyable, but because its effective people will do it so they get more stuff. When you have looted your city already, many people will opt to double dip the close quest instead of going 1,5 miles for another. Its easier. This combined with absolutely atrocious roads that do (not) exist between cities and lack of gameplay on the "road," it is quite understandable. I would probably not remove double dipping until the random world gen is fixed so that roads can be traveled easily and there is event system that keeps player occupied. However yes, in the end I would remove such possibility.
  12. I dont know, for one iron spike I can kill a one or two ferals, it costs 4 forged iron and takes about 2 minutes to craft. It also has this ugly habit of exploding cops. With single pipe bomb I can kill 16 zeds. I would live spikes to work, so I can use that iron that mostly just lies in my chest.
  13. @madmole , is there any plan on making spikes, barbed wire and mines give XP for kills? Perhaps locked behind perk like INT does? I have some ideas for defence maximizing the effect of mines and pitfall traps.
  14. I wonder if the AI is going to be that advanced that they try to stay at certain range, take cover etc. Enemy AI especially in voxel world got to be tough to program. But it would be pretty sweet. I remember playing dying light for the first time and encountering "bandits" for the first time. I died like 5 times before I learned how to deal with them.
  15. You mean charging them with grandpas moonshine and painkillers in full steel armor?
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