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  1. Why would you mine the large boulders? Pretty sure they give you the same resources and xp as simply mining stone underground.
  2. No way am I starting a new save. I have 50+ hours playing dead is dead, after 50+ hours of dying in dead is dead games due to mistakes or bugs. I managed to fix the problem. All I needed to do was delete the region files in the save so it reset the map and allowed sleepers to spawn. I didn't delete the region file that my base was on.
  3. I tried ths (even before reading the post), but it's caused a couple problems #1 is that for some reason most trees only have 1 hp now. Not a big deal but, #2 is that no zombies spawn in POIs anymore, unless I get a trader quest to reset them. Know what a solution for #2 is? It sort of makes the game unplayable.
  4. I am glad that someone had the foreknowledge about examples of game development to put a dent in the endless wall of TFP apologetics. Clearly the development is taking a long time in comparison to at least some other studios. I guess now the excuse is shifting to "TFP is a small team" or "early access started early". Development is slow, and combine that with the fact they can't decide on the features they want. We get a crappy gun part system, years later we get a crappy "gun in every house" system, maybe in a couple years they will sort it out? The new perk system in A18 looks crappy. So, a year to get a crappy perk system, ??? years until they fix it and actually design a good progression system. Kill me already. I maintain what I said. This ♥♥♥♥ should already have been sorted out before they wasted their precious tortoise-speed developer hours developing it. If they need ideas, there is no lack of them. I've already spent countless hours "playtesting" the game, written essays about it, I could write essays more too. They should first construct a vision of the finished product, then follow though with it. Eye on the prize.
  5. Completely false. AAA games can be made in a few years. Redesigning game features over and over again is not part of normal game design. It's called development hell. It is indicative of lack of leadership and vision in the design studio. They can't decide what features to put in the game, so they're making it up as they go along and seeing what works. The features of the game should be decided before labour time is wasted on creating them. Sometimes redesign is necessary but not to this extent. It is quite painful to see the developers flop around ineffectually. It's funny to see people looking at the failures of the dev team and praising for them. There is always a group of company fan boys on every forum.
  6. A riot shield is the one thing that would fit in the game thematically. Duel wielding? No.
  7. Duel wielding is stupid. Shields are stupid. It's a zombie game. Not a fantasy RPG. Go play Skyrim.
  8. It takes less than a week to get your forge up and going? And by week 3 you can have an auger and a base with all the crafting stations? If this is too long a time frame for you then sorry, your attention span is simply too short for this game.
  9. It sucks. Just changing everything every alpha for no reason. How about actually improving the features rather than overhauling the levelling system for the 54th time. The game has been in alpha for far too long already.
  10. Agree. My strat is to raid the hospital on day 1-2. Cities should be far more dangerous, because logically they are the epicentre of the infection.
  11. Dumb fallacy. "Because it's not a 100% realistic survival simulator that means that anything no matter how absurd and immersion-breaking is totally fine" spare me ad hoc rationalisations
  12. I agree. Hollow point 9mm would actually make pistols and smgs viable. If they did similar close quarter combat damage as assault rifles, while being cheaper but shorter range.
  13. Having two bases is gimmicky. If you are a good engineer, you should easily be able to incorporate crafting, storage and defence all in one base.
  14. For the randomness to be effective, it doesn't have to happen every night. It only has to present a risk of happening, not a guarantee. Even if there is a 10% chance of it happening in a horde night, that will make you question whether it's a good idea, because even a small chance of being stranded on foot might make you prefer to stay in your relatively safe base. It is realistic because vehicles break down all the time, especially low-quality, self built ones. In a vehicle there are hundreds of moving parts that are all potential points of failure. Breaking down should be random and/or as a result of taking damage or crashing in to things, because if it was only the latter, you could simply drive a safe route indefinitely with no danger. The chance of it breaking down doesn't have to be very high, say only 10% on a horde night for a low quality vehicle. Of course this would increase exponentially if you started taking damage. And if you wanted to reduce the risk/annoyance, of course you would need to invest some more perks. And no, your vehicle breaking down doesn't mean other things have to break down too, because no one said a game has to be 100% realistic and have perfectly consistent internal logic.
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