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  1. Yes, although these clicks are enhanced by player agency, RNG, dynamics, fancy assets etc etc... As someone who can appreciate even bland clicker games, the quest thing is as stale as it gets. Please probe their asses to make it a bit more interesting at least.
  2. This is an easy fix imo, scrap this 90s mmo-style abomination, that is called "quests", as well!
  3. Bleeding skeletons is where I draw the line!
  4. Stamina management, hunger, thirst, death penalty etc etc have all been balanced since A17 and made relevant up to a (small) point. Item economy is still for laughs, but hey it's an alpha. Wellness was a great concept but it meant nothing as long as it didn't really matter how much health you had with people using glass to move around more easily. Anyway, imo, all those changes don't mean much for a survival game when its systems, little by little, start reminiscing a tired mmo and I doubt those remaining will appreciate them. For example chipping off the importance of RNG and subsequently exploration, with any impactful recipes going away and (much later) being substituted by much weaker incentives (books) as an attempt to revive exploration. Fixed milestones solely governed by level and environment scaling, predictable outcomes/rewards from repeatable quests or dungeon POIs with loot rooms. Current item economy exacerbates these and players' actions are more about "getting that xp for the next tier of items", frantically looting parts or selling, rather than governed by their survival needs and slowly improving their QOL or taking decisions, which could have been the case if TFP's direction was different, I guess, who knows.
  5. There were other ways to prevent that, ...like e.g leaving lootlists alone and not adding guns everywhere (when we complained about that MM said it's realistic cause 'murica), or like... keep degradation in the game, which used to be just fine, to keep looting/crafting relevant after getting an item just once.
  6. I think the current system is very lackluster and a weather system that is actually impactful on survival would be great, like your acid/rad rain example, better temperature mechanics or weather affecting gameplay in some way (e.g. spanws) etc.
  7. Perpetually adding more content is the solution to everything, but it's not realistic 😛 I absolutely agree on item sinks.
  8. An armored caravan, or them throwing away assets they already made should be out of the question but connecting a network of radio towers, which already exist and could be found through exploration (without quest pointers), or equipping the post with workstations and helping it "develop" (like a colony mini-game) e.g. to expand the traders' stock etc, is already more interesting than what we have now and could be done with minimal effort. I expect the people whose job is to design this game, will plan this thoroughly and think of better and more involving mechanics than these. At any case, whatever TFP decide to do, besides more types of quests etc, imo, these things have to happen: -The back-and-forth thing has to go away. Traversing distances should be promoted, but not in this bland fetch-return way. -Traders have to be gated, but in a way that connects them with the main gameplay loop (tech, exploration etc), not an arbitrary meta number or quest tier grinding.
  9. Exactly. Environmental gating would be far better. Not only for reasons of immersion, but also gameplay, player agency and longevity, as I described in my previous posts in this thread. I don't think modifiers are a great idea, but definitely much better than what we have now. And yes, randomness keeps the game from becoming bland fast, but too much of it makes it abstract. A game like this though, with a sandbox world of repeated random prefabs has no choice other than to have a decent level of randomness when it comes to loot/events and enemies if it wants to be replayable in the long-term. Wish the trader was more of a goal you would have to work for, rather than a disconnected, from the rest of the gameloop, convenience that throws items at you. If they want to gate traders stocks/quest economy sources, I hope they at least make it less artificial than gating them behind a meta number, or via continuous quest/rep grinding. E.g. player finds an abandoned trade post, which is decently difficult to clear or/and rebuild. Also has to craft a radio which is a mid-tier "workstation", to be able to "call" a trader to the area as long as a trade post is already cleared. Gets quests via radio in their base, reward spawns near completed quest goal in a container (not this bloody back and forth). Quests and quest frequency from radio calls are random or triggered by what you find in the world, tech achievements etc. I believe the greatest time hurdle in this would be building the workstation radio asset, which is, well, time better spent than making 99 different candy icons.
  10. Haven't managed to play A19 enough to thoroughly enjoy these changes, but they are the most underrated changes as of late and something I always wished for. Random animations are king. I hope they don't stop there, continue to improve hitboxes and (weapon & enemy) hit feedback and add a dash of random chance for behaviors like stumbling, lunging, loss of balance etc to many more occasions -- sparsely even when walking or hitting, and perhaps rarely make some of them more dramatic for a more significant change of pace in combat gameplay.
  11. So... LBD... it was nice, wasn't it?
  12. Yes, if those deaths are recent. Because if you haven't died since day 21, each 24h would add to your GS until it reaches the cap which is your level. "Days alive" are capped to the number of your level so they can't be more than 21 in this case.
  13. Nice, there is no reason for difficulty to affect the pacing. To add to my previous post, from the patch notes: Also some info from @Boidster's post:
  14. GS is a number that is mainly determined by your level and to a lesser extent by deaths. Gamestage = ( level + days alive) * difficulty multiplier E.g. If you are level 10, your gamestage is at a minimum 10 + the number of days you are alive without deaths, capped at the number of your level (it can only be max 10 in this instance). So your final GS can be anywhere between 10-20 depending on your deaths (20 if you have never died with a penalty of -2 (if I am not mistaken) for every death). That number determines loot tables and enemy spawns. So yes you can exploit that fact and not open rare containers until your chances for higher tiered loot are better. It's something that, eventually, becomes apparent in-game.
  15. Just saw this -- anyone playing Pleablo instead of Path of Exile nowadays is too far gone, don't bother explaining!
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