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  1. One year of development for each car? πŸ˜› None is entitled to anything. Neither buyers are entitled to a product that mainly exists in their imagination, nor the Pimps are entitled to not getting any criticism.
  2. The concept of ideas is a complicated thing. Even more complicated than the reason TFP hasn't implemented bandits yet! Like the fellow forum members above said - they are a dime a dozen and most likely worth nothing. Coming up an idea is easy, but coming up with a worthwhile idea is as hard as being able to accurately estimate one. That's why those who have successfully implemented ideas that are practice proven, are rarely in real need of more, and those who come up with ideas are rarely able to accurately estimate them. Since you are majoring on GD let me tell you the following. If you trust your ideas to be worthwhile, be the first to invest in them. Learn programming and put your ideas to the test. Don't give them away. Demonstrate them and build a powerful bio. If you want a career in game design and development, grow. your. network. Should be fairly easier to find a job in the US. Talent in game design isn't something that can be easily quantified - not only because of the reasons mentioned above - so it's nearly impossible to get employed for that. That's why the vast majority of game designers are usually already veterans in the game industry as artists, developers etc. Cheers and good luck.
  3. Hope you don't stop at biome modifiers and add stacking town and POI modifiers, plus some extra dynamic modifiers that change with stuff like weather, time, debuffs etc. You've got a wealth of content in the game. Shake things up a bit, give us more varied playthroughs, less inclusive lootlists so that everything isn't everywhere and long-term goals like the radiation zones you are planning. And stop playing Skyrim and play some Rimworld for god's sake MM πŸ˜›
  4. @meganoth As expected, Roland's deviousness knows no limits... πŸ˜›
  5. Typical knee jerk reactions vs sensible item economy that will help keep both crafting and looting relevant shouldn't be left to mods IMHO. I mean, in the end, it will also solve some of the crafting/looting complaints, plus it wasn't that unpopular even with the stat degradation (which doesn't have to come back) and highest quality/tier loot could be exponentially durable. Anyway, perhaps they might make up for it by making repair more demanding in the future.
  6. Pretty much a must to keep both looting and crafting relevant. Do you know if they plan on bringing it back, and if they do, do you know how?
  7. These things have to be gated, there is no other way - the game has to build a progression curve (preferably a seamless one, without player scaling, based on difficulty, zones, events instead). Most survival games out there would be envious of the loot variety 7DTD has. I don't think increasing it will solve most of the problem - it's like pouring water in a cracked pot. It used to be the case that you could get steel on day 1-2, which sucked because the game didn't exploit this variety at all. Now the current system distributes this variety linearly (and that alone makes it feel poor). While extended "tech stages" is something I've been asking for forever, the merits of the system that are being touted could be achieved in a myriad, much better ways than this one. Fair enough!
  8. With all due respect, maybe people that have nothing to say shouldn't be dismissing multiple paragraph posts with some cliche "you don't like change" presumption.
  9. Already did. So, you are asking for an opinion on the basis of something that hasn't happened yet. That's cool, people do it all the time in these forums, although their title usually reflects they are talking about an expectation, not a state. Feel free not to fix it though.
  10. Poll title is about the current loot progression, yet all the options ask for an opinion for something that hasn't happened yet. Fix please.
  11. I voted 1) AKA "I don't feel like playing in its current state" (a less... sensational choice of words), since the poll is about about its current state, even if the future may sound fine. As for the "it was a necessary stepβ„’", no comment.
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