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  1. One year of development for each car? 😛 None is entitled to anything. Neither buyers are entitled to a product that mainly exists in their imagination, nor the Pimps are entitled to not getting any criticism.
  2. The concept of ideas is a complicated thing. Even more complicated than the reason TFP hasn't implemented bandits yet! Like the fellow forum members above said - they are a dime a dozen and most likely worth nothing. Coming up an idea is easy, but coming up with a worthwhile idea is as hard as being able to accurately estimate one. That's why those who have successfully implemented ideas that are practice proven, are rarely in real need of more, and those who come up with ideas are rarely able to accurately estimate them. Since you are majoring on GD let me tell you the following. If you trust your ideas to be worthwhile, be the first to invest in them. Learn programming and put your ideas to the test. Don't give them away. Demonstrate them and build a powerful bio. If you want a career in game design and development, grow. your. network. Should be fairly easier to find a job in the US. Talent in game design isn't something that can be easily quantified - not only because of the reasons mentioned above - so it's nearly impossible to get employed for that. That's why the vast majority of game designers are usually already veterans in the game industry as artists, developers etc. Cheers and good luck.
  3. Yeah, companies like CDPR get this and never bothered with the AI in the first place!
  4. Two things I love the most in this game: magical candy and ziplines. Don't know if I could ever play it without those two.
  5. Yeah, in fact, the XP debuff combined with the loss of pride when losing, are so bad that some people cannot carry all that shame around and get depressed to the point they actually eat glass (since seppuku hasn't been implemented yet)
  6. Oh look at this! A discussion about the DP! I am almost tearing up here. Wellness was a pretty decent concept, but there was no real penalty. The drawback in having less max life is dying more easily. Death was something borderline positive, so who the heck would worry about dying more easily? It was *way* better having 130 (with perks) minimum life, free teleportation and free debuff curing, than ditching all these and making an effort to raise your max life. Wellness could have been salvaged though (like LBD) - like all interesting concepts, it just needed some ironing out. Exactly, death has to *hurt* - that's the whole point and that's how staying alive becomes rewarding. It's human mechanics, no way around them, there is no positive without the negative and all that pizzaz 😛 People were AFKing, not only because the DP made almost every action "slower", but also because there is not a hint of time-sensitivity in the grand scheme of things. Earning back the deficit sounds good but it might lead people to OC behaviors like our beloved LBD that we eventually had to put down. I don't like the following solution much, because it is a little prone to OC behaviors as well, but it kind of pampers and punishes players at the same time so: -Every debuff the player has during the death event, could act as a multiplier (or additions) to the XP penalty's base value. That way players should be very eager to get rid of them, plus not die by/while they are afflicted with them. -*But*, and this is an important "but", this is not enough by a longshot, because the XP penalty has a rather low-ish limit - so when that whole bar turns red (which isn't a terrible thing at all, because of the way that disgusting level scaling works), the player could get an actually painful penalty like the death sickness we used to have. The difference with this penalty is that it gives a *lot* of leeway to the player, they can avoid it, work around it and in general, expect it.
  7. "You find almost everything by looting and since nothing degrades, you will never have to craft it (or loot it again), so you can make due without a crucible (1 out of 100 times you can't find it or afford to spec in it) and enjoy the scarcity of steel!" Yeah, it would, but don't you find it sad that we praise the economic scarcity of... a fringe case?
  8. Painfully true - which is why I always whined about the level scaling as I was seeing more and more things depended on it. With level scaling, you don't need to "gate" long-term goals, you don't need to worry about container distribution, or difficulty variability. Everything is automatically taken care of, for the most part at least... And yes, even some complaints that may seem irrelevant to this topic may be rooted in it. Even requests - for example, the need for legendaries, higher tier content, long-term goals etc, in a game that, objectively, has one of the largest asset varieties I've seen in an indie game. I dare not say that the game suffers from replayability issues, since statistics show otherwise after all -- the game steadily has an impressive amount of concurrent players on steam. In fact, I'd wager that the game's current statistics indicate to TFP that the game needs to attract new players, rather than increase its replayability/player retainment. I can only speak for myself and the fact that over-reliance on statistics and their literal interpretation doesn't always yield the best results in the long run, nor can they show you how higher the bar could have been set. That's one of the drawbacks of having crafting recipes (not crafting improvements) and misc character development in the same perk point pool. You end up with gimmicks of having to respec two times in a row, and the awkward moment when you have invested in something in a whole playthrough and your team mate just finds it in a pile of trash 😛 Tbh I'd prefer if the recipes were gained in a Subnautica-style way, even if it isn't exactly meant for a sandbox.
  9. Containers should definitely be pre-defined if POIs are meant to have unique loot lists (which they should imo and already do to an extend). I am referring to the locations (or the important containers spawn chance) in dungeon-POIs - the "loot rooms" as you correctly said and some decentralization so that the POI experience gets differentiated a bit. But at any case a alternative source like a perk, trader, or something that can be "controlled by the player" can guarantee that you will always get something, if it is essential. TFP overdid it imo, in that regard, compared to the time when all recipes were just random. They went to the other extreme and introduced an alternative for almost everything. Then implemented books to somewhat make up for it, after realizing the value of the expectation in random loot. Well depends how they want to approach it. This is one of those problems (if, again, you consider it a problem), which has a huge number of solutions, depends on how they already have built their stuff, their profiler bottlenecks and only someone like faatal is really qualified to explore. I am sure that there will definitely be a price to pay on performance/loading times, whether one runs something like this at runtime, generation, changes the prefab asset or an instance of it, or has prepared various prefab instances beforehand and has to load all of them like @Solomon said etc. But do container locations need to be completely randomized in the POI space, nearby block checking and all, sacrificing that cinematic experience of the admittedly great POI design? I don't think so. As long as the solution achieves the specific purpose of making a POI looting experience rather random and unpredictable, since containers are plentiful, it can be something as simple as to assign the "this is a phat lootbox" variable to whatever container within the house, tweak its spawn-chance in the first place etc, so that, for example, instead the e.g. 1 or 1-2 per POI becomes 0-3. My point is, as far as I am concerned, any solution that makes it look random to players, *is* random. Oh don't get me started with the... quests, let's not get into them. But yes - it's a similar logic (also reminds me of some game's "radiant" endless quests). Never liked dungeon-ization for that very reason. Dungeon-POIs are beautifully designed and if this was an open world game they would be stellar. I would too want players to experience a dungeon-POI's cinematic experience by carefully encouraging the player's chosen path. But in a randomly generated sandbox, where those POIs are pasted multiple times, their novelty wears off very quickly -- in a single playthrough even, and it doesn't make any sense to want players to repeat the same "canned" experience random N times. Say you want to create a tiled floor, but its pieces will be placed randomly. But you can only get your tiles from, either a stack with a combination of tiles that resemble a beautiful picture, or a stack with generically painted tiles and random shapes. Even if, again, POI designers did an excellent job, the loot rooms belong in the Elder Scrolls etc, not a randomly generated world with many identical mostly-randomly pasted POIs. But they obviously are not going away now and it would be a terrible waste if they did. Loot rooms still make sense, even if they don't contain the majority/best of the loot in the POI. So at this current situation, a solution has to be found for the problem that was created, which again, *disclaimer*, may not be seen as a problem for others.
  10. We agree on this - such an essential recipe on a highly random loot pool is absurd. And this is the problem in this particular instance, which can be solved in many ways, like having a different source like you said. I don't see how that makes MM right about the randomized containers though, since those two things are definitely not mutually exclusive.
  11. Nerdpoling isn't even the thing in question here, none complained about it so you can just take a deep breath and calm down. But since it was mentioned I won't miss the chance to say, that every time you mention "nerdpolers are ruining their own game by choice", a cute, fluffy UX person dies somewhere in the world, and we don't want that, do we. With that out of the way, one of the important things here is, whether one chooses to nerdpole or not makes no difference to the fact that they know what to expect in a randomly generated sandbox. Now If you don't think that's an obvious problem, or a problem at all for that matter, there is no point in discussing this further. Oh *those* poor babies, the developers added an essential recipe in a highly random pool (oops), and now RNG is the devil as a whole eh? My deepest sympathies!
  12. Which is why I said this right after I quoted stample: And continue on saying that the problem is that everything is easily accessible from day 1 and nothing is gated/reserved for a more long-term goal. Well, nerdpolling is a behavior that is encouraged. But never mind that - even if you choose not to nerdpole it's not great knowing what to expect and where. Yeah, I remember that discussion.
  13. Of course it's a different problem (it's the one I was talking about in my first post) and it is (mostly) irrelevant with caps. Caps or randomizing loot won't help in this, however randomizing loot container locations will help quite a bit. Yes you may even argue that this is not a particularly big problem and I might agree (although it definitely doesn't take 100h to reach the last tier of items/mobs with default xp). Don't underestimate her. But seriously, besides radiation zones or other plot-mechanisms, environmental factors (which already "gate" you, but negligibly) etc, only thing one has to do is make the risk not worth taking. -Randomized container locations would prevent roof-farming etc, if players don't know where the containers are. -Item economy. Can you imagine a scenario where it's just barely worth spending the resources to take a more difficult biome/POI on? -Enemies. Do we need insta-kill-staring zombies to stop players? Do we have to add Spiderman? Chupacabra? Manbearpig? No, they just have to keep doing this: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/21592-regarding-animations/ and keep improving sleepers imo. Sure, some players can flawlessly fight zombies but factor in the risks and it may stop being worth it anymore. -And most importantly all these don't matter unless the DP/debuffs are of little or no consequence. Without consequence there can be no risk. Without any kind of risk, you can never have any meaningful world variety and you end up having to use level scaling and gate stuff behind a magical number ...which may be fine for some of course.
  14. That's true, even though I think 100h+ are more than enough for it. Even without looking into the effectiveness of threats, DP, debuffs etc, our weak, asthmatic, couch potato character (as some people call it), that goes everywhere by jogging constantly, sprints instantly, catches its breath in a couple of seconds, never needs to rest, is the fastest entity in the world and can dope itself with magical candies or gallons of coffee, makes this easily possible, yes. Even if that wasn't the case, a tiny amount of randomization within POIs would go a very long way. I don't know how having to find a key every time, would make any sense immersion or gameplay-wise. And if they are not willing to try and randomize a few things in them, I doubt they will randomize the key location or which POIs have the key, so I can see where this is going - "hey look! this is a key-dungeon, let's loot it by going from A->B instead of just B and ignore anything else or other POIs". I suspect the reason they don't want to randomization that a "dungeon"-POI is already designed in a linear way, and they want players to go through it, which would make absolute sense in a non-sandbox game where you don't visit the same POIs dozens of times. Anyway, if they do add keys I demand this sound effect to go with them I don't see how it isn't possible to randomize any prefab's props at map generation. Hard part is to avoid adding 5 minutes to it 😛
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