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  1. Crowd control is exactly how I use the junk sledge. I thought it was worthless until I figure out it knocks them quite a distance. My horde base has a walkway that leads to the entrance of my main base - with another protected walkway running parallel to it where I fight from. I put the junk sledge beside the walkway and it punches several of them off the walkway while I club/shoot the others. Using this technique on day 35 only 4-5 Z's made it down the walkway 15 blocks total to the entrance (where they were dispatched by shotgun turrets). I love the sledge addition to the game - it is fun once you figure out how to use it.
  2. I have only created and restarted twice since B163 dropped, so maybe just bad luck, but I have made three observations since that have detracted or I feel need tweaked from the previous build... Spawn Location - Previous build I played 2-3 maps and I woke/started about 500 or so meters from the trader. Both my spawns in the newly create B163 maps were a long ways from the trader (1.6 km and 2.4km). Quests - Both newly created maps seems to be giving quests a lot farther away than it did in the previous build. There was a nice mix of close and distanced quests in the previous build - this time it seems like most are far away 1km+. That is okay for T3+ quests, but T1 and T2 should be fairly close - especially with the next discussed change. Animals - I assume the spawn rate will be adjusted based off other comments I read, but the mix needs adjusted too. The loot has been changed so we do not get quality weapons for a while. My Day 1 experience had me dodging a bear and wolf while running to the trader (I killed two deer and a two chickens on the way). While in the trader the traders building was attacked by 2 dire wolfs and a regular wolf (in the time I looted the containers, talked to the trader, got a quest, and looked at his inventory). Then while trying to build my starter base I was attacked by another dire wolf (ran to the trader and killed it from the wall) and then a bear spawned beside me while building (lucky it went the other way). I don't like to cheese the game, but running to the trader is the only way I made it through without dying (and I only play hardcore, so death means restart). The resources just don't exist anymore to enable us to even stand a chance to deal with this many/types of spawns on day 1. Day 2 I spent building my base and looting some nearby houses for basic suppliers (cooking pot/grill). I only encountered one dire wolf, one regular wolf, and one deer during this time. On the flip side, the previous version - I was trying to find a bear to make a cigar from day 20-40 and couldn't find one - just think there needs a a bit of tweaking here. Overall I am really enjoying this alpha - thanks for the update!
  3. To me - I honestly think both food and infection are cool / more flavor mechanics than anything. Both are trivial after the very beginning of the game. I like it this way as hell they are not the focus in my games, I like to quest/build/explore/etc not spend all my time trying to eat. Food - Making farming harder just makes that piece of the game no fun or turns it into more of a farming simulator than survival. In solo I have looted/bought more than enough food to survive, which admittedly is a bit tougher in multiplayer games. This make farming more of a flavor/fun in my games than a necessity, so why make it tough, as it removes fun. If it was to get tougher somehow - I would rather see the tougher obtained/grown food buff the character, not be needed for survival. Infection - Getting infected day 1, can make for some interesting gameplay. I have done nothing but search and only found enough honey to keep me alive and finally cured on day 3. It is intense gaming if you can’t find honey/antibiotics (I play dead is restart). However, by day 7, I typically have enough cures to make the mechanic a moot point. I would like to see this scale somehow with game level to keep it a mechanic that is useful - but as with food look at this as more of flavor. - - - Updated - - - Haha - I was just saying I liked the suggestions he made.
  4. I would love to see new quests like these added - I think some of these would be a ton of fun to play through.
  5. Awesome thanks! I will readd it, love the look and feel of the place.
  6. Thanks - found it! I think the game updated and overwrote it after I created the map, so I was all confused until I pulled the xml from the combo pack again :-) Great job everyone on the pack and the POI’s...
  7. That is it - here is another picture of it where I cleared out the trees... I also looked it up in the prefab.xml and it is that POI. Do I need to just delete that the files for the POI from the Prefabs folder to get rid of it or do I need to edit the rwgmixer.xml? https://postimg.cc/sMjRXmNT
  8. Makes sense sometimes rwg gives some unexpected results - thanks... 2) I will get you a picture when I get home... it is an amazing house with a two car garage and picket fence. The house has flowers all around the boarder, snow biome trees, and a garden in the back with with yucca, corns, potato, etc The garage has a work bench and two table saws (all working), just outside the back of the garage, is a basement entrance. There are two working cement mixers, two firges, stacks of cobblestone, cement, and rocks. There is also a metal door - break it and go down - you find a working chem station and a secret vault door - through that is daft traps, Motion sensor, dates, etc Real nice setup and love the detail and effort - I would honestly love to have this setup in my end game for living... however, I just want to remove it from my mix as it makes the game too easy for my style... I guess I could just ignore it, but would prefer to remove from my config...
  9. Silly question - I am new to playing anything outside vanilla. I added the combo pack and it is great - however a couple things I noticed and wondering if I can change. 1) I have a street with about 8-10 7 End stores in a row. Can you change the number that will spawn in each location? 2) some POI’s are really imbalanced- anyone know how/which can be removed that are too imbalances? One was very amazingly built and beautiful - but it had all the needed tables, saw, mixers, etc plus enough concrete/rocks to get you through - just a bit to good if you want a challenge.
  10. I have been playing quite a bit - day 8 only found two wrenches... i noticed I was only level 4 so I turned up XP and loot just now. I have no idea how to find fossils though - are they underground anywhere? I don’t have a big rock outcropping near my base.
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