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  1. On my latest play - I found a blunderbuss very early (day 2 or so), but no other gun until day 7 - just in time for the horde.
  2. I agree T5 should offer something unique for the amount of time invested - candy would be nice, skill points would be amazing, T6 tools/weapons great, even unique 24 hour buffs would be neat. Just doing T3 and T4 and getting the same rewards is sad - hopefully it is changed in an upcoming patch or A20.
  3. 918 😞 I will be in another thread for a bit...
  4. So Jealous - Just finished Fetch and Clear T5 Shaway food factory - reward options Level 4 M60 and Level 5 Steel Chest.
  5. Played to day 43 and fell into a pack of radiated Z's - dead Restarted (b163 just dropped) - Dire Wolf Restarted - Bear Restarted - still playing - have not died yet.
  6. Thanks - I honestly don't mind T5 quests - my concern is more around the reward at the end. 1-1.5 hours for the rewards I have seen don't seem worth it... Now a chance of a T6 that I can actually use or need makes it okay for when I have spare time. T6 items being offered doesn't even guarantee it is one you want/need for you build. Wondering if I had a streak of bad luck or if they change it that much.
  7. I did several searches and couldn't find anything, so sorry if this is posted. I am on day 40 - my base is solid for the next several horde nights at least and I wanted to solidify my gear. So I headed off to quest and loot... Since, I have done several T5 clear and fetch/clear quests and seem to get some pretty bad reward options. I thought these gave T6 loot. I had a couple levels in daring adventurer and had for quest choices and the best was a T4 Rifle (recipe, first aid kits, and something else were the other options). I then respeced - thought maybe bug with the skill but still nothing
  8. Crowd control is exactly how I use the junk sledge. I thought it was worthless until I figure out it knocks them quite a distance. My horde base has a walkway that leads to the entrance of my main base - with another protected walkway running parallel to it where I fight from. I put the junk sledge beside the walkway and it punches several of them off the walkway while I club/shoot the others. Using this technique on day 35 only 4-5 Z's made it down the walkway 15 blocks total to the entrance (where they were dispatched by shotgun turrets). I love the sledge addition to the game - it is fun on
  9. I have only created and restarted twice since B163 dropped, so maybe just bad luck, but I have made three observations since that have detracted or I feel need tweaked from the previous build... Spawn Location - Previous build I played 2-3 maps and I woke/started about 500 or so meters from the trader. Both my spawns in the newly create B163 maps were a long ways from the trader (1.6 km and 2.4km). Quests - Both newly created maps seems to be giving quests a lot farther away than it did in the previous build. There was a nice mix of close and distanced quests in the p
  10. I agree and think there is a bit of tweaking needed to all loot/tiers... I didn't use numbers to prove, but here were my observations regarding tools before I died and deleted (playing hardcore) on my day 40 game... Sexual T-Rex was needed in order to use the steel tools, Sta drain was too great if not... The RNG is a bit too overlapped - often you can get a higher tier next level tool and it didn't make sense to use it... I saw this when moving from Iron to Steel and Steel to power tools. I still preferred using steel pickaxe over the augers I created, because it was
  11. First, I love the update – this is getting me back into the game once again. However, I have made a few observations: - Cooking – The new cooking recipes are great… Thank you! - Item balance – I like the balance of loot drops now – it feels better. I also like the random stats of the items it gives you are reason to keep looking, but might need tweaked a bit… I found a level 4 primitive bow early in the game with high damage. When modified this had one-point higher damage than the best level 6 fully modified compound bow I could find 30 days/levels lat
  12. I tried several things out when I first started the game - but this is what I found that works best for me... I am recommending it, because this process allowed me to start really enjoying the game when I learned the depth and everything you can do. I just found the game a a bit overwhelming when I tried to build bases from scratch in the beginning. I also found it challenging to build inside a house or another POI as wondering zombies made my life a challenge. The way I got around this was I started to build on top of POI's. I always looked from stronger buildings (not wood) with
  13. To me - I honestly think both food and infection are cool / more flavor mechanics than anything. Both are trivial after the very beginning of the game. I like it this way as hell they are not the focus in my games, I like to quest/build/explore/etc not spend all my time trying to eat. Food - Making farming harder just makes that piece of the game no fun or turns it into more of a farming simulator than survival. In solo I have looted/bought more than enough food to survive, which admittedly is a bit tougher in multiplayer games. This make farming more of a flavor/fun in my games than a ne
  14. I would love to see new quests like these added - I think some of these would be a ton of fun to play through.
  15. Awesome thanks! I will readd it, love the look and feel of the place.
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