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  1. On my latest play - I found a blunderbuss very early (day 2 or so), but no other gun until day 7 - just in time for the horde.
  2. I agree T5 should offer something unique for the amount of time invested - candy would be nice, skill points would be amazing, T6 tools/weapons great, even unique 24 hour buffs would be neat. Just doing T3 and T4 and getting the same rewards is sad - hopefully it is changed in an upcoming patch or A20.
  3. 918 😞 I will be in another thread for a bit...
  4. So Jealous - Just finished Fetch and Clear T5 Shaway food factory - reward options Level 4 M60 and Level 5 Steel Chest.
  5. Played to day 43 and fell into a pack of radiated Z's - dead Restarted (b163 just dropped) - Dire Wolf Restarted - Bear Restarted - still playing - have not died yet.
  6. Thanks - I honestly don't mind T5 quests - my concern is more around the reward at the end. 1-1.5 hours for the rewards I have seen don't seem worth it... Now a chance of a T6 that I can actually use or need makes it okay for when I have spare time. T6 items being offered doesn't even guarantee it is one you want/need for you build. Wondering if I had a streak of bad luck or if they change it that much.
  7. I did several searches and couldn't find anything, so sorry if this is posted. I am on day 40 - my base is solid for the next several horde nights at least and I wanted to solidify my gear. So I headed off to quest and loot... Since, I have done several T5 clear and fetch/clear quests and seem to get some pretty bad reward options. I thought these gave T6 loot. I had a couple levels in daring adventurer and had for quest choices and the best was a T4 Rifle (recipe, first aid kits, and something else were the other options). I then respeced - thought maybe bug with the skill but still nothing great for choices. I was happy when I finally got a T5 rocket launcher, but that being the best after several clears is frustrating. I may also be doing these wrong, but they typically take me a fully day or longer to clear / fetch. Did this change?
  8. Crowd control is exactly how I use the junk sledge. I thought it was worthless until I figure out it knocks them quite a distance. My horde base has a walkway that leads to the entrance of my main base - with another protected walkway running parallel to it where I fight from. I put the junk sledge beside the walkway and it punches several of them off the walkway while I club/shoot the others. Using this technique on day 35 only 4-5 Z's made it down the walkway 15 blocks total to the entrance (where they were dispatched by shotgun turrets). I love the sledge addition to the game - it is fun once you figure out how to use it.
  9. I have only created and restarted twice since B163 dropped, so maybe just bad luck, but I have made three observations since that have detracted or I feel need tweaked from the previous build... Spawn Location - Previous build I played 2-3 maps and I woke/started about 500 or so meters from the trader. Both my spawns in the newly create B163 maps were a long ways from the trader (1.6 km and 2.4km). Quests - Both newly created maps seems to be giving quests a lot farther away than it did in the previous build. There was a nice mix of close and distanced quests in the previous build - this time it seems like most are far away 1km+. That is okay for T3+ quests, but T1 and T2 should be fairly close - especially with the next discussed change. Animals - I assume the spawn rate will be adjusted based off other comments I read, but the mix needs adjusted too. The loot has been changed so we do not get quality weapons for a while. My Day 1 experience had me dodging a bear and wolf while running to the trader (I killed two deer and a two chickens on the way). While in the trader the traders building was attacked by 2 dire wolfs and a regular wolf (in the time I looted the containers, talked to the trader, got a quest, and looked at his inventory). Then while trying to build my starter base I was attacked by another dire wolf (ran to the trader and killed it from the wall) and then a bear spawned beside me while building (lucky it went the other way). I don't like to cheese the game, but running to the trader is the only way I made it through without dying (and I only play hardcore, so death means restart). The resources just don't exist anymore to enable us to even stand a chance to deal with this many/types of spawns on day 1. Day 2 I spent building my base and looting some nearby houses for basic suppliers (cooking pot/grill). I only encountered one dire wolf, one regular wolf, and one deer during this time. On the flip side, the previous version - I was trying to find a bear to make a cigar from day 20-40 and couldn't find one - just think there needs a a bit of tweaking here. Overall I am really enjoying this alpha - thanks for the update!
  10. I agree and think there is a bit of tweaking needed to all loot/tiers... I didn't use numbers to prove, but here were my observations regarding tools before I died and deleted (playing hardcore) on my day 40 game... Sexual T-Rex was needed in order to use the steel tools, Sta drain was too great if not... The RNG is a bit too overlapped - often you can get a higher tier next level tool and it didn't make sense to use it... I saw this when moving from Iron to Steel and Steel to power tools. I still preferred using steel pickaxe over the augers I created, because it was faster... Salvaging tools again too much overlap - My tier 6 wrench with no mods was far better than the ratchets I found and almost equaled the impact wrench - modded it was better than both.
  11. First, I love the update – this is getting me back into the game once again. However, I have made a few observations: - Cooking – The new cooking recipes are great… Thank you! - Item balance – I like the balance of loot drops now – it feels better. I also like the random stats of the items it gives you are reason to keep looking, but might need tweaked a bit… I found a level 4 primitive bow early in the game with high damage. When modified this had one-point higher damage than the best level 6 fully modified compound bow I could find 30 days/levels later. I finally scrapped it, but this didn’t seem right… There are several other examples I found too with tools, but this was the biggest. - Parts – some of these can be rare and hard to find... That makes sense, but it is very frustrating knowing I can’t craft an auger or steel club because I invested too many points into a skill and the level of tool requires more than I could find. I have often had to use other tools because I invested too many points in a skill and don’t have the parts when I would be perfectly happy taking the hit and crafting a level 3 vs a level 5. Is there a way to craft a lower level?
  12. I tried several things out when I first started the game - but this is what I found that works best for me... I am recommending it, because this process allowed me to start really enjoying the game when I learned the depth and everything you can do. I just found the game a a bit overwhelming when I tried to build bases from scratch in the beginning. I also found it challenging to build inside a house or another POI as wondering zombies made my life a challenge. The way I got around this was I started to build on top of POI's. I always looked from stronger buildings (not wood) with ladders to the top (Buzzes Bar, different one story stores, etc). Day one - I would do the starter quests, search and find one of those buildings, climb on top and clear the roof, then break the bottom two rungs of the ladder (you can still jump climb it). This gave me time at night to regroup, plan out, look around the UI/skills, etc. Now - I start the game and build my own base from day 1, but I recommend doing that a bit later on... I also recommend downloading and installing an inventory sorting mod. As you advance you will have a bunch of different items, so it makes it really easy to open a storage box - click "deposit to fill stacks" and move on... Manually sorting take so much time. I use Backpack buttons from https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19558-khaines-a19-modlets-bigger-backpacks-backpack-buttons-hp-bars-etc/ I do not like using teh backpack expansion - I feel it is cheating, but the sorting is a timesaver.
  13. I wanted to adjust the some of the POI's that appear in the random worlds I generate. However, after updating the rwgmixer.xml I am not getting the results. Before you open a world for the first time, can you change a POI in the prefabs.xml to a desired prefab, as long as they are similar sizes? Will it break anything? Thanks
  14. To me - I honestly think both food and infection are cool / more flavor mechanics than anything. Both are trivial after the very beginning of the game. I like it this way as hell they are not the focus in my games, I like to quest/build/explore/etc not spend all my time trying to eat. Food - Making farming harder just makes that piece of the game no fun or turns it into more of a farming simulator than survival. In solo I have looted/bought more than enough food to survive, which admittedly is a bit tougher in multiplayer games. This make farming more of a flavor/fun in my games than a necessity, so why make it tough, as it removes fun. If it was to get tougher somehow - I would rather see the tougher obtained/grown food buff the character, not be needed for survival. Infection - Getting infected day 1, can make for some interesting gameplay. I have done nothing but search and only found enough honey to keep me alive and finally cured on day 3. It is intense gaming if you can’t find honey/antibiotics (I play dead is restart). However, by day 7, I typically have enough cures to make the mechanic a moot point. I would like to see this scale somehow with game level to keep it a mechanic that is useful - but as with food look at this as more of flavor. - - - Updated - - - Haha - I was just saying I liked the suggestions he made.
  15. I would love to see new quests like these added - I think some of these would be a ton of fun to play through.
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