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  1. The concept of ideas is a complicated thing. Even more complicated than the reason TFP hasn't implemented bandits yet! Like the fellow forum members above said - they are a dime a dozen and most likely worth nothing. Coming up an idea is easy, but coming up with a worthwhile idea is as hard as being able to accurately estimate one. That's why those who have successfully implemented ideas that are practice proven, are rarely in real need of more, and those who come up with ideas are rarely able to accurately estimate them. Since you are majoring on GD let me tell you th
  2. Yeah, companies like CDPR get this and never bothered with the AI in the first place!
  3. Two things I love the most in this game: magical candy and ziplines. Don't know if I could ever play it without those two.
  4. Yeah, in fact, the XP debuff combined with the loss of pride when losing, are so bad that some people cannot carry all that shame around and get depressed to the point they actually eat glass (since seppuku hasn't been implemented yet)
  5. Oh look at this! A discussion about the DP! I am almost tearing up here. Wellness was a pretty decent concept, but there was no real penalty. The drawback in having less max life is dying more easily. Death was something borderline positive, so who the heck would worry about dying more easily? It was *way* better having 130 (with perks) minimum life, free teleportation and free debuff curing, than ditching all these and making an effort to raise your max life. Wellness could have been salvaged though (like LBD) - like all interesting concepts, it just ne
  6. "You find almost everything by looting and since nothing degrades, you will never have to craft it (or loot it again), so you can make due without a crucible (1 out of 100 times you can't find it or afford to spec in it) and enjoy the scarcity of steel!" Yeah, it would, but don't you find it sad that we praise the economic scarcity of... a fringe case?
  7. Painfully true - which is why I always whined about the level scaling as I was seeing more and more things depended on it. With level scaling, you don't need to "gate" long-term goals, you don't need to worry about container distribution, or difficulty variability. Everything is automatically taken care of, for the most part at least... And yes, even some complaints that may seem irrelevant to this topic may be rooted in it. Even requests - for example, the need for legendaries, higher tier content, long-term goals etc, in a game that, objectively, has one of the largest asset vari
  8. Containers should definitely be pre-defined if POIs are meant to have unique loot lists (which they should imo and already do to an extend). I am referring to the locations (or the important containers spawn chance) in dungeon-POIs - the "loot rooms" as you correctly said and some decentralization so that the POI experience gets differentiated a bit. But at any case a alternative source like a perk, trader, or something that can be "controlled by the player" can guarantee that you will always get something, if it is essential. TFP overdid it imo, in that regard, compared to the tim
  9. We agree on this - such an essential recipe on a highly random loot pool is absurd. And this is the problem in this particular instance, which can be solved in many ways, like having a different source like you said. I don't see how that makes MM right about the randomized containers though, since those two things are definitely not mutually exclusive.
  10. Nerdpoling isn't even the thing in question here, none complained about it so you can just take a deep breath and calm down. But since it was mentioned I won't miss the chance to say, that every time you mention "nerdpolers are ruining their own game by choice", a cute, fluffy UX person dies somewhere in the world, and we don't want that, do we. With that out of the way, one of the important things here is, whether one chooses to nerdpole or not makes no difference to the fact that they know what to expect in a randomly generated sandbox. Now If you don't think that's
  11. Which is why I said this right after I quoted stample: And continue on saying that the problem is that everything is easily accessible from day 1 and nothing is gated/reserved for a more long-term goal. Well, nerdpolling is a behavior that is encouraged. But never mind that - even if you choose not to nerdpole it's not great knowing what to expect and where. Yeah, I remember that discussion.
  12. Of course it's a different problem (it's the one I was talking about in my first post) and it is (mostly) irrelevant with caps. Caps or randomizing loot won't help in this, however randomizing loot container locations will help quite a bit. Yes you may even argue that this is not a particularly big problem and I might agree (although it definitely doesn't take 100h to reach the last tier of items/mobs with default xp). Don't underestimate her. But seriously, besides radiation zones or other plot-mechanisms, environmental factors (which already "gate" you, but ne
  13. That's true, even though I think 100h+ are more than enough for it. Even without looking into the effectiveness of threats, DP, debuffs etc, our weak, asthmatic, couch potato character (as some people call it), that goes everywhere by jogging constantly, sprints instantly, catches its breath in a couple of seconds, never needs to rest, is the fastest entity in the world and can dope itself with magical candies or gallons of coffee, makes this easily possible, yes. Even if that wasn't the case, a tiny amount of randomization within POIs would go a very long way.
  14. I don't think they would, or have any reason to fear anything at this point. I just find what I described deeply problematic, especially item-wise. Notice how everyone and their grandmother can pillage a e.g. SM within the first few days on default. As for the caps, I keep mentioning them because they make logical sense - to me at least, since all biomes will end up being the same beyond a certain GS. Same glowy enemies, high tier stuff etc. And as for biome modifiers in general, unless a lot of extra changes accompany them, like POI modifiers, less inclusive lootlists and POI
  15. I'm sure they already have various internal tools. I remember them saying that for randomization in POIs, I don't know why they would want to avoid making any changes in them. I did read it I am obviously no clairvoyant, but what I am saying here is that I expect a modifier that will raise difficulty, but will absolutely not prevent you from going there on "day 1". A modifier will obviously scale with you, since what it modifies is your GS (unless they put caps on them, which would be rather odd after the recent change), therefore I believe they will keep it within the
  16. Why? It's not like they would do such a thing manually. Just loop and replace. With another container, or a "looted" version of the same container to guarantee nothing will look awkward. Anyhow, as long as these T4 and T5 POIS are accessible from day 1 (small difficulty spike if you don't know their ins and outs, but perfectly doable), that alone won't solve anything. And modifiers (given their name) may increase that difficulty spike in some biomes, but a modifier that scales along with you will, at any point, be within your reach. This is why they are saying that this was a neces
  17. As someone who thinks that the current loot system is as bland as it gets AND wants slow, meaningful, progression: Gathering higher tier stuff, no matter if you can't use them effectively yet, is a bad idea. Not when you can just stroll through a SM or find almost any POI anywhere on day 1, not when those so-called "sealed crates" are everywhere. The less prudently items are distributed into the world, the more any sense of exploration, looting, crafting etc are trivialized as the game progresses. Not that it particularly matters without an item sink but anyway. So the
  18. Hope you don't stop at biome modifiers and add stacking town and POI modifiers, plus some extra dynamic modifiers that change with stuff like weather, time, debuffs etc. You've got a wealth of content in the game. Shake things up a bit, give us more varied playthroughs, less inclusive lootlists so that everything isn't everywhere and long-term goals like the radiation zones you are planning. And stop playing Skyrim and play some Rimworld for god's sake MM 😛
  19. It certainly is! Preventing people from ruining their own fun is a huge part of game design! I'd wager that barely anyone does this particular thing though. It's too much of a hassle - while with spamcrafting you could just press a click, set a queue, craft it with your psychic powers, and afterwards press another click set a queue to deconstruct and get most of your resources back, leveling to the max using dirt-cheap materials. Jee, I wonder what went wrong with that system. LBD is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof! And fireproof etc.
  20. In a sense, it's the underground safety discussion all over again. If choices carry no weight, neither does the thing we call "freedom". In the case of repair, imo, there are just so many design shenanigans and lack of structure (including its connection to the other game systems, or ...again, lack thereof), to even make it worth discussing about thoroughly, especially when most of the posts do not go any deeper than "it would suck losing my weapon etc". First of all it seems utterly, mind-blowingly absurd to me that a sandbox game, the gameloop of which depends on cra
  21. Yeah it's pretty terrible how the game shoehorns you into specific playstyles of having to search for items, surviving, moving etc.
  22. Might as well remove repairing from the game completely given its current state - nothing would change, except not having to repeat a tedious series of clicks, that involves zero decision making or engagement, except maybe during the earliest stages of your playthrough.
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