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  1. I would really love a chance for "learning a schematic" after scrapping an Item. If I scrap a Pistol/machine gun/ crossbow into parts, then I should have a chance to learn how it's assembled and gain the ability to build one. Taking things apart is generally the easiest ways to learn how they are built. Yes I know this borders on the "Learn by doing" but even a 1 in 5 chance would be nice for those difficult to find plans.
  2. I wanted to get plenty of Game time in before giving any feedback so I waited until now. I think you guys are well on your way to a success. The addition of the "Books" means even if you reload a map you have played before, it will always be a different game. New Books = New Skills = new Abilities= New Playstyles (at least for some). I really like this addition. The return of the "Above ground" minerals we saw back in A16 is a sign that what was once tested and worked, is used in the future. Not too crazy about the reversal of the "Food" system where the canned food is now the basis
  3. How about the Obvious: Iron Reinforced Club: The Lucille- Head Blows on a target suffering from Stun are decapitated. - User yells "Oh YEAH!" or laughs loudly adding 50% Noise to attention meter.
  4. I am sorry if these items/ideas were already suggested in the previous 10 pages. I scanned them and didn't see them so here goes: 1- Construction Materials - Sandbags - Craftable with sand and cloth and a high probability of finding at army camps. 2- Weapons - Flare gun - Ammo crafted with Cloth make a Parachute flare lighting areas at night for a short duration. Also can light zombies on fire. 3- Defensive weapons - Heavy Machine Gun turret - Crafted with 2 AK-47s - Eats ammo like the SMG turret but puts out twin 7.62 destruction. 4- Resources - Fruit Trees- Harvestable Fruit from tr
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