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  1. Nothing praises good luck like some bad luck through all of the containers in the room... As much as i understand it, there still is a sense of bad taste in your mouth, because you spent half an hour (or more) on something that brought you nothing. I wouldn't mind if i found some tools or equipment that was not intended for me, anything sorta valuable. When i get a set of bandages, low tier tools (like a stone axe), plants (common around the area) or some basic resources, it's rare for me to take them and feel cheated out. Same goes for rewards from the trader. Sometimes he gives s
  2. Considering "Out of Place" - i proposed in the Pimp Dreams for POIs to have a minimum and maximum GameStage setting (for loot and enemies seperately or together). I personally think it would be a great addition, especially after some tweaks are made and you simply don't find "ONLY A CAN OF STOCK" among the best loot caches in the rewards room or some other garbage (expecting at least some good equipment). I've had a few occasions (more often on my 50% loot playthrough) that i didn't find anything or simply things not worth spending time in a POI. Sure it's a roulette and you should
  3. I wouldn't be for having items drop in specific biomed POIs. You could limit that with POIs having their distinctive loot, but i don't see a point in it. This is mainly because difference in biomes doesn't necessarily constitute in higher/lower difficulty, they are simply different with varied "variables". It's not like in many games, where advancing to a harder area you need better equipment, better skills, etc. So far, only Wasteland needs better preparation, but i wouldn't go to a conclusion that you strictly NEED better skills and equipment to go there. Additionally, i'm mostly
  4. Yeaahhhh... I do get too ahead of myself with mentioning T6. I just am accustomed to having 6 tiers of weapon quality.
  5. Above concerns could be alleviated with letting T4, T5 and T6 not have a MAX_GS value. Still, i would like T4 and up to have the higher difficulty zombies and not simply allow me to go through them with practically anything equipment wise and clear it with enough time. I remember in A17 i think i went into a big hotel POI and on top there was a Rad Fat Guy. If not for a ladder cheese, i would have not finished clearing the place, even though i died a couple times. Still, that was only top floor (which usually is way harder).
  6. Thought if an interesting idea for rebalancing POIs. Perhaps someone thought about it or maybe it was already verified and discarded. You can read about it in the PIMP DREAMS.
  7. There is one thing that i would like to be adjusted. POI loot and enemies. Here is what i think there is (correct me if i'm wrong): - POIs differ mostly with the amount of special loot containers. So a higher tier POI supposedly has more higher grade containers. - The most influential thing to consider when looting is GameStage. So considering having GS 1-10 with GS 200 (in A18) you will get the chance according to your GS, even if it's low. - The number and type of enemies is influenced with GS. If you enter a T3-5 POI at the start of the game, it will differ for when you enter
  8. You do know that Pistols are in the Agility skill tree, so you need some of that to point the gun properly
  9. Referencing the mention of reworked zombies and someone suggesting to create one with some decomposition, with lots of skin shredded, etc. Why not make a zombie that has some sort of bugs living under the skin? Not only would such an enemy have ripped skin here and there, but also have a centipede or something bigger crawling atop it's arm, head or leg. Not that IRL there aren't such bugs and parasites that live just under your skin... Just watch a few channels on tv where people were abroad in some country and brought back some kind of parasite that lives in their ear, under the s
  10. I know i will be walking off topic (and also off 7DTD) for a few sentences, but this is to prove a point. So i've been deep in 1.4 for Terraria. Among all the blissfully new content, new features and updates, some early to mid game balance has been introduced. I could say that i am a fairly good Terraria player and know about most of the more important stuff in the game (including many of the tricks and quick advancements available in the previous versions). Right now, A LOT of those have been nerfed in favor of making players take a slower pace before midgame (enabling Hardmode wh
  11. Just remember, falling off the head is different than from the leg or back... Considering mods... Modding your game for the first time is similar to pushing through a threshold in your head (losing your virginity, intentionally or by mistake killing an animal, cheating on your lover by watching your favourite Netflix series by yourself instead of together, etc.). When you're past that threshold there's no turning back and you view the world in a completely different manner. Your eyes open to many new possibilities and you can see so many things you couldn't before, but at the same
  12. Finally caught up with those new pages i found this morning... Was expecting 1-2 new post pages, but having 10 is too much... That's some discussion and one cannot simply reply to a post mid 4th page, because there are another 4 (at least) and the discussion could be over... Like seriously... Anyway, my 2$. We don't know how A19 plays yet with the new systems. We don't know if anything we were talking about isn't being considered in the future (for example, MM mentioned something like animal spawning multiplier option or something the sort... forgot ALREADY after these last pages).
  13. In general it is better to start a new world with the new big update. Doesn't mean you can't continue playing on A18, but as there are some changes for A19 and early progression, it will be more interesting to start anew. EDIT: On the other hand, if you continue a previous alpha world, there could errors and bugs pop up, which usually do not appear when starting fresh.
  14. You do understand you're moaning about the last upgrades to skills? These first ones usually bring the most advantage, because they give any bonus (while without them it's in most cases 0, like Healing Factor). Sure the last upgrade could enhance even further what you have, but already investing 4 points into a perk is way more than adding that one last point. I don't mean you shouldn't do that, but considering various other skills you might want, it's still your choice on what is more important. Considering building - I have not invested any points into INT nor its perks (apart fo
  15. Decided to pop into the files and check out stats for all zombies. Even considering the functional differences between zombies (some having armor, some being slower/faster than others, bulkier body or whatever), i still find considerable inconstistencies between "similar" zombies. It's different in A18 than it was in A17 (XP gained for kill is raised for most enemies in a similar fashion). As i understand, A19 will still tweak their stats, adding and removing some of them. Can any TFP dev say a bit more about how "entityclasses.xml" is populated? Is it done automatically or you hav
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