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  1. I validated all my files before I launched. Always a good practice when getting an experimental build
  2. I would validate your files. I have played a view RWG and had no problem find the trader.
  3. My end game bases have always been underground trap laden death traps. It is one of the easiest ways to ensure they take a specific path. I start with a small platform with a hatch to a hay bale at the bottom when I get overrun and then defend from the end of a hallway of campfire filled death.
  4. How do we even tell what this looks like when the video was obviously altered for an exaggerated effect?
  5. If you have mods that have replaced files, I am pretty sure running a file validation on steam would fix that. Either way, wiping your install folder and starting over is the easiest way to ensure it's non adulterated with mods files.
  6. I usually nail it within 5 or 6 blocks. Sounds like you do as well. Since this isn't an issue for you, well... I am having a hard time understanding how this honestly affects you in any measurable way. lol
  7. If I got what I paid for per hour, I am looking at $0.06 an hour of fun, SO FAR. Honestly, if you like the idea of Roleplaying in the Walking Dead, there is NOTHING close to this in terms of flexibility. It is WELL worth the asking price is you like the genre simply due to it being the best in it's class by miles.
  8. Is mining down to bed rock and then blasting a moat with Dynamite a viable way to do this quickly? The thought of digging even with an auger seems like a huge chore. How big per side are your guys bed rock moats?
  9. I didn't realize given the ram speed and generation/drivers of the card being so similar. Thing is this card was crap until I upgraded my ram and CPU to a Ryzen chip. I was running a 6 core AMD FX chip previously and the ram speed and the cpu were huge bottlenecks in performance.
  10. Hmmmm I have a Radeon 580X, Ryzen 5 1600x 6 core, and 32gb of ram in my gaming rig and I run at max settings at 45fps or higher pretty regularly. I wonder what is slowing down your rig? because we are basically the same on GPU, you have me beat on CPU, but I imagine have you on RAM.
  11. ya the noise factor makes explosive safe entry pretty ridiculous compared to the stealthy lockpick lol
  12. They attach small charges to their Sledgehammers and strike them on the ground causing explosions at the impact site. I think this would be an awesome mod for sledges for breaking and entering building. Here is a link to a video showing the festival. Skip to 11:30 if you want to see the insane power of these things.
  13. I find that about 1 in 3 traders usually has a chemstation. not sure if it is random if they are working or not.
  14. 1 Buzzard, 2 Spider, 3 Lady. Buzzards always hit me when I stop paying attention to them, so they die first. Spiders are hard to outrun so they go second, and lastly being easy to out maneuver the lady.
  15. Steam name: Warmer http://steamcommunity.com/id/belfri_lomic Hours played: 562 Started on Alpha: 6 Discord name: warmer#5397 Native language: English
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