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  1. Agreed. At first it was a little weird not needing ladders as a separate block type and then I realized how streamlined things can be now and it felt a lot less micro-managed.
  2. Prior to A20 I was messing with the xml spawns and I 3x or 3/ every setting ie. 3x more spawn at 3x the frequency per day. It was REALLY fun, but the speed of game stage got out of hand and I got crushed fairly quickly. How slow do you want the burn? I think that should be an esoteric setting like old Ultima games in the 90's when they drew the tarot cards...
  3. I gotta say the starter bow feels a lot better than the rubber band and paper clip we had in A19. The physics is what I am referring to specifically. It feels a lot more intuitive to me. Is it me, of did they dial this is a lot better than A19?
  4. Its actually not raining in my base finally What a glorious feeling. I remember getting snow. Does it still snow in A20, or is that restricted for Snow biome.
  5. what are your settings? I am on vanillaa difficulty and I am seeing at least 3x zeds in my travels. Sure you can clear an area for a while before they spawn, but I am seeing many more in forest cities than I did previously.
  6. I've got 60fps pretty solid with an AMD 5700XT everything maxed minus water reflections/motion blur/75% LOD so I am not sure what your issue is.
  7. It's interesting they went through 5 builds between streamer release and now. I am always curious about the individual tweaks as well. One thing I found really interesting was watching a multiplayer stream and the zombies all ran to eat the dead player and ignored the still living one. I can't tell if that's a bug or a feature just yet. It would be cool if they regenerated their health back to max when they did though
  8. I want to do a crowd sourced zombie sound mod where you get as many people to submit their zombie sounds and you pick the top 100 and put them into a random zed sound pack for a sound to randomly be assigned to each zombie when they spawn. That way you would have a huge range if zed sounds on horde night. I feel that would be VERY terrifying. I have all the equipment and experience to properly mix it. I am just lacking the coding expertise to execute.
  9. that would he pretty cool. It would lean a bit more towards how scum does it now Although Scums nutrition system is way out of hand regarding realism. Stopping to pee or poop mid run from zeds is quite frustrating.
  10. There are no words to describe my level of anticipation!
  11. very few games make reloading accurate. I dont hear people @%$#ing about keeping the last 3 rounds in your pistol when you reload a fresh clip. In some games you toss the 3 rounds. Why make things so realistic they get in the way of gameplay? Thats what games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Arma are for. Simulation vs. game.
  12. I have been playing 95% random gen for the simple reason I want everything to feel fresh and new, with the danger of not finding what I need. I have more hours in 7d2d than Skyrim and its totally due to random gen. This is also a reason to get the tracker perk. If you know where to find a Shamway Foods at game start there is no real danger of starvation.
  13. Ya know until I took the tracker perk I didn't really see much of a use for it, and then I realized... Chickens have a lot of feathers and meat and bones. Running out of feathers and bones for glue is something that happens to me a lot early game and it's super helpful, but after day 3 I usually have enough food to stay home for a week if I needed to.
  14. I always thought they should only give xp to anyone that damages a zed, and not just a blanket "everyone on the team" which is pretty counter to most rpgs mechanics. With that said, getting xp for turrets is kinda silly. How does your turret provide you with xp without any meaningful part taken on your end to kill said zed? I would personally play with all xp from traps off. Once you have a self sustained base, you shouldn't be leveling up just by existing. It should require risk on your end or the whole concept of why xp is given, goes out the window. Then again I come from old school pen and paper rpgs.
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