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  1. I play at 21:9 3440 x 1440 on a curved display and I am never going back. Once you play with a curved display and realize how little refocus is required to look at any portion of your screen you realize you are gain 10ms+ reaction time because your eyes are always in focus. Naysayers don't know what they are missing
  2. I accidently fall down. Cornered I have one option and I use a strong attack with a level 3 stone sledge. The Bear slumps to the floor. I immediately grab my bone knife and get ready to carve up my kill... only to realize I just knocked that MF out, and he kills me with a single swipe before I can get away! Lesson learned. Always look for an xp drop before carving up your enemy
  3. I only use guns on horde night and that for about 5min. I could careless if the animations represent reality, because that will add nothing to the game for me personally.
  4. point I was making is there is no cork to replace, because it wouldn't be there to begin with lol all though corking a bat would be an interesting mod. they did it in baseball to increase swing speed at the cost of mass. Faster attack/less damage. You could cork a bat as a mod and have a trade off 10% high attack speed / -10% damage Adding iron would have the opposite
  5. corked bats are illegal for baseball. Not the standard. but if you could replace it with iron, youd have the old iron reinforced club
  6. People that continue to whine when a perfectly reasonable solution has been presented are petulant children having a fit. get over it. They don't owe you a finished game on YOUR timeline. You bought it in an incomplete state. What about that fact entitles anyone to assume they can influence the dev cycle? Nothing... but people that want the world to cater to them are never satisfied. Grow up and own your decision to buy a game in Alpha and accept the results your decision has brought you.
  7. sorry I misspoke when I called them "baseball bat parts" I was referring to all the metal involved that isn't actually in the weapon as "parts" Duct tape I can agree with. But all that metal that isn't even in the weapon makes no sense.
  8. well personally speaking I would have moved on from this game years ago if it had ceased getting worked on and refined. The dev process is smoothing out a giant cube of marble until it rolls smoothly. Sometimes you crack the whole thing and you have to start over. You can always download your favorite release and pretend like dev is over and be happy with it. Being upset above the process won't change anything other than your PH levels after you get done with your rant. Go to steam and right click in 7d2d and chose the release you want. Then play the game release you want. Updates are optional. You only have yourself to blame if an update crashes your world.
  9. ya I was thinking clipping. For him to attack the wall doesn't make much sense unless the bear was trying to get to something inside. though for a zombie and a bear to not break down the wall between them before the bear dies seems super unlikely to me unless it was concrete or higher.
  10. I thought biome/loot/difficulty rebalance wasn't coming till A20? If thats the case, I'd wait and see what changes are made. You should definitely have more loot given that its so dangerous, it likely wouldn't have been picked clean like a small town in the forest.
  11. there are mods with texture overhauls. I believe I got them at nexusmods.com how you do that yourself to your specific taste is beyond me, but others have
  12. they REALLY need to re do a lot of weapon recipes. A wooden bat is just a nice piece of wood. Makes no sense requiring parts. You can make a stone sledge with just stone/wood/plant fibers. You should be able to make a wooden bat without "baseball bat" parts. Maybe require a workbench because there is obviously tooling required beyond a simple club, but its still just a hunk of WOOD
  13. I had a wolf on me within 30min of spawning in on an island I made in a lake on a custom heightmap. Even in such an isolated spot, they show up. lol. This is one reason I ALWAYS run around with 6 wood frames on me. I have saved myself 100's of time by climbing up something quickly using wood frames. VERY useful when you first start out and run into a bear!
  14. I work under the premise that if I am out after I hear the night sting/sfx to indicate you are in deep $h!t if you stay outside, I deserve what I get if I am not hidden or being fairly quite. That to me has always been part of what I like about this game.
  15. I am not sure how to use the splat file properly for roads. Is it a value setting that makes roads drawn? Does someone have an example I can see? That is something missing from my custom maps, and custom roads would really make things a lot more cohesive when designing cities.
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