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  1. How would you possible land anywhere without alerting everything for several miles in a heli? Boats have stealth possibilities and that alone seals the deal for me.
  2. If I was paying by the hours of fun I've had with 7D2D it would be about $0.03/hr I would consider that a wise investment if you ask me. Most AAA games for $60 barely hold my attention for 20hrs these days.
  3. back when books were the gate to most things I made it all the way to day 7 and never found "Forge Ahead" book. No metal weapons or tools. Needless to say, I got wrecked so fast.
  4. when the games base genre is survival and half of the risk in playing is travel, I don't see how this even up for discussion. now make a mod that has a heavy story element and hand built locations, then ya I can get behind it. travel gets in the way of the story in some cases. In the base vanilla game, surviving on your way places is a huge part of the story, so I wouldn't like it. Save it for mods
  5. This seems like the weirdest way to make this work, and yet it does! I have been trying to figure this out for 2 whole days now. Adjusting your mask for city placement and editing biomes to make things look more bombed out and burnt is so much more atmospheric. THANK YOU
  6. Who thinks any one of us could actually take out a mountain in melee combat? I don't see many hands being raised.
  7. yesterday I got really lucky and had a mountain lion chase me into a mine field.
  8. I am all for aliens and new physics, but connecting the tic tacs lack of a sonic boom to the CERN data is a wild leap. lol
  9. I feel really silly. I always assumed bleeding damage was only effective on living things. I figured anything with a missing limb/s would have bleedout, ie Mr. Torso. How is that dude "alive" if bleeding damage kills a zombie? Hmmm
  10. Have you upgraded/repair all of the blocks on the bridge before you build, and are you going to meet in the middle vs all the way from one side to the next? You can get away with much bigger spans if you meet in the middle vs going all the way from one side.
  11. I appreciate the AI improvements quite a bit. It makes you really get creative and requires you to think about all aspects and angles. I happen to love tower defense and base building games, so the fact that the AI is getting better and making it harder is a win in my book.
  12. I had a cat that could climb my 6' chain link fence. I imagine a Puma could do the same with claws 10x as big with ease.
  13. I have been an AMD guy for years. I recently got a 34" 144hz 3440x1440 monitor and I run 7D2D on max settings at 50-60FPS with my RX 5700 XT. Was going to go with a standard aspect ratio, but then I saw this monitor (It's curved and super immersive for gaming) and with this aspect ratio I am getting close to the same number of pixels and I can actually use them, where as 4k is beyond your scope of discernment. This at least fills my field of view. I'd definitely recommend this aspect ratio and a curved monitor for anyone that plays Flight sims or FPS games. If you are using 1080p res, yo
  14. Are you perceiving lack of weather as your initial spawn timer keeping weather from affecting you?
  15. This is a @%$#ty topic Roland. Only an @%$# would post something like this!
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