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  1. Thank you for being this back thread back to life.
  2. warmer

    Teragon gone?

    Do you have those discord details so I can find it? The thread here used to have everything. Not sure why that got removed.
  3. warmer

    Teragon gone?

    That's not the dev thread. That's just a collection of maps. No dev info is in there. There used to be a full thread with version/feature info on the first post. That seems to be gone now. Can't find it anymore. It used to always be on the front page.
  4. warmer

    Teragon gone?

    I noticed the main thread was no longer around. Did this cease dev? This was my fav RWG for 7d2d. Curious about development. I really liked a lot of the customization we could do. Any insight would be appreciated
  5. This is why it should be a mod and not in game by default. This dramatically changes the use case of a trader and just turns them into a quest giver for the majority of players. I don't see myself using them for bartering if this is implemented in the way you describe. The amount of storage we would need would QUICKLY get out of hand. If you want to play apocalyptic hoarder simulator, this is how you'd do it. I like the idea, but it's too far from the original intent of the trader in my opinion.
  6. I think this could be an interesting mod that hides the dukes and makes you sell an equal or more duke value in order to buy. That would give the "impression" of bartering. Restricting it to specific items would make the traders a lot less useful for folks. If that is your goal, this would do just that.
  7. I like parts of this idea. if they had specific items "in demand" that they needed more than others and provided a 150% premium on dukes or something. Considering the lore and Dukes being the casino currency of the bandit leader, I don't think removing that as a currency as coin of the realm makes sense. It's already been established.
  8. Good point, default to first living creature would be consistent with zombie behavior lol
  9. Those look great! Nice designs
  10. What a feel good post. Thanks for making me smile
  11. Actually that is a really cool semi / dead is dead type gameplay challenge. I like it I almost always play dead is dead. After 1000+ hours I need that type of a challenge. Good point. maybe a 5min timer would be appropriate. Something like that.
  12. I fully agree! Have you seen the boat mod? There are 3 craftable boats I believe. I am not sure how you get them to float. Does this one float or is it on land?
  13. That would be super cool to have to kill your corpse to get your stuff back. Another way that would add gameplay. If in MP when you die, your mic communication goes dead and you can only walk at sneak speed, but upright, you go into auto follow on closest teammate and your other team members have to kill you before you respawn.
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