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  1. Update on this - I've figured out which bits to copy/paste and the result is pretty interesting. Loading into a new game and copying all of my knowledge has no impact on character level, game stage, or loot stage. This means enemies are pretty weak and loot is pathetic, but also - I'm kinda raking in the perk points. Gonna have to fix that, as it's a little bit *too* OP.
  2. Getting this bit out of the way first - I know that if I just copy the EOS*.ttp file from one "Player" folder to another, that'll bring an exact copy of my character. However, it does a couple of undesireable things as well. For one, it causes me to spawn into the map at the exact coordinates that I occupied in the old world instead of putting me in the spot I occupied prior to copying over the ttp file. It also imports map markers from the other world, overwriting any that I might have made in the new one, and I haven't tested to confirm but it looks like this file is where currently available jobs and your trader progress are stored. What I want is the ability to bring my skill points, magazine perks, and learned schematics with me when I start a new game. I've been watching some lets play videos for ICARUS and like the idea of getting a semi-fresh start in a new game world while retaining everything you've learned in another.
  3. Animal Tracker - tried it once, just to see what it was like, have never put points in it since. I don't even remember why, I guess I just didn't care for it? Master Chef - I almost always break down and spend a point on this just to unlock Grilled Meat and the Tea recipes because I find myself wanting them long before I find the schematics The Huntsman / Living off the Land - I generally have no trouble keeping my food chest stocked just through looting and butchering any wolf that crosses my path, so I don't spend points on these Well Insulated - I'll sink points into this if I'm playing a Fort build anyway, but otherwise won't bother Charismatic Nature - hands down my "deadest" perk, since I only play solo
  4. What biome are you looting in?
  5. I'm a bit of a packrat and not being able to bring home everything I find is ... hard. I've actually walked away from an unfinished POI rather than start making those tough decisions about what to keep and what to leave behind. So for a long time, I've felt the 4x4 was the clear winner thanks to its storage capacity. Then I tried driving off-roading in the wasteland, and OMG those bloody tank caltrops! I mean, virtually everything about the wasteland terrain is super frustrating but the scrap iron piles more than anything else. Just driving around town wasn't quite enough to convince me even though I would alternate between "detour around shortcuts that work fine for 2-wheelers" and "spend some quality time widening those pesky tight spots". But then I got a playthrough where the trader offered a motorcycle for sale just around the time I had enough Dukes to buy it and I'm now on day 34 without seeing a 4x4, the parts needed for assembly, or schematics to build 'em myself. And the more I use that motorcycle to get me around, the more I like its maneuverability.
  6. And what has prevented them from falling through the ceiling up til now? I understand the "this isn't real life" argument, but some things are harder to ignore. For me, zombies packed neatly into shipping crates, hidden behind false walls, and chilling out above the ceiling tiles is a bit of a stretch.
  7. Just found out that Urban Combat #5 (land mines won't detonate when stepped on) also works when riding the motorcycle. There was a super scary "is that a mine I see going under my front wheel right now?" moment and then I got to experience the "well now I know" satisfaction
  8. This thread reminds me of a scene from "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"
  9. What if the devs stole this idea from the "Immersive Engineering" Minecraft mod? Probably without the ability to selectively blacklist specific sounds, but still ... if hearing protection existed as an in-game item, would you use it?
  10. Forgive me if my takeaway from this is severely short-sighted but it sounds to me like you could conceivably create a base which has two doors which, when open, create a "best route" for the zombie pathing AI, and wire them to open/close based on conditions which would result in the zombies ping-ponging back and forth between the two doors without ever managing to make it inside?
  11. Honestly, I don't think it's worthy of a bug report because I believe this behavior is a direct result of the volume system. And to your point about when the cop wakes up - I have confirmed that he stands up and turns around the moment I step across the threshold of the door. This is at my current gamestage (149) with 4 ranks of From the Shadows, mostly silenced armor (10% from one piece of Military Armor that has no reduction mod, 6% from three other pieces of Military Armor that have the Advanced Muffled Connectors, 0% from Military Stealth Boots), Night Vision Goggles, and Urban Combat 3 (sneaking over trash makes no sound). Don't get me wrong. I do recognize and appreciate what the devs are accomplishing with the system. It allows them to give us a pseudo- Resident Evil experience despite the fact that most of the game is pure open-world randomness, and honestly that's really cool. It's just that the system really isn't designed with Ninjas in mind
  12. Feral sense on or off? What gamestage? how much points in stealth perk? Day or night? If night, do you use night-vision or headlight or is there illumination? Feral sense off. I know I've encountered that cop during daylight hours, not sure if I've ever hit him up at night. Also not sure how early in my progression I first ran into him, but on day 34 I did a short game capture of my "ingenious solution". In this clip I was using the helmet light mod and my crossbow got 5.5x sneak damage bonus which means I had 4 ranks in Hidden Strike, and since I've been balancing my skill progression that means I had either 3 or 4 ranks in From the Shadows.
  13. Been struggling with this in my current "Ninja" playthrough. One of my least favorite / most reproducible encounters is with the zombie cop sitting on the floor behind his desk in the video store/police station POI. I can see his big blue butt by looking between the legs of the desk, but the game treats that piece of furniture as solid so I can't shoot him. If I enter the room, no matter how quietly, he will wake up and aggro on me as soon as I reach the appropriate spot on the floor which, by the way, occurs before I get a clean line-of-sight to pop him while he's still sleeping. "Best" solution to that jerk? Demolish the desk with my axe, then shoot the cop with my crossbow. That one encounter, right there ... that's enough to leave me feeling like the game is fighting against itself and losing. Devs want players to feel stealth is a viable option, but also feel the need to have encounter triggers that make stealth practically meaningless.
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